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Donald Trump and Carelli’s 4 Virgo Symbol

On October 25, 2017 on Stars Over Washington I published a post concerning the 2017 and 2019 Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of Donald Trump (2019) and Adolf Hitler (2017).

That both SP New Moons fall upon 3Virgo+ seems significant to me due to the degree’s Sabian Symbol and the shared bigotry and eugenic-style views of both politicians. Follow the link for the entire picture but its gist is, “Black and White Children Play Together Happily…”. Also note that the post also contains the natal midpoint pictures of Trump and Hitler (for the sake of comparison).

As you know, Trump was ‘victor’ in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017 while mired within his Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase full of endings and separations, a time when sneakiness abounds and things can ‘go bump in the night’. Symbolically, he remains within it now yet light will begin to dawn and a glimmer of a new phase of life will begin with his SP New Moon which perfects on September 19, 2019 in early Virgo- not that an instant difference will be felt or observed.

Here I shall add to the Sabian Symbol a partial quote concerning what *Adriano Carelli has to say about ‘4 Virgo’ to which I have added a few remarks in (italics):

“A steamroller”: A craze for planning and technology; a naive faith in purely mechanical progress; contempt for individual distinctions; love of the extreme and of the absolute. Some features of fatality in the existence, something inexorable in the character. A massive strength, an ability to lay out on broad lines work to be carried out by others and to give it the finishing touches after completion.

This same force, instead of preparing and perfecting usefully the work of others, can stay fruitless and can sponge upon its environment; or, even worse, instead of loveling (leveling? jc) and paving the way for the execution of the work planned, he can be employed to destroy and raze everything aimlessly to the ground.


…where the stars point to fondness for the fruitless, artificial life usually led by the smartest set of society, a rush for pleasure will swallow up wealth laboriously built up by the ancestors. Plenty of well-meaning and helpful friends will be powerless to save the native from bankruptcy; once collapsed, neither his taste nor his artistic gifts (‘The Art of the Deal’? jc) will be of any avail. A third case is possible: an aggressive, destructive, brutal, and despotically leveling nature–in a word, a downright Vandalic or Hunnish character.

Undeniable in all cases is a profound sense of truth (he knows it but won’t tell it! jc), unaccountably coupled with fast living or ruthless destructiveness. (Or  both–jc.)

Example: in this degree is the Third Reich’s Mars as ruler of the Sun (Sun’s degree) and therefore lord of the MC, viz., indicative of the government and the army.”

Also note that a solar eclipse in Mr. Trump’s Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) Saros Series (2 Old North) perfects on July 12, 2018 with themes of ‘unfortunate news’ and ‘endings and separations’ yet ‘fast action can bring good results’ (Brady).

edit 13 July 2018: who exactly are the results good for? jc

‘4 Virgo’ quote from Carelli’s 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (1950).

Bush Sr in hospital w today’s Sun conjunct natal IC

Former President George H. W. Bush is in hospital for what is said to be a lingering cough and possibly bronchitis. Can pneumonia be a factor?

At the age of 88 (born *June 12, 1924 11:45 am EDT Milton, MA), pneumonia is always a possibility. While peeking at today’s transits to his natal horoscope, I see his natal IC (4th house cusp, End of Life) @7Sag39 is ruled by Jupiter and today’s Sun position conjoins the IC (7Sag51 as I type) which spotlights it.

Transiting Jupiter @11Gem46 is Rx until January 30, 2013 and now traverses his n 10th H of Public Status while opposing natal Jupiter 14Sag11 in n 4th H. Jupiter oppo natal Jupiter is a time when no one is impressed with you though I’m saddened to say that Mr. Bush’s eventual passing will be certain to make global headlines. Tr Sun also will oppose natal Jupiter is a few days

Lined up today in his natal 3rd house and soon to cross his n IC are planets Mercury 18Sco48, Venus 9Sco26, and most descriptively of endings, Saturn 6Sco28, our Time Keeper and Grim Reaper. Plus, tr Pluto, planet of Death and Transformation, has been transiting Bush Sr’s n 4th H for some time. The current conjunction of irritating Mars to Pluto has been little or no help to his health, I fret, and may indicate heart involvement and/or infection.

Bush’s natal 9th H Mercury @29Tau24 (a critical-crisis degree)–his n chart-ruler (ASC @ 11Vir09)–will soon be opposed by tr Mercury in Scorpio, sign of surgery, regeneration, and death. And the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 occurred in his n 3rd H, a house with links to Health Matters through the mind-body connection.

Saturn: Planet of Old Age

His most recent Saturn Return to natal sign and degree (25Lib50 Rx in n 2nd H) was a three-fer: Dec 2, 2011; Apr 20, 2012; Aug 27, 2012. As you know, Saturn rules the skeletal system of bones and teeth and skin (boundaries.) Saturn rules his 6th hous of Health bwo Aquarius on the cusp; plus, 6th H co-ruler Uranus, today @4Ari42–is about to enter his natal 8th H of you-know-what so his demise may be quite sudden when it comes with his 8th cusp @5Ari03, showing that tr Uranus has been crossing and recrossing the 8th cusp for some time now.

A major weakening effect is tr Neptune @00Pis27 which conjoined his 6th H Mars 25AQ28 some time ago. If you’re going to have Neptune affecting your 6th H of Health, it’s much better if you’re younger rather than older when it happens–and of course, tr Chiron (the Wound and the Wounded Healer) has been travelling in tandem with undermining Neptune and also affecting Mr. Bush’s health (Parkinson’s.)

A Neptune-to-Mars transit indicates a lessening of energy and vitality, a potential for infections, and confusion–more serious during advanced age, of course.

