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Edgar Allan Poe: Beyond the Horror video

You know actually I’ve been known to publish posts concerning Edgar Allan Poe’s natal chart including a display of his death horoscope if you’re curious.

The Job of H.G. Wells

Perhaps you’ve heard author H.G. Wells called the Father of Science Fiction due to his popular novels such as The Invisible Man and War of the Worlds, made frighteningly famous in 1938 by the voice of Orson Welles.

You see, last year I re-read The Invisible Man in a series of classics I’ve been revisiting via Kindle, novels not read since my school days. Enjoyable? Yes, especially with a different perspective after all these decades! I tend to like Sci-Fi rather well though my favorite all-time books of that particular genre would have to be Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein and Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, Frankenstein. But I digress…

Today I mention the name of H.G. Wells due to his job as mouthpiece for the power elite class of his day in such published material as The Open Conspiracy.

Was the book meant as a guideline or blueprint for the ruling class to follow? Propaganda to make its tenets seem inevitable to future generations? We see that certain things listed therein have been accomplished and others that are in process of occurring as I type. Therefore, it is my view that The Open Conspiracy is just that–a blueprint revealed, and we’re watching world government (aka, global government, or, a ‘new world order’) being implemented under our overly apathetic noses. Is it a centuries-long conspiracy too monstrous to be believed by the American people? Perhaps, and yet we all feel it, don’t we?

Actually, America’s much-touted ‘change of direction’ is due in part to the global government script Washington follows with two world wars under its Belt(way) already and a third war being purposefully stirred up. Tragically, this is what I believe and decry for its evil dimensions, cruelties, criminality, and destruction of freedom and democratic principles. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Nazism, Zionism, Capitalism, and many other oppressive -isms are part of the agenda, no matter what such systems are called–they all play their parts.

Speaking of my former residence of Washington DC, do you know that a statue in honor of Confederate General and World War Three promoter (and Scottish Rite grand boo-bah of his day) Albert Pike (a busy guy who apparently founded the Ku Klux Klan and ran the Knights of the Golden Circle)–a statue of this Luciferian dude still stands near Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Wonder why? But let’s get back to H.G. who promoted the same Weishauptian-Rothschildian agenda of world control, same as occultist Albert Pike:

Yes, it’s true that Herbert George Wells wrote about what an undistinguished fellow he was! A mild professor type, you know. If so, that turns out to be one blueprint for a man who undermines humanity by following instructions from a grasping power elite who used Wells’ writing talent to further their conspiratorial aims. Even his Sci-Fi works may be seen as part of the script with technological subtleties and futuristic propaganda that younger generations could appreciate and thus be influenced by. Wells made a perfect mouthpiece, knowingly or not.

So what can be said about the natal planets and personality of ‘NWO’ propagandist, economist, historian, futurist, socialist, and author H. G. Wells?

View his natal horoscope with a brief bio at astro.com, plus, his Wikipedia page adds biographical details if you’re curious.

First, an intriguing Sabian Symbol for the degree of his natal Sun (personality; essence; vitality; life purpose) may be of interest for when rounded up we find ’29 Virgo’: “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading,” a past time very popular during the 19th century into which he was born on September 21, 1866 4:30 pm GMT Bromley, England. His birth data is gleaned from his birth certificate or birth record and thus has a Rodden Rating of AA for accuracy. A Sun-North Node conjunction assured him of contacts with the public and success along his solar path.

As for futurism, we don’t have to look far with Aquarius rising on the Ascendant (12:57) and Moon @21AQ05 which gave him plenty of futuristic, original, eccentric, and genius vibes of Aquarius but also some measure of psychic ability (Moon in 1st house). A secretive 12th house Jupiter in governmental Capricorn denotes metaphysical studies behind the scenes, plus, knowledge of Politics and the dissemination of political information through publishing.

A subversive, accident-prone Mars-Neptune square supports the secret, hidden, and probably metaphysical studies of the solar Sabian Symbol, above, and being born with the ‘New World Order’ planets, Uranus and Neptune, in aspect to one another (a square from Aries to Cancer) marks his generation as one of great social change and is notable for people who hold an ideal of how the world ‘could be’. Plus, his Mars (action, motivation, energy, testosterone) conjoins quirky Uranus in the 5th house of Creativity (and Romance, but that’s beyond the scope of this post!) so here are more eccentric vibes on display with his *reigning need–shown by the Moon’s sign of Uranus-ruled Aquarius–to spread his wealth of complex ideas to the general public (Moon). With both planets ruling his rising sign of Aquarius, a Saturn (past) and Uranus (future) trine suggests more otherworldly, futuristic vibes within his character and both planets relate to Astrology and to other occult (hidden) studies and interests. A protective Grand Trine

For Socialism we look to the Uranus-Neptune square, plus, his Saturn-Neptune inconjunction (150 degrees) with both planets well known for their link to such societal concepts as government, law, and business (Saturn) and the masses, the media, propaganda, and mystic pursuits (Neptune).

Looking to Wells’ 8th house of Finances, Sex, Death, and the Occult, we see a Venus-Saturn conjunction (dissatisfaction in love or long-lasting relationships–he married twice and had other romances) which is opposed by powerful Pluto @14Taurus in the 2nd house of Values and Earning Ability. Actually, the Venus-Pluto opposition across the 2/8 money axis is exact to the degree (14/14) and denotes that partnership conflicts were usually money-related. I’ve never read a biography of H.G. Wells to confirm this, but that’s what his chart shows. The Saturn-Pluto opposition suggests that he may have been victimized by people who lusted for power.

