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GA voter chooses Democrat Jim Martin

Well, I’ve just returned from the polling place where poll workers tell me they’ve had a ‘steady stream’ of ballot casters all through the day – more than expected.

Now if I can only trust the electronic voting machine to do the right thing and not use some of that squirrelly math they’re so fond of in Washington, I may find that other voters agree with me – that a vote for Saxby Chambliss is same as a pat on Karl Rove’s back and that is NOT happening here.

Written by Jude Cowell

December 2, 2008 at 10:45 pm

Election in November or not?

As the 2008 campaign endlessly grinds on I’m receiving more comments here and there (‘there’ being Stars Over Washington) that the US may not be having elections this November, the lastest from one of my favorite people,  Jilly.

And I’ve written on the possibility myself – October Surpise, false flag op, martial law – whatever it takes for Bush to stay in the White House (a horrid horrid thought, isn’t it?) if they think McCain can’t win; so when readers with intuitive abilities tell me that the Nov elections may be called off or disrupted beyond repair, it makes me think yet again that what has been worked toward for so long and at such price and effort will not be easily surrendered to the ‘other team’ – if at all.

If that’s the case, it’s too bad that America and the needs of the American people get lost in their egoistic, power-mad shuffle.

Today I’ve been looking at the Secondary Progressed midpoints (and charts) for the Democratic Party (born May 13, 1792 NS; 12:00 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA) and the Republican Party (born July 6, 1854 NS; 5:00 pm LMT; Jackson, MI.)

Since tonight marks the last of the three presidential debates, I’m comparing today’s Seconday midpoints with those of Nov 4, 2008 and for Jan 20, 2009, and the only difference is in the Dem’s chart…the diffcult Saturn/Pluto duo rises by Nov 4…

Saturn/Pluto = ASC: placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation; bereavement.

Also the Saturn-Pluto midpoint in the Republican Party’s Progressions is conj Sec NN and will continue to be for some time: common suffering shared with others; the misery of the masses.

Now there are many more good indcations than the one negative one for both parties. The Dems’ Sec Sun is conj Sec Mc, for instance. But I looked for what changed between now and Jan20, 2009.

And it’s no weakness or lack in Astrology for Astrology describes the many levels of life we all contend with – good mixed with bad. Plus, motives always matter and sometimes things come seemingly from out of nowhere – at least we are unconscious of them until they actually occur, then it’s a Doh! Moment a la Homer Simpson, isn’t it? “Who saw that coming?” we ask incredulously.

Well, since I’m “under the weather” today and feeling somewhat puny, I’ll simply close with the current Secondary ‘Images for Integration’ for each party.  You might get a kick out of them – or perhaps a chill:

Democrats: Sun Sag-Moon Cap: “In the year 2999, a courageous explorer goes on a quest for knowledge of the past which opens up for man a hopeful future on another planet…With patient skill a rock climber scales a seemingly impossible mountain peak.”

Republicans: Sun Sag-Moon Cancer: “A homing pigeon…An evangelist offers a vision of personal salvation…An international nanny…Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’…William Blake’s watercolour, ‘Teach These Souls to Fly’.” (Tate Gallery, London.)


(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.) (midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin.)


Heads-Up Oct 15: check the Pages list in the sidebar column for a sprinkling of astrological notes on journalist Keith Olbermann (Jan 27, 1959) and a link to the text of his call yesterday for John McCain to suspend his campaign.

Also added: in the category list for ‘2008 campaign’ you’ll find “2008 Electopedia” which is a great resource I’m late finding but am glad I did…it has all sorts of info on Obama and McCain so you can compare and contrast – in no special order a few are: Biggest Lie, Worst Enemy, Best Debate Smackdown, Mentor, Superstitions, and more – all in one spot. Handy!

On Election Fraud in November 2008

Demonstrating admirable patience and care, Terry Lamb has published an article at Astro-Pol explaining the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

The first is rare, the second is a distinct possibility for our elections on November 4, 2008 especially with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day:


The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the ‘Full Moon’-culminating phase of things begun at their last conjunction/s which occurred all through 1988 and thus similar issues will surface from that time – or come to fruition.

