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iPhone snags voting booth irregularity

(NewsNet5) – “Everytime I hit the Boccieri button on the touch screen, it activated the button for Boccieri’s opponent listed above his name on the ballot,” Sanderson said. “I couldn’t believe this was happening, so I decided to record the incident on my iPhone.” #

Here’s the rest of the November 2 story from Akron, Ohio which contains the YouTube video showing the actual event.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 11, 2010 at 2:35 pm

William Greider speaks on Dem alternatives

Robert Ellman, author of the Intrepid Liberal Journal, has a lot of respect for the writings of William Greider as do I.

That’s why I’m glad to find that Rob has recently posted a YouTube of Greider telling the Democrats that half measures won’t be sustainable – they either need to work on behalf of wage earners or for the fat cats.

Continuing to ‘straddle the fence’ only results in Humpty-Dumpty-itis, in my opinion, and we see now how gutted the stimulant parts of the president’s bill will probably be by voting time.

Check out Rob’s post which has a link to the first impressive article he read years ago by Mr. Greider; plus, the video clip, ‘Truth Teller William Greider’ is ready for viewing:


If you want what’s best for America and for the American worker, you may appreciate Rob’s suggestions concerning the current alternatives of the Democratic Party. They’d do us better to listen.

As I always say: America is the only nag in the race for me!

‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse Monday 1.26.09

While I’ve been calling it the ‘New President Eclipse’ because it occurs 6 days after the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th president, others are calling Monday’s lunation the ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse for good reason:


The Astrology of It:

Eclipse degree: 6AQ30 conjunct US natal South Node. As you know,  Eclipses are ‘wild cards’ and may affect events in unexpected ways – or not at all – (if you’re peeking at your own chart to see where 6AQ30 falls – if 6AQ30 aspects no planets or points in your chart, consider the house polarity, the house containing 6AQ30 and its opposite house for clues to what areas of life – houses – the Eclipse may affect for you or yours.)

Conjunct US natal SN indicates issues from the past affecting today, and it may also refer to well-honed or inherited talents which may be used yet which may or may not be effective for the current situation.

More of these issues surface for the US at our Nodal Half-Return coming soon…’surface’ so that they may be more effectively dealt with as they rise from the depths of the collective unconscious.

The Astronomy of It:

So here’s a link to my other blog, Stars Over Washington, where you’ll find a SpaceWeather News bulletin detailing the expected  ‘Ring of Fire’ effect, and the locations where this Annular Eclipse will be observable:


Only don’t fall into a burning ring o’fire gazing at it, okay? But you wouldn’t.

The Presidency of It:

And here’s a link (in case you’ve so far managed to miss this cool video – I did until Donna D clued me in!) …it’s the ’44 Presidents morphing’ video (3 mins 58 sec…slow down, you’ve got time for 200+ years in under 4 minutes!):


Yes, I know that some of these mugs should be hanging on the police squad-room wall with the words, ‘Reward Offered’ across their snoots,  but here they be within the splendid bossom of that exclusive gentlemen’s club, the US Presidency.

Is it not illegal if the president does it? Then check out the whiskers on some of these dudes – you may identify the culprits in need of a good jailin’ simply by gazing into the beady eyes a-gleam just above the hairy undergrowth.

It’s wooly boogers on parade and caught on YouTube!

Sun Leo-Moon Tau: Aldous Huxley interview on video!

Zeeks! To find the 1958 interview between Mike Wallace and British author of ‘Brave New World’ Aldous Huxley on video is amazing…YouTube rules!

In 1958, I was a mere whippersnapper, but I watched the broadcast of this interview (there weren’t that many shows on air in the olden days. I also remember seeing Albert Einstein on TV – alive.)

It’s quite mesmerizing to see Huxley’s image again and hear his voice forecasting our totalitarian world – you know, the one we’re headed for as I type…


The full interview is available in 3 parts and the sound quality is good, so check it out when you can.  Yet the thing is: was Huxley –  who explored mysticism, spiritualism, Indian religions, parapsychology, Dianetics, psychedelic drugs, and Theosophy during his lifetime –  giving warning…or providing a blueprint for those who longed to rule the world? Correct me if I have this wrong, but Theosophy envisioned ‘one world’ too.

Born in Godalming, England on July 26, 1894, Huxley lost his mother early and became all but blind from an untreated eye infection.

Astrologically we may consider his Ceres (‘the mother’) conjunct South Node of the Moon – SN = separation, Moon = mother. Ceres/SN doesn’t have to result in loss of mother through death, but in his case, it did.

Eyes are ruled in part by Mercury, planet of the writer or scribe, and there is a difficult midpoint picture – a T-square actually with the hardness of a partile Mars/Saturn opposition (a trial in itself; 19Ari/19Lib) with Mercury Rx as apex planet…

Mars-Saturn = Mercury: indecision; illness;  sad news; separating from the issues.