Hopefully, he learned to be suspicious of enterprises that seemed “too good to be true” because they often were. But we see that power plays were part of his professional life and thus we find at least some evidence of such manipulation within the pages of his books. Wealthy Pluto does like to pull secret strings and make things happen, doesn’t he?

As for the writer’s planet, Mercury, we see the speedy one in book-writing Virgo (19:01) in the 7th house of Partnerships along with his Sun-NN conjunction of success. This trio in 7th h suggests that his professional endeavors were often aided or promoted by others in his life, plus, his creative ideas may have been purloined at times as denoted by a 1st house Neptune Rx in Aries in wide conjunction with the separative South Node, a point of inherited talent, but also a place where a draining of energy may occur. Add to the picture a Chiron-SN conjunction and you have a blind spot or a wound which he dealt with from a past generation or ancestor.

Well, there is much more to the complicated natal chart and character of H.G. Wells but we’ll have to close before this post becomes a novel! Yet perhaps you’d be curious about the Earth-Air Sun Virgo-Moon Aquarius personality blend of global visionary H.G. Wells for it is quite descriptive; then we’ll end with a quote from the author himself:

Sun Virgo-Moon Aquarius personalities tend to exhibit shrewd intelligence and keen observational skills–perfect traits for an author. Virgo is the book-writer and this blend describes a progressive thinker full of ideas and ideals. How Virgoan of him to want to organize society into a tidy, well-functioning system where messy emotions and sentimental ties must be extinguished. Science is another of Virgo’s interests so a double portion for Mr. Wells with his rising Moon in scientific, space traveling Aquarius.

Quiet humility (as he writes of himself as undistinguished, etc) and reformist tendencies entwine along with a matter-of-fact attitude added to the quirky sense of humor of The Critic, and may suggest a rather robotic side. Politics and international planning are possible areas of interest and we know in hindsight that they were, of course. Friendly yet aloof, Mr. Wells preferred alliances based on common interests (as do most people) though he may have had a bit of a monk-like air about him and was conscientiously dedicated to his work.

Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey gives the Virgo-Aquarius blend two ‘Images for Integration’ (which refers to the Sun/adult/conscious mind and the Moon/child/unconscious mind when they successfully work together to form a whole personality):

“Staring into a microscope, a scientist sees the past and future writ large…Aliens land and embark on building a new and improved world order.”

Yeah, ‘new and improved‘. Well, power-mad globalists then and now like to assume that their oh-so-rational Uranus-Neptune ideal of Utopianism is an “improvement.” They plan for the ‘order’ to come out of the societal chaos that they themselves create. It’s the devilish Hegelian Dialectic put into action: thesis-antithesis-synthesis.

Okay, I’ll hush for now and close with a few apt words from H.G. Wells:

“If the world does not please you, you can change it.”

Wonder if he thought that up all by himself?

*for reigning need of the Moon thanks go to the masterful work of astrologer, psychologist, and author Dr. Noel Tyl.

Note: for the sake of brevity I left mention of it out of this post but you may also wish to check out another of Wells’ futuristic writings, The Shape of Things to Come.

And here’s an enlightening New World Order timeline you may wish to peruse if you dare. You’ll find Mr. Wells therein.

A Neptune Return for Sherlock Holmes

If you enlarge the image of the natal horoscope of literary character Sherlock Holmes, with the ‘birth date’ based on first publication, you’ll see a few notes penned upon it including a midpoint picture (center) which describes why I chose ‘8:12 am GMT’ to time the chart. This is, of course, speculative, since a publication date rarely includes a particular hour. For astrologers this is inconvenient when setting up a ‘natal chart’ for a well beloved character so several methods of determining a ‘birth hour’ may be utilized.

Neptune: Planet of Masks, Deception, Illusion, Disguise, and Theater

As you can see, the midpoint picture of Neptune-Midheaven (Mc) = Sun (personality) reveals one who uses ‘physical disguises’, one of Mr. Holmes’s favorite ways to investigate by secretly spying on people when necessary. Of course, sunrise, noon, or other hours may be experimented with when sleuthing for the birth time of Sherlock Holmes but here I use 8:12 am GMT, January 6, 1854 (London, England, naturally) for the reason stated:


Oh, and did I mention that 8:12 am GMT in London on that date gives a sunrise (solar) horoscope? Such a solar chart relates to career and as we’ll find from the Sun Capricorn-Moon Aries personality blend of this very famous consulting detective, a materialistic view and an over emphasis on career matters are indicated by this Earth-Fire combination of energies, here with a Saturn-Mars influence. And in the many celluloid portrayals of his personal traits, emotionalism is not a strong suit, just as in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. Objectivity, not subjectivity, is his goal in all things though more recent portrayals tend to soften him up a bit to be more pleasing to a modern audience. Still, his Sun Cap-Moon Aries blend identifies Sherlock as shrewd, obsessive, tenacious, courageous, and self-motivated; he’s an astute thinker with high standards and powerful leadership qualities. Insensitivity to others is shown via a brusque manner and an irritable moodiness when things don’t go his way–ask his favorite nemesis, Moriarty–Sherlock Holmes is a very sore loser!

