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Return from Raleigh NC: Spring Time 2009!

As we drove back today from Raleigh NC to the Athens GA area, it was obvious that NC was third in line, SC was second, and my home state of Georgia was first in the Spring Bustin’ Out All Over department.

Rolling green meadows and pastures – a very cool one with cows and horses fraternizing contentedly – lined both sides of the highway once the Georgia border was reached as if someone had flipped on the greenery switch.

The ‘wide place in the road’ named Ila, GA was particularly spring-like with pink-blooming plum trees, yellowbell bushes a bit past their prime but still beautiful with their willowesquely drooping branches, and Bradford pear trees whose white blossoms were in process of giving themselves over to pale green leaves.

March 20 officially marks Spring Equinox for 2009 so get out your puddle jumpers and ‘brellas because in southeastern US – and soon the whole of creation where applicable –  it’s time to flower.

And since each one of us is the’ flowering of his/her generations’, how would you like a Tulipa ‘Maytime’ portrait for starters?


Flower On!


Chiffonery Art collaged with Mystical Art


Rather an oddish piece. A bit of a ‘Boudoir Blossom’ lady, a dancer type, but different.

It’s a copy of a drawing from the Summer Olympics 1996, Atlanta, GA., ‘Moonbeam Lake’ photographed small and collaged into a newer figure study for my 17+er art gallery at:


Two drawings were accepted in a city exhibition, one of which was ‘Moonbeam Lake’ which was originally from a children’s book dummy I was putting together at the time, ‘Silvery Tree Path.’

So-named ‘shroom-homes figured into the tale as elfish abodes with fairies playing about unseen…hence my primary imprint 1995 to the present and beyond: Unscene World.

The lighted look in the drawing-as-painting that’s ‘hanging’ on the screen is achieved by embossing with an aluminum pencil – Prismacolor’s ‘Silver.’

And here’s a link to a partial view of the Great Lichen Forest where the Roscoe Woodhouse story ‘Silvery Tree Path’ plays out…



Update Saturday 2:53 pm est: a fresh image is uploaded of a new drawing, ‘ShroomHome on Silvery Tree Path’ which continues the elfin theme…


The drawing isn’t quite complete, but perhaps you may enjoy it all the same!

Plus, another note: the Adult Content Warning has been temporarily lifted for a day or so in order for crawling to take place…seems the Art Blog is about to be kicked off URLTrends due to inaccessibility.

Cosmic Persona Designs’  Content Warning for the 17+ers among us will be replaced very soon. The blog, is, however, only my Artwork – figure studies, designs really – no artsy photos on the premises, and none sought.

It’s Art for Art’s Sake with this apt hint:  CPD displays only a little Chiffonery Art…frothy and fun.

Chiffonery Art and a Panacea on a Rainy Day

Don’t know about you but last night’s ‘townhall’ meeting between Barack Obama and John McCain wumped me out with Politics so I’ve turned to Art on this rainy day in Georgia to clear my head.

Now Panacea’s Pink Fringe is finally as pink as it can be:


Or, if you’re a fond of rainy days and don’t mind a fairy or two,  you may wish to visit Rainy Tree: Two Fairies:


Frisky Friday Art: Tamara’s Tulle Tutu

Tamara's Tulle Tutu

Tamara's Tulle Tutu

Hurrah!! Political conventions are over! Slogans are touted, balloons are popped, and exhaustion sets in so now I say it’s time for a little Frisky Friday Art, Y’all!

Tamara’s here from:


Visit my Lulu Storefront:


And for cosmic, moon, and children’s art:


Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember: even if you have no interest in Politics, Politics is very interested in you…


Art Update Sept 6: my latest Chiffonery Art drawing is now up – ‘Candy’s Cold Shoulder’:


~:~ if this link to Blogger gives you a  ‘blog not found’ message, this is ridulous and I assure you that Candy is in the gallery…please click the Cosmic Persona Designs link above and you’ll meet her after you push past Blogger’s ‘do you want to continue?’ alert….for if you like Chiffonery Art, Candy may be worth your effort!

Wandering Educators and September’s Artist of the Month

Well, that would be yours truly!

Happily I am honored to be chosen as Wandering Educator’s September Artist of the Month.

You may check out the interview where I discuss my artistic influences, background, and creative process here:


Perhaps you don’t think I HAVE a creative process, but I beg to differ! You’ll find that a varied sampling of drawings is featured within the interview so mosey over to Wandering Educators when you get a mo, okay?

