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When the Moon is out of bounds

Since we’re now in a ten-year cycle of the Moon being out of bounds of the earthly plane (off and on), a few notes have been added on the subject as a Page in the sidebar column as ‘Moon out of bounds and 9/11’ – you’ll see why 9/11/01 is included if you check it out.

And since Pages don’t allow Comments: if you have additional info to offer about the condition of an out of bounds Moon, please leave a comment with this post.

Your views are much appreciated, thanks!

Written by Jude Cowell

June 11, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Moon back in bounds as Obama enters Denver 8.27.08

This morning, Aug 27, 2008, at appr 10:46 am MDT, the Moon returns within bounds of the earthly plane, aka ‘back in bounds’ while zodiacally placed at 24Can03 (9th house in Denver) – and Barack Obama arrives at the DNC.

Curious degree, if you don’t mind rounding up to ’25Can’ – the natal US Mercury’s degree (Rx.) And Mercury represents orators, communicators, and young people – esp those who deliver The Good News.

America could use a slice o’that. But delivered on whose behalf?

Carelli gives the symbol for ’25Can’ as “A wild horse” suggesting a questing, Sagittarian influence, full of noble purpose. Reminds me of Joe Biden’s promise that Obama – and he – will ‘transform the world.’

It needs reforming, but on whose behalf?

In the Sabian Symbols Dane Rudhyar gives ’25Can’ as: “A Will-full Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power’…re-miiind you of anyone? (as TV”s Craig Ferguson often queries.)


And Bill Clinton, who speaks tonight, is reported to not ‘like’ Barack Obama whom he feels has failed to acknowledged his own contributions to the Dem Party. Egos clash for party control of course, yet this script may be as much party lore than anything and I can think of a few reasons how it could be useful to them pre-White House…if it’s dropped or disavowed with more fervor post-White House, we’ll see propaganda underpinings in it.

Some may see the invisible mantle of power as belonging to one standing behind Obama! Biden? Bill C? An unknown supporter whose name remains a mystery? Or an organization.

Back to ’25Can’…Rudhyar adds, and I quote:

“We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the ‘mantle of power,’ the grace (‘baraka’ in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture.”

You didn’t miss the ‘BARAKA’ mention did you? Re-miiind you of anyone? The Sufi reference I’ll stay quiet about! Besides, I like Sufi music, you know. And the reference to ‘Providential assistance’ re-miiinds me of the fellows of 1776.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’ version of the Symbols gives ’25Can’ as: “A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder.”

Right shoulder = political right? dark shadow = Barack Obama and perhaps support from secret powers? The mantle of power = US presidency obviously which may be tip of a worldwide iceberg.

A ‘black man in the White House’ seems at this juncture to be on America’s menu unless Karl Rove high-jinks should prevail and vanquish.

(But that’s assuming the Rs want the helm ‘at this juncture’ with all the mess they’ve made – why not let Dems have a go and flail around a while so the GOP can emerge as victorious ‘saviors’ in 2012 thus preventing a Hillary Clinton presidency? With Mitt Romney now joined the ‘shadow’ operation of the McCain campaign, one wonders what’s in the works. The August 1 Solar Eclipse shadow effects are now underway where options open and the cosmos shows a solution which must be quickly acted upon.) 

And Jones’ keyword for this Moon-in-bounds/Obama-to-Denver degree?


Biden’s MBNA ties and US banking legislation

Did Joe Biden’s ties to credit card company MBNA affect his role in banking legislation that draconically re-wrote bankruptcy law AGAINST consumers? Yes.

MBNA has since been bought by Bank of America but was spawned in Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Will it affect his ability to help Obama become president? Depends on how many other culprits come under fire for similar corruption. Biden’s staffers are defending him with ‘compromises must be made’ which could justify most anything you like.

Credit cards are Delaware!

