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French Woman Sues Opus Dei

Well, if you’ve ever read my blogs for more than five minutes, you know of my permanent disgruntlement toward secret societies and their chaos-creating social tinkering. That’s why the news that a French woman is suing the Vatican’s Opus Dei cult is of interest to me.

If true, the allegations of her enslavement are hideous and I hope they are fairly resolved in a Parisian court.

Good thing her suit isn’t being heard by the corrupt, corporate-ruled Supreme Court of the United States who, under Justice John Roberts, seems not to have met a US citizen it couldn’t disenfranchise with its unbalanced leanings toward the interests of Big Corporations.

Written by Jude Cowell

June 29, 2011 at 5:16 pm

Have we a treasonous SCOTUS?

Wealthy foreign backers meddling even more deeply in US election processes? Foreign nations deciding or swaying our election results?

International corporate monsters have lurked there all along with US politicians tucked in their back pockets, a condition made possible by the Orwellian illusion – and Supreme Court decision – that ‘corporations are people, too’.

So the following post on the recent draconian decision by the US Supreme Court to roll back any controls on mega-money donations to US politicians from ‘strange’ entities expresses what I want to say myself but am still sputtering in indignation and I’m too angry to compose it.

“Free speech”? Well, here’s a little…

‘Impeach’ may be too good a word for what a certain five SC Justices deserve though I tend to think their 5 – 4 vote is more for public consumption and is not to be taken seriously. Makes a good show, however – as if the American people and the US Constitution have a few defenders on the Big Bench in this grievous attack on our nation.

Making a mummery of voting – SC, Congress, and otherwise – doesn’t matter when you know the dice are loaded from the start and that the outcome will be what you secretly want because you agreed to performing a mystery play beforehand.

Besides, I was all for SCOTUS impeachment in December 2000!

Written by Jude Cowell

January 25, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Astrology of Sotomayor vote: Moon conjoins Jupiter! 8.6.09

Update 3:21 pm edt; C-SPAN reports: Judge Sonia Sotomayor has just been approved…3:21 pm…vote was 68 to 31.

Original post begins here:

The SCOTUS vote on Sonia Sotomayor is scheduled for 3:00 pm edt this afternoon which is what I discovered after I checked an Astrology chart to see what planets or luminaries might be conjoining on her behalf.

Of course with Jupiter signifying the Republican Party in Mundane Astrology, Jupiter’s Rx condition may indicate the GOP’s inability to stop her nomination from going through, and the fact that few Rs will be voting for her.

Here’s what I found: Moon (a woman) conjoins (conjuncts) Jupiter (the Judge) at 3:46 pm edt in Washington, DC yet Jupiter 23AQ06 is Retrograde, and as chart-ruler, may indicate a problem to be overcome or some delay…still.

Also the pile-up of transiting power-related midpoints is in effect and ongoing upon US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx…Moon/Pluto joins them today in time for the SCOTUS vote:

Moon/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, Pluto/Chiron, and the Robber Barons’ signature, Neptune/Pluto which is now at 28Cap11.

So I don’t know what this tells you, but it tells me that Judge Sotomayor was a shoo-in (‘shoe-in’?) for Supreme Court Justice having all the right backing of the fat cats and big guys, including the powers-behind-the-throne (Pluto/Chiron.)


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Confirmation hearing starts for Sotomayor 7.13.09

Judge Sonia Sotomayor‘s confirmation hearing for Supreme Court justice began at 10:00 am edt this morning so check out a few brief Astrology notes concerning what could be a most historic confirmation of a SCOTUS justice.

And with Pluto now established in the law-courts-politics-business sign of Capricorn, her term, if granted, should be singularly powerful as long as power-wielding, secretive Pluto remains on her side.

“Unless you have a complete meltdown you’re going to be confirmed,” says Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham just now.

Oh the drama! So click through for a link to CSPAN’s video feed of our Capitol Hill Theater in performance.

‘Citizen’ Obama case to Supreme Court Friday

Now most of us are big fans of irony, but the idea of the US Supreme Court having something to say about the citizenship and suitability of the election of Barack Obama as president is ironic when you consider that the justices on our highest court are the boogers who installed Bush-Cheney in the White House…

…which brought on 9/11, which provided cover for invading Iraq and the desired toppling Saddam Hussein by the Bush Family, and which has continued an illegal occupation that has helped bankrupt the United States of America – a nation once thought to be ‘too big to fail.’


If you read the Chicago Tribune article, you’ll find that the chances of this case being heard by the bench are said to be limited, and there are some controversies surrounding Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.

So it seems that SCOTUS may be holding Obama’s elbow politely as he enters the White House in January while with George Bush they had to heave him through the back door!

Why, this shouldn’t require heavy lifting at all – simply refuse to hear the case(s) and bam! Obama in the White House.

Dost Thou Harken to Hillary?

Well, if you’re one of the two people who read this blog or Stars Over Washington, you already know what a ‘populist’ I am with America the only nag in any race as far as I’m concerned. No apologies for it either.

So when Hillary Clinton won Kentucky yesterday, and Barack Obama took Oregon, all as promised (or planned), I felt a lingering melancholy because I cannot seem to feel elated that a double-you-oh-em-ay-en may obtain the keys to White House at last. Paternalistic power morphs into maternalistic power. Big whoop, if my following misgivings for this country ensue.

