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Bush Sr in hospital w today’s Sun conjunct natal IC

Former President George H. W. Bush is in hospital for what is said to be a lingering cough and possibly bronchitis. Can pneumonia be a factor?

At the age of 88 (born *June 12, 1924 11:45 am EDT Milton, MA), pneumonia is always a possibility. While peeking at today’s transits to his natal horoscope, I see his natal IC (4th house cusp, End of Life) @7Sag39 is ruled by Jupiter and today’s Sun position conjoins the IC (7Sag51 as I type) which spotlights it.

Transiting Jupiter @11Gem46 is Rx until January 30, 2013 and now traverses his n 10th H of Public Status while opposing natal Jupiter 14Sag11 in n 4th H. Jupiter oppo natal Jupiter is a time when no one is impressed with you though I’m saddened to say that Mr. Bush’s eventual passing will be certain to make global headlines. Tr Sun also will oppose natal Jupiter is a few days

Lined up today in his natal 3rd house and soon to cross his n IC are planets Mercury 18Sco48, Venus 9Sco26, and most descriptively of endings, Saturn 6Sco28, our Time Keeper and Grim Reaper. Plus, tr Pluto, planet of Death and Transformation, has been transiting Bush Sr’s n 4th H for some time. The current conjunction of irritating Mars to Pluto has been little or no help to his health, I fret, and may indicate heart involvement and/or infection.

Bush’s natal 9th H Mercury @29Tau24 (a critical-crisis degree)–his n chart-ruler (ASC @ 11Vir09)–will soon be opposed by tr Mercury in Scorpio, sign of surgery, regeneration, and death. And the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 occurred in his n 3rd H, a house with links to Health Matters through the mind-body connection.

Saturn: Planet of Old Age

His most recent Saturn Return to natal sign and degree (25Lib50 Rx in n 2nd H) was a three-fer: Dec 2, 2011; Apr 20, 2012; Aug 27, 2012. As you know, Saturn rules the skeletal system of bones and teeth and skin (boundaries.) Saturn rules his 6th hous of Health bwo Aquarius on the cusp; plus, 6th H co-ruler Uranus, today @4Ari42–is about to enter his natal 8th H of you-know-what so his demise may be quite sudden when it comes with his 8th cusp @5Ari03, showing that tr Uranus has been crossing and recrossing the 8th cusp for some time now.

A major weakening effect is tr Neptune @00Pis27 which conjoined his 6th H Mars 25AQ28 some time ago. If you’re going to have Neptune affecting your 6th H of Health, it’s much better if you’re younger rather than older when it happens–and of course, tr Chiron (the Wound and the Wounded Healer) has been travelling in tandem with undermining Neptune and also affecting Mr. Bush’s health (Parkinson’s.)

A Neptune-to-Mars transit indicates a lessening of energy and vitality, a potential for infections, and confusion–more serious during advanced age, of course.

How Mr. Bush’s current hospital stay will turn out I do not care to guess but he does have some difficult planetary influences acting upon his natal planets right now and over the coming months.

*Birth data = Rodden Rating: A.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Saturn-Uranus opposition exact Sep 15, 2009

Update April 26, 2010: yes, Saturn and Uranus are facing off this very day @ 28Vir46 Rx (Sat) vs 28Pis46 Direct (Uranus)…in fact, at the moment of this typing!

(You may notice a smidge of repetition from my original post in this Update…sorry, but some things bear repeating!) Now back to Saturn opposing Uranus:

Their next exact (partile) opposition will be on or about July 26, 2010 @ 00Lib25 Direct (Saturn, conjunct US natal Midheaven in the Sibly chart) and 00Ari25 Rx (Uranus); Uranus to US natal Ic/4th house indicates unstable home conditions (including in the ‘homeland’) and longterm cycles of activity begin or end while Uranus in in 4th house.

Plus, new, progressive or disruptive elements suddenly enter the environment, both in our personal lives, and on the national scene.

Of course, the other end of the brittle Saturn-Uranus duo is Saturn to US natal Mc, as mentioned above, and we experience the restrictions, accountability issues, and extra responsibilities which accrue when Mr. Realism visits his favorite abode, the 10th house of Career and Public Status, where the Lesson-Bringer naturally rules.

Besides the angularity and thus the importance of this transit to the US natal chart, America will soon be starting another new cycle of Saturnian things as described by her Saturn Return which will be a three-fer this time, @ 14Lib48, on or about:

1. Dec 3, 2010;
2. Mar 22, 2011 Rx;
3. Aug 28, 2011

Honor Saturn’s teachings and Saturn will honor you!

My original post begins here:

What a find! Not having much Astrology blogging time recently due to Art stuff, I was thrilled to find that the wonderful Donna Cunningham has published an article by Lynda Hill on today’s exact (partile) opposition of the two antithetical planets, status quo Saturn and progressive rebel Uranus.

Oppositions are always about relationships and, unlike squares which can blind side us, leave room for adaptations and adjustments. Yet this pair of planets can be quite brittle if their lessons are resisted. And both are of a cold quality.

