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quick notes on Sara Palin’s natal chart

Sara Heath Palin, Feb 11, 1964, Sandpoint Idaho, sunrise: 7:06:26 am PST, Moon in Capricorn and in Aquarius before day ends.

~You’ll also be aware that a birth time of ‘4:40 pm’ is being used by many astrologers which gives Palin a Leo ascendant to go along with her mane of hair and attraction to being onstage.

Gov Palin’s natal Moon, at sunrise 29Cap11, is near the natal Moon of John McCain 27Cap03. although depending on her actual time of birth, natal Moon could be as late in zodiacal degrees as 8AQ08.

There are connections between her planets and those of McCain:

McCain: Sun 6Vir02 and Neptune 16Vir07; Palin: Uranus 8Vir43 and Pluto 13Vir28.

Palin’s natal Sun 21AQ55; Mars 23AQ08 are being visited by slow-moving, inspired if undermining Neptune. This is giving her a rather problematic midpoint picture and I’m not sure how it will affect her VP term if she gets it.

Because the trigger is veiling Neptune, there is some kind of masking going on with her true purpose (Sun) and action principle (Mars) which may relate to the current independent investigation of a firing of an Alaskan government employee, and what may have been personal vindictiveness on Palin’s part.

Sun/Mars = Neptune: undermining of one’s vocational position; dishonest activity; receiving notice; disappointment; feeling ‘off track’; illness; the deceived or deceptive husband.

In the case mentioned, the midpoint energy and transit may be operating in its usual ‘AC-DC’ way – from Palin, toward her, or both.

This is too quick a study for I must mosey elsewhere in a while, but looking at Palin’s Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (1 South), we see that it is the: ‘flooded with many options/ideas and their enthusiastic expression’ Series. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’) and its meaning may relate to the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse season we are now in because that is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Senator McCain:


How relate? Both Series have to do with ‘options’ and McCain’s has a ‘worry clearing and the cosmos showing a solution with many options opening up’ flavor.

Seems Sara Palin as his VP running mate is the option to improve his prez chances!

One thing to note as well, however, is that the two Repulicans have a Nodal Axis sign ‘flip’…his North Node is in early Capricorn, hers in Cancer, which means they will either bring out the best or the worst in one another.

In transits, NN to SN is a time when associations tend to end unless they are very strong – if so, they make adjustments and become closer and more committed. If you saw the photo of them hugging today at the Dayton rally, you may agree that all seems well as of yet!

Or maybe I should say: too soon to tell, too close to call.


Update Sep 3: Oh dear. There’s been a Palin limerick posted…


Note – Sept 10: from henceforth I promise to use ‘Sarah’ rather than ‘Sara’! Thanks, Monica!  ;p


UPDATE 10.11.08: I want to add three natal midpoint pictures only one of which depends upon a birth time in which case I am using the unverified ‘4:40 pm’ chart which gives her Pluto/Mc = NN: desire to gain leadership by force. (This picture would apply if the 4:40 pm time is correct.)

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: rasing hopes; inspiration; talking a lot; putting on an act; changing character.

Neptune/NN = Pluto: difficulty blending one’s personal perspectives with others.

And since yesterday’s release of the investigative report on Palin’s “Trooper-Gate” scandal and the finding that she did, in fact, abuse her office in the case, I peeked at her natal asteroids which have to do with power or the abuse of it:

Hidalgo (often prominent in a woman’s chart when in a leadership role) 18Lib52 Rx…Hidalgo ‘expects to be in charge’ and was higlighted by the Sun as the report was released; fiesty and tenacious Toro 22Sag38; and Atlantis, keywords: ‘abuse of power’ at 21Lib35 Rx, also recently highlighted by the Sun.

~Atlantis also relates to America as the idyllic “New Atlantis” of the Utopians whose decendants may be part of society’s current crew of bedeviling and chaos-creating social tinkerers.~

Hidalgo’s North Node is in the 21 – 22 Aries range which is opposing Palin’s natal Hidalgo.

Plus, you’ll be happy to know that there is a personal name asteroid for ‘Sara’ which has its North Node at 00Lib+ conjunct America’s natal Midheaven in the Sibly chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT: Philadelphia, PA) – good for public career matters for the governor of Alaska.

Biden idealizes Obama’s best traits 8.23.08

And Obama returns the favor!

As I’ve studied the planetary placements on this auspicious day for the Obama campaign with the events in Springfield, IL marking the kick-off of the Biden leg of the prez tour, I was struck by how complex the astrological picture is, from natal, progressed, and composite charts.

Interesting with my wizard’s hat in place, but difficult to write anything remotely resembling a unified and clear analysis without giving both my regular readers crossed eyes and headaches.

So I shall confine myself to a few observations, beginning with today’s Sabian Symbol for the Sun’s position, “1 Virgo”…”In a Portrait, a Man’s Best Features Are Idealized.”