Here again are the dates and degrees of their triple conjunctions, all in 1988 with the second conj being the Rx one, of course:

February 13: 29Sag55; June 26: 28Sag47; and Oct 18: 27Sag49.

As you see, this is the part of the zodiac where power-behind-the-throne Pluto has reverted for a final hurrah so we may wish to consider the midpoint picture created by these three planets which form a link between 2008 and 1988 with Pluto stimulating the 27 – 30 degree area of Sagittarius:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary efforts;  rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; ruthlessness; upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss.

This picture all by its lonesome sounds like the 2008 campaign, doesn’t it? And let’s hope upheavals don’t drag out election results and that ‘upheaval to protect assets’ doesn’t describe Bush creating a justification for declaring himself commander-in-chief in perpetuity!

Maureen Dowd headshrinks Dancing Queen McCain

Maureen Dowd’s NYT op-ed from today discusses the McCain campaign’s tactic of heroes-can-do-no-wrong, a strategy which may be petering out for him and leaving a gasbag running on empty:


And speaking of John McCain’s POW exerience it seems tragic to me that a man would further the ends of those who visit the same treatment upon others as if it’s okay if it’s from his side. McCain’s prez-bid capitulation on torture is a sad testiment to a crippled mentality with guiding goals which are put ahead of America’s soul and our nation’s very existence.

Got voter fraud on your mind?

Yes, November elections are just around the political corner and I’m thinking of voter fraud possibilities myself, which is why I’m glad to run across astrologer Robert Wilkinson’s article concerning the subject at his excellent Aquarius Papers site:


Wonder if the congressional-subpoena-evading Karl Rove has skulked back into the country?

Dost Thou Harken to Hillary?

Well, if you’re one of the two people who read this blog or Stars Over Washington, you already know what a ‘populist’ I am with America the only nag in any race as far as I’m concerned. No apologies for it either.

So when Hillary Clinton won Kentucky yesterday, and Barack Obama took Oregon, all as promised (or planned), I felt a lingering melancholy because I cannot seem to feel elated that a double-you-oh-em-ay-en may obtain the keys to White House at last. Paternalistic power morphs into maternalistic power. Big whoop, if my following misgivings for this country ensue.

You see, there’s this haunting lack of trust which Hillary engenders in me…call it Vince Fosteritis, if you wish, or call it a glop of concerns about her as cited in The Nation’s article of Nov 5, 2007, ‘Hillary’s Mystery Money Men’ which you will find online here:


And no, it isn’t just Hillary and Bill, it’s Rs, Ds, and in between.

Terry McAuliffe was a linchpin where Hillary was concerned, yet his seeming neutralization doesn’t solve her Bush-Harken, Alan Quasha, Hassan Nemazee, oil-and-insider-trading connections. Nor does it bode well for the American people because many of the politicians thought to be above this corruption are down in the vat with the rest and in process of leaving the American people simmering in a thick stew.

Perhaps it was always too much to ask that Washington not stink like the swamp it was built upon. Why build it upon a swamp? Location, location, location–the coordinates were desired by America’s Masonic founders, swamp be dam*ed. As you may already know, the spot aligned astrologically with London and Cairo. (Yes–Cairo!!)

Now our so-called Manifest Destiny is decreeing the end of America as we know it, economic collapse and all with the dollar in process of going buh-bye along with American borders, our Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and our legislative and judicial systems.

By their dismantling of America, these social tinkerers, these self-imagined ‘world servers’ of the one-world government intend to give lie to the liberal and peaceful principles which have been at the base of America’s very founding.

Biblically speaking, I must think of Revelation’s beast with the lamblike horns which ‘spake as a dragon’ and exercised ‘all the power of the first beast’…which foretells quite plainly the development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution. This beast will enforce some observance which will pay homage to the papacy, the first beast.

Such action will be directly contrary to the principles of the US government as they were set up, to the genius of its free institutions, and to the direct and solemn avowals embedded within the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

All this even though our founders sought to guard against the use of secular power on the part of the church which results in the inevitable consequence of intolerance and persecution!