Yet Mr. Holmes is honest and has a deep sense of responsibility along with a constant desire for excitement, for as you know, boredom and trivialities simply won’t do. Having Neptune in its own sign of Pisces figures into his use of drugs but 19th century drug use is a little beyond the scope of this post. Actually my primary goal is to provide the dates of what is called a Neptune Return for, as  you see, Sherlock’s natal Neptune at 11 Pisces 30 is basically the slow moving planet’s recent and current sign and degree in the Tropical Zodiac. Due to retrogradation, Neptune’s return to its 1854 degree of 11Pis30 occurs five times, one of which has already occurred (and see the link, below, for the latest news on Season 4 which went into production Spring 2016 and will most likely air in January 2017 or thereabouts). Intriguingly, natal Neptune conjoins one of the sleuth’s natal asteroids and you’ll never guess which one —Nemesis!

The astrological keywords for Nemesis are ‘divine retribution’ and ‘the unbeatable foe’ and I suspect you agree that Doyle’s Moriarty character perfectly.fits those descriptions. This makes me wonder if Conan Doyle was aware of the Neptune-Nemesis synchronicity in early January 1854 especially since he dabbled in spiritualism and other esoteric subjects long studied by secret societies such as the Freemasons. At the least, I think he knew of the Fates and Nemesis as the Greek goddess of divine retribution since Greek Mythology was a hot topic in the 19th century–and one’s destiny and karma (reaping what was sown) are universal laws at the heart of many Sherlock Holmes tales, are they not?

Here’s the theatrical Neptune of Sherlock Holmes returning for another bow:

  1. April 29, 2016
  2. July 30, 2016
  3. February 24, 2017
  4. November 11, 2017
  5. December 3, 2017

Prominently, the July 30, 2016 Neptune Return chart shows a major and exact transit to the character’s natal Sun (15Cap45) in the form of a visit from creepy Pluto, planet of power, transformation, mystery, hidden wealth, and death. Pluto-to-Sun denotes a time of intense self-awareness when a desire for recognition is uppermost and courageous actions are taken by those with the determination to do so. However, we may see Sherlock retreating even more than usual as he deepens his methods of investigation and  makes some sort of new start, or takes things in a new direction. Fear may also be in the script with is considerable ego as a driving force, plus, ghosts from the past will weigh heavily upon his present actions, as noted in the update linked here:

Season 4 Update

Now that’s a strong emphasis on Pluto though we must also tip our deerstalkers to natal Mars at 16 Virgo38 as the handle of a Bucket planetary pattern (which would be labeled a Bowl were it not for its handle, Mars in scientifically minded Virgo, the sign of categorizing, organizing, tidiness, attention to details, and dedication to work. Discriminating Virgo with Mars, planet of motivation, action, and energy, describes Sherlock Holmes perfectly with his magnifying glass and microscope at-the-ready for detecting minute details of any mystery. And as Bucket handle, Mars in fussy Virgo is the main channel for his natal planets’ energies to express (confirmed bachelor as he is and devoted to finding the truth)  and as the handle planet melds the two halves of his horoscope and psyche into a whole person (or, a whole character in this case.)

His Mars-Neptune opposition is prominent and relates to his drug use and his ability to play roles by disguising himself, but also to the way in which some characters tend to distrust Sherlock Holmes and think he’s a sham and not a ‘real detective’ at all! But let us continue…

Neptune-Nemesis, Pluto-to-Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, and Mars in Virgo. Neglected so far are his Mercury in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker. Mercury rules the thinking and reasoning processes and style of communication (and siblings such as Mycroft!) and in Sagittarius denotes the philosopher with manifold interests–a deep thinker wh0 strives for justice and truth (Ebertin), and is pre-occupied with problems, puzzles, and mysteries. Perhaps this chart’s Scorpio Midheaven isn’t far off since Scorpio loves a mystery, can be quite morbid, and Midheaven is the Goal Point of any chart. Solving mysteries fits Scorpio well yet oddly enough there are no planets in the sign though there are three in opposing Taurus (see below).

Rising as you see are his Chiron in Capricorn conjoining natal Sun. Chiron is the blindspot but also The Key in a chart and is often described as The Wounded Healer, or Christ consciousness. Does Sherlock play the role of the healer who needs healing himself? Does he come close to martyrdom during his life-and-death struggles, perhaps? I would say so though you may disagree if you wish. Coupled with natal Sun, Chiron denotes one for whom pride and power lie in ambush (Nolle) and through Chiron-Sun we see this unique character’s innate sense of destiny played out across Neptune’s silver screen as Sherlock burns with purpose within his (imaginary!) existence that, as noted previously, cannot be trivial but must be larger than life.

Nearby is Jupiter at 8Cap06, the planet of success. Jupiter precisely conjoins his Syzygy Moon (8Cap32), the last lunation (a New Moon) prior to January 6, 1854. The sign of Jupiter indicates that Sherlock relates to others as an authority (Capricorn) and of course we can all agree to that. A New Moon prior adds to the novel and unique quality of Doyle’s then-popular character of a ‘consulting detective’. Additionally, the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of his birth date is the 18 South Saros Series which happens to be our current series with themes of separations, partings, and endings but with positive outcomes (Brady). 18 South last manifested on March 9, 2016 at 18Pis55.

Sherlock’s Jupiter-Chiron brings in a crusader quality (knighthood) and possibly adds more secret society vibes to his chart as Mycroft sends him off on secret missions for Crown and country. Or tries to.

His North Node in Mercury-ruled Gemini hints at the character’s many associations and contacts and the seeking of stimulating ideas and new projects though communication may remain on a superficial level with all but the chosen few.

