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9.10.13 Obama on TV (Syria)

Just a brief heads-up in case you want to check out a little Astrology concerning tonight’s TV address from President Obama to the American and Syrian people (and whomever) which has been posted to Stars Over Washington:



Are top Obama aides delinquent in taxes?

Perhaps you noted on Tuesday evening in his SOTU 2012 Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the nation that President Obama put quite an emphasis on the topic of paying one’s fair share of taxes.

Tres embarrasingly, it’s reported that several of Mr. Obama’s top aides haven’t gotten around to paying theirs and I cannot imagine that anyone who assists the president thinks that this irony–some might say, hyposcrisy–won’t be used by an opponent as Mr. Obama campaigns for re-election!

Why, even Mitt 1% Romney pays what he legally owes (and not a penny more)…well, except for taxes on any gold dubloons he may have tucked away in very secret places.

Oh, the ruling class. Aren’t they a caution?

Written by Jude Cowell

January 27, 2012 at 3:46 am

In US Debt Crisis, White House Has Legal Advantage

President Obama’s news conference on the US economy (and actions in Libya) is occurring as I type and you may find of interest Reynolds Holding’s argument that in the debt crisis debate, the White House holds the legal advantage under the Constitution which does not allow America to default on creditors.

Hopefully, the blockage from the GOP on the budget won’t result in a constitutional crisis as our current Solar Elcipse Series (June 1, 2011 @ 11Gem02) suggests is possible.

And for a little astrological consideration of President Obama’s first full news conference since March, you’re welcome to try my post Obama presser 6.29.11: Saturn rising which I composed this morning and managed to publish at precisely 11:30 am edt, the time the presser was scheduled to begin. The June 1st Solar Eclipse’s ‘constitutional’ influence is included.

(Note: Mr. Obama actually began speaking at 11:39 am edt.)

Yes, Saturn rising is descriptive of austerity, delays, restriction, inhibition, contraction, and loss yet the president’s clear explanations this morning as he laid out the economic debate’s issues between Rs and Ds are also shown due to Saturn’s realistic influence and supports the Moon’s conjunction with Fixed Star Rigel (to bring knowledge; to educate) at the top of the chart!

Obama adm covers up torture cover-up

Update Nov 16, 2010: now here’s something economic which concerns President Obama’s upcoming sell-out to the super-rich which, in my opinion, is a deal made years ago. One way to know? He’s been allowed to play President.

Original post begins here:

Oh great. In their bid to out-Bush Bush, the Obama administration is now covering up the cover-up of the CIA’s torture tape destruction a la the
Bush-Cheney administration which spotlights the way each US administration ‘has the back’ of the previous adm, and recent ones besides.

Makes sense really. For how would things turn out if one lonely little White House administration turned tattletale against another administration thus asking for a similar fate? Why, then someone might soon expect that peace, honesty, integrity, justice, and equality would then be uplifted by the ‘White’ House rather than being continually cast down into Washington’s mud while being used in the media as mere political talking points.

And worst of all for political thespians everywhere, Change We Can Believe In might turn out to mean something significant after all!

Will his past haunt Barack Obama?

Some interesting info and inferences have surfaced regarding President Obama’s past dealings and those of his family members, especially his father – and the CIA.

This info is a little too involved to wrap my allergy-stuffed noggin around today, plus, I’m busy writing a certain America-infused article inspired by the excellent Julie Demboski, yet the article link is being passed on to you for delving purposes, if you wish.

Plus, posting its link here makes it easier for me to find later on.

This is almost off-topic but in case you didn’t notice, my sidebar list of Wedding Day Astrology Pages now includes the wedding of President Obama’s parents, if you’re interested.

Update 8.19.10: here’s more stuff from Wayne Madsen on possible Obama family’s CIA employment though it isn’t clear to me why, if true, any of this is a mark against Mr. Obama as president – other than that the marketing of him for president didn’t include his family’s connections to the CIA.

Is not revealing all the facts, in fact, lying?

This makes Mr. Obama’s book Dreams of My Father seem like a ploy to hide deeper truths about the future president. Perhaps ‘Dreams of My Father’s CIA Connections’ would have been closer to it.

New DNI Clapper announced 6-5-10

Wonder how long this DNI will last? Mr. Clapper seems to be a keeper and perfect for the job of overseeing all our spook agencies.

Since he’s been named during the titanic Jupiter-and-Uranus-to-Aries-Point transit, his tenure may be quite successful (if you think spying on regular Americans and their Aunt Granny Fannies can be described as ‘success.’) But hopefully, his global terrorist efforts will be something to admire since 00Ari00 (AP) puts his appointment out there on the World Stage for all to see.

