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2011: will Earth’s ‘twin planet’ be found?

Seemingly it may be possible that in 2011, Earth’s twin planet may be found.

That’s quite a headline for the end of 2010 and the start of a New Year, isn’t it? Why, this idea mimics Astrology’s ‘twin’ or ‘dark’ moon theories and may indicate major changes within astrological thought and provide a spur for space exploration as well as flipping over our brains from their usual ruts!

It could even trump many of the other scientific discoveries in the news now during the current Jupiter/Uranus cycle (at or near Aries Point) of breakthroughs and enlightened ideas.


For decades Science has been determined to clone an Ice Aged woolly mammoth and yet some of us retain many personal misgivings about this boundary-breaking project.

Wishing You Happy Holidays, Everyone! Jude

Is the Fed caught in a liquidity trap?

My cat was munching some green shoots the other day from a flower pot of catnip but you know they didn’t look anything like the slow economic recovery we’re slogging through like dazed Bambis.

Seems the Fed is ‘caught in a trap’ and the US dollar must fall because chewing off their own hindquarters isn’t in the power elite’s script for achieving greater control of society. They want more, not less, silly!

Well, one of my problems with all this, of course, is that I can’t forget FDR’s informative statement which I shall paraphrase once again: ‘Nothing in politics happens by accident, if it happens you can be sure it was meant to happen’.

So you’ve probably never noticed me calling the Fed, Obama’s economic team of Wall Street gentry, or economists such names as ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘incompetent’ because I think they have the US economy and financial system just where they want it, more or less. ‘Less’ because outside interference seems evident to me so there’s that crazy wild card about to be played for shock value – the coup de grace some people think is coming to the over-extended US. (Read article linked above for better ‘splainin’ of the fundamentals.)

From TARP funds sent overseas to fatten foreign investors’ piggybanks (where it won’t be spent to help any of the world’s Main Streets pay a street sweeper’s wages much less sell some merchandise) and huge corporate bonuses bundled and thieved from taxpayer pennies – to mergers that blight careers and thus lives, plus, those hoarding banks – someone has sopped up all the drippings and left the rest of us with only gristle to chew on.

The American public has recently had the Great Conjunction/s of inflationary Jupiter and Neptune upon our US natal Moon (we-the-people) in Aquarius all through 2009, a year of financial mummery, dreams of popping bubbles, and pumping liquidity into the system if there ever was one.

Plus, counterfeit (Neptune) bills (Jupiter) have become more of a problem than the Fed is likely to admit and a Jupiter/Neptune year is an integral time for that particular cyclic scam. These huge planets conjunct approximately every 13 years, the last time in Jan 1997 @ 27Cap09 during Bill Clinton’s and Alan Greenspan’s watch (conjunct US natal Pluto!)

2009’s Jupiter/Neptune = US n Moon: becoming involved in speculation; confusion over reality vs fiction; an emotional swoon; going with the wind; dreaminess deceives; losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness.

1997’s Jupiter/Neptune = US n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; a great loss.

(Note: the pair may also signify global (Neptune) + bankers (Jupiter), an amorphous international group of shady characters with grand schemes all their own.)

Now you know that Astrology describes energy in an AC-DC fashion so if a midpoint trait manifests or is stimulated, its energy can be on, or coming from, one side the other; any, all, or none may apply.

Now we’re plopped into 2010, a year of financial slight of hand brought to us in part by the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus through the year into 2011. This is a bright duo that can magically impress with what later turns out to be little more than a flash in the pan or an overpromise unless other factors stabilize or give support.

Jupiter and Uranus met at Aries Point on June 8, 2010 and will conjoin twice more in September and on January 4, 2011 in late degrees of nearby murky Pisces, sign of oceans, fish (including thousands of dead ones on the Gulf Coast and elsewhere), drugs, chemicals, deceit, footwear, and the collective unconscious.