And Biden sold his house to an MNBA executive and has received about $240, 000 in contributions through the years, as NPR is now reporting. Well, is Biden really an outsider to Washington’s ways? Apparently not esp when it comes to big money – and natally he does have a happy Jupiter in busine$$-oriented Cancer.

And since the objective during political campaigning is to wound your opponent/s without getting caught, tit-for-tat revelations should surely be in preparation to stem the damage.

We’ll see how this ‘gotcha’ plays out for Obama-Biden…esp if this week’s out-of-bounds Moon signifies plans you have no intention of fulfilling anyway…such as resting the helm from neocon hawks and Zionists of the GOP. It’s not as if Dem strategists hadn’t known Biden’s financial ties and their implications Before he was chosen as VP running mate -are they trying to lose like Kerry? 

Oh for an honest man? They’re all pocket-liners in Washington…US natal Jupiter = “6Cancer”: “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests.” Clear to me, how about you?

I still believe all candidates should disclose to the hoodwinked American people just how much moola they’ve gained from the ‘war on terror’ and the war in Iraq (ha! right?) Iraqi children are suffering so horribly and it makes me Very Angry when children suffer.

With an ‘out of bounds of the earthly plane’ Moon affecting events, plans, moods, and other Moon-related factors this week – and with security concerns included in the scenario – safety needs are again indicated (see two previous posts below.)

But plans made under this Moon won’t tend to pan out, so the saving grace for this Dem Convention’s OOBs Moon is that their plans were, of course, made Prior to this week; still a Moon OOBs gives a scattered, vague, and/or warm-and-fuzzy feeling to the proceedings.

Pass the mac’n’cheese, no pork please!

So the lack of realism and wasted effort occurring under an OOBs Moon may show through misjudgments of some kind with mistakes being made. Good! Perhaps my expressed fears about safety and sabotage this week are what will come to nothing.

Moon Signs of the Dem Convention 2008

As we look at the *out-of-bounds Moon’s progress through the zodiac during this week’s Democratic National Convention we find that Luna’s emotional tone through the signs she traverses (Aug 25 to Aug 28) is displayed by way of the sign she ‘wears’ at any given moment.

Publicity, popularity, public relations, the public, the people, intuition, emotions and feelings are all Luna’s natural provinces, and her timing ability is well-known and oft-used in Astrology.

Here I’m using Denver, CO, ‘Aug 25 sunrise until Aug 28 midnight’ to get a full range of the Moon’s activities and influence. (And please pardon typos as this posting will be cut short at any moment by Fay’s stormy auspices.)

The Dem Conv begins with Moon in Gemini 22Gem56, with Gemini the sign of Obama’s natal Moon (3Gem+) yet tonight’s keynote speaker, Michelle Obama has no placements in Gemini, but has Uranus 9Vir36 Rx and Pluto 13Vir58 Rx which describes her speaking on behalf of her husband (tr Sun 2Vir – 7Vir for the week) rather than for herself…’Moon reflects Sun.’)

Looking at the **Democratic Party’s natal chart, there are several midpoints which will be triggered by Luna this week and I shall split them into two entries.

(As you know, midpoints bring planetary energies into action as a team and are the averaged position of the two bodies or points.)

Dem Party midpoints range from Venus/Uranus 22Gem54 to Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 with a certain natal planet 15Leo04.

I will note when a sign change occurs since Luna’s instincts, moods, and feelings will show a marked change as she changes signs: Gem = communications; the Good News; oration~~Cancer = nurturing; emotional needs, intuitions, and security issues~~Leo = the hero’s journey, the need to lead, the natural or divine leader (Bush 43 falls into this category, not just Obama), and needs for applause, approval, and recognition.

Dem Party midpoints (since all are being triggered by the Moon, I shall omit ‘ = Moon’ to save my typing finger); as usual with midpoint pictures, it’s ‘all/any/none’ in play:

Venus/Uranus: new ideas for a new future; hysteria; sudden excitement in fulfilment of one’s needs.