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote of this degree as relating to the path of discipleship and the harvest season as the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Perhaps Obama may be said to have been Biden’s disciple? Biden has attempted to enter the White House and stay there before so it seems that Obama may be HIS ticket.

Now the Sun’s reaching the end of Leo/00Vir+ links to Egyptian star lore, the Sphinx, and to ancient mystery cults, plus, there are other indications between today’s chart, Obama’s and Biden’s natal and progressed charts, and their composite charts – indications of mystical influences and supernatural concerns.

Is Astrology Afoot Along with Biden’s “Firm Stand”? 

Timing today’s speech with the Moon’s position (29Tau+) because it’s opposite the Inaugural 2009’s Moon is a clue, as well as transit Sun today being conjunct Joe Biden’s natal NN…see above Sabian Symbol. Either there’s a campaign astrologer or two behind the woodpile in Lincoln’s land, or synchronicity times and wins the day along with some crumbling temple in Giza!

Now you may or may not think that this is (or will be) problematic for the Dem team, however, it is possible that if there are mystical associations, they may aid the Dems in their bid for the White House, or ‘White Lodge’ as I often think of it.

How benefit?

Besides support from abroad and from possible connections with secret organizations, these two grand egos, both of which are vying for the highest recognition and glory, must be able to consciously direct the sublimation of their personal egos on behalf of a higher cause and this will be the difference between success or failure.

What I can’t tell you astrologically – at least not yet – is whether their shared cause, mission, and goals are truly on behalf of the common good. A new direction for America away from the Bush policies? Yuh, sounds great! And sorely needed.

For we know that America always corrects course after too much of one Party’s ideology has run away with the day and overly fatigued us with its falsehoods and self-serving high-handedness.

Yes, the Obama-Biden team talks a good game of it, but we’ve been burned too many times by cynical politicians whose agendas are not remotely in tune with our own best interests. Yes, Barack and Joe sing a melodious tune, but who wrote the lyrics and for what ultimate political purpose?

But since the charts mentioned show a somewhat better story on the people’s behalf, I’ll try to muster a little faith in the Dem ticket’s duet because a vote for John McCain is like a vote for George Bush, and you know it.

And thennnn….?

Along the campaign trail will appear the anti-common-gooders who try to march off with the prize, and we’ll recognize them as neocon goose-steppers and enablers who hatchet the backs of the more popular contenders in order to continue the *Bush Doctrine and agenda and keep themselves top dogs.

But will the ‘old boss same as the new boss’ model take the cake?

What a Dem administration may do to scale back the constitutional weakening that Bush-Cheney have overseen will show how straightforwardly they intend to do the people’s business which has tragically been disregarded for too long – and to much ill effect for society’s sake, I may add.


*Link to chart image of Bush Doctrine but no grimey details added as of yet:


And here’s a Page I’ve added with a link to NPR’s audio player so you can listen to Joe Biden’s first speech as VP nom today in Springfield in which he idealizes Obama’s best traits…you’ll find a link to Obama’s speech today – in which he idealizes Biden’s best traits –  in the previous post:


Bush-McCain: sharing Neptune/NN ‘hidden squares’

Bush-McCain natal charts

Bush-McCain natal charts

Often we read, hear, or use ourselves, the ‘McSame’ label for Senator McCain and many things I read show comparisons between the old president and the wanna-be, John McCain.

Sometimes we (I!) even venture into ‘McBush’ territory indicating similarities between these two men who are 10 years apart in age.

Rather than make a big deal astrologically about it, I put my snoop hat upon my noggin to see if there could be a basic explanation in their natal charts (both of which are rated AA by AstroDataBank so we’re on reasonably firm footing here) for the ‘sameness’ of their personae – we first look to the natal Ascendant for personae enlightenment, so what gives? One has a Leo ASC, the other Libra rising.

Is there something in their psyches or mindsets that cause our feelings about them – that perhaps the pea doesn’t fall far from the pod?

Something not so much in their political views or their promo of a globalist agenda, although that is, of course, what brings them to the collective’s attention…their powerful career aspirations…but more in their psychological or emotional make-ups and which might be handily discernable as only Astrology can do?

Enter Astrology’s ‘hidden square,’ an aspect in the 256 degree range. Using a fairly tight orb of 2 degrees (4 degr total with 2 degr in either direction) and voila! there’s a rather surprising correspondence between George Bush and John McCain, as it turns out.

Nebulous, image shifting, frequently fraudulent Neptune is in ‘hidden square’ aspect with North Node (contact with the public) within both their natal horoscopes – to the minute! Neptune 254 degrees 39 minutes NN,  to be exact – for two politicians born 10 years apart.