Actually, January 4, 2011 is the date of a Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap39 which closely opposes US natal Sun (the leader) so we may expect the President to be turning course on something around that time or during the 6 months following, if need be. This one is in the 13 North Series: ‘energy in groups and associations; large ambitious group projects that require the breaking of an existing bond; separation then joint achievement.’

(Paraphrasing Brady’s Predictive Astrology; midpoint pics from Tyl; Ebertin: Munkasey.)

He may be changing course in some way because this eclipse occurring in opposition to US n Sun echoes an ‘un-birthday’ when the Sun opposes its natal position: say, you were born on January 4, then your un-birthday is July 4…time to review how plans are going toward your goals for the year and make adjustments if necessary.

The presence of an eclipse at the critical degree of 13Cap/Can gives potential events and situations more of a ‘wild card’ vibe, however.

Remember June 8’s conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus @ 00Ari18 (AP)?

It conjoined the IC in America’s Sibly natal chart so there’s a midpoint picture which may be of interest to our topic…IC is about Endings and is sometimes called, The Drain in a horoscope. Opposite is the most visible point in any chart, the Midheaven (MC) which is about Career, Status, Goals and Aspirations, and Recognition on the World Stage….the high point with the IC being the low point.

Jupiter/Uranus = n MC: the role of politics as a means of gaining status or standing.

Oh, politics is a means, all right. A means for lining pockets! (US n Jupiter @ ‘6Can’ = “Game Birds Feathering Their Nests.” And that’s from 1776!)

And perhaps the government’s proposed ‘kill switch’ on the internet is related to the technology and science of 2010/11’s Jupiter/Uranus combo and the ‘pull the plug’ image I’m unwillingly envisioning is inspired by The Drain in the US chart being ‘stimulated’ like a corporate welfare bailout that results in wastefulness for the US economy but a windfall for person or persons unknown.

Two new planets discovered!

Did you hear the news? NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered the existence of two planets orbiting in a galaxy far away.

This is another good example of Uranus to Aries Point, a historical marker for ‘scientific breakthroughs’ of all sorts. Plus, new discoveries and pioneering explorations are being aided this time around (Uranus has an 84-year orbit so it’s been a while) by the presence of expansive Jupiter who tends to increase everything he touches, as we say in Astrology; the Aries Point, one of the four Cardinal Points of the zodiac, indicates event manifestations which are significant on the world stage.

And you know that jovial Jupiter’s expansion principle involves the horizon-broadening planet in explorative endeavors of his own so we may be hearing of even more fantastic eureka moments in the months to come – hold tight to your telescopes!

Astrocytes Communicating, the video!

While Uranus is conjunct the Aries Point I’ve taken an opportunity to catch up on NPR’s excellent feature concerning Albert Einstein’s brain: in what tissues might his genius be found, his cognitive functions and imaginative faculties? Can they be found?

Actually, in neuroscience some headway (sorry) in the study of neurons has been made since the 1980s when the tissue sampling really began, thanks in a smashing way to the great man whose brain was stolen by the guy doing the autopsy; the Professor died on April 18, 1955.

Ostensibly, his imagination, creativity, and genius have been under the microscopes of various neuroscientists through the years and naturally advances in knowledge have been forthcoming.

Yet Einstein’s brain did not ‘test positive’ for having extra neurons, but his gray matter did show an abundance of two glial cells: astrocytes (“astro”!!) and oligodendrocytes – who knew, right?

‘Glial’ means ‘glue’ and until this scientific discovery, which is being brought again into the mainstream of collective awareness while Uranus (‘creative spark of genius’; The Awakener) conjuncts the Aries Point (where the Sun is on or about March 20 each year; AP = a World Point of Manifestation), no one knew that astrocytes were ‘communicators’ in the brain, passing messages from one neuron to the next – and in a Uranian ‘flash’, too!

They were assumed to be the glue holding cells together. Suckas!