Saturn/ASC: difficulty being accepted; disagreements; an oppressive environment; separation from a female (this may refer to Hillary’s delegate release and their strong feelings about it.)

Venus/ASC 00Can18 (Hillary’s natal ASC degree in the 8:02 pm chart I use for her Cancerian round face – also 00Can00 is a World Point of manifestation and was involved with 9/11 bwo of the June 2002 Solar Eclipse on that degree): an expression of affection; an engaging nature; motherliness; a show of emotions.

Sun/Uranus: the intense woman; demand for need fullfilment; emotionally excitability; nervous, agitated women;  impulsiveness or rashness.

Uranus/MC: a quick temper; sudden mood changes; easy upset; extraordinary state of excitement; prominent shift of direction for emotional fullfilment; a new bid for life advancement.

Mercury/Uranus: valid instincts about the situation; a correct grasp of a subject; logical thinking; practicality.

Mars/Saturn (one of the most difficult combos in any chart and since it links with health problems it may relate to Ted Kennedy but also to disgruntled Hillary supporters – and possibly to HC herself): illness; feelings about losing something; moodiness; depression.

Venus/Mars: maternal feelings.

Sun/ASC: feelings/needs become important esp with or through females; fruitful activity with others.

ASC/MC (‘Identity Awareness’): showing to others  just how one feels; life attitudes are governed by feelings; attitudes toward the female sex; associations with females.

Mercury/ASC; projection of emotions; a search for inner contact with others.

Saturn/NN (‘seeking contact with experienced people; lack of adaptibility ; inhibited associations’ – Ebertin):  a person standing alone in life; an orphan, widow, or widower (Biden has remarried but was a widower); showing precocious maturity; qualifying for responsibility; appealing to senior persons ( BHO’s VP choice of Biden is as much to garner the senior vote as for his foreign policy expertise – two political birds with one stone…stone = Saturn.)

Now the Moon reaches Dem Party’s natal Chiron 15Can06 and has moved 2 degrees beyond US natal Sun. Moon/Chiron contacts are the perceptual shield being completely open and spirituality may enter in either positively or negatively.

Read the rest of these midpoint/Moon pics here:



NPR reporting at 1:01 pm Aug 26: poll shows ‘only 43% of Hillary’s primary backers say now they’ll vote for Obama!’

And I report that this is part of a GOP ploy dubbed “OPERATION CHAOS” by Rush Limbaugh – Rs were roused to vote for Hillary in the primaries in hopes of causing trouble at the Dem Convention!!! The Dem’s UNITY theme is in danger, Will Robinson – and Rush’s hoofprints are all over it, in tandem with genuine Hillary supporters who are disgruntled by BHO’s eclipsing her. ~

* out-of-bounds of the earthly plane for the public’s Moon/public relations/publicity/needs beyond normal expectations indicates the out-of-this-world quality to Obama’s fawning press coverage (by those who participate so for whatever reasons), his high popularity,  and to the public’s excessive attraction to and hopes for Barack Obama as America’s next leader as we project dreamy notions upon one man. This is made easier by his natal Mars conjunct US natal Neptune…’rockstar status.’

** Democratic Party: May 13, 1792; 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Sun 23Tau31, Moon 28AQ30; Pluto 23AQ31 with tr Neptune 2008 conjunct…Neptune to n Pluto encourages the rise to power of those who bring a religious message and/or who favor use of spiritualism or psychic power; use of history analysis is a positive benefit of this transit.

However, treachery is in the wings, and use of poison or bio-weapons cannot be ruled out, along with religion-based attacks – by and against Dems.)

In spite of the religious right’s **attack on his faith -ex: his ‘Messiah complex’ – Obama IS using his religious faith in this campaign as a way to connect with church folk of any political stripe. It may work- he seems to be doing well with Catholics, another reason his VP choice was Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic.