Wonder if his eye condition resulted in some sort of  physical ‘separation’?

Even so, this brilliant man took 1st class honors at Oxford studying primarily in Braille.

Huxley’s birth in July, 1894 places him within the difficult 4 North Solar Eclipse Series. Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ says it brings events which block the individual – it indicates restrictions, restraints, separations, and illusions; the person is prone to misjudging personal strength or the situation; actions should be postponed until the Eclipse’s influence passes.

This Series last occurred on June 10, 2002, ’19Gemini’ and it is the same PE Series in which the nation of Israel was created (May 14, 1948.)

But let’s go back to his Mars-Saturn opposition with its focus on natal Mercury in case you watch the interview videos. Mars-Saturn oppositions show one who alternates between intense activity and lack of energy for accomplishing anything.

So it’s very much a ‘high vs low’ or ‘stop and go’ aspect which can cause deep feelings of futility. Its owner tends to give others more credit than they deserve, and competition is a part of the nature as great goals are attempted and reached – if moderation can be learned.

Ignorance of ones own capabilities is the greatest liability and reassurance is needed in order to believe in ones talents.

Huxley possessed Mensa-level intelligence, yet his accomplishments may have never measured up to his expectations. He may not have wanted what he got once he got it – in other words, he was always dissatisfied.

Rest is very necessary with a Mars-Saturn opposition, and accidents resulting in fractures are quite common. Now I haven’t nosed into his life to see if he broke his arm or anything, I’m just looking at his chart, but a few basic details have been gleaned from AstroDataBank…


All in all, with his natal Mercury conjunct US natal Mercury – ’25Cancer’ – “A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder’…DESTINY, it’s no big surprise that he relocated from England to America.

Aldous Huxley passed away in Hollywood, CA, from cancer on Nov 22, 1963, a date that is notable in another way, too – JFK’s assassination in the Masonic Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

Aldous Huxley’s Sun Leo-Moon Taurus blend has these images for Integration:

‘Old King Cole was a merry olde soul and a merry olde soul was he…’Pygmalion’/’My Fair Lady’ – Eliza Doolittle is transformed into a duchess…A master potter turns dull clay into an exquisite vase.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by: Bill Clinton, Alexandre Dumas, Carl Jung, George Bernard Shaw, and Mick Jagger.

Huxley’s Solar Return for 1958, the year of his interview with Mike Wallace, has an interestingly apt Sun-Moon blend…

Sun Leo (of course), Moon Sag:

‘Merlin the Magician teaches the mysteries of algebra, alchemy, and archery…The knight in shining armour wins a game of poker and the drinks are on the house.’

My take on it? Merlin looks into the future and sees…what is now being brought to pass by current day magicians (Magi Astrology = Rosicrucians!) and self-styled “Masters of the Universe”, at least some of whom may be of the Knights Templar persuasion, or other secret societies intent on global rule.

Yes, Huxley explored…he delved…and he provided a totalitarian blueprint which the tool of  television placed in my (un-) consciousness at a tender age. To see and hear this propaganda now, after all these years, is a watershed moment for blog-against-the-new-world-order me.

So watch the YouTube videos if you wish, but notice if or how you’re swayed as you observe a brilliant and subtle master in action.

McCain birthday 2005

Here you’ll find a link to a YouTube video of stills from John McCain and George Bush happily sharing McCain birthday cake on Aug 29, 2005 while Neptune washed New Orleans’ Saturnian levees away and Katrina victims drowned:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/08/mccains-hard-hearted-cake-gone-stale.html#links along with my grumps on the subject of a McCain White House tenure.

This is a priceless montage of what a future McCain White House will be reminding us of if the neocons get their Beltway again in November.

John McCain. Common gooder he ain’t.

Ever moseyed to Savannah, Georgia?

Well, now you may – or may again- with just a mere click of your mouse by checking out this article your reluctant astrologer and Georgia native has published at Gather, replete with virtual tour links from YouTube and one from Savannah College of Art and Design:


Savannah was founded on February 12, 1733 and much water has passed under the bridge since then, so perhaps you’d better be moseying hence for a hint of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream melting on top. Yum!

At sunrise on Feb 12, 1733, Sun was in Aquarius with Moon and Mercury in business-oriented Capricorn.

Combining Moon-Mercury energies gives perception, a talent for languages, an active mind with a love of gossip, and family connections and contacts. And it’s true that family roots run deep in Savannah!

The city’s Sun AQ/Moon Cap’s resourceful and independent blend has two Images for Integration – one historical and one on the futuristic side:

“A revolutionary is elected president…An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

The more things change the more they stay the same!

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