Now there are Medical Astrologers who could give the Science Boys a heads-up on the where-to-look department if they have any more questions of that nature, and for all I know, Astrology is secretly used in a lab or two, here and there.

Albert Einstein was born with his planet of thinking, communication, and the senses, Mercury, in Aries. In his school days, Albert, born with Sun in fuzzy Pisces, was considered a daydreamer in class and had a rough time for it gazing out windows and all and being inherently and imaginatively receptive to anything and everything.

So if anyone should want to ‘spot’ Einstein’s childlike, highly creative imagination, his sense of fun, and his all-embracing connection to the eternal All and All of the Universe, then you might begin with his Mercury in Aries, sign of the pioneer, who, like the brash and bright young fellow on The Fool card in the Tarot deck (-0-) steps whistling off a precipice into the mysterious unknown.

During Einstein’s lifetime, the thrilling adventure of seeking the unknown provided emotional support for his Moon in mutable Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker. Fairy dust acrues to the sandals of those with the Moon, The Divine Child, in the magical sign of The Quest.

Whether such tendencies can be identified in brain tissue is beyond me.

Oh, and Einstein had a close conjunction of Mercury and stabilizing Saturn; his Mars and Saturn are aiding one another bwo mutual reception (in one another’s signs – Mars in Cap – efficient actions that waste no energy – and Saturn in Aries, which has a Mars-Saturn vibe of its own.)

In other words, Albert could work and concentrate deeply for long periods of time (Mercury-Mars-Saturn; and early schooling only got in his way!) yet his Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Taurus (the builder, architect, gardener, preserver of values) shows a deep and inspirational creative capacity and visualization talent which really manifested in the world once his Saturn Return was completed and its effects ingested internally.

Still, even an Einstein must have a container (Saturn) for his genius (Uranus) so it’s best to have an aspect or contact between them if you want your genius to form successfully on the worldly, physical plane….in the ‘real world.’

In AE’s natal chart there is an inconjunct (150 degr, but here with about a 4-degr orb between Aries and Virgo) between Saturn and Uranus. The inconj is an aspect indicating a universal imperative for adjustments of the square-peg-in-round-hole variety of brain teasers. The aspect gives a need for flexibility which Einstein seemed to learn more easily in work environments than in his relationships. Working on one’s own is a good way to express such quirky aspects from within one’s psyche.

Having only one’s Moon out-of-bounds in the natal chart indicates a deep insecurity formed in infancy due to a faulty maternal connection, and mutable Sag energy can ‘rare up’ upon occasion – for Albert in the realm of touchy emotions.

Well, this is an on-the-spot thing I’m composing here but I shall leave you with an important and pertinent midpoint picture found in the nativity of Albert Einstein between the ‘grand spirit-speculation’ pair of Jupiter and Neptune, both planets creative as can be, and with their midpoint sitting directly upon Einstein’s planet of thinking and communication, the planet which on the physical level rules the body’s motor nerves:

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: an active, intense imagination (you don’t say! ;p); rich powers of perception and visualization (tell me more…); the gift of inspiration.

And his Mercury is in a creative Fire sign (Aries) with another inspirational pair in contact: an out-of-sign or dissociate opposition between expansive Jupiter (again) and, you guessed it – creative genius and brilliant scientist, Uranus, the revolutionary of ivory tower fame.

As you know, Jupiter and Uranus will meet in Great Conjunction in a few days (June 8, 2010; #2 of 3) at Aries Point (00Ari18) and NPR’s current feature on Einstein’s brain is a part of that global, collective scenario with a scientific background that’s being brought to your attention!

Now Presenting: NPR’s story with an all-too-brief, intriguing video of astrocytes communicating when they’re set off by a drop of neurotransmittor added to the dish.

Don’t turn away for a moment for the effect is sudden, electrifying, colorful, and magnificent so snag yourself a surreptitious viewing if you haven’t!

For I suspect that Einstein himself would dearly love to have seen (Mercury: the senses) this video now available decades into the future! And futuristic sky god Uranus (Ouronos) would be quite pleased as well as it electrically darts between those brain neurons messaging its mercurial information.


