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NASA photos of a snowed-in America Feb 2011

It’s Snow Across America!

If you haven’t yet viewed NASA’s satellite photos of a snowed-in America click to marvel!

Apparently here in Georgia we may be getting a few more snowflakes mixed with the rain we’re experiencing today but so far, no flake has fallen to my knowledge. But there is this…

Image: drawing, Snowy Path (here, in color) from my Secret Moon Art collection of Botanical, Children’s, Fairy, Cosmic, and Moon illustrations.

Many of my drawings may be found decorating merchandise in the Jude Cowell Art Shop for your 24/7 art browsing pleasure!

Written by Jude Cowell

February 4, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Britain covered with snow – satellite pic

This must be seen to be appreciated: a NASA photo of a completely snow-covered Britain.


Unless both of you reading this are tucked underneath…this major snow event might not be so Wow then…

Written by Jude Cowell

January 21, 2010 at 3:21 am

So there’s water on the Moon…

Once I knew someone with water on the knee but this is different…

NPR BREAKING NEWS from NASA: Water Found In Moon Crater

NASA says a probe that purposely slammed into a crater on the moon has turned up evidence of water. Over the last decade, scientists have found some hints of underground ice on the moon’s poles, but this is the best evidence yet. #

If you’re thirsty, you may wish to read more at NPR.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 13, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Lunar Impact debris plume photos

Space Weather News for Oct 17, 2009

LUNAR IMPACT PLUME: NASA has just released pictures of infrared flashes and a visible plume of debris produced by a Centaur booster rocket hitting the Moon on Oct 9th. The images confirm that the LCROSS experiment was a success despite the fact that the impacts were visually unimpressive from Earth.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for images of the plume and commentary from mission scientists.

Written by Jude Cowell

October 17, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Update on NASA’s LCROSS-Moon impact 10/9/09

Space Weather News for Oct. 8, 2009

LUNAR IMPACT UPDATE: NASA’s LCROSS spacecraft and its Centaur booster rocket are on course for a Friday morning impact in crater Cabeus near the Moon’s south pole.

The Centaur will strike first on Oct 9th at 11:31:19 UT (7:31:19 EDT, 4:31:19 PDT), followed by the LCROSS mothership at 11:35:45 UTC (7:35:45 EDT, 4:35:45). The spectacular double-impact, designed to excavate water frozen in the crater’s shadowy depths, will be broadcast live on NASA TV.

Amateur astronomers with 10-inch class backyard telescopes may be able to see debris billowing over the crater’s rim. This is a big event!

Visit SpaceWeather.com for observing tips and full coverage. #

And here is your NASA TV hook up with schedules of live events, etc.

Taking an astrological peek at tomorrow morning’s Moon position @ 20/21 Gem, conjunct US natal Mars which apparently reflects (Moon) America’s energy and initiative (Mars), we see that the ongoing opposition between Saturn and Uranus forms a T-square pattern with the early morning Moon in a Mutable sign (Gemini, sign of Communications – very appropriate for NASA TV’s live coverage.)

Moon in a Mutable T-SQ indicates Luna in a defensive position! This Luna is highly charged with security its prime interest – this ‘touchy’ Moon is about to be touched, or I should say ‘assaulted’ by NASA, and placed in the public eye as this T-SQ also indicates.

Misunderstood impressions from the past are sure to be reprogrammed during the T-Square which will be in effect for the Oct 9, 2009 impact adventure, and one assumes that whether water is found on the Moon or not, new knowledge will be gained from the assault on our one and only Luna.

NASA’s LCROSS and Centaur to impact Moon 10/9/09

Space Weather News for Oct 6, 2009

LUNAR IMPACT: This Friday morning, Oct 9th, at approximately 4:30 am PDT, NASA’s LCROSS spacecraft and its Centaur booster rocket will plunge one after another into a shadowed crater near the Moon’s south pole. The spectacular double-impact will be shown live on NASA TV from the point of view of the LCROSS spacecraft.

