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Thousands march in London against war in Afghanistan

Yes, in a peaceful show of solidarity of purpose, Thousands March in London in protest against the war in Afghanistan, a country well known to be “the graveyard of empires.”

Once again, today’s Europeans show several generations of Americans that lounging about on the sofa watching TV commercials simply won’t suffice in today’s political atmosphere!

Of course, millions of protesters the world over have marched against the Bush-Cheney administration’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Republicans (and enabling Democrats) successfully ignored our massive opposition to their global domination plans.

Guess it’s obvious that there’s a higher authority whose Vulcan voice the White House listens to, and it definitely does not belong to we-the-people.

WikiLeaks to reveal Iraq War docs

The announcement of Superbombs and Secret Jails: what to look for in WikiLeaks Iraq Docs has me mired in an emotional quandary because next week’s promised documents release makes its timing perilous (though when would be a good time to uncover the shadowy machinations of the Bush-Cheney regime?) and yet I feel that an end to US imperialistic war and strong-arming would do the entire planet a world of good if it could be accomplished.

Yet WikiLeaks or no, US arrogance churns on, bankrupting our nation as it beggars we-the-people, and exporting the terrorism it purports to address.

And while my Flower Power Generation took to the streets to voice our strong opposition to the Vietnam fiasco and carnage, I keep wondering whas’up with our current generation of canon fodder – is it the cool techie games they grew up playing that have them so enthralled with going to war for oil, the globalist agenda, politics, and profits-for-the-rich in this too-real world of drones and pain?

Columbus Day 2010 and a brightest star

My Ode to Columbus Day from last year’s celebration still rings true for me, how about you?

Here’s a good resource from History.com with articles and videos on the topic of Christopher Columbus and the ‘discovery’ of the New World. Obviously the indigenous peoples of 1492 had no idea the continent was missing.

You may also be interested in the constellation Columbae which is associated with the concept of peace. You remember peace, that concept and condition which the US military government has replaced with perpetual war in order to establish global domination…’globalism’.

Be that as it may, the brightest star in the constellation Columba is Alpha Columba Noae (Noah’s Dove) which in Arabic is Al-Fakhita (the dove) and is generally called, Phact.

In Astrology, Phact’s keywords are: ‘exploring uncharted waters’ and ‘to seek adventure’ which handily leads us back to old Chris Columbus 518 years ago and forward to Columbus Day 2010!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 11, 2010 at 3:50 pm

John Lennon: still missed

On radio now is Fresh Air with its feature on John Lennon who would have been 70 years old tomorrow, October 9, 2010, if only he were with us.

Click for the Fresh Air text concerning the release of the FBI’s files on Lennon and you’ll find other interviews as well such as with John’s first wife, Cynthia, and with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. (Audio will be available around 5:00 pm edt.)

The 1972 presidential election was the first in which 18-year-olds could vote in the US and Lennon wanted to use that fact to help register young voters who were against the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon who then attempted to deport John Lennon in 1972.

Here’s a tribute I wrote in 2006 on the topic of my favorite Beatle titled John Lennon: still missed which details his natal chart placements and contains some info on the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets, which has been associated with assassinations of US presidents..the ‘Presidential Death Cycle’, as it’s called.

(As you know, Ronald Reagan missed dying from an assassin’s bullet due to an astrologer’s warning, it is said.)

John Lennon was born during such a Great Conjunction and his assassination occurred under the auspices of the 1980/81 conjunctions:

1. December 31, 1980 @ 9Lib30 (conjunct Fixed Star Vindemiatrix: ‘the widow’ or ‘the widower’; ‘loss of partner’);

2. March 3, 1981 @ 8Lib06;

3. July 24, 1981 @ 4Lib56.

Wiith Jupiter/Saturn’s 20-year cycle of that time beginning and manifesting in a mental Air sign, we may say that it was primarily the anarchistic thoughts of John Lennon, including his and Yoko’s support of the peace movement, which sealed his fate at the hands of the US government.

That, and his tremendous popularity.

EU says No to more data for US

Seems that the US government’s spying on your Aunt Granny Fanny’s last tweet to her bookie isn’t enough for Washington and the Pentagon.

Now the US is demanding massive amounts of communications data from European citizens, too.