The right’s ad: ‘he may be The One, but is he ready to lead?’ Is BHO the anti-Christ as they imply? Sheesh! I thought perhaps Bush41 and 43 had already fit that bill! The ‘Left Behind’ series is riddled with squirrelly Scriptural inaccuracies, but don’t get me started on that…

Cont’d just below…

Not One but TWO Orators have we

Yes, I know!
Senator Joe Biden has experience in foreign policy and a certain studied gravitas but he’s one of the many politicians you can say has been in Washington all these years and look where he enabled our nation to plunk.
Do you get the feeling that if Biden had made a better showing in the Dem primaries the VP shoe might now be on the other tootsie?
Biden was born into the 17 New North Solar Eclipse Series (1942) which brings impusive energy to events, hectic socializing into the picture, and relationship issues and financial projects are focuses; plus, he’s an impulsive and passionate fellow. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)
17 New North last manifested Oct 12, 1996 at ’20Lib’ and its Initial Eclipse began July 28, 1870 which means that there’s an issue or issues from that time which is a shadow within his psyche. Biden would naturally have ancestors from that time period or he wouldn’t Be Here Now, now would he?
And with a natal out-of-bound Mars in Scorpio, his action principle can secretly work by its lonesome and behind the scenes without the other energies or factors in his natal chart being aware or needed in order to act.
One societal example of this condition of Mars is in 2007, when it was Mars out-of-bounds that ran around setting fires all over the place because oobs Mars feels justified to act as a law unto himself. Hopefully the senator doesn’t play with matches.
And given John McCain’s shared desire (Mars) with George Bush to send a manned mission to the planet Mars to look for natural resources, Biden could be on another short list for the special ticket!
Bide your time, says the Tarot card and it seems Biden has been biding long enough. And just in time for the Digital Transition in February to perkily beam into our homes and worm into our brains. Two known orators may gain the White House in 2009 and what better format can promoters have to reach us each and every one?
With Bush, the usual ceremonial ditty for him to pomp into the room upon, Hail to the Chief, was aptly renamed, Hail to the Thief after SCOTUS installed him (thanks, Thom Yorke!)
Sheesh! with the wordy Dem ticket we see before us, our ears may soon be longing for, Hail to the Brief.
The two egos now so sparkly on the Dem ticket are said to be friends in real life, but in Washington isn’t it wiser to simply have a dog? 
Guess Biden’s role as Obama’s ‘attack dog’ for which he’s passionately suited, fulfills the above advice from Harry Truman, that if you want a friend in Washington, “get a dog.” Here we may be seeing vicious Cerberus and Sirius, the Dog Star, paying their continued role within America’s politics and her ultimate destiny.

US’ Venus Return: Friday 6.20.08 and Scott McClellan

USA\'s Venus Return 6.20.08

It’s Friday, Venus’ favorite day as Venus returns to her natal degree in America’s chart (July 4, 1776.)

Today is a busy day on Capitol Hill. Former White House press secretary, Scott McClellan spoke to the House Judiciary Committee this morning concerning revelations in his book on the White House role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame (is Plame America’s Venus returning?) and on the lead up to the Iraq War of Cheney’s and Bush’s choice.

Enlarge the image to see a few notes on America’s Venus Return occurring at 5:27:10 pm edt as Congress “debates” surveillance of American citizens while attempting to hide their own patooties (as usual) along with the derrieres of their telecom friends who enabled them to break US law without so much as a murmur of protest, it seems.

One thing I keep thinking about this thorny issue of ‘to spy or not to spy’ is that millions of innocent Americans have been spied upon by crooks and criminals–and that Bush’s secret spying program is part of the 9/11 false flag op charade. Congress has enabled it all so that the possibility of anything positive (and legal) coming out of this “debate” today is…debatable. Venus isn’t famous for facing the music, however, as we shall see, because the Glamorous Lady doesn’t care for ugliness, you know.

But on to America’s Venus Return…what IS a Venus Return anyway and why care?