Lynda’s specialty, as you know, is the Sabian Symbols, so you’ll want to check out her analysis of Saturn-Uranus’ opposition degrees at Donna’s blog, SkyWriter.

Saturn opposite Uranus is telling us to Let Go! says Lynda, of all the things that hold us back. They will be partile again in January, April, May, and July 2010, when Saturn will be @ 1 Libra, Uranus @ 1 Aries.

‘1 Libra/Aries’ puts their opposition upon America’s natal Mc/IC axis, the Career and Public Status polarity in our Sibly chart (00:53 Lib/Ari) and will occur during our US Saturn Return.

Accountability, anyone?

Saturn to Mc is a time of increased status since in western Astrology we say the 10th house is Saturn’s natural abode (Capricorn is the 10th sign); responsibilities increase as well. Not blaming others for past mistakes is a must, however, for best outcomes.

Yes, America’s natal Saturn is in its sign of exaltation (Libra) so perhaps with current attempts by government to straighten out the mess our previous slackness has plopped us in, perhaps more improvement will be obvious by July 2010. Saturn to Mc is a great time to correct one’s direction, if need be.

Our legal system may be involved as well (Libra’s ‘Scales of Justice’), and relationships may become stronger in the wider world (00Ari/00Libra are World Points of prominence where global events may occur – also 00Can/00Cap, points which make up the Cardinal Cross everyone is blogging about these days.)

As a nation, we have abused our position of authority in the past (Saturn), so facing our culpabilities and bucking up to difficult tasks more realistically are our only chances for real change with Saturn at Mc.

Yet the fly in the ointment may be Uranus to natal Ic, the Foundation of the country and natal chart, with the 4th house of Domestic Scene, Roots and Heritage. Mars rules there for America.

This transit in any chart relates to disruptive, unstable situations concerning the Home (Ic = cusp of the 4th house.) In a national chart this points to the domestic scenes of indivduals, and to the ‘homeland’ in general.

Long-term cycles of endeavor may be altered abruptly or ended entirely; the number of refugees from loss of homes or other catastrophes may increase, sorry to say.

My hope is that with stable Saturn at Midheaven, Uranian disruptions at Ic may be balanced at least in part by Saturnian control by government – hey, wait a minute – all my grousings about a ‘new world order’ make that a fretful proposition!

Yet more control (regulation = Saturn) of the markets on Wall Street would be a good thing. Still, if the Saturn-Uranus opposition on US natal Mc-Ic leads to a NWO take-over, I’m going to be really po’d. Aren’t you?

Okay, I’ll hush about it for now.

Please don’t let my NWO grousings here dissuade you from checking out Lynda’s insightful analysis with info from her marvelous book, ‘360 Degrees of Wisdom’ which I highly recommend and use myself.

GOP has Jupiter Return in December

Yes, it’s true! The *Republic Party will be having its Jupiter Return, aka Jupiter Reward Cycle, on Dec 8, 2008.

And Jupiter is the Party’s significator in a national chart so Jupiter Returns, which occur for us all appr every 12 years, has import for the GOP. Wonder what they have in store for us before 2008 ends?

Guess the D-Party’s Saturn Returns, which only come around appr every 28-30 years, have similar significance (Saturn = Ds) and would be prominent in a stack of Return charts based on their natal chart/planets. It’ll be awhile though–the Dems’ Saturn 25Ari55 last returned to natal degree in Nov/Dec 1998.

Anyway, you’ll find the GOP’s Jupiter Return chart with notes and their Natal chart in my sidebar of Pages, if you’re interested in these neocon-infested varmints.


*  ‘Republican’ Party is okay by me, but as long as the GOP childishly insists on using ‘Democrat Party’ I’ll childishly insist that Republic Party is fair if just as dumb-sounding.

Saturn, Guardian of the Threshold

Since this blog has been named in honor of Threshold Guardian Saturn, ruler of four of my natal planets, it’s no surprise that the Limerick Muse landed weightily upon my keyboard in the middle of the night and whispered this:

Today is my Old Saturn Return

as antiquated bridges burn

we know he’s boss

of Time and Loss

for all of us have much to learn.

jude 2.15.08  (‘much to learn’  goes double for me!)

Written by Jude Cowell

February 15, 2008 at 1:16 pm

US Constitution’s Saturn Return = Mukasey?

As you know, George Bush announced his nomination for a fresh Attorney General today, Sept 17.

And guess what? the US Constitution had its Saturn (authority; control; restriction; the old man) Return this very day at 6:22 pm, Return chart set for the Capitol Building in Washington (DC…my old stomping grounds which I still miss! Beautiful city, swamp-based though it may be. But it had the correct longitude to suit its founders and their present-day descendants and go-getters. Go to http://www.enterprisemission.com  for much more info–on the setting up of the place and why–than I can possibly type here for you. It explains the age-old question: WHY did they build DC in a swamp? There really was a reason and it’s very interesting, but I’m really quite tired, so click if you may.)

