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Donald Trump and Carelli’s 4 Virgo Symbol

On October 25, 2017 on Stars Over Washington I published a post concerning the 2017 and 2019 Secondary Progressed (SP) New Moons of Donald Trump (2019) and Adolf Hitler (2017).

That both SP New Moons fall upon 3Virgo+ seems significant to me due to the degree’s Sabian Symbol and the shared bigotry and eugenic-style views of both politicians. Follow the link for the entire picture but its gist is, “Black and White Children Play Together Happily…”. Also note that the post also contains the natal midpoint pictures of Trump and Hitler (for the sake of comparison).

As you know, Trump was ‘victor’ in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017 while mired within his Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase full of endings and separations, a time when sneakiness abounds and things can ‘go bump in the night’. Symbolically, he remains within it now yet light will begin to dawn and a glimmer of a new phase of life will begin with his SP New Moon which perfects on September 19, 2019 in early Virgo- not that an instant difference will be felt or observed.

Here I shall add to the Sabian Symbol a partial quote concerning what *Adriano Carelli has to say about ‘4 Virgo’ to which I have added a few remarks in (italics):

“A steamroller”: A craze for planning and technology; a naive faith in purely mechanical progress; contempt for individual distinctions; love of the extreme and of the absolute. Some features of fatality in the existence, something inexorable in the character. A massive strength, an ability to lay out on broad lines work to be carried out by others and to give it the finishing touches after completion.

This same force, instead of preparing and perfecting usefully the work of others, can stay fruitless and can sponge upon its environment; or, even worse, instead of loveling (leveling? jc) and paving the way for the execution of the work planned, he can be employed to destroy and raze everything aimlessly to the ground.


…where the stars point to fondness for the fruitless, artificial life usually led by the smartest set of society, a rush for pleasure will swallow up wealth laboriously built up by the ancestors. Plenty of well-meaning and helpful friends will be powerless to save the native from bankruptcy; once collapsed, neither his taste nor his artistic gifts (‘The Art of the Deal’? jc) will be of any avail. A third case is possible: an aggressive, destructive, brutal, and despotically leveling nature–in a word, a downright Vandalic or Hunnish character.

Undeniable in all cases is a profound sense of truth (he knows it but won’t tell it! jc), unaccountably coupled with fast living or ruthless destructiveness. (Or  both–jc.)

Example: in this degree is the Third Reich’s Mars as ruler of the Sun (Sun’s degree) and therefore lord of the MC, viz., indicative of the government and the army.”

Also note that a solar eclipse in Mr. Trump’s Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) Saros Series (2 Old North) perfects on July 12, 2018 with themes of ‘unfortunate news’ and ‘endings and separations’ yet ‘fast action can bring good results’ (Brady).

edit 13 July 2018: who exactly are the results good for? jc

‘4 Virgo’ quote from Carelli’s 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (1950).

Progressed charts of the R and D Parties for 10.31.09

This is only a brief heads-up alert concerning a freshly written post on the Horoscopes of the Ds’ and Rs’ Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon in Washington DC – just to see how they’re progressing in an evolutionary sense.

A dual-wheel of the two progressed charts is displayed with my text which took hours to type for you so that I am now out of blogging time altogether for today!

So please check it out, if you wish, for both parties have their Secondary Progressed Suns in fiery Sagittarius, sign of The Archer, but their Secondary Moons oppose one another – one Moon fiery, one airy.

As a Fire sign, Sag gives them power to transform (whether we like it or not) yet it is unstable, unpredictable Mutable energy. Fire sign folks need to be in control and in the center of their lives – perfect for politicians.

The Harveys, in their excellent book ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, give the Fire-Fire Sun/Moon blend as having keenly felt beliefs and visions of what could be, and of what truth is to them. In fact, the double-Fire types can become so in tune with their inner realities that they become completely insensitive to others.

Brashness and arrogance may abound – but I’ll let you figure out which party you think it describes! Its shadow side is pessimism, despair, and angry rebellion against the confines of the mortal condition, and much self-dramatization occurs.

The other party has a Fire-Air blend which describes a ‘live wire’ personality full of exciting ideas which are expressed with great zeal, yet bombast and bluster are cautions. Long-windedness is prevalent as one gets carried away with one’s own rhetoric.

This combo is the visonary Utopian idealist who may be too impractical to get much done in the real world…yet again, I’ll let you decide which party is being described!

Republican vultures need “fresh blood” says Cornyn

Yes, he did. But I added the ‘vulture’ reference. Sorry.