Now I shall give you details on Neptune SQ NN, for although coy Neptune often delights in hiding and obfuscating, let’s tear the veil off this mystic puppy, shall we? Here we go…

Mystical tendencies conflict with social institutions of the culture; society may regard them as subversive influences who undermine the social fabric and/or traditional religious structures; they may be seen as impractical dreamers whose visionary pursuits keep them out of touch with the flow of events in their environments thus causing them to react in confused or inept ways; they may feel ‘alone in a crowd’ and/or misunderstood. (Sakoian, ‘The Astrologer’s Handbook.’)

Awww…little misunderstood, mystical puppies. Puh! Poopy puppies! There I said it.

Now watching Dave Letterman’s frequent spoofing of McCain and his advanced age, and the “Great Moments in Political Speeches” segment with its stuttering, odd remarks onstage from Bush (things along the lines of, “uhhhhh…uhhh-h…..” or, “-you’re having tacos for dinner?”) in contrast with examples of well-known and well-delivered lines from JFK, Bill Clinton, Truman, and FDR, are what keep me watching Letterman’s show more than anything else.

It’s no surprise that a TV comedian should glom onto Neptune/NN (projections from the public; Neptune = film, silverscreens, and public images) in ‘hidden square’ relationship and it’s just deserts for two political thespians who are not at all as they seem, and are more mystically inclined than they’d ever like the public to know.

No matter who or what they secretly pledge allegiance to, we can be quite certain they each consider it to be high above a US Constitution which they seem intent on dissolving rather than protecting, upholding, or defending…and ‘dissolution’ is another of Neptune’s favorite words relating to its most basic function…the urge to wash away.


~:~ For all poopy puppy lovers: there’s more ‘hidden square’ action in America’s Scorpio rising chart:


Beijing Olympics open: Sun Leo-Moon Scorpio

Lonely Wanderer by jude cowell

Lonely Wanderer by jude cowell

This has been a busy ‘real world’ week around here and my blogs are suffering some smidge of neglect.

But I have peeked at the horoscope for Friday’s Opening ceremony in Beijing, China, 8:00 pm AWST (or is it really 8:08 pm on 8.08.08?) and I see that Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes, is rising and Sun is in mid-Leo (the Lion Point) with a Scorpio Moon nearing mid-Scorpio, the Eagle Point.

Obvious references may be made to nations such as US as ‘the Eagle’ and France or Britain as ‘the Lion.’  China’s symbol is the Dragon – in Astrology, the Nodal axis, with North Node (the head of the Dragon) now conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, and yet the rising Fishes may apply, too, especially with Olympic swimming competitions scheduled. (Pluto also moonlights as ‘the Dragon.’)

Images for Integration for this Sun-Moon blend are interesting because of August 1’s Total Solar Eclipse, the path of which ended in central China. Ongoing earth tremors are brought to mind as well with an Eclipse in the neighborhood, but I’m focusing here on the Olympics:

“The conception of a divine child takes place during a total eclipse of the sun…A fateful, passionate love affair between the queen and a mysterious, wandering peasant.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

One thing the first image puts me in mind of is China’s reputed changing of some of their young athletes ages on passports to make them appear to be 16, the age they should be during the year of competition, along with the obvious timeliness of the image pointing to the August Eclipse.

The second image sounds like it’s behind closed (palace?) doors so I’m not peeking in there, yet I will add an image of my drawing, Lonely Wanderer, because it was inspired by an I Ching hexagram and a vision of Chiron leaving his cave – a possible symbol of China’s “coming out” into the world with the Beijing Olympics and centuries of knowledge and wisdom under its sash!

America’s 232nd birthday hurrah-h- – –

America’s fireworks supply has been all but cut off but meanwhile China has its own problems.

Another fork-tailed G-8 Summit overlooms our heads: elite celebrators, poor things with so much to Deal With and all. Global financial collapse is only a part of the agenda but the woe-unto-us play must be performed. Behind the curtain, chaos is engineered so that rebirth may occur.

Like all mortals, these monsters are born in some dark, upper northeastern pumpkin patch so soon to be ice crystal-laced and frosted amid autumn winds whipping down from Canada.

America, my only nag in the race, is hobbled and maimed as her soldiers so brave and foolhardy as to trust a shady oilman in the White House KNOWING that the commander-in-chief’s position, one of the few of our idealistic concepts upon which we base our American identity–knowing that a civilian personage will be directing, or in Bush43’s case – misdirecting, them toward his every whim, quioxtic notion, and plan of plunder.

Or, using a wider perspective, the ‘secret hand’ which pulls the strings and works in tandem with the USA’s secret or shadow government ( = Saturn/Neptune -> natally at MC in the US chart July 4, 1775; 5:10 pm LMT; aka Sibly chart…*Sat/Nep = MC: materialism vs idealism; undermining circumstances; renunciations; suffering; emotional depression; seniors, the poor and/or the ill; a peculiar character; capitulating to the demands of the environment totally; giving up; an odd loss of ambition; moodiness) is on the march toward goose stepping innocent people over a cliff of cold-hearted totalitarianism, a Pluto/Chiron -ism of anguish undergirded with the few who believe they merit a higher bunk because they can.