You see, there’s this haunting lack of trust which Hillary engenders in me…call it Vince Fosteritis, if you wish, or call it a glop of concerns about her as cited in The Nation’s article of Nov 5, 2007, ‘Hillary’s Mystery Money Men’ which you will find online here:


And no, it isn’t just Hillary and Bill, it’s Rs, Ds, and in between.

Terry McAuliffe was a linchpin where Hillary was concerned, yet his seeming neutralization doesn’t solve her Bush-Harken, Alan Quasha, Hassan Nemazee, oil-and-insider-trading connections. Nor does it bode well for the American people because many of the politicians thought to be above this corruption are down in the vat with the rest and in process of leaving the American people simmering in a thick stew.

Perhaps it was always too much to ask that Washington not stink like the swamp it was built upon. Why build it upon a swamp? Location, location, location–the coordinates were desired by America’s Masonic founders, swamp be dam*ed. As you may already know, the spot aligned astrologically with London and Cairo. (Yes–Cairo!!)

Now our so-called Manifest Destiny is decreeing the end of America as we know it, economic collapse and all with the dollar in process of going buh-bye along with American borders, our Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and our legislative and judicial systems.

By their dismantling of America, these social tinkerers, these self-imagined ‘world servers’ of the one-world government intend to give lie to the liberal and peaceful principles which have been at the base of America’s very founding.

Biblically speaking, I must think of Revelation’s beast with the lamblike horns which ‘spake as a dragon’ and exercised ‘all the power of the first beast’…which foretells quite plainly the development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution. This beast will enforce some observance which will pay homage to the papacy, the first beast.

Such action will be directly contrary to the principles of the US government as they were set up, to the genius of its free institutions, and to the direct and solemn avowals embedded within the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

All this even though our founders sought to guard against the use of secular power on the part of the church which results in the inevitable consequence of intolerance and persecution!

It is only by flagrant violation of these safeguards to our nation’s liberty that religious observance can be enforced by civil authority, yet I believe that this is the wider path upon which we have been set by globalists who masquerade as “American politicians.”

They have their world banking and royal bloodline enablers and cousins, of course, and the now-beginning economic collapse of US currency and sovereignty is on the agenda for their world revolution.

Since President Bush41 had called for the New World Order, did you imagine that Bush43 would NOT be a continuation of their world domination plans? Have you seen how much Shrub has accomplished these long years with the attacks of 9/11/01 as the pretext?

Bill Clinton’s presidency was part of the process as will be the next White House shill–Hillary’s touted “inevitability’ is evidence of this continued dynasty. Yet they always have their bases covered for McCain or Obama will dance to the NWO tune at our expense–especially once the initial honeymoon is over.

And part of the purposeful hubbub and confusion roiling the 2000 election bwo enabler Jeb’s Florida involvement…(he really delivered, in spite of what the film “Recount” may imply with its attractive thespianism)…was to further disenfranchise our voting system and the American electorate’s faith in its honesty. Then SCOTUS showed its hoofprints in order to seal the coup.

Yes, the symbol of “lamblike” horns of this beast is purposefully gentle and harmless like a little woolly lamb, isn’t it? For in order for the US to form an ‘image to the beast’ religious power must so control the civil government that state authority must be employed to accomplish the church’s ends…and probably perpetrated in the name of “security.”

Protestant churches have followed in Rome’s hoofprints by forming alliances with worldly powers and have shown us in recent years that an individual’s conscience may be thought to be legislatable…a fallacy if there ever were one. Once you tell a man what his conscience SHOULD tell him is right, you overstep a line and seek to negate and make mockery of what is obviously his personal conscience by definition.

So when Protestant churches seek more of their “world councils” of unity, beware.

And when the leading churches of the United States unite upon points of doctrine which they hold in common and influence government to enforce their decrees, you’ll know that Protestant America is forming an image of the Roman hierarchy–with infliction of civil penalties soon to follow. Yesiree bobtail, the melding of church with state is Always a bad idea for the common good.

Scripture says that in the last days men shall be lovers of their own selves…do you think we’re there yet?

Well, my lamentable habit of composing-at-keyboard has led to these sparse and browner pastures for sheep such as the American electorate to starve themselves upon. And it’s taking Democrats AND Republicans to implement the crimes and abominations mentioned above.

And while no politicians is exempt from my contempt on these and other issues, yet I will vote in November, for they can’t (as of yet) take that from me, even if my vote disappears down the rabbithole of Karl Rove’s political imagineering.

My slogan for today: US Politics–No Real Candidate for The People Need Apply.

And though it pains me to type it, if you’ve previously missed the above-linked article, please read it before November, for you’ll find the name of Barack Obama listed as well…and as I’ve stated previously on my astro-political blog, Stars Over Washington, NO ONE can be a US presidential candidate without being vetted from “on high.”

Thus the United States of America is no longer a qualified entrant. If so, then my nag in the race has already lost.


John Roberts’ condition: after the fall

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/07/john-roberts-falls-saturn-at-midheaven.html  is where you’ll find planetary info (“As above, so below”!) on Chief Justice John Roberts’ fall today at his vacation home in Maine.

There’s also a short update on Roberts’ condition with AP article link in case you missed the news–a seizure cause his fall and subsequent rush to the hospital.

Seems he had a similar episode in January, 1993.

Doctors call this sort of thing “a benign idiopathic seizure” and with no stroke or other known cause, it could possibly mean a diagnosis of epilepsy for John Roberts.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 31, 2007 at 1:23 am

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