Republican spokesman John Cornyn says the Republican Party needs new faces and fresh blood – and he makes them sound pretty desperate for a power snack:


You know, in progressions we saw that the Republican Party’s natal chart reached its Secondary Progressed Full Moon (12Gem08 conj US natal Desc in the ‘Sibly’ chart of 5:10 pm LMT) on Feb 18, 2005; Sec Sun 12Sag08 conj US natal ASC…indicating the ‘waning of light’ for the organization, and, through its close conj with America’s ASC (the nation), a waning of the nation herself under Republican rule.

Further emphasis was provided by Dec 24, 2008 which saw America’s own Progressed Full Moon 4Vir10 (Sec Sun 4Pis10 – see Pages in sidebar for chart) as the Bush-Cheney-GOP axis of destruction of America neared completion of its neo-conic work and the Big Heist was implemented bwo the Bush-Paulson ‘Bailout Bill’.

Any type of Full Moon – whether by transit, lunations (such as Feb 9, 2009’s Lunar Eclipse  21Leo, hours before Pres. Obama speaks Monday evening), or in progressions such as we discuss here, represents the culmination of a cycle begun at the last New Moon when the ‘clock’ began ticking on that cycle of activity.

Perhaps the Sun Sag-Moon Gem combo of the R-Party’s Sec Full Moon may be of interest before their progressions enter the Disseminating stage on Mar 19, 2009, a stage of putting out the ideas (they seem to have responded early because of the presidency being in Democratic hands):

Sun Sag-Moon Gem: ‘Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school  to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master.’ (“Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Now in my memory I can’t think of a single time that the GOP has ‘robbed from the rich to give to the poor’ – in fact, this seems to be their main objection to Obama’s stimulus/recovery plan…it channels a bunch of money to help the average Joes and Jills of this laid-off nation.

But the Rs do excel at robbing from the poor to give (more) to the rich, imo, with their own bank accounts very much included.

Must be Astrology’s AC-DC character – energy flows happily in both directions. And as with most things, it’s Motive that makes all the difference in how chart factors are utilized – for ill or good.

Well, for several years the American people have depended on the Republican Party to do right by them, and we know where that led. That they can be allowed to obstruct aid when the American worker has come to a point of desperation is not something the Democrats better roll over and ignore. (And if they do, they’re complicit!)

So if Pres. Obama’s speech Monday evening (or whenever it’s given) can’t go over the heads of these reverse-Robin Hoods and talk directly to the American people, then Barack Obama isn’t the orator he’s said to be, and our nation’s future is washed down the drain of small thinking and political upsmanship on behalf of a party devoid of all empathy for the common man, and whose light deserves to fade.

It’s America’s waning light I fret over!

US Progressed Hard Rectangle info added

Just a brief heads-up that I got around to updating the Page, ‘US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo 12.24.08’  (see sidebar column.)

Hard Rectangle info is now added along with my thoughts about its possible expressions relating to the Progr’d Sun-Moon, and Venus-Mars oppositions.

If you have anything to add concerning the US Secondary Full Moon, please feel free to do so. I await your insights!

Chalmers Johnson on the Military Industrial Complex

When I can read it without feeling as if my brain will explode, I pick up my copy of Chalmers Johnson’s ‘The Sorrows of Empire’ and delve into US imperialism.

A glance at the book’s cover reveals a line from a Los Angeles Times review which states that the book is, “Impressive…A powerful indictment of US military and foreign policy” and the subtitle is: ‘Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic.’

You may know Mr. Johnson as the author of another best-seller, ‘Blowback’ – another way of saying that nations, too, reap what they sow.

Open ‘The Sorrows of Empire’ and you find a Prologue which begins with the words of George W. Bush, “Our nation is the greatest force for good in history.” (August 31, 2002)

Chalmers states from the start that most Americans are ignorant of the fact, due to govenmental secrecy, that the US “garrisons the globe” and he goes on from there with an amazingly well-researched argument meant to wake us up to what’s going on – the soldiers, spies, technicians, teachers, dependents, and civilian contractors that make up our imperial empire. (Is that redundant? Aren’t all empires imperial?)

Therefore I read with interest the following article by Mr. Johnson who has been banging the wake-up gong for years now on behalf of our changing nation and you may wish to read it, too:


The Military-Industrial Complex

It’s Much Later Than You Think

By Chalmers Johnson

Successive administrations and Congresses have made no effort to alter the CIA’s
role as the president’s private army, even as we have increased its incompetence
by turning over many of its functions to the private sector. We have thereby heightened
the risks of war by accident, or by presidential whim.