Well, I want to blurb a bit on America’s Solar Return 2008, effectively exact this evening of July 4 at 7:13:32 pm EDT, Capitol Building, Washington DC.

In Asian markets today, oil may be nearing $150 barrel, so we’ll see about that. Peak oil, you say?

And as noted last evening, the major banks of Europe have pulled the plug on America…the noose is tightening fast, as per their plans. If we’re soon parted, Lone Reader, it may be a question of survival in the region which has always tended to suffer from being situated in the (lovely) southeastern US.

Wish someone could keep Bush from fouling Thomas Jefferson’s property today. The symbolism is stomach-turning – not that Jefferson was perfection, but he did more for the common man than the Bush dynasty denizens would ever care to do.

With her Solar Return Sun in 7th house of Partnerships and Legal Affairs, the US won’t be in control for the year (until July 4, 2009) so Venus in Cancer accompanies the Sun with 24Gem48 on the Descendant, the 7th house cusp. This is the degree of rebel Uranus’ Discovery in 1781, in the crux of the American and the French Revolutions.

Moon 9Leo02 is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation; Death and Rebirth, hidden matters, and the subconscious. Many levels has life and the Astrology that attempts to describe it in astrologese.

9Leo02 puts the Solar Return (SR) Moon upon George (you’ll find links to a few notes on this and other Eclipses on my Pages list.)

Moon/Mercury = perception; feelings influence thinking; receiving mental stimuli; extension of one’s intellectual horizons; exposure to criticism; exchange of thoughts with females; adaptation; sympathy; family communications; an authoress; young girls; language talents.

The 2008 Solar Return chart for America has her natal Saturn 15Libra at its Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point showing America’s Public Standing for the year (Return charts are good for the duration of the orbit, in this case, Earth around Sun.)

Ascending is 24Sag48 with Pluto rising at 29Sag28 Rx, indicating events occurring underground – and at a crisis or critical 29th degree. Actually, Pluto has backed into Sag again for a last hurrah at the “A Pope Blessing the Faithful” degree…and I’m sure he does. But what mission are they fulfilling to be blessed for? Pluto is aka, the saboteur, as you know.

Chart-ruler Jupiter Rx is in 1st house as well – 18Cap02, the NWO degree of Uranus conj Neptune, 1993. It would take more than one entry to cover the subject socio-politically concerning the new cycle of those two transpersonal planets so I must direct you to the ~interweb~ and to the many astrologers’ articles on this heavyweight pair of Sky and Sea. (Mary Shea taught me to ignore Rxs in a Return chart except as transits which will subsequently affect the chart through Stations and House re-entries, ongoing conjs to midpoints, etc.)

Mars and Saturn, not a pleasant combo of energies unless you apply them efficiently to direct or channel energy, are almost conjunct now – Mars 1Vir58 and Saturn 4Vir53 – this stop-go pair is in 8th house with tr SN between them and the Moon in Leo. 8th house cusp 1Leo10 is conj Barack Obama’s n Mercury…he speaks and mega-monies appear?

Mars/Saturn now approach a zodiacal area of difficult stars so archetypal performances may be expected on the world stage of the victim/savior variety as well as debt talk on the campaign trail and in Japan at the G-8 Summit.

Those in the catbird seat are schmoozin’ in Japan.

Mainly, the US Solar Return 2008 contains a representation of our current Jupiter-opposite-natal-Sun transit, a time when no one is impressed and money sources dry up as in Europe now against the US.

Yet this too will pass, and since I’ve previously blathered on about it here and at:


I shall not do so again on this, our nation’s 232nd birthday.

North Node, Chiron, and Neptune, a spiritual and watery trio, is in 2nd house of Earnings and Money so more financial difficulties are on the menu esp if you’re in a flooded area or reside in one needing water such as in California wildfire territories, or the drought-riddled southeast.

With Mercury 22Gem03 hanging around with Bush’s natal Uranus/North Node conj (radical political groups and associations) we have:

Uranus/NN = Mercury: quick comprehension; a speedy assessment of every situation; united in thoughts with others; sharing excited thoughts and plans with others; impetuousness.

Impetuous George! Incurious George. Actually he’s curious about his next Main Chance (use French pronunciation, if you please.)

Bush’s natal Sun is conj Us n Sun, as you know, and the Sun in a national chart is ‘the leader’ so we’re synchronicitously stuck with him and with our own culpabilities in all that’s happened in the last several years as the People’s Mojo has been seriously diverted and undermined by recent social experiments.

Yet I hope we find it again and take back what was set up to be a shared government with checks and balances against coup from monarchical dictatorship…that’s what must be jettisoned.

Well, the Jupiter opposite US Sun is the only applying aspect to SR Sun 2008, so I’ll close for now feeling that this post is incomplete as usual, but as I mentioned you’ll find plenty of other interpretations of America’s Solar Return 2008 (links in sidebar…choose one!)