It is only by flagrant violation of these safeguards to our nation’s liberty that religious observance can be enforced by civil authority, yet I believe that this is the wider path upon which we have been set by globalists who masquerade as “American politicians.”

They have their world banking and royal bloodline enablers and cousins, of course, and the now-beginning economic collapse of US currency and sovereignty is on the agenda for their world revolution.

Since President Bush41 had called for the New World Order, did you imagine that Bush43 would NOT be a continuation of their world domination plans? Have you seen how much Shrub has accomplished these long years with the attacks of 9/11/01 as the pretext?

Bill Clinton’s presidency was part of the process as will be the next White House shill–Hillary’s touted “inevitability’ is evidence of this continued dynasty. Yet they always have their bases covered for McCain or Obama will dance to the NWO tune at our expense–especially once the initial honeymoon is over.

And part of the purposeful hubbub and confusion roiling the 2000 election bwo enabler Jeb’s Florida involvement…(he really delivered, in spite of what the film “Recount” may imply with its attractive thespianism)…was to further disenfranchise our voting system and the American electorate’s faith in its honesty. Then SCOTUS showed its hoofprints in order to seal the coup.

Yes, the symbol of “lamblike” horns of this beast is purposefully gentle and harmless like a little woolly lamb, isn’t it? For in order for the US to form an ‘image to the beast’ religious power must so control the civil government that state authority must be employed to accomplish the church’s ends…and probably perpetrated in the name of “security.”

Protestant churches have followed in Rome’s hoofprints by forming alliances with worldly powers and have shown us in recent years that an individual’s conscience may be thought to be legislatable…a fallacy if there ever were one. Once you tell a man what his conscience SHOULD tell him is right, you overstep a line and seek to negate and make mockery of what is obviously his personal conscience by definition.

So when Protestant churches seek more of their “world councils” of unity, beware.

And when the leading churches of the United States unite upon points of doctrine which they hold in common and influence government to enforce their decrees, you’ll know that Protestant America is forming an image of the Roman hierarchy–with infliction of civil penalties soon to follow. Yesiree bobtail, the melding of church with state is Always a bad idea for the common good.

Scripture says that in the last days men shall be lovers of their own selves…do you think we’re there yet?

Well, my lamentable habit of composing-at-keyboard has led to these sparse and browner pastures for sheep such as the American electorate to starve themselves upon. And it’s taking Democrats AND Republicans to implement the crimes and abominations mentioned above.

And while no politicians is exempt from my contempt on these and other issues, yet I will vote in November, for they can’t (as of yet) take that from me, even if my vote disappears down the rabbithole of Karl Rove’s political imagineering.

My slogan for today: US Politics–No Real Candidate for The People Need Apply.

And though it pains me to type it, if you’ve previously missed the above-linked article, please read it before November, for you’ll find the name of Barack Obama listed as well…and as I’ve stated previously on my astro-political blog, Stars Over Washington, NO ONE can be a US presidential candidate without being vetted from “on high.”

Thus the United States of America is no longer a qualified entrant. If so, then my nag in the race has already lost.


Jupiter in Barack Obama’s natal chart

With his Jupiter Return occurring Jan 9, 2009, and natal Jupiter at 00AQ56 Rx, I’m looking today at jovial Jupiter, the Great Benefic, in Senator Obama’s chart. Becoming US president would be quite some Jupiter Return, wouldn’t it? Well, astrologically speaking, the timing is perfect for such a reward.

With Jupiter in an out-of-sign conjunction with the other societal planet, Saturn 25Cap22 Rx, Obama has driving ambition and the means to assert himself in the world. Robert Pelletier, in his ‘Planets in Aspect’ says this conjunction indicates one who is: hopeful yet realistic, assertive yet deliberate, and eager yet serious.

The balance is due to Jupiter’s expansion principle aligned with Saturn’s restrictive principle.

And because Obama’s conj is between Capricorn and Aquarius, both signs ruled by Saturn, their being out-of-sign is not quite as complex as it would be with two other signs side-by-side in the zodiac…Cap and AQ have affinity which is absent with other neighboring signs, for a sign following is a reaction to the sign before it–and often in negative fashion shown by lack of patience. Further along on the evolutionary wheel, you know.