Ah, yes – imperialism – one of those Pluto/Chiron -isms I keep harping on (like, terroism)…especially in, but not limited to, this post on Cheney’s Secondary Progressed chart (physical plane) set for Sept 11, 2001 – with his Sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint precisely at the Aspiration Point of his chart.

Even in black and white, it’s difficult to believe until you see it with your own peepers:


And be sure to read the midpoint pictures I wrote out for you in the chart’s center.

Senate Speeches: Byrd vs McCain March 19, 2003

Perhaps you remember that the venerable Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa) arose the afternoon of March 19, 2003 – hours before Bush-Cheney began to rain preemptive bombs upon Baghdad – and gave a stirring speech on the senate floor which condemned US military action against Iraq.

You may recall Byrd’s speech by one of the rhetorical questions he asked as he (and I along with him, perhaps you, too) wept for America:

One of his questions: “Why can this President not seem to see that America’s true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?”

Now we notice that Byrd used, ‘not seem to see,’ a phrase which hints at his awareness of Bush’s willful disregard of anyone’s better advice – dubya was gunning for Saddam who had tried to get his father (the noive) and besides: a higher neocon/globalist plan admitted no other course of action.

Byrd was being….generous, imho. Bush did ‘see’ but he didn’t care; in fact he was counting on our courageous soldiers to be just that idealistic about liberating oppressed Iraqis whether the liberated lived through it or not. Naturally Bush must catapult our tendency toward idealism to a national fervor, for its been proven that the American people need their idealism fanned in order to march to war.

Well, it kinda worked with a bunch of tweaking and intell “sexing up” as the Brits say, while America’s might was commandeered for privatized use. I’m being generous.

Then what do you think happened on the senate floor when Senator Byrd sat down that ill-fated day?

A man rose up to defend the war plans of George W. Bush & Co. In fact, you could say he beat the war drums a few licks himself while labeling himself a Wilsonian and admitting his harbored feeling of admiration for his “hero and role model, Theodore Roosevelt.”

And that man, that Senator and water-carrier for the Bush-Cheney regime that day in 2003 was 2008 presidential candidate, John McCain, who knows a little something about war and its personal costs. Never mind that one thing he knows for sure is that, at his age, he’ll never have to serve ‘over there’ again.

His hero and role model, eh? Wonder if McCain has ever taken notice of the Teddy Roosevelt quote from my last article (just below)…the one about America’s secret, invisible government as explained by Teddy Roosevelt?

These last few years it’s become impossible for me to think of the holder of the Office of the Presidency as anything more than the tip of a submerged iceberg, a mouthpiece for announcing all manner of propaganda and decrees from on high. Mark it up and pass it on. Maybe it was always that way, but the job has been degraded in recent decades – also part of the plan of dissolving our nation.

Whichever candidate, if any, is sworn in on Jan 20, 2009 (with a meaningless pledge of Constitution-upholding) the transits to the US natal chart/s, its Progressions, etc, will still occur and her idealism will be twisted into a semblance of nationalism as needed. We will be told that the higher good demands our action even when we’ve given all we have to give and disagree with the fuzzy justifications for it all.

Mars retrograde by Progression in the US chart indicates a turning inward militarily and in other ways rather than an outreach, and the Full Moon by Progression in December is the culmination of efforts as well – we’ve reached the outer limits of our power and must retract.

And yes, our secret government may be seen in a fuller light bwo astrological terms by the upcoming Progressed Full Moon in December 2008, and later on we’ll experience the Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (ideals, visions, dreams, hopes) which is the “grim face of reality” transit. Because Saturn’s cycle is approximately 28 – 30 years in length, issues from 1979 – 1983 or so will be on the national menu along with Filet of Sole Soup (served cold and byoc…bring your own croutons.)

Old Man Saturn says, ‘deal with reality and truth – now” and we have little option to do otherwise.

History repeats (‘Saturn Rx’) as shown in astrological cycles but there are always additional factors to change the current brew which sometimes is an improvement. (That’s good because I suspect that Filet of Sole Soup isn’t very tasty, don’t you?)

Plus, we know that ‘Corporatism meets Capitalism’ is another manifestation of Saturn-Neptune although I do use the antithetical pair, like many other astrologers before me, to represent Communism itself when applicable.

And: state + corporations = fascism, as you know…a similar thing but adding the political dimension.

The pirating of America is almost complete but with much restructuring still to do (Pluto in Capricorn.)

