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Mush! Sarah Palin back to Alaska

‘Failin’ Palin’ is a temptation but I’ll not succumb…oops! too late.

So what should the up’n’comer do and where should she go to do it?

All is not well back in Alaska with economic problems and a pipeline she touted so loudly needing attention. Plus, there are those left behind in the snow who are in a snit so it appears that the best revenge for Palin will be to govern Alaska brilliantly.

Here’s a link to the article which contains clues about Palin’s next move, and which includes a brief video of the VP candidate explaining why she shouldn’t be blamed for McCain’s loss:


Who’s blaming? I’m thanking!

Astrologer Philip Sedgwick predicts prez winner

One of my favorite astrologers, Philip Sedgwick, is sharing methods and outcomes by using an election chart set for Honolulu, Hawaii (the last poll closing in the US), 6:00 pm AST, Nov 4, 2008 to determine the winner of the presidential competition which has wumped us out within an inch of our sanities:


Now Philip’s predicted results are, as he says, “barring fraud” which is the reason I have cited previously for not predicting the 2008 outcome. Few politicians can be trusted and we should be particularly wary of the ones who feel the need to say, Trust Me. Perhaps you know which candidate delivered that line recently.

Anyway, I’m voting Tuesday because I always like to vote the day-of. Locally I’ve been clued in that Only Republicans are on the ballot for county positions and one must ASK FOR the write-in ballot if one finds oneself having any of them thar democratic ideas.

Thing is, they don’t tell you there’s a write-in ballot, you have to find it out for yourself. Such a small deception by omission…and in a few hours I’ll see for myself whether it’s the case or not.

Happy Voting!

Fireball may appear Nov 3

Space Weather News for Nov 1, 2008:

More than a year ago, in July 2007, International Space Station astronauts threw an obsolete, refrigerator-sized ammonia reservoir overboard. Ever since, the 1400-lb piece of space junk has been circling Earth in a decaying orbit–and now it is about to reenter.

If predictions are correct, the “Early Ammonia Servicer” (EAS for short) will turn into a brilliant fireball as it disintegrates in Earth’s atmosphere during the early hours of Monday, Nov 3rd. Uncertainties in the exact reentry time are so great (plus or minus 15 hours at the time of this alert) that it is impossible to pinpoint where the fireball will appear. At the moment, every continent except Antarctica has some favorable ground tracks.

Readers should check our Satellite Tracker (http://spaceweather.com/flybys/) for possible overflights. Before reentry, the EAS will seem about as bright as a 2nd or 3rd magnitude star, similar to the stars of the Big Dipper. During re-entry, the disintegrating reservoir could light up like a full Moon. Flyby predictions should be regarded as approximate because the orbital elements of the EAS are now changing so rapidly. Updates will be posted on http://spaceweather.com.


Sounds interesting and showy for a non-voting November 3. Okay.

As long as the gorilla-sized space junk isn’t an archetypal stand-in for Bush’s big, sorry a*s re-entering the White House for a third term from his ‘decaying orbit.’ (Perhaps not a very ladylike sentiment – except for the asterisk, right?)

Clock running out for an October Surprise

Republicans are desperate characters!

So what will the American ‘electorate’ (and I use the term loosely believing US presidents are chosen based on other criteria than citizens’ druthers) – what will the loosely-termed American electorate do if faced with NO October Surprise to sway them to the right by playing upon primal fears?


Puts me in mind of storybook reading days with my kids…pardon a smidge of Brer Rabbit but I got the most goosebumps out of reading this bit – misspelling may be off and I’m paraphrasing here:

‘Cos I de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after

i’m gon skin you jest fer fun

you better run – you better run!

cos i de wull o’de wust

and YOU de one i’m after.’

~:~Skeery, yes?

Have you seen ‘Palin As President’?

Have fun clicking!


And here’s a tale going round about Palin as a ‘whack job’ picked by a hothead sans vetting…


Rs to use legality to keep Obama from the ballot?

An American Patriot is telling a tale of GOP ballot trickery as expected pre-November 4:


Some varmints are So Predictable, aren’t they? Is this an (or the) October Surprise?

This relates to Obama’s ongoing birth certificate question about which I’ve always thought that he could’ve been born in Hawaii as stated in the current version, but if his Caucasian mother did what I would expect her to do in the early 60s – and considering Muslim traditions and laws – Obama’s Hawaiian-based birth certificate probably said: ‘Muslim’ for his religious affiliation.

Of course ‘Muslim’ is what would have been entered in that category…his father was of the religion with its paternalistic heavy-handedness – and it was the more paternalistic 60s. We were in process of ‘letting go the rule of the father’ but the mindset wasn’t in effect everywhere. And perhaps she hoped to continue their marriage so she wouldn’t have listed something that would provoke him, now would she?

So none of this convinces me that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii – that his birth seems shrouded in veils of mystery  – or, just as likely, in politically created veils of confusion and deceit by opponents who, as An American Patriot points out, have come too far and done too much to give up now.

‘The ends justify the means’ creed covers a multitude of sins and crimes…just not very convincingly.


Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty on all counts…first in 27 years.

Poll: is the media bad to Palin?

Boo hoo or bad form?

Is the media treating Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, badly or with too negative a scrutiny? The charge ‘sexist’ has been leveled at some of her detractors’s critiques.

Since her candidacy for VP was announced, she’s been called everything from ‘failed beauty queen’ to ‘Caribou Barbie’ and worse, and dissed by pundits and reporters alike, including amusing fake reporters.

So what do you think? Should she be skewered as (among other things) moronic or bimbo-esque – or taken more seriously as a possible VP or president of the United States of America?

Update 10.23.08: So far no one has voted for “Sarah who?” in this poll which is not surprising considering the press’ former ga-ga status over Palin and I suspect Tina Fey and SNL had something to do with Palin as a ‘household name’…brand, don’t you?


Update Oct 27: so far “Out her unreadiness” is winning, with absolutely no votes at all for ‘Leave Sarah alonnne!” which is my weak attempt at parodying the squalling Britney fellow in the video.

Limbaugh lands self in news

La Toilette by Toulouse-Lautrec

La Toilette by Toulouse-Lautrec

Having successfully inserted himself into *Scene One, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh had to diss Republican Colin Powell’s endorsement of Democratic candidate Barack Obama to manage it, but the roly poly one has landed his exalted guru-esque self into the middle of Monday’s news cycle:


Rush’s talents are “on loan from God” you know – as if everyone else’s aren’t.


* a near quote from one of my favorite (if imperfect) films, Moulin Rouge, whispered by John Leguzamo’s character, Toulouse-Lautrec, the brilliant painter whose childhood accident resulted in short, twisted legs giving him a dwarfish stature.

Above is an image of his lovely ‘La Toilette’ (oil on cardboard, painted in 1896) and may be seen in The Louvre Museum, Paris and was obviously created with talents on loan from God, as you see.

I have a 30+ year old copy of the book, ‘Masterpieces of the Louvres’ (text by Marcel Brion), which states that the master painter’s ‘olfactory realism’ was taken from Edgar Degas (whose natal chart is discussed on this blog), and that his pointed style of drawing was learned from Japanese prints which were quite popular in France at that time.

Aristocratic by birth, Toulouse-Lautrec turned his back on upper crust society and frequented the popular dance halls, music halls, brothels, and circuses where his appearance would shock the least.

“Libertines and vagabonds” were his companions as he wandered at night through “disreputable streets” –  which is more than a little like hanging out on Capitol Hill 2008, isn’t it?

Obama and 100,000 meet under the Masonic Arch

By now you’ve heard of Barack Obama’s rally today in St. Louis, MO underneath the Gateway Arch which sits on the grounds of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial – 100,000 people, the largest outdoor turn-out for him, not counting Denver, DNC.

The Gateway Arch, conceived by architect Eero Saarinen in 1947, was built using the principles of Freemasonry’s concept of the Royal Arch of Heaven. Oh yes, it was.

But whether the exultant 100,000 people today appreciated what they were honoring by their presence, I don’t know. Freemasonry, Thomas Jefferson’s and America’s expansionist creed, Obama’s mojo over McCain’s Viagra – who knows what was in their noggins…a lot of varied impressions, I should think. But Obama-as-Freemason was probably not one them.

(I’m not accusing him of being a member, I’m just saying that one may be ‘affiliated’ without officially joining an organization, a tactic commonly used in politics. Actually I don’t really care if he is or isn’t…unless we’re seeing a Battle of the Secret Societies running underneath a surface presidential campaign, but I’ve had that feeling before with other elections. Maybe its a notion that will pass – but it’s been made difficult today with Obama speechifying under the Gateway Arch!)

Forget ‘is he a Muslim’…is he a Mason?!

That most of the 100,000 knew not of the Arch’s (rather) secret history may be assumed, and many would not think it of importance if they found out. But astrologers know.

Be that as it may or may not, here’s a link to Ed Kohout’s work on the catenarian Gateway Arch – its origins and principles, along with photographs of the Arch and its environs.

With such a plethora of symbolisms abounding, all you have to do is imagine Senator Obama and the cheering 100,000 in the aerial views of this 1960s relic of Freemasonic America, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis. 



Socialism in America? Or keeping your brother?


McCain the Herbert Hoover

The presidency of Herbert Hoover was before my time but I do remember the disdain in their voices whenever my parents spoke of him because of his connection to the Great Depression.

With America seemingly in a Greater Depression, Hoover’s name is coming up frequently of late being invoked by certain presidential candidates like a boogeyman so I took a peek at Hoover’s Inauguration Day, March 4, 1929.

Hoover, as you know, followed Calvin Coolidge’s two terms and was trounced in 1933, by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You may wish to check my Pages list in the sidebar for ‘Hoover Inauguration Mar 4, 1929’ which has the Inauguration chart, a notation of the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, and little else at this point (gotta motor!)

And here’s Robert Scheer’s article, ‘The Hoover-Palin Ticket’ for you:


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