Then there is lady Venus, planet of the attraction principle, love, beauty, diplomacy, and relationships, in very early Pisces, the sign of  her exaltation. Since Sherlock tends to prefer freedom to union, we may assume that his love of music and the violin is described here with his Sun-Moon personality (yes, the Moon remained in Aries the entire 24-hour day) already noted for an avoidance of the emotionalism that Venusian romance would require. Also note that the agent ‘Irene Adler’ character-The Woman, as he called her–may be indicated by Venus in Pisces, a sign of mystery and subterfuge. Plus, the condition of loving a woman who is elsewhere, be it in death or otherwise, can be enough to satisfy an ethereal Venus in Pisces.

Now as you see, there is quite a lot of Taurus the Bull in the chart–Saturn Rx, Uranus Rx, and Pluto Rx. Suffice to say that a tendency toward materialism is supported here though eccentric Uranus in Taurus adds a flair for taking risks and a resourcefulness in seeking out finances. A certain inertia may be noticed with Saturn in stubborn, sometimes lazy or indolent Taurus while Pluto in this sign of wealth denotes one who is obsessed with gaining possessions in a way which may affect his destiny.

And yes, there are many other chart factors of note in this speculative natal horoscope for Sherlock Holmes but to mention them all would put you, dear reader, in serious danger of reading a rather verbose book rather than a WordPress article! So I’ll sign off by sending Good Wishes to cast and crew as fans such as myself await an exciting new season of Benedict Cumberbatch (Mars in Virgo) and Martin Freeman (Sun in Virgo) in their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson airing on Masterpiece Theater in 2017!


For more info on personality blends, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Written by Jude Cowell

May 23, 2016 at 1:51 am

July 2015 transits to Harper Lee’s natal chart

Author Harper Lee will have a second novel published in July 2015, her first since To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960.

Click the link for a brief bio and a link to her natal chart.

Born on April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama (5:25 pm CST according to her quoted BC/BR, an ‘AA” Rodden Rating), Ms. Lee has a Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio/Earth-Water personality blend of practicality, domesticity, and innate wisdom–a creative introvert who has for the most part lived her life out of the limelight for decades. Perhaps this blend’s independent spirit partially accounts for it even though an intense dramatic talent is there as well.

A highly perceptive Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio personality possesses ‘staying power’ as we find from ‘Mockingbird’ retaining much popular appeal through the decades, and both material and emotional comfort are desired. Lee’s personal magnetism and self-confidence have helped make her and her work very attractive to others yet she may have been called ‘bossy’ once or twice in her life!

Actually, for the sake of balance and to gain what may be a fuller picture of the author, let’s list a few negative potentials for the Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio combo with its rigid Fixed nature: tremendous stubbornness, strongly subjective views, fixed prejudices, a difficult temper, and a ruthless desire for power! (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Difficult to live with? Perhaps, but authors do need to stick to their ambitions if their books are to be accepted by publishers, and generous servings of Scorpio obsession and firmly held convictions help to complete the difficult task as well. Even her natal Mercury in Aries, planet of writers, being posited in a different sign from her Taurus Sun gives her an ability to see things from the perspective of others, a valuable ability for any author who wishes to ‘inhabit the skin’ of her characters. Plus, Mercury is in her 6th house of Work, Service, Daily Tasks, and Health so her thinking has been easily directed into these life departments.

That Mercury rules natal 9th house of Publishing is a plus along with natal Pluto @12Can47 conjunct North Node (powerful, even transformative contact with the public) in 9th house as well so encounters with publishers and other wealthy people was apparently ‘meant to be’ for the Alabama native as she followed her life path. Chart contacts with Fixed Stars indicate a ‘fated’ of karmic ties sort of life (ancestry?) and a few notable 9th h links are obvious: Pluto conjunct Sirius (the mundane becomes sacred; ‘The Scorcher’–did she feel ‘scorched’ by success? see her quote, below); NN conjoins Castor, one of the Twins Stars associated with creativity– especially writing; the other Twin Star, Pollux, rises with NN while genius planet Uranus rises with Scheat, a star of literary talent, intellect, and fantasy (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.)

Okay, now let’s consider a few of July’s transiting planets contacting Harper Lee’s natal chart. Other astrological factors are in play, of course, such as Progressions, Solar Returns, and Returns but this is meant as a simple overview on such a singularly stellar occasion! And since I don’t yet know an exact publication date for her ‘new’ novel (written prior to ‘Mockingbird’), I shall use the Full Moon horoscope of July 1, 2015 @9Cap55 as a symbolic stand-in for the entire month of July.

Plus, Full Moons typically relate to any endeavor dependent upon publicity and fortunate public reaction so if her publisher is astrologically in tune, the book will appear a few hours prior to a Full Moon for maximum impact. However, July 2015 (reportedly the month for publishing) contains two Full Moons: one on July 1 (9:19:33 pm CDT Monroeville, AL) and one on July 31 in Aquarius.