Since Venus’ orbit lasts one year (give or take a month) the chart is ‘good for’ the duration until the next Return so the chart is temporary and describes Venusian issues such as: increase or decrease of material goods, money, relationships, popularity or lack thereof, and values.

Occurring at a Moon Hour (changes, fluctuations, domestic concerns) we see that Venus and the Moon are out-of-bounds and so are not working within the energy circuits of the other planetary energies. Yet Venus is well-tied into the chart due to Saturn’s sextile of US natal Venus, a period when one makes a good impression on authority.

Did McClellan do this today? Perhaps for the Democrats (Ds = Saturn) but the ranking Republican House Judiciary Committee member, Lamar Smith (TX) ridiculed the hearing as a “book-club-of-the-month” that revealed nothing new.

Smith said, “It should be of no surprise that there was spin in the White House Press Office. What White House has not had a communications operation that advocates for its policies? Any recent administration that did not try to promote its priorities should be cited for dereliction of duty.”

Notice that lying is only “spin” and “advocating”…and I can think of a lot more serious issues this administration could be cited for in the dereliction of duty department than the usual press business, can’t you? “Promoting priorities” such as a fascist takeover hardly merits a pass according to this disgruntled American.

Well, Smith got the statement out there and the AP picked it up as if it actually addressed anything important about the treason inherent in outing a CIA operative or the lies that were purposefully promoted to justify a premptive strike upon Iraq.

America’s ‘Lady of Liberty’ aka as The Statue of Liberty…represented by Venus…isn’t happy either, I assert.

Now in any Return chart we give precedence to the planet closest to an angle and in this case, we see Saturn (accountability; responsibility; authority) within one degree of MC–and conjunct Dick Cheney’s natal Ascendant (2Vir55.)

Saturn to natal ASC is a time when masks should be dropped and accountability acknowledged but what are the odds of that?! Remember that this transit occurred for George Bush just at the time of Hurricane Katrina and I think Bush’s mask of ‘compassion’ hit the top of the garbage heap then.

But as McClellan said today, he doesn’t believe that Bush knew about or caused the Plame leak, but on the subject of Cheney’s culpability (and remembering that Scooter Libby worked for the VP’s office) McClellan stated, “I do not know. There’s a lot of suspicion there.”

Such a deft sidestep! Suspicion there is!

The response on today’s hearing from the White House was dismissive, naturally, which is where Lamar Smith’s smokescreen statement comes into the narrative.

McClellan even said that it was Scooter Libby who placed a “cloud” (Neptune) over the VP’s office but I must disagree. All Cheney’s minions were protecting the One Who Walks on the Dark Side and promotes a vision of mushroom clouds when it’s politically expedient–and treasonously outs CIA agents. His nickname, a la Jon Stewart, is ‘Darth Vader’ but everyone knows his real name.

Seems February’s Solar Eclipse at the “A Man Unmasked” degree (18AQ) has been highlighted on Capitol Hill today bwo Cheney’s natal ASC at MC, the most visible point in any chart.

To refresh myself on this Eclipse Series (10 North) it’s about an emphasis on communications and frustrating events that concern news, paperwork, or a young person (like Scott McClellan.)

I’m thinking now of Cheney’s doodled questions around Joseph Wilson’s NYT op ed piece on finding no yellowcake links to Iraq. Paperwork!

In the Return chart you see the YOD, a Finger of God pattern, indicating a special purpose of task and in this case, it’s pointing to Mars (McClellan?) at 23Leo38. The midpoint picture thus formed is…

Moon/Uranus = Mars: excessive ambition; a craving for sensation; lack of self-control; self-aggrandizement.

Has Scott been at loose ends since leaving his big fat press job?