So if you plan to vote for John McCain in November (the 2008 elections are still on, right?) please read both texts given in full by following the link I’m about to give you. The speeches are provided in full text and are fairly brief so it won’t take you more than two shakes of a lamb’s tail to peruse – and it’s an interesting limp down Memory Lane, if nothing else.

Certainly it’s good for McCain voters to remember March 19, 2003 and the senator’s arguments (must retrieve large amounts of WMD in Iraq! Now where’d I put those talking points?) against the more measured, thoughtful approach of one of our longest-serving Senators who may have lived his younger days with certain prejudices, but now seems to see that self-evolution and noble acting require serious self-contemplation before rushing off to an ill-advised war on a fool’s errand of a wild goose chase that a bully-pulpiter can’t be clear or honest about because if he were – no one would follow.

Full texts of both speeches: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19577.htm

Ron Paul vs Bob Barr on Fannie-Freddie question

Austin Cassidy’s Independent Political Report has this:


That Ron Paul believes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be allowed to fail seems a predictable stance from this former candidate but I want to find out more of what Dr. Paul thinks would result from the crash and how it would affect all the mortgages and families involved.

Perhaps the newly created homeless from such a failure can move in with the Paul family…?

My innate mistrust of the Fed says that their “help” with Fannie/Freddie is more a power play for their own purposes especially considering that they and other financial ‘experts’ had to have known that the subprime meltdown with its homelessness would result from squirrelly lending practices which Wall Street pretended were such a good (short-term) idea.

That these financial mavens have played fast and loose with the common man’s home, livelihood, and credit rating these last BUSH and CLINTON years amounts to fraud, imho. But I was raised by a father born in 1908, a man who never cheated another person out of a penny in his entire life. No fancy degrees for him from Harvard or Yale, just honesty and integrity.

My dad could’ve taught these whippersnappers a thing or two about how to treat their fellow men but somehow these varmints (and their political enablers) insist that they’re morally above the common man. Yet many of us know just how wrong they are as they wallow in their hubris – hubris which invites and assures the divine retribution of nemesis to one’s doorstep.

Listen and you can hear a future George Bush with boots kicked back on the porch of the Bush Family compound in Paraguay as he chortles over his ill-gotten gains and all the wool he pulled over the eyes of the common man.

The upcoming US Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December indicates going as far as we can go and pull back must be the result. The Republican Party had the same progressed lunation pre-November elections 2006 and we hear in the news about the GOP’s need to rebuild and improve their image if they hope to shine brightly again.

That the R Party is waning is no loss in my political book, but the waning of America – and with the US Mars now Rx by progression for the next 80 years (which supports the ‘gone as far’ factor and a stressed out, over-used military) – is  a different situation altogether.

No, Third World status isn’t the worst thing in life if materialism can take a more honest position within the national psyche…down there with the power elite’s true condition before their Maker – no better than anyone else and culpable for much larger crimes than the common man could ever imagine, let alone willingly perpetrate.

Okay, I’ll hush my populisms for now. It IS Frisky Friday after all!

~see my Page-in-progress on the US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo:


May 30’s US Progressed Moon to Ascendant: change of identity

It’s almost here–the progression of America’s Secondary (Sec) Moon 27Leo11 to Sec ASC occurring on May 30, 2008 (based on the July 4, 1776 natal chart, 5:10 pm LMT.) See article here:


This angular event is occurring during the Gibbous Lunar phase in preparation for our Sec Progressed Full Moon on December 24 (see Pages in sidebar, Progressed chart included) across the Virgo/Pisces axis.

The Gibbous phase is a period of asking, Why? and of working toward clarification of personal and socio-cultural issues; illumination is required because a goal is in view. This phase has been a good time for presidential campaign interests and questions. And most people may see this goal as evicting Bush from the White House, his lunar ‘home’ for lo these long long years.

Natally the Gibbous phase is shared by: FDR,  J.P. Morgan, Lord Byron, George Gershwin, Louis Pasteur, Nakita Khrushchev, Sir Isaac Newton, and Napoleon I. Don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself particularly mentioning (and hearing of) FDR and J.P. Morgan quite a bit in recent years.

While this Sun Pisces/Moon Leo blend is in effect, let’s take a peek at the details for this Water-Fire combination so soon to become Water-Earth on Christmas Eve Day ’08:

Sun Pisces-Moon Leo is emotional, moody, yet sociable, with communicative abilities, compassion, and idealism galore. Instability and depression may be prominent as well with Sun in Water and Moon in Fire.

