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The Pope’s butler arrested for leaking

Did you hear about the Pope’s butler? He’s been arrested for leaking Vatican secrets.

Seems that ‘leaking’ is on the rise now that watery Neptune, with its ‘urge to merge’, is ensconced within its own oceanic sign of Pisces. Bad thing for everyone is that contagions such as polio and whooping cough are
also on the rise at the same time that governments say they’re short of money.

Another influence when secrets and hidden things are revealed are current eclipses, both lunar and solar, which tend to uncover the most inconvenient things. As you know, a Solar Eclipse just occurred on May 20th @ 00Gem21 with communicative Gemini the sign of news-tellers. The eclipse degree conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone–keywords: something to cry about so methinks perhaps someone in the Vatican may be crying as I type, along with the arrested butler.

And in a few days there’s a Lunar Eclipse @ 14Sag manifesting on June 4th so beware those naughty secrets! And please stay home or get treatment if you’re feeling ill. Thanks.


For eclipse details and their horoscopes, you may wish to try (if you dare) my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington.

Neptune’s fraud to we-the-people: more housing woes to come

This just in 10.13.10:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Officials In 49 States Launch Foreclosure Probe The officials, including attorneys general and bank regulators, will examine whether mortgage company employees made false statements or prepared documents improperly. More at NPR.

Original post from 5 minutes ago begins here:

Most Americans agree that the recession certainly isn’t “over” with continued unemployment at the base of home foreclosures and real estate evaluation woes in abundance which will lead to further decline and loss. The October 8, 2010 station retrograde of Venus, planet of evaluations, @ 13Sco13 is having its reviewing and renegotiation effects as well as certain big banks have suspended their robo-foreclosure process for a moment.

(Have the banksters and fraudsters succeeded in defrauding themselves? How many empty houses do they want anyway?)

So as you know, transiting Neptune, planet of fraud, confusion, deception, and loss, has been billowing its dissolving rays around and underneath the US natal Moon in Aquarius which in Mundane Astrology signifies we-the-people.

Oceanic (and, in a perfect world, spiritual) Neptune also represents ‘floods’, ‘mass media’, ‘the masses’, and the ‘urge to merge’, an urge which obviously knows no bounds; thus we describe the all-encompassing problems our nation’s housing and financial markets are experiencing. Determining all causes for one’s problems is difficult under Neptune’s influence and the finger-pointing at the many (often hidden) culprits continues.

However, the one thing that Astrology brings to any table is the element of Time or timing. Thus we know that eventually, this fraudulent, loss-filled period of Neptune-to-US-natal-Moon will end.

The question is: will anything of value to we-the-people still be standing when it does?

Paris Hilton in cocaine arrest 8.28.10

There’s been celebrity shenanigans in Las Vegas of a serious kind!

Paris Hilton was arrested in a Las Vegas drug incident when the vehicle she was riding in proved positive for cocaine after being stopped by police because of what appeared to be a certain type of smoke wafting from the car.

Ms. Hilton was released on her own recognizance and promises to return to face charges. (Like that’s going to happen but who knows?) Hilton has been noticed before by law authorities for smoking marijuana, something that most people have smoked by now with few, if any, ill effects; alcohol is a problem as well.

Another drug incident for Ms. Hilton has given this mom astrologer some concern for the young lady so I had a peek at her Sun-to-Mc natal chart (birth time unknown; Sun @ Mc can indicate fame or notoriety.)

Here’s an image of her Sun-to-MC chart:

Born in NYC on February 17, 1981, the 29-year-old celebrity will have a Saturn Return in early October 2010, a time when life gets more serious, one ‘grows up’, and accountability and responsibility are required, often by society, in order to evolve to the next stage in a stable way.

Will this most recent drug arrest be a catalyst for her owning up to Saturn’s requirements and lessons?

Saturn is strong in PH’s chart for as you see, there’s a business-oriented Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Airy Libra, sign of Partnerships. This gives her enormous potential for success which is only aided, obviously, by her family’s long-standing wealth.

Jup/Sat conjunctions indicate an eagerness to assert oneself in the world but much work is needed to reach one’s goals. We see this in Hilton’s perfumery business, TV career, and other enterprises perhaps not yet revealed to the public. (No, I’m not counting such things as the sex tape that garnered her much notoriety.)