Here’s a link to the video of President Obama announcing Clapper’s appointment this morning in case you missed it.

You know, if you use the natal horoscope for America with ‘9 Scorpio’ rising (I think of it as the Franklin chart), you get Mr. Obama’s natal Neptune conjunct US natal ASC – not the most stable link between BHO and the nation, of course, but perfect for issues of surveillance, fraud, loss, dissolution…and perhaps spirituality.

Currently in the President’s Secondary Progressions is a midpoint picture which has formed in recent years and points to his Sec Neptune (and to his natal Neptune since the planet of fraud and deception has ‘moved’ only about 1 degree in his Progressions) – ‘any, all, or none’ may apply, as usual, and the energy may be coming his way from others in his environment, be outgoing, or, both:

Saturn/NN = Neptune: fraud; lies; falshoods; having to pay a price for help which is more than you expected; deceit with friendship given.

(Midpoint picuture: Tyl; Munkasey.)

Friendships can be problematic when you play Politics in DC, agreed. Good thing President Obama got a dog to tell his troubles to.

Americans bombarded with carcinogens

For years I’ve complained to the few people who would listen that cases of cancer in the US cannot be reduced or the illness avoided until we face the fact that cancer is very often caused, or at least triggered, by carcinogens and toxins placed in our foods, water, and environments by an out-of-control chemical industry, and winked at by a toothless, complicit FDA.

Now a miracle seems to have occurred: the Obama adminsitration is taking on this very same issue…hurrah!

Is it too hopeful to think that Americans will soon begin to be protected from these hidden factors rather than being guinea pigs for every frakensteinian experiment in chemical mood changers and health underminers that Big Chem decides to stealthily employ to destroy our health?

With the costs of treating cancer skyrocketing over the years, this would be an opportune time to ‘get real’ about the true causes of the disease, wouldn’t it?

Yes, I’m probably being too hopeful here, but perhaps some truth will come out in the process and make possible an honest debate so that we-the-people will realize what’s being done to us which furthers the for-profit agenda of a so-called ‘healthcare’ system which has much to thank Big Chem for – millions of cancer patients needing expensive treatment (with a bonus of population control for those who engineer such dire solutions to the world’s problems.)

Written by Jude Cowell

May 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Wary of the Ides of March?

Everone has heard the admonition to Beware the Ides of March from ancient Roman days.

And perhaps apt comparisons between the Roman Empire and the current imperialistic American Empire make the Ides of March a date to be cautious of, I suppose. President Obama is on my TV now (C-SPAN) speaking in Cleveland, Ohio about health insurance reform and he’s getting loud applause and cheers from the audience. There’s no assassin in the wings, one assumes, to further tie the American Empire to that of ancient Rome!

Yet character assassination is a typical and constant political tactic gleefully used in America, isn’t it? Tiresome, especially because the American people need focused attention on real issues as never before.

Well, in 44 AD the March 15 assassination of Julius Caesar, who had moved to make himself ’emperor for life’ (kind of like the deal our SCOTUS Justices enjoy) went forward successfully in spite of the warning which was, apparently, arrogantly disregarded.

Whether President Obama will seek a second term remains to be seen especially considering his remarks on the subject but that’s for future consideration. We do know there are people who hope he won’t even though he’s barely gotten started with term #1.

Even so, do chillax and check out the info on the Ides of March (based on the Roman calendar!) during the current ‘dark of the Moon’ in preparation for the New Moon, exact at 4:00 pm edt this afternoon @ ’26 Pisces’…”A New Moon Divides That Its Influences.”

Here’s Marc Edmund Jones’ interpretation for ’26Pisces’: “FINESSE…

positive manifestation: a thoroughgoing capitalization on life’s transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a completely disruptive vacillation.”

Hmmm…sounds to my ear like the President may be successful with his health insurance reform initiative after all in spite of the Republican Party’s disruptive vacillation.

As to Senator Chris Dodd’s reputed unveiling today of the financial reform bill that he and Senator Bob Corker have been slogging over for months, I’d say that the dark of a New Moon is not a good time to reveal something new. In fact, it’s often a time when sneaky things are afoot yet I hope something is finally done to police the financial industry’s ‘creative’ bookkeeping and bring the greedy titans of Wall Street down to earth with the rest of us.

Astrology of Taiwan and the US

Given the recent announcement by the Obama administration of arms sales to Taiwan and the waters it muddies between China and the US, I am very pleased to pass on to you a link to Jamie’s insightful article at Funk Astrology on Taiwan and US natal charts and the transits triggering current martial events.