Now what is the degree of the US Constitution’s Saturn and what about the Sabian Symbol for this degree? And what about past or karmic indicators in charts since Saturn rules tradition and ‘the past’?

9.17.07: Saturn 1Vir54, so we can actually investigate “1Vir” and “2Vir”…let’s do both using Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’,  The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. The 360 degrees’ Symbols are word pictures which relate evolutionary info and tell of the onward process of life. Try as we might, we cannot stay the same from day to day, for all are subject to change. And you know of the ouroborus, the snake eating its tail…a symbol of the cycle of Life.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we change mentally, emotionally, and certainly physically, don’t we? These levels of experience may be viewed by progressing one’s natal chart in various ways: Minor (mental or causal plane), Tertiary (intuitive or emotional plane), and Secondary (physical plane.)

This is the 27:13:1 ratio–we think 27x faster than we act, and we feel 13x faster than we act. We have a thought (Minor), a feeling about the thought (Tertiary–unless we’re ignoring it or the thought is struggling up from the unconscious without success), then we act (Secondary)–or choose not to act.

One thing we can do by studying these progressed charts is to view past times of crisis and see how they were caused by emotional issues or events, a psychological shock or blockage, or a physical event. The “event” or shock always turns up on the physical plane in one way or another, aka the Secondary chart (although nothing ‘turns up’ unless it is promised in the natal chart to begin with.) The exact time of the progressed chart is then used to calculate a transit chart for the exact time you’re investigating, and all are compared with the natal (radical or radix) chart.

If any of this sounds like ‘the mind-body connection’ you’ve heard of for years, it’s because that’s what it is…or I should say, that’s what it describes.

Plus there are other factors we look for in horoscopes of past, unconscious, or, as some call it, karmic material. The Moon’s nodes (North Node and South Node–all planets have nodes but if you hear of ‘North/South Node’ it probably refers to the Moon’s nodes, a ‘karmic’ point.)

We also gain other info when looking at these karmic factors:

Astrology gives an excellent explanation of  ‘neurosis’–actions developed in the past–which worked well as self-defense at the time–but which no longer serve in present situations–yet we keep doing them anyway like dumblebrains.  This head-bashing-against-a-brick-wall habit can really open the door for karma to walk on in,  for karma is a natural law which is well-explained in many texts and disciplines…basically: we reap what we sow.

And there are planetary implications…Saturn is considered a most “karmic” planet for he is associated with the past. So when people, events, or entities have a “Saturn Return”–when Saturn returns to its degree, minute, and second as on the original birthdate–people who know Saturn’s usual reputation say, whoa. Here comes the taskmaster, the lesson-bringer, the old man (senex) to talk about our past actions.

And yet…Saturn will reward sincere, long-term efforts when they are due–and not a moment sooner! His rewards tend to be of the long-lasting sort while jolly Jupiter’s rewards are usually based on little else than buying a lottery ticket, or being related to the boss who promotes you just because. Not especially well-deserved with Jupiter and a bit on the frothy side…and Saturn is definitely not frothy.

Well, bringing Mukasey out of retirement for the gapingly empty Attorney General post would seem to fulfill the US Constitution’s Saturn Return quite well, and it seems he may be sworn in within the next few weeks.  Saturn’s gravitas and authority he’s got. Responsibility for healing the tattered and demoralized Justice Department is another question.

Mukasey sounds like today’s common Federalist Society member so far, but we’ll see.

Now let’s look at the Sabian Symbols for our legal eagle Saturn:

“1Vir”: “A man’s head”…keyword: CHARACTER…

positive: an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a consistent overestimation of individual capacities.

“2Vir”: “A large white cross upraised”…keyword: GLORIFICATION…

pos: an utterly selfless enlistment in some dramatic service for the ultimate welfare of humankind;

neg: witless dogmatism and misdirected efforts for causes of great pretension but little real worth.

The positives sound good for the Justice Dept and for America, the negatives? not so much.

However, in October the transiting South Node–a Saturnian, separative point–will conjunct transiting Saturn in the sky, therefore someone Saturnian is leaving, or saying good bye in some way…probably someone older–a father perhaps,  a teacher, or…a judge.

This may also indicate weather or other natural disasters (Saturn = earth) esp since the conjunction occurs opposite the recent Aug 28 Lunar Eclipse (4Pisces47) which I have written about here in priorly fashion.

Does Saturn to South Node bode well for Bush’s Saturnian appointee? Well, if Bush’s term ends when it (thankfully) should we know Mukasey hasn’t long to serve as Atty General. Yeah, that’s it…that must be the ticket…the shortness of his tenure. 

Yet I suspect Saturn won’t be waiting for over a year to ring this particular bell. And we may not have long to wait to find out for whom it tolls…October or early November should do it–for with Saturn, the piper must always be paid on time.

Written by Jude Cowell

September 18, 2007 at 12:54 am

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