In business, she may not take many chances with Jup/Sat conjunct, yet little effort is wasted in nonproductive projects. A retentive memory is a plus of this conjunction but one wonders if overuse of drugs will eventually interfere with that ability since overdoing is her most persistent problem for it causes physical exhaustion and depletion (adrenals.)

You see her deeply intelligent Sun/Mercury conjunction in Airy, mental Aquarius so I hope she soon figures out what she’s doing to herself with taskmaster Saturn about to be very active in October. Last night’s arrest is part of this process.

Looking for drug-related factors is the chart is quite an easy task:

Neptune in Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter, inclines her to excess in the Neptune-ruled ‘negative escapism’ realms of life. Mars (our desire nature planet) is in dreamy Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, co-ruled by Neptune. Murky motivations and deceptive males are often part of the picture with Mars in confused Pisces.

South Node 10AQ55 is a point where our talents and the behavior we fall back on in times of stress may be found; Hilton’s SN has two asteroids where energy is being drained from her psyche: Bacchus is associated with wine, grapes, orgies, creative frenzy, and the theater arts. As you know, Bacchus was the Roman god of wine (Bacchanalia); the asteroid was discovered in 1977 by astronomer Charles Kowal, the discoverer of Chiron (also in 1977.)

Having Bacchus on SN may also describe an inherited (SN) tendency toward drinking and other negative escapist activities. Complicating the picture upon her SN is the presence of asteroid Nemesis (‘the unbeatable foe’; ‘divine retribution’) so drug use may be a thorny issue to solve. Better to try during a Saturn Return when reality is clearer and thus easier for a partying young lady to appreciate.

Natal Chiron 13Tau45 is conjunct Fixed Star Menkar: ‘a victim of the unconscious’ which adds fuel to her SN/unconscious/inherited tendencies with astrological Chiron describing her Wound or Blindspot. In Venus-ruled, sensual Taurus this means a crisis concerning one’s values such as what’s right or wrong, permanent or temporary; plus, this placement indicates issues with materialism.

Unconscious habits are the hardest to break, aren’t they? For we must first identify our demons in order to vanquish them. They don’t call it ‘demon alcohol’ for nothing.

But back to Hilton’s creative yet problematic Mars in Pisces and its connections with Jupiter and Neptune. This Piscean Mars gives her life a danger of abuse from those who would capitalize on her easy going nature and a willingness to serve others and it is my personal belief that Paris Hilton’s awareness of this facet of her personality could allow her more discrimination in her choice of whose vehicle she chooses to ride high in.

In blue, you may notice I’ve highlighted a double crisis pattern – YODs – which point toward n Mars and which have midpoint pictures we may wish to consider:

Jupiter/NN = Mars: successful cooperation and teamwork; a happy partnership; engagement.

Saturn/NN = Mars: a desire to gain release from emotional depression; suffering through others; enforced separation.

The YODs, which are not dependent on a correct time of birth, greatly increase her Piscean Mars issues and bring crises into her life by way of her relationships with her parents (NN = mom; Jupiter and Saturn are both significators for dad) and with males (Mars.)

But cocaine is not the answer and only increases one’s problems.

Then there’s her Sun square Uranus which can give her an eccentric nature, unprincipled behavior, self-willedness, and a strong desire for power. Authority issues prevail! Arrogance and an assumption of being ‘above the rules’ makes her socially at odds with anyone who dares challenge her. She may demand subservience from others, then lose respect for them when they submit. Outlook adjustments are needed if emotional satisfaction is wanted especially with natal Moon in applause-seeking Leo.

And Mercury square Uranus?

Uh oh! This aspect gives eccentric thinking and behavior yet a bright intelligence; her opinions are often dramatically at odds with society’s prevailing beliefs and standards. Bypassing logic is a caution, extreme impatience is in evidence, and there’s a tendency to refuse taking responsibility for what she says (Mercury = thinking and communication; Uranus = the rebel; the genius; behavior – she behaves as a Jupiter-ruled Sag.)

A Merc/Uran square also gives an inability to compromise in relationships which tends to keep them of short duration (but I’ve not kept up with her list of paramours or friends – is it long?) and staying keyed up for long periods of time causes (again, as above) nervous exhaustion. And with her energy force, Mars, placed in dissolving Pisces, the tendency toward ‘burn-out’ is echoed or magnified.

What I’m saying basically, is that Paris Hilton, like the rest of us, does not possess a bottomless pit of life energy and my maternal side sincerely hopes that she soon figures this out for herself for it’s the only way Her Willfulness will listen and protect herself.

