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Horoscope: The Death of Mozart

“When I am completely alone…completely myself, entirely alone…my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these come I know not nor can I force them…Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen (at the same time).”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Born with natal chart-ruler Mercury, planet of the senses, in Aquarius, sign of the new, the novel, the original, the genius.)


Here is a horoscope of The Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on December 5, 1791 at 1:00 am in Vienna, Austria which occurred during an Hour of Saturn, karmic planet of endings, restriction, and loss. Chart-ruler Mercury @19Sag09 is approached by the Sun @12Sag52 and both embrace Mozart’s very close natal Moon-Pluto conjunction (17Sag45/47) in his natal 4th house of Endings and The Drain. In life, a Moon-Pluto conjunction shows deep passions and emotions, idealism, a domestic tyrant, and a bottomless fount of creativity.

The critical 29th-degree Death (Ascendant) when rounded up is apt: ’30 Virgo’ = “Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn’t Look to Any Distractions” (Solar Fire Astrology Software).

A Fire Grand Trine of Creativity and…

Sun (vitality) and Mercury (his natal chart-ruler), a 7th house Moon-Saturn conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries (plus, South Node of the Moon @10Ari58 stationary suggests major separation from the lunar physical body), and an 11th house Uranus @18Leo56 Rx form a Fire Grand Trine indicating that his health was greatly affected by an overindulgent lifestyle, personal excesses, lack of rest, and workaholism which perhaps is to be expected from one gifted with musical genius and an unfortunate tendency to overspend all earnings as well as to waste vital resources (health).

If you enlarge the chart image you’ll find several more details scribbled thereupon including physical indicators for various planets and planetary blends as given by Reinhold Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences).

Such as:

Moon-Saturn = bladder infection (which may have been an inherited tendency–he had suffered from it in the past), Venus at a critical, anxious 29th degree (as is the Ascendant, the death itself) with Venus denoting bladder and veins along with Venus-Neptune (sexual disease; weakened bladder/kidneys); lead planet in a Locomotive pattern is Uranus (pituitary gland); Mars @17Vir48, sign of the bowels = infection and/or assault, Mars inconjunct Pluto = depleted energy from taking on too much work than can safely be done (“so much to do, so little time”), financial stress, poor nutrition, and self-persecution from a feeling of guilt that he had to work more than others in order to prove himself.

Creepy Pluto @20AQ01 conjoins Mozart’s natal Vertex, a fated point of encounter often involved or triggered at times of death, plus, mythological Pluto is the ‘god of Hades’ and astrologically rules the Scorpionic 8th house of Death and Transformation.

In the chart, the Saturn-Pluto midpoint (calcification) @16Pis04 in the 6th house of Health is opposed by 12th house Mars which denotes a fight for one’s existence; the midpoints of Moon-Mars (thyroid gland) and Mars-Saturn (bone marrow inflammation; organ atrophy; death) at Midheaven along with Mozart’s natal Mars @00Can19 (00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of Fame and Prominence) are very descriptive and Mars (or Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto–sometimes Jupiter and often the Moon as a timer) is typically Angular in cases of death. Even transit Mars in Virgo had recently conjoined his natal Ascendant (physical body) possibly aggravating chronic health conditions and/or bringing infection (see Fire Grand Trine, above).

Mozart’s death (just shy of his 36th birthday which points toward Jupiter, planet of liver and gall) occurred under the rays of a rising 10 North Solar Eclipse @4Lib45 and is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of his death. Curiously, 10N is also his natal Pre-Natal Eclipse (13Vir19) which conjoins natal Ascendant (12Vir41) along with his natal North Node (NN) @11Vir27 rising (born January 27, 1756 8:00 pm Salzburg, Austria; Hour of Mars, chart-ruler Mercury @8AQ08 opposes undermining Neptune Rx in Leo across the 5/11 axis of Creative Pursuits and Self-Will).

Creating stress, natal Uranus @13Pis11 conjoins natal South Node (SN, a Saturnian point of separation) and opposes and thus triggers his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse in the 10N Saros Series which contains themes of: communication, feeling tired and drained, frustrating or inhibiting events by way of paperwork, news, or a young person; taking it easy and working through things one at a time (Brady’s Predictive Astrology).

As you know, Mozart did not take it easy and was furiously working on a Requiem Mass (‘paperwork’) for “a mysterious stranger” — with the foreboding presentiment that the mass was for his own death, as the legend goes. Perhaps the recent opposition from transit Mars in Virgo to Mozart’s natal Uranus can be noted since it can indicate a dangerous encounter with a stranger!