Check out the man: born March 14, 1879 (NS); 11:30 am; Ulm, Germany (rated AA in the old astrodatabank program.) I neglected to mention that for intellectual prowess and universal interests, having natal Jupiter in Aquarius doesn’t hurt in the least. jc

UPDATE Feb 11, 2012: it seems curious to me now that Mercury was a main focus in this post written in 2010 because of Einstein’s sudden realization that Isaac Newton’s work on Mercury’s deviated orbit (which made a flower petal pattern) would aid him in proving his General Theory of Relativity–that Space curves after all! jc

Round-up of Outer Planet Cycles

My friend Mandi Lockley has put together a collection of links to her insightful articles on Outer Planet Cycles into well-organized sections so that you can easily find the planetary pairs, their aspects, and dates.

You know the ones: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto so far away, but with Jupiter and Saturn joining in the dance of energies, too.

So thank you, Mandi! Your artcle on the current opposition between the societal pair, Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo, tells it like it is!

And with Jupiter’s southern ring fading into oblivion these last few weeks, we can hardly tread too gingerly around the Great Beneficent’s fat toes, can we?

Jupiter is very jolly and spiritual in its own sign of Pisces, the sign of clouds, veils, and mysteries, and scientists say that perhaps the ring is being covered by some high floating clouds and will return to our view real soon. Or whenever.

Hmmm…think I’ll see what New Scientist is saying about the puzzling occurrence which, btw, has happened before. Perhaps NS investigators are already on the Case of the Planet’s Disappearing Ring.

I say, Follow him and see where he goes…oh that’s right – Jupiter is in Pisces now but is headed toward a rendezvous with Uranus @ Aries Point 00Ari18 on June 8, 2010! AP is one of the four World Points of Manifestation and Prominence and we could sure use a bright solution for repairing the oily gash in Mother Nature’s side that BP saw fit to gamble on.

Wonder if the offending concrete that Halliburton used was frugally purchased from China? If so, it may have been made with chalk dust or with something else concrete-y looking that’s weak and disappointing…and shipped pronto to the US.

Now sometimes an event is in the news which can be described by a certain Sabian Symbol (word picture for each of the 360 degrees of a circle or horoscope) and which we hear over and over again…so how about this fiasco?

Quoting from Marc Edmund Jones’ ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology’:

‘6 Gemini’ = “Drilling for Oil”…SPECULATION…

positive expression: achievement through an exceptional concentration or specialization of effort;

negative/unconcious/shadow side: foolish gambling and ill-considered self-exploitation. #

Now I just checked ‘6Gem’ in Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrologoical Mandala’ and there’s nothing for it but to type it for you here because it seems very apt for our times. I might also mention that ‘6Gem’ is where Pan hangs about these days causing ‘panics’ and indulging in trickeries of the mind and senses (Gemini) – the mercurial Mr. Rudhyar is on the mark here:

“This symbol superficially considered can be referred to the insatiable drive of modern man for power and wealth, his readiness to accept the risk of failure. But it has a deeper meaning, especially if related to the next symbol. {snip}

Drilling for oil may even represent the attempt to penetrate to the deep layers of the collective Unconscious and to reawaken the powers of the archaic psyche whichoce flourished–for instance in the true ceremonial magic of the tribal world, perhaps among the adepts of the fabled Atlantis, or even among the shamans and witch doctors of more recent times.

The archaic powers may be ‘refined’ for modern situations, but the almost inevitable result is the release of noxious waste producing ‘pollution’. And there is pollution of consciousness as well as of the atmosphere man breathes. AMBITION.” #

That covers events in the Gulf of Mexico quite well, I think –
BP, Transocean, and Halliburton’s overly pressurized misadventures. To me, this catastrophe seems like fall out from 2009’s three Great Conjunctions of the speculator pair of grand schemes, Jupiter and Neptune for both planets relate to Piscean seas and massive (Jupiter) leaks (Neptune.)