Now here is a link to the AstroDataBank chart w/ bio details but with her given birth time in question (C rating) I didn’t use it in the above analysis; a Sagittarian Ascendant (and Neptune is in Sag) will be noted which would strengthen natal Jupiter in Venus-ruled Libra, sign of beauty – and Rx Jupiter can be quite the maverick – yet here tamped down, perhaps, by serious Saturn’s close presence!

Paris Hilton.


Books unharmed in the preparation of this post: Chiron, Barbara Hand Clow; Planets in Aspect, Rob Pelletier;
The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; this astrologer greatly appreciates the excellent work of these authors. jc

Disappointment in President Obama?

Update Dec 24, 2009: the Senate passed their version of a health insurance reform bill this morning with Venus in Sagittarius rising so here’s an article relating to the bill and to the post written below:

Obama Double-Crossed Progressives on Health Care

By Matthew Rothschild

If you’re a good progressive, and you wanted single-payer health care for all, or, second best, Medicare for All Who Want It, or third best, a robust public option, or fourth best, a paltry public option, now you’ve got nothing, nada, zippo.

Original post begins here:

Okay, now President Barack Obama has done it – gone and gotten David Michael Green royally po’d.

Everthing from Pres. Obama’s ohsoclose palships with the Goldman Sachs robots and Clintonites in his cabinet to his lackluster rhetoric at the summit in Copenhagen on Dec 18, Mr., Green makes some valuable points about the flaws and shortcomings of our rookie president.

Now one little spree into Astrology, then I’ll hush.

Remember late-2008/early 2009 when I mentioned the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint and how it kept hitting Pres. Obama’s natal Neptune off and on (due to retrogradation)? Well, I’m going to type out the midpoint picture one more time because of its influence on and surrounding him all through health insurance reform meetings and activities, corporate welfare instituted with TARP bailouts, and anything else the president has been involved in since Jan 20, 2009…on our behalf, as they say.

Using Ebertin’s midpoint directory, we have:

Tr Saturn/Pluto = n Neptune: falsehood, lies, frauds, the desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Any, all, or none may apply.)

Well, Mr. Obama’s nerves may not be shattered (being well prepared for performances by his masters and all) but I know many people whose nerves Are shattered domestically: by loss of job, home, auto, or all of the above.

No, these are not the most important things in life, but they do make life in the US possible and one depends on the other, right? Besides, children must be fed – babies’ diapers must be changed! But the Oil Can Harrys of Wall Street don’t care, they got theirs (and yours, too.)

Sigh! I remember the days not so long ago (2008 campaign) that I typed somewhere that no one can live up to such hype in the media and deserve all those sigh-filled swoons from the public – and that America’s natal Neptune 22Vir25 is exactly conjunct Mr. Obama’s natal Mars (to the degree) which would make his actions (Mars) difficult or impossible for the collective to see or understand clearly (clouding Neptune) – his true motives (Mars) tend to stay masked (Neptune) for the majority of people.

Astrological Neptune relates to dreams, visions, ideals, disappointments, loss, deceptions (including the self-delusional kind), lies, frauds, thefts, film-art-music, mass media, and liquids; so with our national Neptune in Virgo, the sign of ‘jobs’ and ‘health,’ the president’s attempts to shine us on about health insurance reform these months – rather than repair the US job market however he can – seem to be shrouded (Neptune) in confusion (Neptune.)

As many folks have written and spoken, the recent “jobs summit’ at the White House does seem to have been primarily political theater meant for improving ‘looks’ and style more than anything practical…PR masquerading as action-taking…or, a sort of thinking-about-taking-action exercise, photos on the evening news.

(Now I know that Mars likes exercise however he can get it, yet it’s funny that Mr. Obama jetted to Copenhagen to say it’s time for Actions, not Words. And so we see the goose and gander smothered in the exact same sauce with goose-stepping NWO types following the summit’s script if they want to continue “leading” their countries.)

Of course, glamorous Neptune adores ‘looks’ and style, while initiating Mars prefers to work on a physical level, getting things done and manifested in the real world. (Mars is a bit on the frustrated side in fussy Virgo, however; George Bush has a Virgoan Mars, too.)

So with Neptune’s glamorous ‘rockstar’ veils thrown collectively over the actions, motivations, and desire principle (Mars) of Pres. Barack Obama, what are the chances we’ll know what he’s up to even if – and when – we see it before our very eyes?