And now I’ll leave you with the steamy Sun Can/Moon Leo blend’s Images for Integration, uniting conscious mind with the unconscious:

“A child ventures forth from her family to seek her greatness…After serving a sumptuous five-course dinner, the hostess leaves the washing up to her guests while she serenades them on the piano with Moonlight Sonata. ‘ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by writer Richard D. Bach who penned:

“It was morning, and the new sun sparkled across the ripples of a gentle sea.”

Sounds lovely for a ‘new sun’ of a Solar Return!

* midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin
~Thanks, TV’s Craig Ferguson~

CelebChart: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie natal chart

UPDATE on the Jolie-Pitt Twins (born July 12, 2008 6:27 pm Nice, France) from astrologer Lynn Hayes who gives a wonderful write-up on the sweet little babies’ natal charts here:


~My original post begins here:

Angelina Jolie, June 4, 1975, 9:09 am PDT (Rodden rating: AA for accurate), Los Angeles, CA.

Born during a Saturn Hour, Angelina Jolie possesses a ‘Watery’ Saturn in a Watery house, the 12th house, along with Venus 28Can09 rising.

Known for her difficult relationship with her father, actor Jon Voight, her 12th house Saturn is in emotionally protective Cancer, sign of family and home, so we know that a father complex has made relating to authority an uneasy task for this Hollywood darling.

Thankfully, these daddy issues seem to have been successfully dealt with even though her separating Sun/Neptune opposition has made understanding daddy quite difficult along with the aspect’s defiant attitude.

With rebellious Uranus squaring Venus and Ascendant (ASC = a point describing the mask or persona which which we face the world), there is an underlying eccentricity concerning relationships–Ms. Jolie is attracted to unusual people and has a fear of ‘belonging’ to anyone. Venus SQ Uranus is the aspect of the “free spirit” who tends to flaunt her convention-defying relationships. And despite the past dismay of Hollywood’s power structure, this openess has worked fine for her career so far!

Well, what can be said of this beautiful actress?

Jolie (“pretty”) IS Venus-Aphrodite, the glamorous woman, and none would deny her the credit for her charming goddess-esque form. Yet there is more to her than the obvious Venus conj ASC implies for Venus/ASC conjunctions give more than charm and the approval of others. They may also indicate one who is fond of life’s finer things and an innate ability to exploit one’s best qualities.

Plus, Venus/ASC is prone to aggression when what is desired is not forthcoming–she provokes people into taking advantage of her then becomes annoyed at their presumption, and all is brought to a stop until she gets her way. There is a ‘conniver’ underneath a Venus/ASC conj, one who weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each alliance for its benefits to her…self-involved is Venus/ASC.

And sexy Sappho is at IC, which is perhaps an inheritance from a glamorous mother (4th house.)

Then there’s Jolie’s Moon/Mars conj: impatient, jealous, and extremely sensitive to others’ opinions–it’s the “sore loser” aspect. Slights might be only imaginary, but retaliation may still follow as people are “put in their place”–this aspect tends to cloud reasoning ability when overheated, but usually only when feeling threatened. Tisiphone, an asteroid whose keyword is ‘retaliation’ is rising with Venus, which underscores a vengeful nature when opposed or feeling put upon.

A hidden imperfection? Oh surely not! Then perhaps she’s only human after all…

Click chart to read my listing of Elements and Modes–you’ll see that there are no Fixed planets and no Earth in her natal chart.

Lack of Earth: realism lacking–grounding must come from other factors but her Watery Saturn in 12th (father) has not given this to her…Saturn is, however, Direct, which has probably helped Mr. Voight in his quest for a relationship with his daughter after their earlier problems. Good eating habits, plenty of sleep, and daily exercise are musts for Ms. Jolie’s lack of Earth.

Lack of Fixed energy: difficult to follow through on what’s begun–sticking with an exercise program helps develop commitment and willpower; sales or promo work are talents.

Abundant Fire: spontaneous, overactive, and restless; self-restraint must be learned for efficiency’s sake; wild behavior, exaggeration, and ego exaltation is usual with a creative, Fiery nature.

Abundant Cardinal energy: impatient; driven toward worldly experiences and doesn’t like anyone getting in the way; Saturn’s lessons come from all areas of life and they must be closely examined in order not to repeat mistakes (Billy Bob?); head to head competition is beneficial (Lara Croft!)

Yet papa Voight (no angel–who is?) must have been stung more than once by his daughter’s emotional touchiness and moodiness (Moon/Mars = temper tantrums), her rule-breaker leanings (Sun semi-sq Uranus), and the Sun/Neptune opposition which indicates difficulty in telling who’s right and who’s wrong in arguments.

Angie was misunderstood as a child, by her father (and perhaps by mother, too) and the insecurity the Sun/Neptune aspect engenders gives a suspicious nature about other people’s motives…not so good for love relationships. Yet maturity and self-knowledge are the antidotes for this confusion about the personal ego (Sun, a father significator) which then leads to adult relationships where one tends to bring out either the best–or the worst–in the partner.