Moon/Uranus signifies emotional excitement and nervousness, of course, and it seems that if Mars = McClellan, he’s longing for his exciting White House days. Yet separations and trouble in relationships are in this chart as well, and others have mentioned upon release of McClellan’s book that Bush’s prognostication of he and Scott rocking on the porch of retirement and reminiscing about days in the White House are now (understandably) moot…gone the way of the dodo.

Since I have no exact birth time for McClellan, the big honkin’ Sun/Pluto opposition today (and at a crisis-ridden 29 degrees), it’s quite possible that Sun/Pluto is squaring his natal Leo Moon…Sun/Pluto = Moon: attempts to project power and persuasion; brutal suppression of feelings.

Interestingly, the Sun/Pluto opposition is on the ASC-DESC axis of the US Congress’ natal chart (Nov 17, 1800; 9:30 am LMT)  so we have: Sun/Pluto = ASC: crisis of self-preservation; enormous power projection; being forced to fight.

And today contentious Mars is opposite illusive, deceptive Neptune, a time when efforts come to nothing and there are deceptions and illusions in the environment. Ya think?!!!

Ceres is conjunct US natal Venus in this Return chart so Venus’ values and Ceres’ issues of conscience that affect many people (in a national chart) plus security concerns (such as spying and protection of CIA operatives) will be on the US menu in the coming year esp in relation to 8th house matters (money; insurance; credit; debt; death matters; the occult; shared resources, etc.) The tragic flooding of middle America comes to mind as well.

Now for the Jones’ interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for America’s Venus which seems to me to be tres descriptive of this morning’s appearance of Scott McClellan on Capitol Hill…

“4Cancer” = “A Cat Arguing with a Mouse”…the eternal effort of of human nature to get outer acceptance or social sanction for its inborn desires, as well as inner or intelligent and practical confirmations for the values (Venus!) it has made its own. The Keyword is JUSTIFICATION…

positive: a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to co-operate with its ends;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: interminable quarreling with the nature of things.

As Dane Rudhyar puts it:

Keynote: An attempt at self-justification. The mind is very clever at not facing the consequences which follow from desires or even from restlessness. Attempts at RATIONALIZATION are experienced and should be understood. (Rudhyar: ‘An Astrological Mandala’; Jones: ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.’)

Well, Mars does like to quarrel yet he must be courageous when he’s the apex planet in a YOD pattern.

And the American taxpayer PAYS Congress big bucks for entertaining performances of Capitol Hill Theater, esp today’s Rationalization Matinee. Yes, Venus loves drama, too, and I think it’s fairly safe to say that for our collective Venus Return,  we’ve been mooned by great and not-so-great performances, and that serious efforts to get at any truth of these matters are, as usual, stymied by their shared culpability and their desire to hold on to power at any and all costs.


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.

Eclipse info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

All grousing: compliments of yours truly, a Dissenting American and Daughter of the Revolution.

~note: the MC/IC axis of the 2008 Venus Return chart is conjunct America’s Progressed Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 (4Vir10/4Pis10.) See Pages list in sidebar for chart/info.



Dexter Morgan: found 10.3.73

Dexter Morgan found by Harry

If you’re familiar with TV’s Dexter, you know the date, Oct 3, 1973, when Harry the cop found little 3 year old Dexter in a room full of blood. Saving you the gory details, here’s the chart for that date with Sun 4 to 5 days past conjunction with powerful mobster, Pluto. I’m using 7:05:10 am because it gives this exact midpoint picture…

Sun-Pluto = ASC: a crisis of self-preservation; ruthless suppression of the environment for the attainment of one’s own aspirations; experiencing the ruthlessness and brutality of others.