Though Grand Trines are usually considered beneficial they may also bestow a childish view of the world and a sense of being able to do whatever one wants whenever one wants. Overindulgence may come under this category and if you’re familiar with the life of Freemason Mozart you know how closely this description tallies with his lifestyle and attitude and some may believe that it was only his God-given talent for composing, playing, and conducting music that lifted him up to the heights of creative heaven from which he reigns today.

Although causes such as poisoned pork chops and Freemasonic involvement due to his revealing certain Masonic mysteries in his opera The Magic Flute have been theorized through the years, it would seem that Mozart’s death horoscope points toward chronic medical conditions, taking very poor care of himself, overwork to the point of complete exhaustion, infection, and possibly an inherited health condition or organic weakness, along with extreme anxiety over financial lack and the completing of an important task as complicit culprits in his demise.

These conditions might certainly be described in our modern terms as the gathering of a ‘perfect storm’ of unfortunate circumstances and draining events for this musical genius who too-quickly burned himself out.

All Things Must Pass benefit concert Raleigh NC 2.26.11

What a fabulous Spring-like Friday evening in Raleigh, North Carolina as something like 45 local musicians gathered their talents together last night for a cancer benefit concert celebrating George’s Harrison’s All Things Must Pass in aid of local area cancer patients who have bills to pay.

The music fest, held at a Carrboro club called the Cat’s Cradle (which reminded me muchly of The 40 Watt club in Athens GA) was performed in association with The Caring Community Foundation, an area non-profit charitable organization which provides financial assistance to cancer patients in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Basic needs such as rent, utilities, food, prescription meds, nutritional supplements, and other expenses are supported by this excellent charity organization. And with cancer sufferer George Harrison’s tunes as the fare, the blend made for a touching and magical evening full of familiar melodies for this former Beatle fan (who saw them in Atlanta 1965 with a Mystic Rectangle planetary pattern above our heads!)

Organizers Toby Roan and Jeff Hart did a fantastic job herding (by which I mean, managing) a group of musical cats onstage with cello, horns, upright bass, drums and more along with the usual complement of guitars and tambourines. So the Cat’s Cradle was quite an appropriate venue!

There are few people whose lives haven’t been affected by cancer whether it’s self, family members, or friends and my family and I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful musical project in aid of those with significant financial burdens during a stressful time of life. CCF also runs Caring Community Kids to comfort little ones affected by the disease, and a Pay-It-Forward philosophy drives their mission.

The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) was begun ten years ago by local cancer survivor Jill Wolford and has raised over $1 million and served over 1,000 patients so that they can focus on their treatment and recovery. Click for more info on the organization (donations and volunteers are always welcome!); plus, you may also wish to visit If Not For You.org.

By attending last evening’s benefit concert, I discovered that I had forgotten George Harrison’s last words, by which the world would be a much happier, less crisis-ridden place if only everyone remembered them regularly. Perhaps you already know them:

“Love one another.”

To which this blogger adds a heartfelt, Amen!

Ringo Starr 70 and still in orbit

Well, I know that former Beatle Ringo Starr turned 70 years old today but I hadn’t remembered that a minor planet ‘Starr’ had been named after him, did you?

Born Richard Starkey on July 7, 1940 in Liverpool, England, Mr. Starr’s tremendous success should rightfully be on display within his natal horoscope, wouldn’t you expect?

Yet checking my Solar Fire files, I find his natal chart rated ‘B from memory’ (not his – a relative’s memory, no doubt) with a curious hemispheric distribution: all planets are posited in the private sector of the chart, the northern hemisphere!

Can such massive worldwide success hinge on other chart factors with this lack of public sector distribution?

Well, having a drummer for a son, I know from experience that most drummers prefer to hide behind their cymbals and seldom like to step out front so perhaps that’s why something seems wrong to me about this horoscopic picture! Ringo managed to ‘step out’ though, didn’t he? ;p

Yet if ’12:05 am BST’ is correct, Starr’s later increase in privacy must have been a great relief to him. His gracious amount of showy Leonine energy (Pluto 1:58, Mars 2:15, Moon 4:03, and Mercury 5:12 in the Entertaining 5th house of Creativity) certainly has had much to do with his musical interests and subsequent success but many people are born with lots of Leo energy in their charts and they don’t rise to the heights of famous entertainers, much as they may wish to.

And So I Experiment…

‘Flipping’ Ringo’s chart to ’12:05 pm’ yields a likely birth chart for someone of his worldy stature and the midpoint pictures that form are more descriptive of career achievements than the ’12:05 am’ chart since @ 12:05 pm, the Midheaven 28Gem47 would then be involved with Uranus/Pluto, Mars/Uranus, and Mercury/Uranus; natal Venus 29Gem24 Rx would then be placed @ Mc with a full 10th house (Public Status; Career) of Sun, Chiron, Pluto, Mars, and Mercury.