Let’s see: “refined” as in oil refining, “modern situations’ as in never drilled so deep before, and “foolish gambling” for which it remains to be seen whether the true culprits of the corporate persuasion will lose anything more than other people’s shirts.

“Archaic power” sounds like primeval powered Pluto’s connection with dark, damp, low down places that contain plutonian wealth through oil formed over centuries. Archaic. And creating power as ‘fuel’.

And how about “release of noxious waste”? Gas is nothing if not noxious and you know about the effects of noxious oil – toxins – on the environment along with the detergent they’re spraying.

Then there’s mention of Atlantis which can be a stand-in astrologically for America herself. This Sabian Symbol also links the BP oil spill to the Manifest Destiny our founders supposedly favored so unreservedly (‘New Atlantis’) and it points to our nation’s natal Uranus, planet of rebellion and independence, @ 8Gem55 – where transiting Midas, named after the gold-hoarding king, now traverses.

The BP-Gulf oil spill can be seen as potentially a part of Naomi Klein’s theory of Shock Doctrine being practiced on the American people. How grievous that it’s New Orleans and the *Gulf Coast taking more vicious kicks on the shin.

Ruthless people always go for weak spots, don’t they?

Yet you noticed when testifying on Capitol Hill last week, all the big execs said that they will pay “all legitimate” claims (a legal loophole?) but with this symbol we find that they were “ready to accept the risk of failure” though I suspect a way has been created around it:

Did BP and the others hedge their bets on Wall Street that a blowout would occur? Did they or someone else bet against this foolhardy misadventure? If so, they can use their considerable ‘winnings’ to pay for all the damages they’ve caused. And no loopholes.


*oil globs may turn up elsewhere as they circulate in ocean currents.

Written by Jude Cowell

May 24, 2010 at 4:51 am

Scottish astrologer details firsthand airport closure from ash

Having recently been in touch with my friend, astrologer Anne Whitaker in Scotland, I knew she and her husband were about to take a trip to Devon to catch some rays. But thanks to airport closures from Iceland’s volcanic eruption causing downed flights, ash is all they caught.

Anne has a history with the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus, two planets lining up now for their first conjunction (June 8th) at 00Ari18. Uranus at Aries Point places the disruptive planet in range of opposing earthy Saturn again, and Anne is in-the-know about Summer 2010’s Cardinal Cross and titanic T-Squares which involve her expertise, the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus.

You might even apply to take part in a study she’s undertaking concerning Jupiter/Uranus, if you wish, so click to read Anne’s ‘ash report’ from the British Isles and find out what she and Ian did to counter their disappointment about switching destinations.

Personally, I think they made an excellent trade and I hope they manage to dodge ‘ash storm 2010’ altogether!


Read more on Jupiter conjunct Uranus June 8, 2010.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus June 8, 2010 @ AP

There are interesting correlations between the first of three Great Conjunctions (all in 2010) of Jupiter and Uranus, the ‘light bulb’ combo, and reports that the use of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs is no safer for the environment (as previously and loudly touted by the energy lobby and the US government) than the common everyday light bulbs of olden days.

The first of their conjunctions occurs on June 8, 2010 and conjoins the Aries Point (AP) of prominence and fame @ 00Aries18 so perhaps the CFL’s annoying puniness and failure to perform ‘as-advertised’ is one thing now being brought to light.

So how many planets does it take to change a light bulb? Only two when they’re expansive Jupiter and electrical Uranus.

LHC’s Atom Smasher astrology chart!

In what must be my top Astrology Chart coup of the month, I’ve discovered for you a brilliant article by Anna-Cristal which includes her presentation of the horoscope of the March 30, 2010 Atom Smashing experiment performed by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland within the bowels of the Large Hadron Collider.

(Article link provided below.)