If Dexter (and I do refer to the character, of course) was age 3 in 1973, a quick peek at Oct 3, 1970 showed me a good timer–Sun conj Uranus, which may relate to us some info concerning the character of Dexter Morgan. See what you think about a Sun-Uranus personality…

highly evolved self-awareness; likes to move freely within the environment and may be unmindful that others consider his uniqueness to be eccentric; willful yet shocked if anyone dares to curtail or restrain actions; if restrained, has courage to fight to regain freedom; permissive attitude could hinder success–others are impressed with brilliance and creativity, but perceive instability; maligned by some, admired by others; off-putting arrogance developed early in life along along with impatience with others; grew up quickly–a ‘short childhood’; free-wheeling and must have independence within the career to perform assigned tasks in own way  (main notes from, ‘Planets in Aspect’ by Rob Pelletier.)

To affect this Sun-Uranus conjunction, I’m using Oct 2, 1970, 3:35 pm edt, Miami, FL…and there’s a violently telling pile-up in 8th house of the macabre…

Mars-Pluto = Mercury: excessive nervous irritation; realizing plans fanatically; tenacious pursuit of plans.

As you know, Mars-Pluto IS zealous violence, while Mercury represents a young person…here in Scorpio, natural sign of the 8th house of the macabre.

In his “Natal” chart of Oct 2, 1970, 3:34 pm, Venus 19Sco46 is at the ‘accursed sign in the accursed degree’–19Scorpio.

Sun-Uranus 9Lib11 and Moon 4Scorpio–with mom as a druggie, Moon in Scorpio is descriptive–links to drugs and high finance. And Moon conj Jupiter indicates overindulgence with pleasurable things.

Rising is 2AQ12, conj 1973’s Jupiter 2AQ20, which is in fated degree and minute with North Node (of the Moon–mama) so I had to see when 1973’s Moon reached NN at 2Cap20…12:46 pm edt, with 22Sag17 rising and Pluto at Mc. And at Mc is a midpoint…

Moon-Neptune = Mc: emotional concerns from the early homelife come to consciousness–which is exactly what Dexter had happen thanks to his even-weirder brother, Brian, who masqueraded as ‘Rudy,’ foster-sister Deb’s boyfriend.

In the chart pictured here, Mars Rx is conj asteroid, Amor, in greedy, intolerant Taurus–apologies, Sun Taureans–you’re all wonderful!…but this is Mars, associated with chain saws, blood, and with violent males, and Taurus rules the throat.

Amor = intimacy, so somehow there’s a flavor of love gone wrong…horribly wrong, with a drug deal sadly complicating things. Dexter and his brother were collateral damage (and then some, if you’ve seen the show.)

And on Oct 1, 1973, Moon 5Sag 44 conjoined secretive, drug-infused Neptune 5Sag13–with both conj 3rd cusp at 7:08:30 am edt. In a real crime study, this could indicate Dexter’s mother meeting with someone of the drug culture (or simply getting high herself) and possibly could have bearing on the multi-murder which occurred a few days before the chart you see here–this chart is when Dex was found by Harry and rescued into a demi-normal family life, as it were.

Perhaps the Moon-Neptune hook-up of Oct 1 was closer to the time of the actual murders because the script says a starving Dexter was alone for a few days after his mother’s death. With Sun and Moon having links to the outer planets–Urnaus, Neptune, and Pluto, we see how circumstances can be out of personal control, and the Sun-Uranus conj indicates a separation (Uranus) from the ego, personality, vitality, and essence (Sun.) Does this conj time the actual murders? Moon (woman) = Neptune (death), as well.

Back to Oct 3, 1973…

Jupiter 2AQ20 is apex/focal planet in a Fixed T-square which indicates a very willful person with dogmatic opinions–bigoted and intolerant of other people’s belief systems. This is a habit-bound Jupiter with a one-track mind, and money may have been on it, being expansive Jupiter.

This astrology chart from Dexter’s “founding” may be taken as his Natal chart and the Sun-Pluto conj indicates ‘the extremist’ so perhaps serial killing, even if only of those who are guilty themselves, is extremist behavior, as you may agree.