Natal Moon would have moved passed its quarreling tendencies from Luna’s 12:05 am position caught between Mercury and Mars, into the 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Group Associations. Natal Moon 11Leo+, which has links to publicity and fame, would then be snugged more happily between creative Venus and Neptune, plus, Neptune 23Vir01 (conjunct US natal Neptune) would then be rising, with ‘Neptune/ASC’ as an significator for acting, musical entertaining, and the silver screen effect which the public casts upon his public persona. Also, his Jupiter/Saturn conjunction would be in the 8th house of Big Money @ 12:05 pm!

’12:05 am’ places the same powerful midpoints (mentioned above) conjunct Venus, but with no other midpoints @ Mc; also, this chart gives Moon/Pluto = Mars which is highly creative, yes, but it also indicates a quarreling nature which is not at all the picture of Mr. Starr that I’ve ever had. Maybe I’m wrong here, but memories of birth times can so easily be incorrect to the point of ‘flipping’ them by 12 hours!

(Note: ‘flipping’ a chart yields the Illumination Points with much unconsicous information – if you haven’t done this with your own chart, I suggest trying it to glean details about your shadow self with its unconscious motivations! Back to Mr. Starr…)

Yet it is certainly fortunate to be born into the 14 South Series of Solar Eclipses which gives Ringo a Pre-Natal Eclipse flavor of: ‘long periods of hard work lead to success; a long-awaited breakthrough of new methodologies’; this Series manifested on April 7, 1940 for Ringo, and will occur again on May 20, 2012 @ ’00Gemini’ (not a fortunate degree, however, for it conjoins Fixed Star, Alcyone, of the Seven Weeping Sisters…keywords: something to cry about, and having an ‘exile’ vibe.)

Now John Lennon was born Oct 9, 1940, three months after Ringo, and his birth falls into the 15N Series: ‘joy through commitment’ yet naturally we know his success was tremendous and ground-breaking, too. Perhaps Lennon’s natal ASC 19Ari54 with 14 South’s degree rising makes a small case for the influence of a strong Solar Eclipse lasting beyond the usual 6-month time frame…and here it would be more a matter of overlapping eclipse influences.

(Vibes from ‘The Mother of All Eclipses’, Nostradamus’ ‘King of Alarm’ Eclipse of August 11, 1999 have certainly lasted ad nauseum.)

There are, of course, other indications of success (and distress with Facies – ‘the victim’ – @ Mc) in John Lennon’s natal chart as well (the same Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is in play but with a closer orb than in Ringo’s chart.)

Ringo’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has a 2 degrees 12 minutes separation and is waxing in strength. As you know, a conjunction of the two ‘societal planets’ indicates a person with enormous success potential, staying power (70 years old today and still kickin’!), a hopeful yet realistic point of view, and a love of exploration.

Plus, both Jupiter and Saturn are moving Direct in Ringo’s chart; both are Rx in John’s indicating an easier, more direct, expression in the first, but working on a more internal level for John. They can, of course, turn Direct by progression but my focus is on Ringo today.

And yes, the 20-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn are seemingly related to America’s ‘Presidential Death Cycle’ with Mr. Lennon being assassinated in NYC. much to my continued sorrow. No, he was not a president, but was too influential for the comfort of US leaders of the time who wished no interference with their criminal prosecution of the Vietnam War. John and Yoko’s much-publicized Love-In must have galled the White House and Pentagon tremendously.

So in closing, The Beatles certainly explored the world on tour and created new forms and methodologies in music, and I for one, admit to being a Beatlemaniac, even checking them out in person in August 1965 while a lovely Mystic Rectangle of planets danced overhead to Ringo’s excellent drumming.

So Happy 70th Birthday, Mr. Starr, thanks for the marvelous musical memories. May your positive personality and musical innovations continue to bring benefits to a joy-starved world!

Justin Bieber: Sun in Pisces

Update April 16, 2010: here’s a link to NPR’s April 14 feature on Justin Bieber and where you may also view the video for ‘Baby’ with Ludacris.

Original post begins here:

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on March 1, 1994, singing star Justin Beiber has his natal Sun in the creative Water sign of the Two Fishes, Pisces.

Without having his correct birth time, it’s possible that the Moon for Justin was in either Water sign, Scorpio (intense and brooding? Surely not!) or in diplomatic Air sign, Libra (ruled by music-art lover, Venus, and adding a streak of indecisiveness to his personality, along with a cooperative tendency and a love of harmony, movement, and beauty.)

After seeing Justin on Saturday Night Live last night, I am inspired to type a few Astrology notes on this YouTube phenomenon of the teen heart throb persuasion.