Well, Jumpin’ Jurassic Park DNA Dinosaurs! Just because they can, does it mean they Should?

With the Jupiter/Uranus Cycle, there are approximately 14 Years from ‘New Moon’ conjunction when the cycle begins as the two planets ‘meet’, to the end of the cycle – in this case, June 7, 2010 is the last full day of the Feb 1997 cycle when the planets’ 1st precise conjunction occurs on June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18; their 2nd and 3rd conjs occur in Pisces in Sept 2010 and Jan 2011 tying in 2011 with the Jupiter/Uranus mystique of ‘breakthroughs’, ‘new discoveries’, and ‘bright ideas and solutions.’

Besides the end of May 2010’s ‘Uranus = Aries Point’ transit indicating a period of Scientific Breakthroughs in any and all manner of disciplines (including Astrology), we have the upping and expanding power of abundant Jupiter added to the mix on June 8 next – at US natal IC of Domestic and Security Concerns – the Homeland. Due to orb of influence, of course, Jupiterian principles are already being brought into collective consciousness in such areas as Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, Financing, Publishing, Higher Education, Travel and Flight, Space, Legalities including SCOTUS, and so forth…9th house concerns.

But there is also unpredictable Uranus’ ‘rebel-revolutionary-radical’ role to consider as The Awakener officially arrives in America (Uranus to n IC) for a disruptive, restless, yet exciting, sojourn.

Yes, the Jupiter/Uranus combination of energies is in large part about Science and Exploration. Reinhold Ebertin says it describes ‘inventors, organizers, adventurers, and fortune-hunters’ and Michael Munkasey focuses on its ability to catalyze change, either for its own sake or to satisfy discontent with legal, religious, and phiolosophical matters. America, my America!

Speaking of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, you may wish to check out Anne Whitaker’s excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus, if you haven’t yet. Anne strolls with us through Jupiter/Uranus history, plus, she astutely interprets the important Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction @ 5AQ56 on February 16, 1997 (Clinton adminstration.) NAFTA? Do we hafta? Why, yes, because the US government, now completely usurped by one-world-gov types, only listens to the contrary American people once in a blue moon because their elitist goals are best promoted by using one-tracked vision and determination toward global dominance…and a whole bunch of patience.

And listen they did not at what we-the-people said concerning the 2008 election/selection of ‘peace candidate’ Barack Obama, because, as it turns out, he too is snug in the pocket of the very same international power elite!

Yes, I believe that US presidents are ‘selected’ by higher powers, not elected by the people. Yet our urge to listen to and applaud the cult of personality which a candidate charismatically commands is the quality recommending him/her to the power elite as one who can play “president” – someone who can ‘make the medicine go down’ a little tastier, as they think.

(The top Oval Office job is as George W admitted early in his outrageous presidency: as “a propaganda catapulter,” so perfect a task for a former cheerleader – bully pulpit and all that.)

Well, as you know, ‘6AQ’ happens to conjoin America’s natal South Node so we as a nation have been lugging it around since 1776 and, being human, we tend to fall back on it out of laziness, apathy, and misguided attitudes that no longer serve us well in the present moment…in part, it’s the Head Against Brick Wall syndrome we exhibit when we become mired in places like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan — President ‘Out-Of-Iraq’ Obama. I’m lookin’ at You. You’re the one I suspected would follow Bush’s misdirected warpath as the presidential ‘baton was passed’ on Jan 20, 2009. And in that sense, you do not disappoint while completely disappointing, you paradox, you.

‘6 AQ’ a Hot or Sensitive degree:

Neptune was @ 6AQ on 9/11/01 and I have previously asserted (yet am not certain any other astrologer agrees with me) that ‘9/11/01’ was basically a Neptune Return for Islam, a religion founded when mysterious Neptune was in that degree.