This best/worst tendency is shown between her natal chart and that of Brad Pitt with their NN-SN ‘flip’…his Gem North Node conjoins her South Node 00Gem53…which is another way of saying that they bring out either the best in each other, or the worst. So far, it seems to be ‘the best’ for them both.

Plus, Pitt’s natal DESC, cusp of the Partnership house, is conjunct Jolie’s natal Sun 13Gem25!

The third primary link between their natal charts: his Cap Mars opposes her Cancerian Venus/ASC. As Paris Hilton once said, ‘that’s hot.’

As you see, Jolie’s Arian Jupiter is closely conj natal Midheaven, the Aspiration/Career Point, which gives her a desire for Jupiterian things such as money, spiritual growth, ideals, travel, and expansion of many kinds. Social work and child foster/adoptive care are also shown in her chart (Moon/Jup), so having jolly Jupiter at MC helps her tremendously in fulfilling her worldly desires including having many (Jupiter) children (Moon.)

Yes, Jupiter at Career Point indicates the Acting Profession and mega-bucks for performing.

The Mars/Chiron midpoint is at MC as well–Mars/Chiron is the ‘sacred warrior’ archetype which I could not help but remember recently as I re-watched her as Lara Croft in ‘Tomb Raider.’

The film’s adventurous fight scenes and its plotline involving the Illuminati and treasure-seeking, along with the physical training necessary for such acting chops by its lady star, reminded me of her natal chart to a “T” for there is a need here (abundant Cardinal and Fire, lack of Fixed planets) for a dedicated physical program. Martial Arts training is perfect! And hand-to-hand competition is good for the nervous irritability so usual with a Venus/Uranus square.

Sun and Moon are in a lovely sextile (60 degr) which softens the previously mentioned Moon/Mars disturbances, and helps her with the difficult Moon/Saturn square, an aspect of melancholy and gloom.

Moon/Saturn in difficult aspect makes letting go of the past difficult, but a Sun/Moon sextile indicates eventual success at this necessary task if one wants to move into the future without heavy emotional baggage. Another aid for her is her Moon/Jupiter conjunction, good for long-distance travel (and in 9th house!), social work such as being spokeperson for large organizations, spiritual insights, and an intellectual understanding of other people.

Moon/Jupiter conjs indicate one who wants to contribute to society and to give asylum to those who are in need of it. This is the “faith that can move mountains” aspect (shared natally by mountain-mover and terminal optimist, George Bush, in Libra.)

With Moon as chart-ruler and lady Venus rising, it’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie embodies the Aphrodite archetype for many people as her image is projected upon large silver screens the world over. And her dramatic Moon trine Neptune makes the stereotype even more potent for Neptune IS the silver screen–and one of the Moon’s archetypal goddesses is Isis. In fact, Lara Croft’s exploits inside the polar ICE cap was fulfilled beautifully by this lovely Hollywood “Isis.” 

But ‘Mother’ is there, too, in her child adoptions and humanitarian social work; and as you see, I’ve marked the Aries Point (fame; prominence) because of natal Pallas, the Daughter, 00Ari28. So Jolie is famous in her own right, she’s famous for adopting children, and may eventually have a famous daughter.

In fact, her Sun/Moon (male/female = relationships, esp marriage) midpoint is conj natal Ceres, the Mother. This is a blessing for her, because Moon/Saturn’s melancholia may be greatly eased or mitigated by the joys of motherhood and the frivolities of raising happy children. She’s a good teacher to her kids, esp in their creative pursuits.

So there we have it: a starry portrait of a glamorous woman who lives out the Venusian archetype for the Collective–and is expert at doing so, isn’t she?

Perhaps we should include her Sun Gem/Moon Aries personality blend’s Iamges for Integration–which may remind us again of her Lara Croft role…

Sun Gem/Moon Aries: “A nimble-footed streetfighter dodges (her) way to victory over all comers…The eternal freshness of a Constable landscape.” (Chas & Suzi Harvey, ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign.’)

Well, that’s all I have time for at the moment concerning this paragon of feminine goddesslike beauty–and I now officially dub her “CelebChart Queen”…until the next CelebChart usurper comes along and the Queen’s sceptor must be passed!

Scott McClellan’s Neptune: “A Military Band on the March”

It occurred to me to publish here the natal chart of former White House press secretary Scott McClellan but with his birth time unknown and my annoyance at the kerfluffle his ‘revelations’ about the Bush administration are causing, I’d rather not and must wonder what the White House and the MSM are drawing our attention AWAY from that we should be paying attention to.

(Election or Convention tricks being put in place? Another White House scandal simmering? More nuclear warheads being “accidentally” transported across America?)