Reid announces public option in health reform w/Neptune rising 10/26/09

It’s 3:23 pm edt in Washington DC and Senate Majoirty Leader Harry Reid has just announced a public option with states being able to opt out of the option.

At 3:15 pm when Reid was to begin his announcement, mass-media connected Neptune was rising in Washington DC which is not the most stable portent for Democrats’ plan to include this option for the neediest among us.

Yet time will tell if this is only another shine-on scam to snooker the American people, even if fraudulent, deceptive, yet often idealistic Neptune doesn’t.


Blog Note: if you are a visitor to my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington please update to its new http://www.com domain. Thanks!

Shoes in the News Again

Trippin’ to the Middle East – but this time it isn’t George Bush, it’s Pope Benedict with a shoe issue.

So I’m giving a shout-out to feet-and-shoe-ruled Pisces, the sign whose higher octave planet, Neptune, is associated with spirituality, the masses, propaganda and other deceptions, veils, discontent, oil, gas, water, and any liquid you’ve got in your sippy cup at the moment.

And you know that on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, Neptune was at 6 Aquarius, its position when Mohammed entered Medina, and thus represents the birth of Islam. ‘6AQ’ is often referred to as the Medina degree for just this reason.

Therefore, 9/11/01 was quite close to being Islam’s Neptune Return.

And the Sabian Symbols (one for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac) are said to be originally from Babylonia so let’s check out ‘6AQ’ to see if it applies to the Pope or his visit to the Holy Land…

‘A Performer of a Mystery Play: SUBTLETY’ (perfect for Neptune and for the Catholic Church’s rituals and magicalities, too.)

positive expression: a gift for dramatizing the deeper or real opportunities of a human society;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: consistent self-mystification and marked impracticality.

That was from Marc Edmund Jones’ version of the Symbols.

Dane Rudhyar gives ‘6AQ’ as:

‘A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play.

Keynote: The individual’s involvement in long-established patterns of activity aiming at the release of collective power.

–social processes in their deepest occult aspect. The individual is seen as having assumed a TRANSPERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.’

This speaks of rituals as being binding: ‘Biological and cosmic energies can thus be used to ensure that social processes do not lose touch with the deeper realities of planetary and universal Life.’

Well, okay then. And at least no shoes were thrown at big heads!

Bernard Madoff post now updated

My previous post on Bernard Madoff’s natal chart has just been updated with certain Solar Eclipse details and a link to a current article on what his employees are now revealing about the rug-straightening Mr. Madoff.

It shows us a very good example of what a Solar Eclipse from a difficult Series falliing on one’s natal Neptune can unveil – especially when you have so much to hide!

Russell Brand 4 June, 1975

English comedian, writer, and actor, Russell Brand continues to make a jolly spectacle of himself with rare grace, charm, and wit, and I think it’s high time he was mentioned herein.

With my inspiration and astrological nosiness spurred by a rousing interview with Russell Brand on today’s Fresh Air radio programme (I’m turning a little British as I write about Mr. Brand – notice the birthdate in Brit style), here are a few natal details concerning his nibs.

Only child of two parents, Russell Brand (for our purposes now ‘RB’) has accomplished a level of fame in the UK which is perhaps exceeded only by controversial qualities which may at times outshine his brilliant wit and communications talents.

Fired from MTV and ‘resigned’ from the BBC ? That’s quite a resume and he’s only 33. Oh, and he made a little film in 2008 called, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ – you may have seen him as the rock star boyfriend, a part re-written with him in mind.

Yet! We’ll not despair, for even in America his light now groweth, this self-described ‘S & M Willy Wonka’ with the teased-up hair, ropes of necklaces tucked underneath unbuttoned shirts, and tight leather pants which are major parts of his repertoire, if one may say so.

Born 4 June, 1975, the soon-to-be 34-year-old arrives at Hermes’ Crossroads quite naturally if his natal chart – his…dare I say it? – horoscope…is consulted. You see, Gemini is the sign of the Eternal Youth, the Peter Pan archetype of our modern days.

Rock stars, music producers, and actors often fall into this category and it isn’t easy for many of them to break free and deal with the realities of aging and of ordinary life. Garner enough money, fame, and prestige and you’ll be lead by the hand (Gemini) right into the mirror-tiled bedroom (soon after your 10th botox treatment and your last album-release party) for a romantic rendezvous with the perfect stranger who awaits the prince.