Meanwhile, impact debris plumes emerging from the crater may be visible through backyard telescopes. North American sky watchers west of the Mississippi river are favored with darkness and good views of the Moon at the time of impact.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for observing tips and full coverage.

Written by Jude Cowell

October 6, 2009 at 8:54 pm

Atlantis set to go 2:01 pm edt 5/11/09

Set for launch at 2:01 pm edt from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the space shuttle Atlantis will be on its way to repair the Hubble Telescope and hopefully extend the Hubble’s photographic life for 5 years or longer.

The launch chart is available for viewing, if you’re interested, and I’ve included a few brief notes, details, and some of my frettings, too.

Today’s Atlantis launch has these ‘Images for Integration’ for the Sun Taurus-Moon Sagittarius, an apt Earth-Fire pair of energies indicating magnetic instability, hard work, inspiration, and practicality.

This is the “grounded but high-flying; gambler/banker” blend, say the Harveys who wrote the excellent book, ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign.’

‘A monk builds a cathedral whilst contemplating the infinite reaches of the universe…The prodigal son returns home…Brahm’s Violin Concerto…Balzac’s ‘La Comedie Humaine.’

This Sun-Moon blend performs ‘endless inquiries’ and is shared by Honore Balzac who said,

“There is no such thing as a great talent without a great will-power.”

Seems to me that perhaps the ‘cathedral’ as mentioned is the Hubble!

Jules Verne satellite tracker

Space Weather News for Sept. 18, 2008

DOOMED SPACECRAFT: Jules Verne is about to become a fireball. On Sept. 29th, with NASA aircraft looking on, the 22-ton European spacecraft will plunge into Earth’s atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean and harmlessly disintegrate. Jules Verne recently spent five months docked to the space station where it delivered supplies, used its engines to help the station avoid a piece of space junk, and served as an impromptu bedroom for the ISS crew. Mission accomplished, the doomed spacecraft is now making its final orbits around Earth glowing about as brightly as Polaris (the North Star).

US and European observers are favored with flybys this weekend. If you’d like to see Jules Verne, check the Simple Satellite Tracker for viewing times: http://spaceweather.com/flybys/

POLAR CROWN PROMINENCES: Colossal dark tadpoles. Fiery “plasma falls.” Van Gogh vortices. These are a few of the strange things Japan’s Hinode spacecraft has found inside polar crown prominences on the sun. Visit http://spaceweather.com for must-see movies. #


Here’s my post written at the launch of Jules Verne along with a few natal chart details for the author – the namesake – himself:


Jules Verne and Endeavor flybys may be seen Tuesday!

Space Weather News for March 24, 2008
TRIPLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour has undocked from the International Space Station and the two spaceships are now orbiting Earth in tandem. This sets the stage for a series of rare *triple* flybys, which many sky watchers will be able to observe on Tuesday, March 25th. It’s a triple because three spacecraft are involved. First to appear is the European Space Agency’s Jules Verne cargo carrier flying 2000 kilometers ahead of the ISS-Endeavour combo. Jules Verne is about as bright as a 1st magnitude star. Four minutes later, and even brighter, the space shuttle and space station follow Jules Verne across the starry sky–a spectacular sight!
US and Canadian readers can find out when to look using our new Simple Satellite Flybys tool: http://spaceweather.com/flybys. (Note: We haven’t forgotten about the rest of the world. Work is underway to expand our simple flyby predictions beyond North America to all parts of the globe. Stay tuned.)
SOLAR ACTIVITY: Who says the sun is quiet? Two new sunspots are growing rapidly near the sun’s equator. Just yesterday they were almost invisible; now the active regions are several times larger than Earth and are putting on a good show for anyone with a backyard solar telescope.
Visit http://spaceweather.com for movies, photos and updates
Here’s my previous article concerning the Jules Verne cargo ship with a few of the Father of Science Fiction’s natal chart details–and current links to his natal chart as well:

Jules Verne now hurtling into space!