Yes, I may be jumping into an abyss here but I’m going with a Sun Pisces/Moon Libra personality blend for the angel-faced young singer who acted in SNL sketches with one of my favorites, Tina Fey, and with much comic effect. The sketches did seem a little racy for a just-turned-16-year-old, thought I, but he’s probably watched SNL himself once or twice before.

Besides, when your Mom goes ahead and posts your performance videos on YouTube and you’re talented, that sort of viral fame can’t wait until you’re older! A sped-up sophistication soon follows.

You may wish to read a brief review of Bieber’s appearance last evening on SNL where he performed two songs, “Baby” (very catchy about disillusions in relationships – I give it a 98 because it’s very easy to dance to) and “U Smile” (a tuneful love ballad this non-teen liked, but not nearly as much.)

Now for the ‘Images for Integration’ for Sun Pisces/Moon Libra, and I think you’ll see instantly why this combo feels to me like the correct blend for the sensitive, whimsical, and charming Mr. Bieber:

‘A theatrical-musical artist entertains his entourage of friends and fans…Two lovers dream the same dream…A team of writers create a masterpiece.’

Justin is quite the romanticist, all right – and with a team of writers to help him musically express it!

So is there a caution within all this sweet, charming, talented angel-facedness?

Yes, there is: Mr. Bieber’s Pre-Natal Eclipse Series repeats with a Solar Eclipse on November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37.

This is the 14 North Series which has these keywords to be aware of whenever it is in effect, and no less in the Music Industry where the rewards are often abundantly over-generous, but the swirling of bees around the artist often hides a deceitful crook amongst the bevy, above and beyond costly hangers-on.

14N: confusions, deceits, delusions within personal relationships; unexpected happenings in financial matters; unrequited love (“Baby”!); despair or even illness; a draining of energy; too much confusion to make clear judgments until the Eclipse season passes; a peculiar turn of events.


‘Images for Integration’: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

14N info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’.

Rushing back to blog: Frederic Chopin Mar 1, 1810

For a week I’ve been sidelined by pc equipment failure so here I’m rushing back to post something – anything – so both readers of my several blogs will know I’m kickin’ still and feelin’ feisty.

With a new winter storm system of snow and sleet upon us here in Georgia, the only thing I’ve had time to do so far this afternoon is a brief post on the very private, shy, yet entertaining Frederic Chopin, if you think you might be interested in time warps, rabbitholes, and Frederic Chopin…in no particular order.

Written by Jude Cowell

March 2, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Brett Dennen’s ‘Heaven’

Glad you asked!

My newest best tune is Brett Dennen’s
‘Heaven’ and hopefully you saw him and his band perform on The Late Show’s Friday night program with David Letterman (10.9.09.)

Here is where I tucked a video of Heaven with a photo slideshow displaying simultaneously.

And even though you won’t see the band in the video, you’ll hear their tune. It’d be worth your click.

‘7 Worlds Collide’ release date Aug 31

Due for release on August 31 is the tuneful project 7 Worlds Collide a collaboration between my personal Top Three musical favorites: Neil Finn, Radiohead, and Wilco.

Well, if worlds must collide, what better outcome than this?

Click link to view video of Tweedy in the studio.

Written by Jude Cowell

August 17, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Astrology of Woodstock 1969

Update 8.18.09: here’s a fabulous find!

Expert astrologer John Townley has posted on Woodstock’s Solar Return 2009 to mark the Festival’s 40th ‘birthday’ and to divulge his own whereabouts. John knows whereof he speaks – he was in the music business at the time.

My original post begins here:

Fascinating time, the 1960s. And I’ve always intended to write a few Astrology notes about the Woodstock Festival of Music and Art which spanned from August 15 to August 18, 1969 in an alfalfa field at Bethel, New York.

So what better way to celebrate Woodstock than with Astrology?

And with the musical mudslide’s 40th anniversary tomorrow, Saturday, I can hardly procrastinate a moment longer, can I?

So…was Love really All Around? Pretty much!


Update 8.17.09: click on ‘comments’ if they’re not showing for a YouTube video about LSD experiments. I can’t vouch for the video’s content, I’m just passing it along. Tried the stuff in college once and absolutely hated it, so I never recommend it to anyone, nor would I. jc

Wilco (The Album): have a listen!

NPR has been upgrading its grooviness quotient lately by presenting such features as First Listen: Wilco (The Album) and this long-time Wilco fan heartily approves!

Written by Jude Cowell

June 27, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Athens GA musical landmark burns down

The Georgia Theater in downtown Athens, GA was in full flame at 7:00 am edt this morning and has been completely gutted by fire.

The list is too long to name, but many a stellar musical group and artist have played the Georgia Theater and it will be sorely and sadly missed by the community.

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