On 4 June, 1975: Grays, Essex was the scene of the bouncing and happy event for although darkness exists within Mr. Brand – and is also to be found in his memoir ‘My Booky Wook’ as he instructively points out in today’s radio interview – his natal Sun in Gemini along with the writer’s planet, Mercury Rx 22Gem24 (using a Sun-to-Midheaven chart at the moment: 12:56:50 pm bst) give him plenty of Pan-ishness in all departments. The trickster element’s elfin charm!

Desire nature = Mars – RB’s is in lusty Aries, 7 degrees from an Arian Jupiter; Venus = what one is attracted to and what one attracts – RB’s is in creative Cancer, sign of nurturing + planet of the anima (the perfection of womanhood within the psyche.)

So by sign only, we may simplistically say that RB desires Aries, and is attracted to and attracts those of the Cancerian persuasion.

Now  although I just did, I don’t like to pry so it’s a good thing Mr. Brand’s birth hour is unknown to me. But the Moon remained in Aries for the 24 hours of his birth day; therefore, let us consider Sun Gem-Moon Aries and see what may be seen about this entertaining genius from Essex.

Sun Gem-Moon Aries is an Air-Fire blend with a freshness and clarity to it. Quick and alert, decisive and versatile, Sun Gem-Moon Ari is passionately impulsive and endlessly curious.

(Instantly one might think of  Mr. Brand’s oft-touted ‘bed-them-all’ approach with the ladies which seems to work well for his libido and for establishing a lotharian legend which naughty Mercury in his Hermes guise can well admire.)

Intense will power combined with strong communication ability makes for a poetic salesperson, a whiz with words, and a vivid speaker whose exuberance may be envied by less nimble types.

Yet feelings are not the strong suit here – feeling  ‘passionately’ about things isn’t the same as being able to empathize. And saying what one thinks isn’t the same as sharing feelings about human emotions. Gemini usually finds emotions ‘too heavy’ so “let us flit to something fun and up-to-the-minute, pleeese, I’m so bored,”  he pouts.

Yet oddly enough, there’s a pugnacious forthrightness here that can make for bitter enemies, yet the Sun Gem-Moon Ari blend of energies is often surprised to find this out even as it’s being shrugged off with a hilarious joke or two and a bye-your-leaves, MTV and BBC.

However, no amount of negative experience dulls the spontaneity, the puppy-with-two-tails quality that gets this blend through life’s challenges and helps immensely when one must talk oneself out of tough corners.

Any career that involves ‘thinking on ones feet’  is perfect for this combo, plus, the ability is supported by his having Jupiter oriental (last planet to rise before the Sun) which favors work situations that require spontaneous actions and quick decisions that ‘pay off’ handsomely, it is hoped.

Comedy, stand-up, acting, and music are good ways of using Jupiter oriental – anything that includes improvisation is excellent for Russell Brand’s varied and impressive talents.

Weaknesses may be:

egotism (in show business? Whaaa?); insensitivity to others’ feelings; partiality; monopolizing conversations (like his pal, TV’s Craig Ferguson, RB doesn’t really need anyone on stage with him – that’s Gemini’s multi-characterizations so it’s not really a negative trait for a performer…Ferguson has Mercury and Venus in Gemini); riding roughshod over others is a temptation (which may play into libido games, of course, along with his ‘Pluto-Chiron = Saturn’  in Cancer…ouch! The oppressive authority figure suppresses the psyche and sense of inner responsibility at an early age. To be recognized as an authority in adulthood is a prime motivation while Gemini still insists on romping about the place tossing confetti.)

Natally speaking, this Air-Fire blend is shared by Bill Moyers and John Constable, the painter mentioned below…

‘Images for Integration: A nimble-footed streetfighter dodges his way to victory over all comers’ (hush! – jc)…’The eternal freshness of a Constable landscape.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, Mr. Eternal Freshness certainly plays the Artful Dodger archetype with grand enthusiasm – yet with a past of drug problems and family myths and complexes weighing him down. And frettingly, a Rx Morya (opiates such as morphine) closely opposes natal Sun in Gemini…with Morya near Neptune 10Sag21 Rx.

And you know about Sun-Neptune oppositions…

…early misunderstanding of authority causes a sense of being singled out for discipline (or being so); acting defiantly toward anyone who tries to control and manipulate…obvious obstacles are lost in crowds of imaginary ones…self-doubt, fear of entrapment, running away from reality…yet highly creative and potentially successful later in life once a full awareness of the creative talents is developed.