Therefore, I can’t seem to justify the ink it takes to print and scan a chart for this years-late barker, the Sirius-the-Dog-Star-influenced announcer who’s telling what most of us already knew about the Bush-Cheney rush to war and the lies it took. A dog that barks AFTER the robbery is perpetrated is no help at all, is he?

So since the war was planned Before they were installed in the White House, McClellan’s gullibility is somewhat doubtful, and because he was (or still is) on the neocon payroll, I’m not ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. I never gave it to Bush or Cheney, so why give it to their plausible denier?

Then, while the Plame scandal was sizzling like a hot potato–April 19, 2006, that is–Scott ‘resigned’ from his insider job on a day when “5 Aries” was being emphasized by a conjunction of Mercury, the Messenger, and North Node (NN), ‘contact with the public.’

And at noon on that day, the pair were at Midheaven, the Career Point of the chart, further highlighting this degree.

The Jones version of the Sabian Symbols gives “5 Aries” as…”A Triangle with Wings”…ZEAL…

pos: the creative transformation of everything into an expression of enduring idea (“Enduring Freedom”?!) and a reflection of The Real Vision Ahead (my caps);

neg/unconscious/shadow side: blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations.

Ahh, blissful obliviousness–like living inside the White House bubble with Bush and Cheney and being paid to spout their swillish propaganda in order to justify debateable principles?

Now the amazing thing about McClellan’s natal Neptune, planet of deception (including self-deception), lies, fraud, illusions, subterfuge, idealism, and the masses, is that it aspects Every Planet in his natal chart (born Feb 14, 1968, Austin, TX); here’s the list:

1. square Moon (all day even without knowing his birth time but I’m using sunrise 7:16:45 am CST);

2. square Sun 24AQ55;

3. square Mercury Rx 27AQ14;

4. sextile (60 degr) Venus 23Cap03 (in process of being triggered by Jupiter Rx);

5. trine Mars 28Pis01;

6. square Jupiter 1Vir39 Rx (tr Saturn still within orb of conj);

7. sesquisquare (135 degr)  Saturn 9Ari24;

8. sextile Uranus 28Vir28 Rx;

9. sextile Pluto 22Vir13 Rx (a generational influence);

10. trine Chiron 27Pis18.

Even NN is biquintile (144 degr) natal Neptune, an aspect of talent (2 x 72 degr = 144) so you can see that McClellan’s natal Neptune is vastly emphasized and active within his psyche and his life experience.

One might say it’s a perfect situation for one who must use Neptunian things such as deception, illusion, propaganda, and photo ops within their careers.

Aspected planets are supposed to be easier to grasp consciously since they interact or are catalysts with the other energies in the chart, yet Neptune is quite impossible to ‘grasp’ at all–the Gaseous Beauty represents the Unconscious! And once we ‘grasp’ something–become aware of it–it’s no longer unconscious, is it?

So much Neptunian energy in a chart indicates a Piscean gullibility of misplaced loyalties which was used by those he idolized (also a Neptunian concept) so McClellan is probably being truthful about his ‘believing’ in Bush at the start. One thing I can correct him on, however, is that “most Americans” did NOT give Bush the “benefit of the doubt” (another word Neptune loves, ‘doubt’) because at least half of us knew that invading Iraq was a very very Bad Idea.

Guess the millions of people all over the pre-war world who PLEADED with Bush-Cheney NOT to invade made no impression on McClellan either. We can imagine why Bush-Cheney ignored them and their peaceful sentiments, but how could Scott?

So what of his emphasized Neptune’s Symbol for “27Scorpio”?

“A Military Band on the March”…INTREPIDITY…

pos: a dramatic capacity for drawing events to a focus and directing their course successfully to what might have seemed impossible ends;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: foolhardy self-exploitation.

Well, they do always say that no one can fool us unless we first fool ourselves. That Scott McClellan perfectly understood the ‘plausible deniability’ role of his press secretary’s job seems obvious to me although some Neptunian pie-in-the-sky idealism was surely prominent and useful to the White House.

That old pal Bush, the canny Cancer, and the wily Dick Cheney used McClellan’s Neptunian personality for their propaganda-catapultin’ purposes was on TV for all to see. I thought so then, and nothing I’ve heard McClellan say in interviews, and no quotes from his book have changed my mind on that score.

A dupe that’s in on the game, or thinks he is…what could be of more use to these exploitative robber barons who needed a public face to hide behind?

Now here’s an interesting tidbit concerning the day of McClellan’s ‘resignation’ (I think he lost his nerve from the constant pounding!)…April 19, 2006 (ahh, I remember it well)…when Moon was in Capricorn, sign of politics (as in ‘Valerie Plame’ and ‘treason’), law (as in ‘Scooter Libby and Rove’), and business (as in ‘waste and fraud in Iraq’); Sun was at 29Aries, a crisis degree…Fire-Earth is “the bulldozer” combo of elements…

Sun Ari/Moon Cap: domineering; aggressive; tough-minded; unstoppable; the winner; the boss (not McClellan, obviously–Bush and/or Cheney); has sheer magnetic force to the personality; instinctually charges ahead to conquer in inappropriate situations (no kiddin’); too blunt or businesslike in personal relationships; a lop-sided and overpowering need for control and to be recognized as “tops.”