How Mr. Bush’s current hospital stay will turn out I do not care to guess but he does have some difficult planetary influences acting upon his natal planets right now and over the coming months.

*Birth data = Rodden Rating: A.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Shift of Earth’s Magnetic Pole and John Wheeler

A couple of years ago I asked a scientist friend if she thought that Earth’s poles are shifting. She said, No.

Turns out, they are. They’re shifting 40 miles per year toward Russia, of all places.

Now I’ve always been intrigued with mystical Russia and I find the year 1905 fascinating but going from Tampa to Russia? The above too-brief article has it all.

You may also be interested in Astrology of John Wheeler’s Murder which I posted earlier today, plus, here’s a video *presentation that purports to connect the thousands of dead blackbirds that have fallen from the sky recently (and perhaps other animal kills in various places of late) with the murder of chemical and biological weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former aide to US presidents Reagan, Bush, and Bush, and who peeks from Washington shadows to become that special breed: a man who knew too much.
*It’s one of those not-really-a-video videos. You know. Interesting though. jc

George Bush has ‘self-awareness of a bison’

With former cheerleader and bullhorn handler George W. Bush appearing everywhere these days to promote his rewrite-history book, there are some folk who feel sorry for his dim-wittedness and lack of self-awareness.

Matthew Norman’s How Did This Wastrel Ever Find His Way to the White House? has an interesting point of view.

My own p.o.v. on Dubya is not as generous since Bush, a cog in the Bush Dynastry syndicate, was installed in the White House by a complicit Supreme Court and served at the behest and enabling of the global power elite who used him for 8 years as a “propaganda catapulter”, as Bush described himself while in office.

If he hadn’t pleased them by making ‘decisions’ with few, if any, known facts and by his actions, he would have somehow been de-presidented with a newer, more accomodating model put in place.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, I did hear Bush admit to remembering that the financial crash and TARP both occurred under his watch. I see Financial Collapse 2008 as a crescendo at the end of the Bush Years of Wastrelhood, don’t you?

Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Statue of Liberty

As Independence Day 2009 approaches, here is a good and timely presentation for America’s 233rd birthday:

Today’s installment of PRI’s The Changing World looks at the presidencies of Jefferson and Lincoln and the impacts their presidencies have had on the rest of the world particularly considering President Obama’s symbolic links with President Lincoln, a man to whom Mr. Obama has said he feels a “special gratitude.”

BBC’s The Changing World site has archives of interest with features available on iTunes and as podcasts or MP3 downloads as well.

And for the Statue of Liberty, unveiled and dedicated by President Grover Cleveland on Oct 28, 1886 as a gift from France’s government to mark the Franco-American alliance in the American Revolution (and perhaps to rev up the French people for their own revolution), we shall consider her Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio on that ceremonial day in New York Harbor.

President Cleveland was a supporter of the gold standard, and the Sabian Symbol of the Sun that hallowed day was ‘6Scorpio’: “A Gold Rush.”

Moon ’24Sco’: “Crowds Coming Down the Mountain to Listen to One Man.” (Note: it was a select crowd for the masses were not allowed on the island for the festivities, however, and suffragettes hired a boat to circle the island and shout at them!)

Of course, raising enough money for the large project had been a central issue all along so it must have been with much relief that ‘Lady Liberty Enlightening the World’ was finally presented to the American people.

This copper-bound lady, whose form is based in part on the Roman goddess of freedom from slavery, Libertas, wears a diadem modeled on the Sun-god Apollo’s solar rays shining from her crown of seven spikes. We see this concept repeated on the back of the dollar bill – the all-seeing eye of Horus – and on the Great Seal of the United States.

And as you know, Venus’ metal is copper.

Liberty’s torch represents ‘enlightenment’ and possibly points toward the Illuminati Society which had gained ground in our halls of government long before 1886.

The website of the National Park Service gives pertinent info including her torch being opened again to the public this July 4, and Wikipedia has more to read on The Statue of Liberty, if you wish.

The symbolism of the famous Colossus of Rhodes applies to her as well with Emma Lazarus’ 1883 sonnet, ‘The New Colossus’ conceptually linking the ancient world with the New engraved on a bronze plaque which was added in 1903…I quote:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.

I lift up my lamp beside the golden door.”

(And now, thanks to our ruling bankers’ and erstwhile politicians’ sorry ways, America has more homeless than she can house, the ‘tempest-tost’ are already here, and the door is ‘golden’ only for the elite few, as it turns out.)

The Statue’s unveiling took place just after a New Moon, signifying a time of new beginnings.

This relates well to the new beginnings of the 12 million immigrants who for 32 years were welcomed and uplifted by the sight of the beckoning Lady in New York Harbor. (Not that all were let in but that’s the story of Ellis Island which I do not cover here.)

Well, for me the ‘Images for Integration’ for the Water-Water Sun Sco-Moon Sco are somewhat puzzling in relation to Lady Liberty but I’ll give them anyway. It’s the quote of the person who shares this blend natally that seems most practically applicable to America’s spirit – then and now.

‘A pile of manure slowly permeates the deeper soil as the November rains soak the still, dark garden…A millionaire businessman establishes a foundation for medical research.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

A ‘pile of manure’?

Perhaps this word picture implies the early and strong dislike of the Statue by many folks which had to be gotten used to to be appreciated by the public! Did they become more accepting of her presence and inspiring beauty by ‘November’? It wouldn’t surprise me – she’s quite a beaute!

And ‘a millionaire businessman’ could refer to Joseph Pulitzer who was involved with the fund raising for the project.

So in closing, check out this famous quote and see what you think as it relates to the very spirit of America:

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”

Georgia O’Keefe

Our America, Land of the ‘self-made man’ – and woman!

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