Publication Transits to Harper Lee’s Natal Chart

July 1, 2015 is shown in the following list as ‘2015’; n = natal placements; conj = conjunct or conjoined; oppo = opposed; h = house:

Natal 9th h: 2015 Sun @9Can55 approaches natal Pluto 12:47 (a formidable time when use of power is highlighted) conj NN (public contact) and Sirius; 2015 Mars @5Can03 soon conjs n Pluto (finding a new use for old things, rejuvenation, karmic links); the n Pluto-NN conj (the ‘tiger by the tail’ combo) shows where n Fixed Stars are being powerfully activated; 2015 Pluto @14Cap22 Rx oppo n Pluto, an ‘advanced age’ period of societal power struggles that have little or no affect on one’s personal life but I mention because of Pluto’s connection to publishing, promotion, and life-death issues such as found in To ‘Kill’ a Mockingbird).

Natal 10th h of Career and Public Status: 2015 Jupiter @21Leo46 conj n Neptune @21Leo59 Rx describes a time of inspired ideas, enhanced creativity, promotion campaigns, illusion, and perhaps less contact with reality than previously–or, more need for an elusive lifestyle. ‘Grand plans’ and good fortune are obviously on the table now; spiritual development may also be indicated; generous Jupiter–also associated with publishing–passes its shadow Rx degree around July 7 or 8, about one week before the New Moon of July 15 @23Cancer which falls between her n Pluto-NN and n MC…a new start; 2015 Venus conj n Neptune in dramatic, showy Leo, denoting profitable results from creative endeavors and flattering photographs, if any are taken.

Natal 1st h: 2015 Full Moon MC (Goals; Aspirations) conj n Moon @19Sco33 supports the public contact and publicity already indicated along with spiritual unions as the public meets Harper Lee’s next published novel; the nearness of n Saturn @23Sco54 Rx shows her past work brought forth to be revealed upon the world stage (2015 MC @19Sco49 which is also conjoined by her Progressed Saturn @19Sco25!) and the work is of an intense nature (Scorpio); n Venus @21Pis57 in 5th h of Creative Pursuits and her chart-ruler (n ASC 25Lib47) is now catalyzed by 2015 Chiron Rx @21Pis31 hinting that this is a time when Harper Lee’s creative self-expression is once again given an outlet that will may well bring wholeness and healing within relationships and provide her with a sense of fusion with the Universe.

Yes, there are several other chart factors of note (exs: the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse conj Aries Point of world fame, rewards, recognition–near her n Uranus in creative Pisces 27:44), her recent October 2014 Saturn Return, etc) yet I’m confident you shall discover and appreciate them! But for now, let’s end with a few famous words from the lady herself given in reply to the question, why had she never written another book?

“When you have a hit like that, you can’t go anywhere but down.”

Well, decades have passed since 1960 and times have changed, and my suspicion based on the July 2015 transits listed above, her enduring popularity, and other factors, is that Harper Lee’s newly published book–written years ago–will not have the problem of going ‘down’.

Thomas Hardy’s Jude remains Obscure

Monday March 3, 2014: Any Cosmic News? Austere Saturn in forceful,secretive Scorpio turned Rx yesterday which will somehow affect events and actions in the Crimea via authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin. Here I’ve posted Crimea’s natal horoscope with the Pisces New Moon of March 1, 2014.

On Saturday March 1, 2014, Mars turned Rx square US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a time of power struggles and revenge as past actions (Mars Rx) come to the fore. This is Not a good time to poke Great Bears like Russia for anger leads quickly to destruction and peril. Now I know that boys will be boys, but really, fellas. Calm down.

My tech troubles continue and there’s not much personal news except that I’ve been re-reading an old favorite author in the last few weeks when I get a chance at odd moments: Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure is first up. Wish I still had my old copy from school but I’m settling for a Kindle version.

The Olden Days of Jude and Sue and Thomas

Thomas Hardy was born in Dorchester England on June 2, 1840 at 8:00 am (astrodatabank has his bio and natal horoscope if you wish a peek. You’ll note that his natal 12th house Moon @10Can48 is again being transited by Jupiter Rx which will Station Direct on March 6, 2014–right upon Mr. Hardy’s natal Moon! If the author walked among us still this would be a happy time for him as any grand desires may be fulfilled during this transit. As it is, our natal horoscopes remain affected by posthumous transits so perhaps the Jupiter-to-Moon conjunction made stronger by Jupiter’s seeming to stand still while stationing will attract a few extra readers to his poems and novels and benefit his estate!

Now film critic Roger Ebert described Jude the Obscure (Jude must have been ‘born’ under somber Saturn’s rays!) as “bleak and shocking” in his review of the 1996 movie adaptation starring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

Hmm…perhaps I should see the film particularly since in the world of politics it seems the far right in the US want to return American women to a regressive time of antiquity to endure many of the same prejudices and substandard treatment suffered by the ladies of Thomas Hardy, both real and imaginary.

Yet sprightly heroine Sue Bridehead did possess an independent streak to be sure and was educated in the Classics to a larger-than-usual degree for a woman of her day–she actually had an interest in them including Poetry, of course.Being a teacher was a natural career for her though it didn’t last due to changing social conditions. (I’m about 1/2 way through the book–don’t spoil it for me if she returns to teaching after her marriage!)

Of course the behavioral standards between men and women of 19th century were restrictive (Saturn) especially for such a Geminian free-ish spirit as Sue and we find the ‘eternal youth’/young girl role of Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, playing a major part in the novel’s plot line. Even Jude is described by the author as a “child” at one point though finagled into marriage by one Arabella then subsequently falling in love with changeable Cousin Sue whose true feelings he can seldom guess. Jude loves and adores Sue but an earlier guileless mistake makes…well, you know the tale, don’t you?

Okay, I’ll hush up for now for I didn’t intend to write about Jude the Obscure at this particular moment in time. But since it’s done, I’ll not delete.