Capricorn’s Saturn is tradition and the past, while Aquarius’ link to high-frequency Uranus brings in progress toward the future.

People with Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions tend to have vivid mental pictures of their futures already realized, and the drive to make it happen unless negative factors interfere. One may assume that the Senator is handling this conj quite well so far. Generally he prefers proven methods to get what he wants but it’s not enough unless it satisfies his clear mental vision.

He seldom allows non-productive projects to waste his time (Saturn rules Time) and respects the lessons of history. Having a retentive memory is a plus of Jupiter-conj-Saturn. Obama is ostentatious (audacious?) enough to believe in himself, yet cautious enough to stay within his limits.

The main problem with this conj is a tendency to overdo to the point of physical exhaustion. Even leisure reading involves informative books related to his professional life for he’s never satisfied with the breadth of his knowledge.

Now I’m still using Obama’s Sunrise (Solar) chart since his exact birth time hasn’t surfaced (I assume) so when I progressed his natal chart to this morning, it was surprising to see that Secondary Moon is at 00AQ50–conj natal Jupiter. 

The Secondary Moon is an excellent timer for daily life, and Moon/Jupiter contacts are generally happy, expansive ones. Home life often goes well under Moon-Jupiter contacts.

That Sec Moon = a woman, and that this reluctant astrologer is one of those reflecting light upon his natal Jupiter is a tiny indication, if any!

Also in Obama’s Secondary Progressions, Jupiter continues to be Rx and has ‘backed up’ to 27Cap20–conj US natal Pluto at the “A Large Aviary” degree. Saturn is now at 23Cap17 Rx, where Jupiter has been transiting of late.

Since Sec Moon has been moseying through his Sec Jupiter/Saturn conj, midpoint pictures are created…currently it’s this one:

Moon/Saturn = Jupiter: sense of law and order prevails; appreciating why certain controls are necessary; feeling confident about structure; conscientiousness and a sense of duty; successful self-reliance; separating without sadness; quiet happiness; a journey. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

As with all midpoint pics, it’s an ‘all, none, or some combination’ deal. (The possibilities may also express on a timed basis – a level of expression with one triggering, another at a later time, etc.)

Jupiter in Aquarius! McCain and Clinton both have natal Jupiter in Sagittarius, but let’s look at the Aquarian Jupiter using Stephen Arroyo’s ‘Exploring Jupiter’ for details on this Airy, mentally expanded Jupiter.

First, Jupiter in Air gives great intellectual energy and an inner faith which is stimulated by communicating with people, exploring new ideas, and by making social improvements. There’s a broad curiosity about people and ideas (which would be a refreshing change from 8 years of President Incurious, wouldn’t it?)

In the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, Jupiter gives optimism and trust in the unity of all humanity with broad tolerance of the free expression of others. Daring experimentation is possible through risk-taker Uranus’ influence, and there is an unconventional streak there as well. Saturn’s control introduces caution, however, when it comes to taking emotional risks.

There can be extreme ideas and beliefs with Jupiter in AQ, and vacillation between quite contradictory concepts. Willful, independent, and contrary may describe the Aquarian Jupiter (and I should know for I have such a child.)

Walt Whitman’s Jupiter is in AQ…

“Do I contradict myself?

Very well then

I contradict myself, I contain multitudes.”

This contradictoriness may help explain some of Obama’s seeming lack of definition for his positions…his Jupiter, planet of the Higher Mind, is in forward-looking Aquarius and has an inventiveness and imagination not always appreciated by status quo types.

And if you read my entry concerning Obama’s Mercury in Leo, you’ll see that details are usually left for others to tie up and down. Plus, Obama’s Mercury is opposite Jupiter which adds to his insatiable appetite for learning, yet increases his lack of attention to details as it broadens the mind. Closer listening to others helps these tendencies.

Jupiter in AQ is often drawn to government service, and astrologer Marcia Moore called this placement, “the ideal democrat with a knack for handling groups of people.”

Handling and distributing money is also typical with an Aquarian Jupiter, and I ask you: what would a politician be without money to handle?

