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Today’s Uranus Rx Station @ AP w/ Sun Can-Moon Aries

‘We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.’

Edna Wheeler Wilcox

Whew! Been there, done that, haven’t you? Well, the poet’s natal Sun Cancer-Moon Aries blend is the prevailing flavor today, July 5, 2010, so her words seemed appropriate to mention. This blend has a protective-of-loved ones vibe which may be part of an important astrological influence concerning radical reformer, Uranus, as The Awakener stops at 00Ari35 (12:48:28 pm edt) and makes a Rx stand of some significance and strength which marks this week in history.

So if you’d care for more details on today’s Uranus Rx Station and on the YOD (‘Finger of God’ pattern) formed at the moment of it, please check out my just-published article at Stars Over Washington where the merits, delays, and new directions of Uranus’ Rx Station at AP are discussed.

And do leave your own insights and opinions in a Comment, if you wish. Let’s discuss!

Scottish astrologer details firsthand airport closure from ash

Having recently been in touch with my friend, astrologer Anne Whitaker in Scotland, I knew she and her husband were about to take a trip to Devon to catch some rays. But thanks to airport closures from Iceland’s volcanic eruption causing downed flights, ash is all they caught.

Anne has a history with the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus, two planets lining up now for their first conjunction (June 8th) at 00Ari18. Uranus at Aries Point places the disruptive planet in range of opposing earthy Saturn again, and Anne is in-the-know about Summer 2010’s Cardinal Cross and titanic T-Squares which involve her expertise, the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus.

You might even apply to take part in a study she’s undertaking concerning Jupiter/Uranus, if you wish, so click to read Anne’s ‘ash report’ from the British Isles and find out what she and Ian did to counter their disappointment about switching destinations.

Personally, I think they made an excellent trade and I hope they manage to dodge ‘ash storm 2010’ altogether!


Read more on Jupiter conjunct Uranus June 8, 2010.

Large Hadron Collider = Uranus to Aries Point

Early this morning edt, I awoke to news of the resumption of activity for the Large Hadron Collider buried underneath the Swiss Alps. Guess no volcano lurks nearby nor is triggering earthquakes a remote possibility, so I won’t fret over their outrageous tests as they monkey with life’s building blocks. Pluto in Capricorn has this deep need to de-structure, you see.

After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Seriously, don’t ask me for I’ve quite studiously stayed away from articles and opinions on the subject.

But today is a new day for the LHC.

And since in Astrology, unpredictable planet Uranus is known to act or trigger events earlier or later than one might expect, the planet’s approach to Aries Point (Sun’s position in the zodiac at Spring Equinox) alerts us to expect bright ideas, revolutionary activities, and, for our purposes here – peculiar or unusual discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

And of course, the Cardinal Cross (00 degrees Ari/Lib and Can/Cap) is sensitive on a worldwide scale and when transited (visited) or aspected (with the conjunction -0 degr- being the strongest) by a passing planet or planets, events of global implications tend to manifest. It can be quite a timing device.

By way of empirical observation, astrologers have seen that when transiting Uranus reaches AP during its 84-year cycle (orbit) a time of ‘scientific breakthroughs’ is heralded so hold on to your large collider, Myrtle, Science has more wonders in store.

And Astrology should do pretty well, too. Speaking of Astrology and Uranus in Aries…

Do you know that the recent International Astrology Day Blogathon 2010 is not just a one-off online event for March 19 – 21, but a permanent collection of articles concerning the ongoing Cardinal T-Square of difficult energies between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto as they square and oppose one another?

If you haven’t checked out C. J. Wright’s Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future, you may wish to do so. C.J.’s article premiered during the Blogathon on Sunday, March 21, 2010, and contains useful info on how to deal over the next few years with issues and disruptions brought to us by unpredictable genius Uranus in pioneering, innovating Aries.

Why, perhaps it’s time you patented your brilliant invention!

The 1st International Astrology Blogathon

The Cardinal T-Square between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto is causing concern in many quarters for the personal challenges it’s sure to bring while its encompassing energies hold sway in the collective (2010 – 2014.)

A Blogathon of Support and Information!

Various Astrology articles will soon be available in time for Spring Equinox 2010, aka the Aries Ingress, when Sun = 00Aries00, the degree of disruptive yet progressive Uranus’ position in the difficult T-Square pattern of planets. Seems that ‘upheaval’ may be one of the better outcomes which may be expected from the Cardinal T-Square.

So I hope you’ll drop in the weeked of March 19 – 21 for practical ideas and support in these challenging times!

Check with Donna Cunningham at SkyWriter, C. J. Wright over at Auntie Moon, or with Mandi Lockley who writes at Astroair Astrology for more details.

D-Day and Astrology’s Weekend Forecast

You won’t want to miss Julie Demboski’s enlightening Weekend Forecast, I know, so check out what’s going on above our addled pates from one of the very best Astrology bloggers you’ll find on the web.

And with today’s 65th anniversary of D-Day and our president’s participation in the solemn observance in France, a few astrological details have been published at Stars Over Washington in a post which concerns the US Uranus Return’s link to the massive amphibious invasion on the beaches of Normandy, June 6, 1944.

Plus, you’ll find a few more Astrology notes on D-Day and America’s Uranus Return posted here as well.

And if you don’t mind, a new limerick in honor of D-Day has been posted at Lim’s Limericks with new kitten photo complimentary!

Cardinal Crosses of 2010-12~Mayan Calendar

When astrologer and writer Jessica Murray covers the Cardinal Cross formations dialing up on our planetary menu, you go away full of insight and armed with valuable information to ‘get you through.’