Pisces-Leo is the star-servant combination possessing the kind heart of a humanitarian with the flair of a thespian especially when feeling neglected or invisible.

But the progression of Sec Moon into 1st house of Self will bring the American people more into view–and one assumes into the view of a new president. This promised identity change in our Progressed chart is, I believe, part of having a new White House occupant since the president represents the people to the rest of the world.

There is, however, a tendency toward self-dramatization which Leo always provides, and fear of competition is common with the sign of self-doubting Pisces…but this phase is ending soon.

There is one ‘Image for Integration’ for this blend:

“Cinderella sits by the fire mending her ballgown and daydreaming about her romantic evening of dance, glamour, and high drama.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Shades of TV’s Dancing with the Stars?!! So You Think You Can Dance? ;p

Well, the time for daydreaming is ending as Sec Moon leaves the secretive behind-the-scenes 12th house, crosses the Ascendant, and nears the more serious sign of Virgo.

You may read more about this important change in the American people’s personality and persona in the world while viewing May 30’s Sec Progressed chart for yourself by clicking the above link to visit Stars Over Washington, if you so please.

And there’s a Royal Star of Persia rising in the Progressed chart, too, and another Fixed Star, Capulus, at Midheaven, the Aspirations/Career/Public Status point.

Capulus tends to add lots of turbulence to things, and a focused, direct, and ruthless energy. ‘Capitol’ Hill is awash with its energy, I’d say, and hasty actions have far-reaching effects when Capulus is involved.

Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars’ gives Capulus’ keywords as: “male kundalini energy” and a leaning toward an “if it can be touched, weighed, or seen, then it has existence” mentality. This can bring savagery in dismissing the intuitive side of life (as we’ve observed ad nauseum from the Bush administration.)

But since man was created with the functions and benefits of a left AND a right brain, it seems to me that politicians of this persuasion look totally silly and completely unintelligent with only half a brain.

America’s Progressed Full Moon Dec 24, 2008

In Secondary Progressions, America has a Full Moon coming this December, a time of culmination and fulfillment. Having a value of 2, a Full Moon relates to relationships and other 2-ish things, but in a Progressed Chart, it is longer-lasting than a mere transiting Full Moon.

This Progressed Chart is based on America’s July 4, 1776 birthdate.

See sidebar for the Page: ‘US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo’ with chart and a few introductory details. I will be adding to the Page as time permits, and your comments are, of course, cordially welcome.

seeing 9/11 as a false flag op

An official at the UN is calling for investigation of neocon culpability in the attacks of 9/11/01.

Cheney’s Secondary Progressed chart set for the morning of 9/11/01 is very interesting in that plutocratic kind of way: 

Chart only: http://bp1.blogger.com/_EKvJz30yDzM/R12cL2MHc6I/AAAAAAAAAuQ/w3kqG3qQYkE/s1600-h/Cheney+Sec+Progr%27d+9.11.01.jpg

Chart with details: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2006/04/cheney-and-911.html

You’ll see around the outside of Cheney’s Sec chart that I’ve made note of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (May 28, 2000) –the two societal planets–and the fact that their Conj (22Tau+) triggered Cheney’s natal Uranus, planet of genius (including the evil kind), revolution, and disruption…in a word, chaos.

This makes an interesting picture which elucidates Cheney’s opportunities as the presidential question wafted through the political air in 2000 and ‘the fix’ was well in…

Jupiter/Saturn = Uranus: sudden change in circumstance; making great efforts; a change of residence and/or occupation; terribly upset with the status of things; forceful change of direction which can upset many dimensions of life; damage to a building, a stoppage of motors, mechanical breakdowns. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

‘Terribly upset with the status of things’ rings a large bell, right? I’m thinking of Cheney’s insistence that presidential powers had become too hemmed in after and because of Nixon’s criminality.

Apparently, criminality must be given free rein if it is to flourish. He seems to think that Constitutions and Bills of Rights only get in the way.

Synchronicity at Work?

Q: What do we see at the top of the *Inauguration 2009 chart set for noon, Capitol Building, Jan 20, 2009?

A: The transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint–an echo of the manipulative and cruel attacks of 9/11. And that’s Along With US natal Pluto.

Can more false flag ops be far behind?

If that’s what it takes with this crowd…and they’ve shown that they play for keeps.


*you’ll be finding the horoscope for ‘Inauguration 2009’ in the sidebar on my Pages list as soon as my isp can quit disconnecting me here on Turtle Lane.


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