Jude, the Undeleting

Sleepy Hollow’s Washington Irving (horoscope)

Sleepless in Sleepy Hollow?

by Jude Cowell

Last evening, FOX TV premiered Sleepy Hollow based on Washington Irving’s classic tale of the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane. The TV series melds General George Washington and the American Revolution along with an assortment of decapitated characters. The program is not meant for children, I presume, or at least as a mom, I would recommend they skip it and read the story as I did from the classics list at school.

(School kids do still read classic literature, right?)

Well, since Sleepy Hollow was a favorite of mine, I thought a view of Washington Irving’s natal horoscope might be of interest along with last evening’s planetary transits as they affect his natal planets but my internet connection had other ideas: 3 hours of composing and typing were wiped out in a flash the moment I clicked Publish. So here is a brief version of what disappeared–perhaps this circumstance fits the mysterious tale now revamped for TV.

Actually, it was of interest to me that the George Washington character advised Ichabod Crane that the contest they were fighting was a battle for the future of the world and not just for American independence. Hmm.

And in the show, the ‘headless horseman’ is apparently acting as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse mentioned in the Book of Revelation. That’s when I checked Irving’s natal chart and found that he was born during a manifestation of the 1 North Saros Series, the same as the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse of Nostradamus fame (‘King of Alarm’ or, ‘Terror’–aka, the ‘Mother of All Eclipses’) which also falls into the 1N Series. You may remember that the eclipse’s Fixed Grand Cross has planets on or near the mid-degrees of Taurus the Ox, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Eagle, and Aquarius the Angel which are mentioned in…the Book of Revelation.

Okay, well. Somebody was aware of this, perhaps including author Washington Irving. Below is an image of his natal chart which has a Rodden Rating of AA for ‘quoted from BC/BR’.

Born April 3, 1783 at 8:30 pm LMT in New York, New York, Mr. Irving was America’s first international literary celebrity but unfortunately, I haven’t time now to add all the stuff about him and his planets that I had here before they were snuffed out. For all I know, this post too will be disappeared before it publishes so let’s embed the chart before Neptune-Pluto supernatural conditions take over!

And yes, Irving’s natal Neptune-Pluto trine, though separating, is an obvious sign of his interests in the occult, the supernatural, and life after death issues. And the ‘headless horseman’ (and in FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane as well who turns up in modern day America to star in a TV show) are well described by the contact between the two transpersonal planets since they both make connections to Irving’s personal planets:


Hour of Jupiter; Sun 14Ari09 (conjunct Fixed Star, Hamal:
‘to follow one’s own path’); Moon 9Tau40 conjunct mystical Chiron and the Descendant; the writer’s planet, Mercury, is in cosmic, creative Pisces; Scorpio, an occult sign, is rising; prominent is the 3rd house trio of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto with Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn; Astrology’s modern-day planet, Uranus, is posited in the occult 8th house of Death and Transformation.

Last evening’s planetary links to his natal planets at 9:00 pm edt (NYC) include:

(Tr = current transits)

Tr NN (public contact) and Saturn conjunct (conj) natal ASC 9Sco12; tr MC (the world stage) @25Cap10 conj natal Mars; tr Moon @22AQ13 has just crossed natal IC (endings); tr Uranus @11Ari11 Rx (’11:11′!) is within orb of natal Sun @14Ari09; tr ASC shows natal Chiron, the Priest and Mystic, rising at 9:00 pm with natal Moon (fame) in tow; tr Mercury has recently conjoined natal Neptune, planet of fantasy and imagination; tr Mars has just crossed natal MC (action on the world stage once again) and tr Jupiter, planet of luck, good fortune, and broadcasting @16Can32 will in the near future conjoin natal MC @17Leo17.

Looks like FOX TV may have a supernatural winner! Plus, tr Pluto @8Cap59 Rx will eventually conjoin natal Saturn, a time when the past becomes important to the present and one’s work may be significantly altered or transformed by current circumstances.

Additionally, you’ll find a few basic details penned upon the chart. Let me know if you wish to discuss the horoscope or the TV series by leaving a Comment here…

Here’s a link to Washington Irving’s natal data if you’re curious: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Irving,_Washington

Written by Jude Cowell

September 17, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Tweeting Bloomsday June 16 1904 – 2011 (Astrology)

Are you one of the participants today who is tweeting from James Joyce’s brilliant stream-of-consciousness novel Ulysses? Mega-kudos to you!

Then perhaps you caught this morning’s NPR interview with Stephen Cole, founder of the Ulysses Meets Twitter project where each tweet represents approximtely 8 pages from the book.

Nearly 800 pages long, Ulysses details a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, an epic novel describing an ‘epic day’ of 24 hours stretched over almost 800 pages – a wild concept for its time. Yes, I did try to plow through it in school and though I usually completed whatever book I began in those days, this one won the battle and was deserted for more interesting novels such as those by Hardy, Dickens, Burroughs, Dreiser, Wharton, Poe, and the like. Sorry Mr. Joyce!

But this Ulysses-Twitter project is a grand idea, isn’t it?

And the date ‘June 16, 1904’ falls within a very interesting historical period which I wrote about for Julie Demboski‘s Fall Issue of her Eclipse e-zine (now a subscription newsletter and worth every penny for Julie’s deep insights and masterful astrological overview!)