As hunter or predator, Sun-Pluto conjunctions tend to fight to correct social injustices which may sum up in macabre fashion the complex character of quixotic Dexter Morgan. Or maybe not…

Here’s a link to Dexter’s Code which was given a heads-up in a comment below…check out the video interview with Michael C. Hall:


Iraq War 5th anniversary and 2008 Solar Return

With the upcoming 5th anniversary of the Iraq War this Wednesday, you may wish to follow the link to the war’s Solar Return 2008 chart with details:


A Solar Return chart is ‘good for’ a year so I may be referring to this chart as the year and the unfortunate, misbegotten war grinds on…and the current Mars/Pluto opposition affects the war’s natal Sun…and instigator Mars is still out-of-bounds.

Or, on a lighter note, you’ll find a new image, Womany Jungle, in the Cosmic Persona Designs collection of drawings at:


And Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Yall, please drink responsibly!

Times Square explosion at recruiting office

This morning, March 6, 2008, “about 3:45 am est” (news reports are fond of qualifiers such as about, shortly before, shortly after) an explosion at the army recruiting offices occurred which rocked nearby buildings.

Occurring at such an hour, no injuries are reported–the intent, it seems, because it was 3:45 am in the morning.

A police spokesperson has implied something along the lines of “if this was directed against our troops”–a transparent tactic of propaganda dispersal which is hardly the more obvious explanation. Against the illegal, gone-on-too-long war is more like.

At 3:45 am est, the chart set for Times Square (40N46 073W59) shows several interesting factors–here is the gist:

ASC 19Cap44 with Jupiter just having risen 16Cap31, first midpoint to rise: plutocratic, oppressive Pluto/Chiron 24Cap30 with Nemesis 24Cap58  (Nemesis = the unbeatable foe.)

The current Mars-Pluto opposition has Pluto in 12th, Mars in 6th house and still out-of-bounds and causing trouble. This is the Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase when sneaky things are often done.

Our current Eclipse Series at the Unmasking degree 18AQ is in first house with wounded Chiron 18AQ02. Next–and all in first house: Mercury, Venus, Neptune, NN 27AQ44 (conj US n Moon~Sibly~), and Moon 28AQ47.

Sun 16Pis10 is conj asteroid Niobe “the grieving mother” and Bacchus “denial”, with rebellious Uranus, associated with explosions, at 18Pis30–Sun and Uranus in 2nd house.

Now two interesting things: Midheaven, the Goal of the explosion–is 14Sco11 which happens to be the Descendant/Partnership degree at all our US Inaugurals of the president of the United States–this places the ASC–the office of the president itself–at the IC, the Basis or Foundation Point of the chart.

And there is a Fist of God pattern formed between Chiron square Midheaven (Mc) which point to Mars 00Can38. Synchronistically, this pattern was discussed yesterday in my article on Hillary Clinton’s natal chart (see Page in Sidebar for details.)

3:45 am was a Mercury Hour when messages may be sent, but a message to our troops? I doubt it.

Will the government/Pentagon/White House point the finger of blame the other way toward the activist group who protested at this location in October 2005? The Granny Peace Brigade better mind their Ps’n’Qs! They were arrested but acquitted of disorderly conduct charges with most of them being in their 80s and 90s…tough cookies!

Is this explosion linked to the Mexican and British consulate grenade lobbings of Oct 2007 and May 5, 2005? Early morning explosions so far have caused no injuries yet they do send a message–but to whom–and are they listening?

Update: hooded suspect seen on video arriving and leaving by bicycle–incendiary Mars has been seen on bicycle before–last year’s wildfires in south Georgia, for one.

Atlantis launches after 2 month delay

Coming here just now I saw a headline that the Atlantis crew is short on space experience. Well…how encouraging.

Especially after writing my semi-grumpy post on today’s Atlantis launch, Cape Canaveral, FL, 2:45 pm est.

Read post here:


It’s not that I try to be a grumpy grumpiola–it simply comes naturally, and we should all be glad when feisty Mars is finished his out-of-bounds stint. It’s been a doozy.

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