Here’s an interesting list of famous folk who share Jupiter in AQ:

Gov Jerry Brown, Marilyn Monroe, Isadora Duncan, Elizabeth II, Thomas Merton, Grant Lewi, Helena Blavatsky, Herman Melville, Vaslav Nijinski, Ed Sullivan, Alec Guiness, and Albert Einstein.

And my son, the prog rock drummer!


~~Barack Obama, Aug 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sun 12Leo01 at sunrise, Moon 26Tau19; I am now using the surfaced ‘7:24 pm’ birth time.

Barack in July

As the Rev Wright conflagle has progressed I’ve been put in mind of the Unmasking Eclipse of early Feb 2008 as a man’s deeper motives are revealed…doesn’t say by whom, but someone’s true character was-is-will be uncovered during this time.

Generally, Eclipse seasons with their more direct influences, if any, are in effect until the next Eclipse (appr 6 months later), but degrees may be sensitized for centuries whether current occupants of the globe are aware of it or not. And when ‘critical’ or crisis degrees are sensitized, well you can have quite a kettle of fish on your menu.

Saturn is back for Barack:

‘Barack in July’ refers to the time period that transiting Saturn, that lesson-and-task-bringer–aka Old Man Time–catches up to our power principle signified by Pluto (but Mars’ energy/desire nature have a lot to do with it as well), so that if there’s anything in our pasts that we now have reason to regret, Saturn’s visit to natal Pluto is the perfect time to do so. The regret will be forced upon us by stony Saturn bringing it to our doorsteps. 

The conquered bird’s head is offered by your housecat to impress upon you the reality of the situation.

Only a very focused direction of energy is likely to raise us up from such difficulties…and even then, the outcome is uncertain. Now I don’t imply that he can’t or won’t get through the hailstorm, but it will have its difficulties and the possibility of enemies making hay out of it long after the attention the issues deserve.

Are Obama’s tootsies being held to the fire of secret biases? Or is the reverend enjoying the national spotlight a little too much? Both men are only human yet are acting for the Collective, what Dane Rudhyar calls the Transpersonal Life in his book on the Sabian Symbols, The Astrological Mandala.

Now I shall pre-apologize for the about-to-follow rhymery–I’m thinkin’ of Orating Obama tonight…:


Barack Obama is your name

run for prez? you’re quite insane

if you get there I’ll come after

quicker than you’ll pass a CAFTA

Diss me and I’ll diss you too

church or state it’s up to you

politicians have their ways

pastors pray for healing grace.


jc 4.30.08  12:00 am edt (at least, we may hope they do)

beneficial blog discovery: trollfighter

A beneficial blog discovery!

Here are some political thoughts and articles from trollfighter which I can totally appreciate (although the Maine references are over my noggin) with prez campaign insights that are up my alley for the most part.


The performance aspects of Politics, like those of any field of entertainment, are what I seem to focus upon usually, for we know that what politicians Say is the truth is precisely what he wants you to accept as being true and is not necessarily ‘as advertised.’

In fact, it Is public relations in action upon the larger stage of life and it’s ego vs ego between factions and heads of factions, most of whom are representin’ for someone whose interests are being served. Luxuriously, too.

These are “our”–the “People’s”–representatives acting on others’ behalves and selling us out day by day, deal by deal.

Washington! Oh District of Columbia:

‘DC” as we called my long ago favorite stomping ground, beautiful town of embassies, built over a swamp, if that tells you anything about the city’s underlying character. Others have observed DC’s rancid, sulphuric tendencies as well, so I’m not alone in my putrid analogy.

Astrology agrees: how a thing begins is how it will end, and to me, a swamp of corruption, fraud, and blackmail makes a heady and rabid goat’s head stew for plausibly denying politicos everywhere. Croutons, Y’all?

And you, whether Mason, astrologer, or none, know what it is they say makes a real estate sweetspot reign supreme: location, location, location.

How about Campaign 2008? America is the only nag I have in any race and in spite of my lack of faith in any candidate who’s managed to get as far as McCain, Clinton, and Obama have to even be considered in the running (having been vetted by the powers-that-be and all), America still gets my vote–ignored, deleted, or misdirected as it may be.