Remember when George used to mention his “gut” feelings as he “charged ahead”? You don’t change your “mind” when your “gut” directs your actions, no second-guessing yourself because it might make you look as if you’d been wrong. (And Harry Truman was much the same, btw. No second-guesser there.)

Images for Integration: “A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual rights…Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Sounds just like these neocon shills for the power elite, doesn’t it?

So what are the results from McClellan’s 2006 resignation–or his current “waking up” to the truth de Bush?

Little or nothing–the war grinds on just as I believe was meant to from the start.

They never intended the war to be short or easy, that’s a fallacy promoted to hide their true intentions (chaos and renting of the world’s social fabric)–hidden, they hope, behind a smokescreen of “incompetence” …a comforting Neptunian illusion, but another lie.

Pass the Kool Aid, Scott, you need another swig before you face the cameras.

So who do we know who shares the Sun Ari/Moon Cap combo natally?

Why, Albert Gore, Trilateral Commission member and globalist extraordinaire with the greenish tinge.

Hmmm…’Trilateral” = triangle…”with wings,” perchance? Then maybe Albert can tell us more about The Real Vision Ahead.







Chiron and North Node in Aquarius

Have you been wondering about the meaning of the conjunction of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, with North Node, a joining point of destiny, and what it might have in store as they dance together in Aquarius?

So have I, so I scouted out a wonderful and enlightening article by Julie Demboski here:


The upcoming Mercury Retrograde period is a partner in the dance, so look to the involved areas in your chart to see how you’re affected in the healing and/or talent department, and let Julie explain the details!

Mercury Rx: May 26 (21Gem31);

Direct Station: June 19 (12Gem59);

Out of shadow period: July 4/5 (21Gem31.)

Because Mercury the Messenger travels so quickly, it will be forward-moving within a day of reaching 21Gem31 when Mercurial things (like election issues) can then proceed further into Gemini, one of its natural signs.

~The above dates and degrees are from an old fashioned ephemeris, the hard copy kind printed on paper and thus may not be as accurate as your Astrology software. I will get the exact dates and times today as I plan for an article on the subject relating to the presidential campaign and a certain candidate. jc


Saturn and the Moon’s South Node

Her New Tatoo

drawing: Her New Taboo Tatoo

When transiting Saturn and the South Node of the Moon met up in October ’07 some mention was made of it at my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington.

But here are some general notes on the pairing of Saturn (separation; restriction principle; loss; lessons; denial; control; delay; responsibility; authority; accountability; form), and South Node (SN), a point of separation, past connections, talents and abilities; also has to do with inheritance and family entanglements…and on a psychological level, with neuroses–defensive behavior we developed which made sense at the time but now doesn’t give an appropriate result to our current situation and needs.

Like bashing our noggins against brick walls, falling back on habitual SN behavior is okay as a short respite but if we want better outcomes in our lives, we must change our behavior to match today’s reality. Easy to say, isn’t it?

Funny how we hear much of the “on the ground” phrase which is Saturnian to the nth degree…Saturn is form and substance, earth, soil, crust, skeletal systems, skin–anything that encases and enbounds. Why, without skin our goots would fall out all over the place.

Thanks, Saturn!

‘Cronos’ of olden times, Saturn was once The Boundary to our (known) solar system, a fact shifted greatly by William Hershcel’s discovery of Uranus (then known as Herschel–you can see why although they say that he didn’t ask for the notoriety. He was on to other things.)

It is through “Chronos”—chronology–that we directly see Saturn’s relation to Time and Time Keeping with a capital ‘T’…aka the grim reaper. Yet there are long-lasting rewards for long-term endeavor which are Saturn’s rewards to the faithful and dedicated.

And there’s Sabbath, Saturday–a 24-hour period of Time through which we may see Eternity…all the way back to the first 7th day. Its position in the sequence is sacred, not what you name the day. (The names they can monkey with but remove 7 and 8 falls flat along with the rest. Every seventh day is the Seventh Day.)

Saturn conjunct SN:

extreme limitations; rigid habits out of harmony with the prevailing culture’s methods and ideas;  isolation and seclusion; cooperation is the lesson; painstaking attention to detail as all external influences may be disregarded–esp in obscure fields; individualism achieves in a class by itself. (Sakoian, Astrologer’s Handbook.)

And depending on Saturn’s condition in your natal and progressed charts, perhaps this transit affecting the Collective is impacting your life just now…if so, write me! Your observations are most welcome at Jude’s Threshold.

For Saturn is the Guardian parked on the doorstep of everyone’s threshold after all…and he brings needed lessons to those he highly values.

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