Thirsty Thursday Art: troubles can swim too

Troubles Can Swim Too by jude cowell

Troubles Can Swim Too by jude cowell

Here’s a drawing for Thursday containing a societal caution for the souse-inclined…

If you’re 17+ you may view more at:


once you click or tap through Blogger’s adult content warning.

Thanks for viewing!

World – US financial news: Global News Watch


Predator at Dusk by jude cowell

Predator at Dusk by jude cowell


From Bernanke to Fannie to the IMF in between, don’t miss this valuable resource, compliments of The August Review and editor Patrick Wood:


Patrick also offers comprehensive articles on the ‘amero,’ a possibility which seems finally to have bubbled up into consciousness for a larger number of people than before as the amero’s supposed implementation date approaches.

Now I’m not positive, but this may qualify as a ‘sighting’ for with ‘amero’ awareness and its planning because there’s a chance we may have spotted that pesky Eagle soaring again, and higher than ever before -most drattedly, imo.

Because it’s when The Flag Turns INTO an Eagle That Crows (which is normally done by a Rooster, as you know, so we may prefer to remember that roosters can’t change their true natures anymore than the proverbial leopard can morph into a striped tiger) – that’s when giving oneself over to an entity is just as bad an idea for a western military man as it is for anyone not in complete control of his/her mind who is sent out to harm as many people as possible…and don’t return without having done so.

May as well call it, mind control – by an entity, cause, or mission being directed by a life-destroying, future-annilating spirit. Robespierre cultured it, Hitler reveled in it, as did many more psychopaths you’d care, or not care, to name. Well, I agree with you – let’s not.

Guess I may as well insert a drawing of a tiger, Predator at Dusk, which is a re-design of a 1983 drawing. The original, rendered on white paper, was rediscovered a couple of years ago in an old sketchbook and I then ‘translated’ a similar version onto black paper as you see, using the same sort of colored pencils – Prismacolor oils and Rexel Derwent watercolours dry only.

You may have seen this image before somewhere but here is the result of my efforts plopped upon this blog for anyone determined to reach the end of this rambler in case loose tangents may tie up at last.

So that, dear reader, is what the devouring spirit is – a heathen and primal spirit that roams our fallen world and searches for any prey he can snag. And since he’s already lost the eternal competition, his desire is to take as many down with him as he goes.

Sad to say, I can think of little better real-world example of this spirit’s cynical and cruel use of humankind than suicide bombers.

Can you?

In ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology,’ Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’ version, he gives “A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows…for ’12 Sagittarius’, which is the natal Ascendant (rising sign and degree) of America if you don’t mind using the so-called ‘Sibly’ chart, as…ADJUSTMENT…

positive: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims.” ~

The opposite word picture for this degree, (using US Sibly Descendant of Partnerships; Open Enemies; the ‘That’s Not Me’ 7th house  – and as you know, the US always seems to need one or two enemies around or on-call 24/7)  – ’12 Gemini’ gives more unconscious symbols when read as the *Illumination Point where much ‘shadow’ information may be found.

’12Gem’…’A Topsy Saucily Asserting **Herself’…GROWTH…

pos: a high gift for taking personal advantage of every new situation in experience;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a joy in pure dissatisfaction.’

~:~  ** in the Symbols, ‘herself’ refers to the feminine side of human nature, ‘him-‘ to the masculine…we all have both within, and one day our world’s duality will be moot and like a fish with an apple – of no use whatsoever.

You will, no doubt, ferret out meaning from this Illumination Point with its Topsy, perhaps as it relates to the AC-DC quality of considering a point in a mandala we call in modern times an Astrology chart or horoscope, while giving weight to this degree’s Desc position in America’s natal chart, or as an Unconscious Ascendant for the old girl herself.

*In fact, if you’ve never studied your own ‘shadow chart’ by reading a ‘flipped’ version, you’re missing out on some really cool, unconscious scoops concerning your psyche.

As Scripture and many other sacred writings counsel us: Know Thyself.

And I believe that a positive use of Astrology, which is a language in which to put Harmonics and other universal concepts for an energy step-down…much like an electrical transformer on a county road – Astrology is perhaps the best path toward a fuller understanding of that elusive and mysterious jungle cat – slinky you who are now reading these words.

Please all you cats’n’kitties – do stay safe tonight.

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