Too bad there’s not been an American nominee in many a year who feels as I do about the old girl. It’s supposedly all about “Party”, yet our Lady Liberty’s torch must fall against many swords in these times.

And in this battle, only justice will triumph in the end.

So how about our 2008 candidates? Is there a Constitution defender in the bunch? Someone who will restore and protect our right to trial by jury?

Then stick ’em in office, for the Transcendental Egg awaits them with its magic carpet rides and all the pretzels they can eat–any time, day or night…even at 3 AM. The staff and crew are always on duty a la Maison Blanche, destroying backup files, okaying torture, maligning book authors who spill magic beans, kickin’ the can down the November Road…running a W-H administration involves endless hard werk and balancing on a highwire strung across the world stage.

Yes, they’re always ready to rock’n’roll a la Maison Blanche…and a rather spectacular flea circus, they are, are they not? My feathers are quite sparse and snaggledy after nearly 8 years of struggling to scratch the neocon infestation out of my White House’s hair.

Neocon infestations are No Joke, People.

Lunations reveal electability: Al Gore

At Patty’s *request here are the results on Al Gore’s Natal and Progressed lunations to determine if he has that “electable” quality and to nose into whether he is in a phase of life that would aid a presidential term for Albert:

Natal lunar phase (distance between Sun and Moon): Disseminating 262:18;

Secondary Progressed for April 2008: Disseminating 268:24.

So Gore falls into the second hemicycle, the ANTITHETICAL phase (180 degr+) both natally and currently which places him character-wise as self-willed and busy as a bee fulfilling his personal desires.

This is supported by teaching and lecturing which he has asserted he prefers over running for office or serving as president. Board-sitting must take up a gracious amount of time as well but worth it when you’re hangin’ out with the win-win crowd.

Besides, Disseminating types ARE teachers and communicators–which suited him well enough as a young writer and reporter.

You’ve noticed that Gore has recently had his Secondary Phasal Return when Secondary Moon and Sun repeat their angle at birth (262 degr 18 mins.)

 My own Phasal Return is coming up in a few months, and I hardly know what to expect–I can guess, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing so here goes nuthin,’ muffin.

Trilateral Commission, mining, ecology promos, accepting awards…all the things that that bundle of cells needs in order to gel into the man (who may just turn his raptor’s gaze toward a new direction at any moment)…they call him, Al Gore; and when the cards hit the table and the last puppy is curled up in the box, Al Gore would rather be realizing personal goals, whatever they may be.

And with his natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 1st house of Self, I’d stay out of his way, down to the last distressed whale in trouble. For when the sirens broadcast globally, you may look up but it will be too late. War from Space…brought to you by your local tentacle of the centralized mammoth head of the dragon that roars at the rudder of our ill-fated Arsenal of Democracy.

You know it’s easy for anyone to promise overmuch right now with the ongoing Mars/Jupiter opposition overhead and underbelly, but we all must try. Well, the federal government seems to have given in and up on prudence and moderation, doesn’t it?

So to mask the stench of sulphur rising from the above politics and assaulting our innocent nostrils, I penned a rhyme earlier today and it has helped me forget the bitter taste of my defeat on the www…i surrender gracefully if rhymefully and with *all apologies for this poem is very self-indulgent of me esp with desiring Mars opposite expansive Jupiter:


~:~Sunday’s www in a frustration nation~:~

The internet is acting coy
forget the worldwide web

i’d read of George and Condi too
while fearing John and Jeb

if only pages loaded soon
before warm sun did set

while candidates for prez intone
upon yon TV set

There’s Meet the Press and Stephanop
Chris Matthews and Bob Schieffer

then popery in New York C
incants on mama’s wafer

it’s all tres moderne so severe
as history reveals

elections rigged and money piled
who lies and cheats and steals?

A racketeering world of woe
the common man a dupe

while rich men dine high on the hog
the rest of us slurp soup

yet still the page will not aload
as time goes ticking by

no blogs from Turtle Lane can post
from someone such as i.


jude  4.20.08

(would’ve publ’d hours ago but no go…but that’s okay because they can have all the hog as far as i’m concerned–actually there’s been no pork consumed here btw since 1978, so thanks but no thanks to shanks. jc)

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