This is the sort of thing that causes me to wonder: if the attacks of 9/11/01 had not happened, what justification would the all-seeing- eye types now hide behind while disregarding ordinary people’s right to what should be the rather simple concept of privacy?

Written by Jude Cowell

October 7, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Germany to make final WWI reparation payment

Well, it took quite a few decades but on October 3, 2010, Germany will make its final reparation payment for losing World War I, Der Spiegel reports. War costs do tend to linger in more ways than one, don’t they?

And this surely will result in quite a sense of relief in Berlin!

Actually, I did not know they were still paying off the debt, did you?

Written by Jude Cowell

September 28, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Gandhi’s simple question and the Global Awakening

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?”

– Mohandas Gandhi


And fyi, I’ve just posted the first 3 videos in the series Waking Up to Reality by Max Igan with a link to the last 4 videos. You may think you want to skip this cosmic presentation by Mr. Igan, but you really don’t because you too are an integral part of The Matrix, a cell of the cosmic consciousness.

And I know you know that an Astrology chart represents a cell, a map of DNA at your very fingertips…right? So if it’s your natal chart, you have a picture of your DNA in black and white. Too bad genetic scientists don’t understand this (or perhaps some of them do but they’re not telling.)

As Above, So Below…

Yes, it is literally time for the Global Awakening!

WikiLeaks’ “Afghan War Diary” minimized by BBC News

Someone on the BBC News World Service just attempted to minimize the effects of the release of over 91,000 reports on events in Afghanistan by saying the massive document leak is a “treaure trove for historians” but that the picture shown by the reports is not “very different” from what is already known.

If you’ve managed to miss the online disclosures so far, here’s an explanatory page from WikiLeaks to get you started on a topic that’s going to be around for a long time.

July 25’s Full Moon has brought the release by WikiLeak’s Julian Assange (on July 25) of revelations of a lot of formerly hidden information on what the US occupation is really like, and something tells me that at least some of the intell in these documents may be quite okay for ‘leaking’ as far as the White House (and perhaps the Pentagon brass?) is concerned for it lets a very expensive cat out of a limpingly bankrupt bag.

And you know that if you want info to go public in the biggest way possible, debut it a few hours before the light of a Full Moon!

Now the White House has condemned the leak and predictably cites ‘national security’…but what stands out to me is the assertion that soldiers’ lives are put at risk by the leak of documents.

AS IF sending our troops into an insurgent war based on trumped up intell hasn’t done precisely that already thousands of times over – and lied about it!!!

Plus, this leak of US military documents may lend new meaning to today’s (July 26, 2010) Saturn/Uranus opposition with governmental Saturn’s status quo needs vs Uranus’ urge for progress, independence, and freedom of information.

Neo-Nazis of Riesa, Germany

The German town of Riesa is one of the battlegrounds where Neo-Nazis are taking hold, publishing hate rhetoric, and infiltrating youth groups.

Similar to the polarity here in America where the people are kept divided by false perceptions and cynical political tactics (Ds v Rs, liberals v conservatives), the population of the town of Riesa is divided on the issue: to Neo-Nazi or not to Neo-Nazi.

To me it’s always seemed a no-brainer, an easy decision. But then a group of humorless, hair-challenged boot wearers were never my cup of tea – even when they sassily appeared in the New Millennium on Capitol Hill, goose-stepping to the Bush-Cheney drum beat of war.

And you see where that pied-piperism has gotten us.

Anyway, click the above link for a Der Spiegel article with photo journal of what’s going on in Riesa.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 23, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Brits angry not at BP – at Obama!

With their lovely coastlines safe from BP oil harm, our Brit cousins are angry at the toll the BP Oil disaster is taking on their pocketbooks and pensions as they pay the price for investing in BP – and they’re blaming President Obama.

May I assume that BP shareholders and other investors had no say in how wild an enterprise BP could engage in? It probably would have made no difference if they’d objected.

However, you take your chance, you just might lose! Even if you’re accustomed to winning, losing just may happen when you’re gambling with money.

Will this turn out to be American Revolution v2?

Could Brit anger be an early expression of the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24…precisely conjunct the UK’s natal Moon (the public) in 10th house, conjunct difficult Fixed Star, Castor?

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