And yes, that creative if often self-deceptive  Neptunian ‘urge to merge’ can be fatal if one doesn’t escape the lifestyle in time, so I hereby declare that I am most sincerely glad that Russell Brand is with us now to spread his amazingly cheeky comedy all over the land because everyone on the planet can benefit from a good larf now and then!


Wiki bio with link to Wiki page about his ‘My Booky Wook’:


Bush’s Rose Garden economy

Well, he can’t say ‘everything’s coming up roses’ anymore, so when George Bush spoke from the Rose Garden at the White House this morning, I looked at the Scorpio rising horoscope to find a YOD (Finger of God pattern – two planets sextile at base, both inconjunct a third, apex planet) which is a configuration of crisis or special task or purpose….a critical point where every action matters tremendously.

The YOD involves Moon, Uranus, and Mercury, and of course, Uranus often brings crises all by itself.

Moon 22Tau+ was also triggering the last Great Conjunction degree of societal planets Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) of May 28, 2000:

“23Tau” = “A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels” so you know it isn’t the American people ‘racking up’ here. (Jupiter = Republicans, Saturn = Democrats.)

Uranus, another planet in the YOD pattern is Rx at “21Pis” = “A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant.”

Mercury, planet of speeches and announcements, is at “22Libra” = ” A Child Giving Birds a Drink at a Fountain” – and the ‘fountain’ seems to be the public trough oink oink. “Child” is probably you and me, including in the Sabian Symbol mentioned below for Neptune.

The YOD as a midpoint picture?

Moon/Uranus = Mercury: suggestive thought power (Bush hopes): great mental activity (they’ve had their noggins together figuring out what to do and say); sudden cognition and perception; expecting a surprise; innovative ideas.

In a YOD, apex Mercury is the masterful communicator and social enlightener who can appear out-of-tune with the environment – kind of like Rx Mercury – and who may not be speaking in a clear, direct manner. There is a disjointed quality to his communication, perhaps indicated here by a lack of details concerning the ‘broad package’ and ‘new agency’ which the ‘experts’ are working on for next week’s delivery.

More socializing of private debt on the way as they ‘bail out’ their friends on Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. And with Mercury one degree from its Rx Station we’ll be hearing these themes again and again as economic issues are reviewed and rehashed. Mercury passes its shadow degree at the end of October and perhaps the discourse can move on then.

Sun “28Virgo” = “A Bald-headed Man Dominates a Gathering of Natonal Figures”…Paulson, it would seem…unless it’s Cheney!

And during Bush’s short Rose Garden presentation this morning, tr Neptune 21AQ58 Rx crossed the Ic in DC – the Foundation of the Matter, and not where you’d like dissolving, deceptive Neptune to be…

“22AQ” = “A Rug Placed on the Floor for Children to Play On”…as the lame duck prez attempts to put a bottom underneath the economic free fall which he, with his cohorts and enablers, created.


And here’s a nugget concerning one of Bush’s enablers, that deregulating John McCain who has a POW secret to hide:


Capitalism, Big Bears, Trainwrecks, and George Bush

Apologies for the little squigglies that I place between them – it’s the only way I can keep articles from schmooshing together in a clump – spacefully, here are a couple of articles worth noting:

Financial Russian Roulette


2008 could be 1931 revisited.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20766.htm #

(Yeah, I’ve been saying stuff like that but Mr. Krugman says it much much better than I ever did. As he should.)


The Crash of Western Capitalist Civilization?

By Richard C. Cook

“Train-wreck” doesn’t even begin to describe what is starting to happen to the US today with the financial crisis, an onrushing depression, and the failure of George W. Bush’s war
policy as he is faced down by Iran and the Russian bear.

But in an even broader sense, the West, as a civilization, after a century of world war and the utter failure of global finance capitalism, may have reached its limits.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20764.htm #


Transiting Neptune of fraud, illusion, and deception fame is still dancing around with the ’23AQ’ degree whose Sabian Symbol is: “A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws.” (Jones.)

“-reached its limits”? Like the US Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December 2008 (Sibly chart) or February 2009 (Sco rising chart) – THAT kind of reached its limits?

Thing is, I keep mentioning the US Sec Full Moon ad nauseum, but there’s no shame in recognizing one’s limits and knowing when pulling back is a good thing. It’s when heads keep being bashing against brick walls that’s really really stupid – and shameful to brazenly think you can go against natural laws and win, and to not care for destinies of the people you take down with you.

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