‘What the world needs now’ is not proliferations of weapons and nuclear armaments with an increase in terror-promoting, but less. Imo, politics will kill ya if you give it half a chance – and will paralyze the masses with fear, whenever it suits the purpose of gaining more control.

SOTU Address 2010 horoscope and Sun AQ-Moon Cancer

Yes, an image of the horoscope-with-details of tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Obama’s first-ever, has been published at my other blog if you’re interested in viewing it.

I’ve set the chart for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, DC and if Mr. Obama begins speaking a little after 9:00 pm (and he probably will – TV considerations, you know, plus on-camera hand-shakings, applause, etc) the chart’s angular factors – and links to the US natal chart – make ‘9 pm’ my choice as a symbolic representation of the President’s progress report for our nation; plus, it marks the end of his first year in office.

If you’ve seen the 2010 SOTU chart, you know that America’s natal Neptune in Virgo (sign of Work – jobs jobs jobs, Health, Service, and Police/Military, etc) is rising in the chart and bringing up the President’s natal Mars in Virgo. That ‘rock star’ connection/illusion the American public (Neptune) has with Mr. Obama (Mars) makes seeing his motivations and actions in a realistic light quite difficult, for Neptune loves the veils, and idolizes glamorous reflections upon the silver screen.

The most positive facet of our shared Mars/Neptune contact would be on a higher, spiritual level, but I find politicians dependable in that department even less than they are dependable in the political realm. It would take a miracle, and yet miracles do happen. Occasionally.

Well, let’s sniff tonight’s atmosphere to detect a little perfumery of the moment by considering the Sun AQ/Moon Cancer blend of energies in effect this evening. AQ/Can is an Air-Water combo and you know what an ethereal ”mist can waft forth when the two elements synergize. A ‘magic trick out of sleeve’ this may not be, but the mists of Neptune may be all that’s left to offer with so many large forces aligned against us. (I’m thinking here of Pluto’s transit in opposition to America’s natal Cancer line-up which has been within orb for a while now – Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and later on, Mercury. Personally, America’s eventual Pluto Return is one transit I expect to miss and the propagandistic Mercury/Pluto opposition in the US natal chart will be in fine fettle as it’s triggered a few years earlier.)

The ‘Sun AQ/Moon Can’ blend has a vivid imagination, a compassionate social conscience, and is full of idealism. Popularity accompanies lofty emotions, and a democratic spirit is evident – probably sincerely on the public’s side and hopefully with a sincere tinge on the side of good-hearted, beneficent politicians everywhere.

Since most of the ones on Capitol Hill were there as the 2008 collapse formed – and were active in its progress all along – I have much more confidence in the American people meaning well in our dire situation that I can trust a politician who says, “Trust me” – always a telling indictment against anyone’s honesty if they have to say or imply it.

On the unconscious side, we see the AQ/Can blend’s tendency toward rationalizing irrational acts (staying in the Middle East as if to justify invading and occupying an entire region – beyond our breaking point? jc), unrecognized prejudices, getting absorbed in abstract causes (PNAC? Global domination? jc) which helps avoid dealing with a nagging conscience and the haunting emotions that come from shafting one’s fellow man. This sort of high-minded detachment serves to ignore, if not diffuse, the raw emotions of others which are ‘messy’ to confront.

With the Sun/Moon combo tonight, traditional values will inform everything while a visionary quality determines the future. Its friendly veneer describes the urbane Mr. Obama, and the Cancerian Moon (Luna exalted in Cancer, sign of Home, Domestic Scene, Real Estate, Business, the Public, Physical Body, Nurturing and Security Needs, and the Past) showing the deep well of emotional pain and practical concerns which we-the-people are dealing with now, with many of us losing the thread into the grasps of politicians and usury creditors who lurk on all sides.

Yes, these days Oil Can Harry reigns over Pearl Pureheart, but can President Mighty Mouse Obama save the day? Or at the least, talk as if he will? Jobs, jobs, jobs are the answer – but what to do with our naughty multi-national corporations who employ everywhere but here?

Perhaps the Sun AQ/Moon Cancer blend’s ‘Images for Integration’ will provide us with a clue as to what’s going on under the surface of the slick TV performance we’ll be enjoying from Washington tonight.

*’A social worker bypasses bureaucracy to save a mother and child…(sounds good so far with many people now in need of assistance -jc)…A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order.’

Arghhh! ‘NWO’ is NOT what I want to hear tonight! But I will be listening closely to the President’s words and code words. Won’t you?

*’Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

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