Much has been written about the series of Cardinal Crosses which begin forming a few days after Summer Solstice 2010 and involving The Awakener Uranus squaring (‘blocking’ = 90 degr) he of the Invisible Helmet and ultimate riches – Pluto, as they form a 1st quarter aspect (‘crisis in action’ phase) to one another after their mid-60s Conjunction near the mid-degrees of Virgo.

But please let Ms. Murray clue you in to her take on this pattern, astrologers’ responses to it and how to aid the collective, and the pattern’s tie-in with the Mayan Calendar’s 2012 significance.

And if you’re an astrology student or a practicing astrologer, Ms. Murray’s words of encouragement speak to the heart of the matter during these transitional, sand-shifting times.

In fact, if you have a paradigm that wants shifting, you’re living in the right era for it as hyper-aware individual (Uranus) and collective unconscious (Pluto) blindside (square) one another off and on into 2012.

So don’t delay your read, for the Great Cosmic Clock is set to alarm us into new consciousness which many people had first hints about during 1987’s Harmonic Convergence in Aquarius bwo the work of Jose Arguelles.

What’s so Grand about a Grand Cross?

Well, ‘Grand Cross’ patterns in outgoing Cardinal signs (Ari/Lib;Can/Cap) refer to the agitation of four squares which form a square or ‘box’ shape in a chart, and which contain much tension and energy that spurs us into action, sometimes over-hastily so that failure seems to be a result of ‘bad timing.’

Staying power to follow through with projects and activities is not a strong suit of Cardinal Grand Crosses and the two oppositions created indicate challenges from others – external challenges – that require us to be consistent in our efforts and reliable toward others.

And while single-minded ambition may bring success through the directed, controlled use of the tremendous energy of the Grand Cross (es), head-on conflicts are possibilities particularly when the patterns are exact or near exactitute (1 to 2 degr), making these excitable days indeed.

Planning and forethought may be difficult but will increase our chances for preferred outcomes; tackling one objective at a time is good advice if I type so myself. Hopefully we won’t let our frustrations get the better of us and react prematurely.

A time of a Cardinal Grand Cross may be seen as a period of opportunity along with the energy needed to effect major changes – they are times when we may each, and collectively, reinvent our lives.

1954 CIA coup of Guatemala: Uranus SQ Neptune

In case you missed it:

1954 Guatemalan coup d’état:
The 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état was a covert operation organized by the
United States Central Intelligence Agency to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán,
the democratically-elected President of Guatemala.



*1954: revolutionary Uranus in Cancer squared Neptune in Libra, a very confusing aspect for society with its wild ideas causing unrest and political subversions. Yet there’s an ‘I don’t want to become personally involved’ flavor to this square so that intermediaries are often used.

Sounds just like a US president to me, how about you? Having too much to lose causes the ‘okay, but keep my fingerprints off the body’ directions from political top dogs who coup because they can. Apparently there’s nothing like the thrill of running a good coup to get you out of bed in the morning.

Abuse of power and leadership can be challenged under a Uranus/Neptune square with its ability to rouse others to action. Anyone born between 1952 and 1956 probably has this aspect in their natal charts. Sometimes failure to ‘rock the boat’ results in a loss of security, for the ‘safe’ path is often paved with shoulda-couldas which were ignored for fear of losing that which timidity guarantees will be taken away.

Also in 1954 other stuff happened: ministers from the US, UK, France, and the USSR met to reduce world tension! But the recalcitrant USSR refused to talk about the reunification of Germany.

French forces had to surrender in Vietnam causing the French government to fall. But still, even without the Big Bear’s cooperation, the US, UK, and France agreed to end the occupation of Germany so that was something anyway.

And there was more abomination on the part of my country: a hydrogen bomb 500 x more powerful than the one Truman dropped on Hiroshima was tested, and the fall-out causes much concern. Bet we’re suffering from that genie still. Plus, a fancy new nuclear submarine was launched, too, just to make a tyrannical point, I assume, and show off a bit.

Some entertainments debuted in 1954, too: Humphrey Bogart in ‘The Caine Mutiny’ and William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ is published and guess what? 1954 is the year that Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is first published….two lords, a bunch of no-flies-on-me, and more stuffed into one difficult, collapsed-government kind of year.

Oh! and Oprah Winfrey was born in 1954. But I doubt she had anything to do with CIA ops in Guatemala.

Now for some Solar Eclipse info: there were three Eclipses in 1954…Jan 5 (14Cap – opposite US natal Sun) 10 North Series. The 10N Series is same as the ‘Unmasking Eclipse of Feb 7, 2008 (18AQ);

June 30, 1954 (8Can) 10 South, same Series under which we labor today (and today is Labor Day in the US!) so you’ll find a few details on the 10S Eclipse by looking through the Pages in my sidebar esp since 10S is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series of candidate John McCain;

Dec 25, 1954 (3Cap) 11 North, which comes due again for a new US president Jan 26, 2009 (6AQ); keyphrases: ‘suddenly changing groups with which one is mixing; by the separation a lot is expected to be gained; a decision to make greater commitments in relationship’  (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Not another White House coup, I hope. ~

*This Meander Down Memory Lane ~ brought to you in part by expert astrologer Majorie Orr and her synopsis book, ‘The Astrological History of the World.’

new art: Urania Meets Saturnia

Drawing, ‘Urania Meets Saturnia’ by jude cowell…and I’m thinkin’ you can guess which is which.

Urania Meets Saturnia

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