My Eclipse article (rather dry unless you appreciate Mundane-Political Astrology mixed with dusty History) is titled, “American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun” and relates to the sea change in American government when our ideological (Jupiter) course was expanded and diverted and we ended up – as we now experience – as the world’s police force and imperial (Jupiter) occupier who overspends into oblivion. But I digress…

So what was going on in the heavens on June 16, 1904?

On Earth it was a busy year which began on January 1st with opium production and ended with the first-ever New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square NYC, then known as Longacre Square. Politically of note is November 8, 1904 when Freemason and Jupiterian Teddy Roosevelt won election as US President.

Check out other Events of 1904 as you wish and yes, you’ll find that Bloomsday made the list. And there’s Tennyson’s poem Ulysses about the restless hero.

Astrologically, the 24-hour period of June 16, 1904 began during a Hour of expansive Jupiter trine Uranus posited in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius (28:05 Rx); powerful transformer Pluto 20:17 passionately conjoins Venus @ 18Gem31, Sun 24Gem36, and nebulous, creative Neptune 5Can13.

You notice that 1904’s Neptune conjoined US natal Jupiter (‘6 Cancer’ = “Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests” (and they still do.) This transit to US n Jupiter indicates speculation – many get-rich-quick schemes were promoted to the unwary, illusion mixed disastrously with extravagance and exaggeration, and idealism was enhanced. We’re now seeing results from this long-ago influence along with other portents of corruption (Neptune) and bankruptcy and debt default issues.

Benefits came from writing, publishing, advertising, sales, marine pursuits, the justice system, the father, as other Jupiterian-Neptunian themes abounded in 1904 with the two planets being ruler and higher-octave ruler of mystical Pisces.

Jupiter’s position on June 16, 1904 @ ’25 Aries’ gives an interesting Sabian Symbol (word picture): “A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meanings.” (Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now I know not where-of I speak as far as Joyce’s novel goes, I’m only reading the horoscopes for 12:00 am, noon, and 11:59:59 pm EST, with Dublin Ireland as the location – for the 24-hour period detailed in Ulysses.

One factor of note since we may take the Sun as significator for Leopold Bloom, our hero: an opposition between Sun and quirky Uranus which was applying during the 24-hour period.

Sun opposite Uranus indicates a willful, erratic, and restless character, one who is independent, hypersensitive, tense, irritable, and high-strung. (Does this describe Mr. Bloom at all? You tell me, oh readers of Ulysses!)

At times, a Sun/Uranus opposition may deliberately flaunt convention just for the sake of causing controversy and excitement. Perhaps this denotes Mr. Joyce’s innovative writing and personality more than it does Mr. Bloom – or both. Impatience may block sustained effort though that’s hard to imagine with an 800-page novel which had to take a while to think up and write.

Mentally exceptional with unusual talents, a Sun/Uranus opposition shows an original genius but one whose quirky changeableness can be his own worst enemy for he is difficult for others to deal with and insists that all be done ‘his way’…a revolutionary and a rebel!

As TIME’s James Joyce bio states, “Ulysses revolutionized 20th century fiction” with June 16, 1904 Astrology as a testament to the genius of a Sun/Uranus opposition shining through this innovator’s literary tour de force (a forcefull Mars/Pluto conjunction, and Mercury the final dispositor in its own writers’ sign of Gemini; publishing Jupiter is the pioneering sign of Aries. Moon reaches creative, dramatic Leo during the day, too; Joyce’s Syzygy Moon – the last lunation prior to birth – @ 29Cap34 was transited by shaman, priest, and Wounded Healer Chiron (29:09 Rx) on Bloomsday 1904.

During the 24-hour period of Bloomsday 1904, there forms a notable midpoint picture which depends on timing since MC (Career; Aspirations; Public Status) is involved yet it may be significant to our topic:

Saturn/MC = Jupiter: simplicity; modesty; contentment; clinging to hopes. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply, as below.)

The study of a 24-hour period always intrigues me and this day no less for a midpoint picture which begins with Venus at its apex (focus) has sexy, psychological Pluto joining it prior to day’s end. Here are the word pictures they form…

Mercury/Neptune = Venus: rapturous imaginings; expecting too much from love.

Mercury/Neptune = Pluto: unusual actions originate in the subconscious mind (a stream of consciousness novel!); drawing highly upon nervous energy.

Bloom, Joyce, or both?

June 16, 1904’s Solar Eclipse Saros Series (14 South) provides an undertone of influences and it’s one I dread in 2011 because it manifests again on *May 20, 2012 @ ’00Gem’ (conjunct Fixed Star, Alcyone: ‘something to cry about‘); the initial eclipse in the Series on August 29, 984 OS has a load of Mercury-Pluto content which indicates obsession, spying, and propaganda:

Paraphrasing Brady’s Predictive Astrology, 14S = ‘long periods of hard work (writing Ulysses? jc) bring long-awaited breakthroughs and success; an obsessive idea is finally accepted (NWO in 2012? jc) which brings the promised success of Jupiter’.

James Joyce, the Man

Mr. Joyce was born near Dublin, Ireland on February 2, 1882 during the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto, the Robber Baron duet of resource plunderers everywhere.

Using a ‘noon’ horoscope set for Dublin, we see an applying inconjunct (aka, quincunx) between Uranus and natal Sun 13AQ37 (AQ ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by quirky genius Uranus which makes the Sun/Uranus aspect more significant in his personality and hero’s journey of the Sun, all of which resonates with the Sun/Uranus opposition of June 16, 1904.)

