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A rectified natal horoscope for Dracula

And Dracula’s Vampire Legend Continues

by Jude Cowell

Have you checked out the excerpted Dracula article at Neptune Cafe? You’ll see the horoscope of Bram Stoker’s first public reading of his novel Dracula in London on May 18, 1897 at 10:15 am UT. Victorians thrilled to the dark psycho-sexual tale as many readers and film goers do today.

Curiously, the chart shows the Moon (the public; publicity) conjunct Count Vlad Dracula’s natal Sun @23Sag32, and Dracula’s natal Ascendant (2Sco22) conjunct the reading’s IC (Foundation; The Drain–here, of blood) which places Dracula’s natal Descendant @2Tau22 conjunct the reading’s MC (Midheaven = The Goal.)

There are other links between the horoscopes as you may see by glancing at the reading’s horoscope and the rectified natal horoscope of Vlad Dracula, below. Rectifying horoscopes by the dates of known life events (when a birth time is unknown) involves many hours of concentrated research and the chart I publish here is the version rectified by master astrologer Noel Tyl.

Prince Vlad Dracula (born Vlad Tepes–tsep-pesh) on December 7, 1431 @3:18 am LMT Sighisoara, Romania; ASC 2Sco22; 2nd house Sun 23Sag32; 3rd house Moon 18Cap19; MC 10Leo53:


It’s an Hour of Saturn which squares Uranus from its own sign of Capricorn (sign of law and government); Neptune in royal Leo, sign of the natural ruler, is atop the chart affecting his Aspirations and Goals; the Scorpio Ascendant is ruled by impaling Mars, sub-ruled by powerful Pluto, planet of death, decay, and ruthlessness. And it’s life-and-death matters for Scorpio, as you know.

Chart-ruler Mars makes one Ptolemaic (major) aspect, an opposition to Neptune @18Leo21 Rx (3A48) in 10th house of Public Status, and wherever Neptune is located, things are ‘other than they appear.’ Plus, Neptune is associated with glamor, films, and acting and I’m certain that you, dear reader, have seen one or more ‘Dracula’ films in your day!

His high-profile Neptune (10th h) may also pertain to centuries of legends and myths relating to Dracula which were greatly promoted early on in the West by Bram Stoker’s novel even though in Romania, Dracula is seen as a protector and ruthless warrior on behalf of his people. Impaling was his preferred method of execution, yes, a Sagittarian note (the Sag arrow impales) in his psyche, and according to Noel Tyl’s *reading of his chart, Dracula was apparently sexually impotent which may certainly cause obsessive violent behavior in strong-willed men who live in the brutal times and places that he did.

Historically, I refer to the era of the Fall of Constantinople, the Crusades, and other religion-infused (or infested?) battles and challenges with other entities such as the Catholic Church engaging in just as heinous, cruel, and sadistic methods of torture and death as did Dracula.

That thousands died at his hand is historical fact. The natal chart emphasis on Scorpio-Sagittarius denotes power, personal conviction, and a defensiveness that rationalized his actions via religion. The Venus-Neptune opposition (Mars conjunct Venus brings Venus, planet of vengeance, into Neptune’s rationalizing net of illusions and deceit) indicates a dangerous imagination, and his Mars-Neptune opposition shows that his motives, even if genuine, always seemed suspicious to others. Besides a tendency toward self-delusion, a lack of honesty is also shown here, and the Saturn-Uranus square signifies political (be strong at home to be feared abroad was his motto) and occult activities which supports the prominent Neptune and his Mars-Pluto Scorpio Ascendant.

Of note as well is a Fire Grand Trine between Sun, Uranus, and Neptune which gave him the defensiveness this closed circuit of energies tends to give, plus, an innate self-sufficiency as a ‘law unto himself’ that allowed him to do just as he pleased while obsessed with commanding respect from others.

One awful story is told of his obsession with ‘cleansing his realm’ when he gathered beggars, the infirm, and ill people of the streets into a banquet hall, fed them lavishly, then burned down the barricaded building ‘to improve the health of his State’.

(If this cruelty reminds you of how the austerian vampires of Washington DC are behaving on a grand scale with their cuts to Meals on Wheels, Food Stamps, and other social programs for America’s needy, I’m in full agreement with you.)

Dracula’s father and Dracula himself were initiated into the Order of the Dragon (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Dragon) (‘Drac’ = dragon) of European elitists and as such considered themselves to be noble knights protecting Christianity and the Cross (he converted to Catholicism later in life but it’s said that this was to impress the King and pave the way for his regaining the throne of Romania–see? Always suspicious of his motives!)

In fact, the peasant class of his day gravitated toward the occult implications of his membership in the Order of the Dragon (dragon = devil) so this attributed, pre-Stoker, to the historic view of Dracula as demon and monster. Not that he wasn’t!