During a spectacular night launch from somewhere in the South American jungle (Kourou), the European Space Agency has launched its 11-year-in-development orbital cargo ship toward the International Space Station (ISS.)

Nicknamed ‘Jules Verne’ the “huge space truck” will auto-dock bwo an advanced version of GPS and will attach to the platform on April 3. ISS astronauts will intervene only if they “sense danger,” Will Robinson, then they have a Red Button to push. What happens if they poke it, I don’t know, but if Jules, Father of Science Fiction, were here he could probably guess.

He did, after all, foresee spaceships, helicopters, submarines, guided missiles, and air conditioners.

Born Feb 8, 1828 (NS), 12:00 pm LMT, in Nantes, France, Jules Verne was son of a magistrate who as a young man studied law in Paris.

http://www.astrodatabank.com  ranks his birth data as an accurate AA and I couldn’t resist peeking at his natal chart when I heard he’s finally “making it” into space in order to see if any current planets were triggering his natal placements. Well, not “if” really, more like to see which ones!

BBC News has an article on the launch of the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) which will be able to transport fuel, eliminate waste, and eventually can de-orbit the space platform when it becomes necessary in a few years:


Now here are natal chart details for author Jules Verne with current links to March 9 planets:

ASC 15Gem37; Mc 15AQ05; Sun 18AQ46 conj Mercury 22AQ44–>March 9: Chiron 18AQ15 conj natal Sun, Mercury conj Mercury (I KNOW! His Mercury Return today in spacey, progressive, future-oriented AQ! Mercury = travel; Return = a new cycle in planning.)

Natal Venus 18Pis21–>March 9 Uranus…Uranus to Venus = establishing new but unpredictable joint ventures; unusual interactions; freedom for taking new directions.

Natal Neptune 17Cap04 is being conjoined by Jupiter 17Cap04–>inspired ideas and actions.

(Neptune was discovered during his lifetime–1846, which must have spurred his imagination tremendously.)

Natal Sun–Moon midpoint is conjuncted today by Pluto–>separation to start anew; critical time of development; new perspectives (at last, he’s off the earth!)

And Mars is opposite Sun–Moon, so we have: drive for fulfillment; the realization of joint objectives.

Now you might expect Verne’s natal Uranus to be in future-oriented AQ, but not so. It’s in Capricorn, a very mystical sign on its own terms, and one of the most ancient as the Sea-Goat.

His Uranus is, however, at a high-frequency 29th degree: 29Cap26 in 9th house of the Higher Mind. And being Direct, Uranus would have progressed into AQ at some point, perhaps in childhood (I’d have to calculate to be sure.)

Now those are the main links between 1828 and March 9, 2008 but here are the rest of  his natal positions:

Moon 14Sc35 conj Jupiter 13Sco45  indicating a sensitive nature that wants to understand its environment completely; Mars 00Sag33 (ruled by Jupiter) giving his action principle much enthusiam with a flair for the dramatic.

Pluto 4Ari51 is trine Mars giving courage, vast sources of spiritual energy, dedication to causes, and a desire to solve society’s problems, although detachment may result in one’s remaining an observer (good for writing.)

Chiron 25Ari05, sign of the Pioneer, and North Node 28Lib37–so Chiron is conj South Node, an indication that Verne had easy access to past knowledge which may have been expressed within mystic interests, and a good memory–usually a sign of a genius (as can be AQ placements, esp Mercury.)

And his Moon–Jupiter conj supports a heredity of mysticism as well since the Moon indicates inherited tendencies.

And then there’s Saturn 14Can27 Rx, which is conjunct US natal Sun, a description of the American public’s continued interest in the writings of Jules Verne for Saturn lends stability and long duration.

So I guess with this launch, the future of Jules Verne is now…or at least objects in his rearview mirror are closer than they appear.

And by the time of his death in 1905, Verne had written over 50 books, one of which, “From the Earth to the Moon” is now on its way to the ISS in first edition form.

The book will be returned to Earth on a space shuttle “at a later date” but, one supposes, not beyond its due date–and we can only hope that late fees don’t apply in space.

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