A Sun/Uranus inconjunct gives a tendency toward self-sacrifice and others may impose within one’s career by making one feel guilty. Yet freeing the minds of others is an imperative for this inventor yet the actual aspect – 148 degrees – is second in importance to the fact that Sun and Uranus are in contact at all in both charts(Transpersonal meets Personal, an echo of the Ulysses Meets Twitter’s tweeters 2011.)

Of interest is that his natal Neptune 13Tau48 and Pluto 27Tau21 Rx have an idealistic Jupiter/Chiron conjunction snugged between them. Jupiter conjunct Chiron denotes a ‘rainbow chaser’ so his novel Finnegan’s Rainbow naturally comes to mind, another groundbreaking literary effort by Mr. Joyce.

His writers’ planet Mercury @ 00Pis51 is now – June 16, 2011 – being transited by creative if confusing Neptune (‘1 Pisces’ = “A Public Market”…Twitter?) Plus, Neptune rules nets, webs, and networks, so we see that in 2011, there’s a vibe of the Internet ‘web’ touching Joyce’s natal planet of writing and communication as his method of self-expression is spotlighted yet magically changed by the catalyst of watery Neptune.

Well, I suggest you take a peek at the charts for June 16, 1904 and at Joyce’s natal horoscope for more details since my blogging time this morning is at an end.

There’s a lot of obsession (Venus-Pluto-Mars trio) in the Bloomsday horoscope (plus, the 14S Solar Eclipse vibes) along with a very creative Sun/Neptune conjunction though it is out-of-sign (Gemini-Cancer); this planetary contact in 1904 focuses on Joyce’s natal Sun/Neptune square which indicates one who spins castles in the air, a perfectly desireable trait and aspect for an inventive genius of a writer who manages to control and use its creative energies productively in the real world.


*Solar Eclipses in the 14S Series also occurred in the years 1922, 1940, 1958, and last time in 1994; similar themes may be revealed by checking historical events of those years. jc

Chronicles of Narnia based on 7 heavens!

Recent research by Michael Ward is highlighting the theory that C. S. Lewis based his popular children’s classic ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ on “7 heavens” with each book in the series based on the characteristics of one of the 7 planets’ energies and influences.

Ah hah! say astrologers.  As with many things, it helps in reading the Narnia books to have some familiarity with planetary archetypes as known through the centuries.


Here’s a link to Wikpedia’s bio on “Jack’ as he was known to family and friends (such as J. R. R. Tolkein):


And now for a  little Astrology…

Clive Staples Lewis was born on Nov 29, 1898 in Belfast, now Northern Ireland, birth hour unknown.

Since the Moon remained in Gemini for the 24-hour period of that date, we may consider his Fire-Air Sun Sag-Moon Gem blend with Gemini the sign of the writer.

Sag-Gem is a witty, versatile, friendly combination with the disposition of a literary genius.

Profound yet fun-loving, this blend indicates one who desires both knowledge and wisdom, an eternal child who is only satisfied when getting the moral of the story.

Playing the devil’s advocate to the nth degree, this combo loves the sound of its own voice and can out-talk anyone.

And with ‘The Screwtape Letters’ being one of my all-time favorite books, it was little surprise to see this blend for author Lewis because he certainly plays the devil’s advocate – his assistant, Wormwood  – in this brilliant book which explains the tactics Satan uses against the human race (second only to the Bible) in a marvelously elucidating way.

In relationships, however, this blend is quite out-to-lunch in the emotional department, yet is always able to give practical advice due to a natural talent for logic.

Commitment is often avoided because of a fear of boredom and the possibility that adventure may be blocked or stymied in some way. Life should be one adventure after another, says Sun Sag-Moon Gem, with its tendency to wiggle out of emotionally tight corners.

These energies make for a gifted teacher, communicator, and inspirational catalyst – one who is always open to new cultural experiences and has amazing verbal skills and an attractive way with words.

Negatively, there is the possibility of spreading oneself too thin, and of over-analyzing things as a way of avoiding or hiding from feelings.

New Age ‘prophet’ Benjamine Creme shares this natal Sun-Moon blend along with Persia’s Akbar the Great,  Noel Coward, Billy Connolly, Edith Piaf, Anna Freud, and Francisco Franco.

There is only one ‘Image for Integration’ for Sun Sag-Moon Gem, but it’s as charmingly adventurous as we might expect:

‘Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master.’

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

A lesson from ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’

Sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein: July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988.

It’s been many years ago that I first read Robert Heinlein’s ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ which turned out to be one of my favorite peak moments in literature. I must have been a teenager at the time.

The main concept I remember from the book, the one that most adjusted my own thoughts and behavior, was the Witness being called on to demonstrate to the main character what a Witness’  job is…so when shown a house on a hill, the Witness was asked, ‘what color is the house?’

(In my memory the house in the story was white, and I believe that’s correct. Pardon me if it isn’t – my old copy of the book was borrowed and not returned long ago. Obviously I need a new one!)

So what did the Witness reply, with Truth and professional credentials on the line?

“Three sides are white.”

Today I’ve sassily added a link to the Heinlein Society’s website under the category ‘Writers Write.’ Or you may wish to check it out here for writing contests, Heinlein info, and more:


Now somewhere I still have a copy of ‘The Cat Who Walked Through Walls’ – I hear it purring now….and here’s an interesting critique of the usual critiques of a controversial Heinlein:


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