So if you click to enlarge the horoscope, perhaps you can read a few basic notes I penned on including an out-of-bounds Moon (OOBs) which denotes that from birth, the mother-son relationship was faulty-to-non-existent (plus, the Moon-Saturn conjunction in strict Capricorn.) Would having a loving, affectionate mother around in his character-building years have made Vlad a warm and cuddly adult?

Well, what do you think?


More reading? Live Science reports that a vampire grave site has been uncovered in Poland (video).

*Astrology of the Famed, Noel Tyl

Barack Obama’s birth hour still in question: is Scorpio rising?

Update Oct 29 2008: it’s pillory time for not snagging the link to the article, I know, but today I saw side-by-side the images of two Hawaiian newspapers who carried – at the time – birth announcements for Barack Oabma. This doesn’t confirm his birth hour, of course, but it does confirm Hawaii as the place he drew his first breath making him qualifiable to run for US president.

The site with the newspaper images was http://whatreallyhappened.com/

~original post begins here:


Imagine my glee when receiving an email from AstroDataBank today with chart info for Senator Barack Obama. Ah hah! I thought, at last a verified and correct time is known….but no, it’s still in dispute.

A Noon chart is used in their article which works well for anyone in the public eye, for Noon is generally (depending on time zone) the most visible point in a chart representing Public Status and Career. Noon is symbolic for these issues so this is what you’ll find here along with several possible birth times which others have used:


As previously mentioned, the 1:06 pm chart that’s in circulation online is problematic for me–I still having trouble seeing Obama as an intense Scorpio rising person. Perhaps he is, but I guess I’ll have to SEE the birth certificate to be sure. Unless or until I do, here are some notes on Scorpio rising–some old ones from who-knows-where, and some from Martin Schulman’s ‘The Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway’:

Scorpio Ascendant is the most mysterious in the zodiac and, like the sign Scorpio in general, may have positive and negative connotations. Scorpio ASCs feel a sense of never-ending regenerative power working through them blended with very high ideals.

Great transformations are typical with the sign of the scorpion-phoenix-eagle rising, and they are ‘seekers’ to the nth degree. Scanning the surface won’t do for Scorpio Ascendants–they have an uncanny ability to understand the unconscious as they intuitively bring meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to their expectations of the future. (Scorpio is the sign of the spy or detective–and of very big business.)

As an intuitive Water sign, Scorpio ASCs may absorb impressions from the environment and believe them to be their own (the other Water signs tend to do this, too–Cancer and Pisces) and since Scorpio is the sign of elimination, identifying with the waste of society may cause anger, resentment, and bitterness. There may be a preoccupation with death and/or the occult and a raging case of paranoia which causes an obsession with isolation as a defense to avoid imagined persecutions.

The positive attributes of Scorpio rising sound more like the Senator–see what you think:

Scorpio ASCs are individualistic, perceptive, and have great depth which may act as a channel for inner potentials to emerge. There is a powerful sense of dedication and purpose in all that is undertaken and the Self is seen as an endless succession of growth experiences.

When Scorpio is rising and the self-identity is firmly rooted within this ASC, closing doors on the past is easy so that anything which does not serve a higher purpose may be shut out and left behind to enable future growth and development. It becomes less important to transform the world than to transform the Self (which would accomplish the same if everyone would do it!)

Letting go of what can’t be controlled results in the knowledge that true wisdom is in knowing oneself, and a fount of healing is available to the positively expressed Scorpio ASC because it lives through a clear, precise stream of consciousness which enables it to cut through life’s shams with ease.

Seeing how outward appearances are the result of the inner nature of creation–a kind of x-ray perception or vision–and having an intimate relationship with the very roots of life give evidence of Scorpio’s depth which is capable of the deepest understanding of any sign–and wisely, self-mastery is the ultimate and deepest goal of the Scorpio Ascendant.#

Well, if Obama does have Scorpio rising, he’ll do better in the race if he doesn’t identify himself closely with what is characterized (by his aides or others) as his opponents’ negative traits.

But that’s good advice in general no matter which zodiacal sign an office seeker may have rising, lest the name-calling “slips off me and sticks to you.”

UPDATE May 18: as you know by now, Senator Obama’s birth time has been revealed to be 7:11 pm and you will find his natal chart in the sidebar of my Pages list. Sorpio, it turns out, is at Midheaven, the most public point in any chart, so in the outer world, Scorpio is on display…but Aquarius is rising!

LAST UPDATE on the subject HOPEFULLY: now it’s “7:24 pm”…AQ rising with his ears poking out as I thought! And folks with AQ rising are usually tall and on the skinny or lanky side…as was Abraham Lincoln.

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