Then Along Came a Solar Eclipse:

The January 26, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ 6AQ30 (which on this blog is called the ‘New President Eclipse’ – see sidebar) further increased to the degree’s sensitivity. Yet it’s not always easy to say how an eclipse will affect a person’s or an entity’s chart but there are clues based on the principles of the planet/s contacted. For example, on one level, Sun/Neptune is about identity issues and we hear much about ‘is Al Qaeda scattered and tattered? Does it have the capability to strike mainland US again?’ and so on. (Did it ever? Perhaps. With help. Don’t get me started.)

Now it would seem that certain Islamists have enough Neptunian veils cast over them as it is! Veils can secrete against your enemies, yes, but they often cause fuzzy vision and outlooks at the same time. Sun/Neptune contacts may also bring along phobias and fears of having one’s Sun squelched or negated…

1997 Jupiter/Uranus = 2001 Neptune: guided by false impressions; a lack of prudence and far-sightedness; unearned gains; a fortunate turn after having had losses. (Islamists? And/or Bush-Cheney installed by SCOTUS and enabling or perpetrating the attacks of 9/11 in order (for one reason) to legitimize a deceitful presidential election outcome? Yes, Neptune was very very busy in December 2000 with a “new Pearl Harbor.” jc.); (midpts: Ebertin.)

So! Feel the freedom of Jupiter/Uranus and ignore my political ramblings, if you will, but do check out Anne Whitaker’s amazing book linked above to discover what Anne has to say about the 1997 triggering of ‘6AQ’ and much much more. Get ready for 2010 is a Year of the genius duo, brilliant Jupiter/Uranus!

And here’s your link to Anna-Cristal’s excellent article displaying the Atom Smasher horoscope. It’s quite a doozy.

Now let us consider the Sun Aries/Moon Libra combo’s ‘Image for Integration’ in effect during the LHC’s activities of March 30, 2010 – for I’m hearing the sound of the smashing of atoms playing in the background…and right in tempo with an ‘uplifting’ Jupiter/Uranus symphony as it’s updated and performed in 2010 for the edification of the world…

‘A conductor leads an orchestra with passionate conviction and a vibrant, pulsating organism of musical perfection is created to the ecstatic uplifting of the audience.’

(‘Image’ is from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey. Sheesh! I must have sold a few of their books by now! And I’m not certain that I’ve ever reviewed the book on Amazon as I have ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’ because the gracious Anne Whitaker of Scotland asked me to and I was very happy to do so. jc ;p)

Jupiter to Pisces 1.17.10 @ 8:17 pm est

This evening, Jan 17, 2010, at 8:17 pm est, jolly Jupiter enters Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes, one swimming up into higher realms, one swimming down to the depths. Pisces is, of course, an intuitive Water sign fitting for oceanic themes and events while Aquarius is a mental sign. This change of resonance to Pisces will be quite a difference of expression for the Hierophant, Guru, and abundance-bringer, Jupiter.

In Water signs, Jupiter tends to stimulate and expand inner faith and compassion – kind of a “What the World Needs Now” transit, imo. Opportunities may come along when we follow intuitive yearnings for Jupiter’s offers of reward must be encouraged by taking action.

Emotional reserves are abundant now, something the people of Haiti (and the populace of the next catastrophe) will benefit from once the initial shock of the recent quake softens, if indeed it can. Having Jupiter enter sympathetic Pisces so soon after the disaster will be good for donations since this is a sensitive and sharing placement for the planet of growth and abundance.

In Astrology, Jupiter is said to be dignified in Pisces, its sign of rulership, and brings to the collective a deep desire to be of service (or to escape from life’s difficulties through indulgence in negative behaviors. Abstain!)

The working class (though reduced to more inertia by the day), organized labor, and the have-nots may all benefit in some way during Jupiter’s transit of Pisces which extends to about June 7, 2010 when Jupiter conjoins the Aries Point and lumbers into Mars-ruled Aries for a cameo appearance.

Then it’s back to Pisces around Sept 10, 2010 for a last watery fishing expedition until entering pioneering Aries again on or about Jan 23, 2011. This time frame covers the November 2010 elections when the GOP hopes to squelch the Dems’ hold on the House – Jupiter signifies the R Party while Saturn = the Democratic Party in Mundane Astrology.

My intuition says that unless the R Party reaches down deep in its soul (assuming ‘it’ can be said to have one) and pulls a significant amount of true compassion out of the rabbit’s hat than they’ve hitherto shown, the have-nots won’t be in a mood for another GOP revolution. Too many people are suffering and who honestly could prefer a second Bush-esque nightmare with the Rs’ usual “entitlement” allergies?

Of course, the 2008 financial collapse makes good cover for curtailing benefits for the neediest among us, doesn’t it? Yet wise Jupiter in compassionate Pisces knows intrinsically that, Yes! We really are our brothers’ keepers.

While in dreamy Pisces, Jupiter will have to take risks, including the risk of being severely criticized, in order to promote a higher cause, mission, or goal. So perhaps Jupiter in Pisces will bring a ‘softening’ in some way though one suspects that the GOP probably has enough inner steel to withstand such a change in attitude. (We’ll see!)

This transit means that keeping one’s feet on the ground is a caution and over-inflated egos are distinct possibilities. Yes, ‘inflated egos’ sounds more like the Republican Party members we’ve come to know…or like politicians of any stripe, for that matter.

Well, it’s true that I am of the populist persuasion, so having Jupiter in Pisces seems an improvement for society (as long as ‘abundance of water’ isn’t a problem – except in drought regions please.) This improvement may bring the collective (Pisces) some sorely needed altruistic actions and philanthropy, yet extravagance may be part of the Jupiterian picture as well.

A breadth of vision and an intuitive understanding of others will be noticeable, perhaps especially so when electrified technocrat and genius Uranus joins idealistic Jupiter on June 8, 2010 @ Aries Point. Their hook-up at AP (a World Point of manifestation) is a ‘scientific breakthrough’ indicator; their Great Conjunction/s will repeat twice more into January 2011, but in late degrees of Pisces.

There is a long list of notable folk who were born with Jupiter in Pisces (therefore, a cyclic 12-year Jupiter Return will occur soon for each one, even if they are deceased; their works or names may resurface in the collective imagination or consciousness in a special way (an award?) during this time…very Piscean, the Collective Unconscious!) so let me add a few of their names here:

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jordan, Leon Trotsky, Franz Schubert, Lawrence Welk, Edgar Alan Poe, Louisa May Alcott, Sarah Bernhardt, Bob Hope (there’s a Jupiterian name!), Frank Sinatra, Abdul Baha, Evangeline Adams, Isabel Hickey, and Sigmund Freud.

And if you are an investor, you may wish during this transit to consider putting money (Jupiter) into Piscean-related areas such as oceans, fishing, liquids of all kinds including oil and beverages, pharmaceuticals, shoes, feet, make-up or acting pursuits – or perhaps something Psychology related.

Why, even Fish or Marine-themed Art may be a good investment with Jupiter in Pisces!

May I suggest an underwater browse of botanical fish portraits in my Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle? ;p

Now here’s ‘Black striped butterfish’ to greet you as Jupiter enters Pisces – the little fellow’s portrait is included my 2010 Dreamyfish Art Calendar, as linked above:

‘Black striped butterfish’ drawing by Jude Cowell 2010.

New book on Jupiter-Uranus

Astrologer Anne Whitaker has published a new book on the Great Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction of 1997 so check it out especially since we’re in the final days of the 1997 cycle.

Yes, we have another cycle of the ‘light bulb pair’ beginning in 2010…they conjoin three times:

1. June 8 at Aries Point (00Ari18);
2. Sept 19 (28Pis43);
3. Jan 4, 2011 (27Pis02.)

So Anne’s insights will be most helpful to get us ready for the ongoing and expansive Jupiter/Uranus duo which may bring scientific or even financial breakthroughs as its new cycle proceeds!

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