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Of False Senators and their wrasses

May 4, 2017: Now that the Republican health insurance plan has passed the House and heads for the US Senate, I’m taking a moment to appreciate that famously deliberative body of government which We The People must now depend upon to do the right thing in spite of the Ayn-Randian notion of survival of the fittest.

To me there seems to be something fishy about the entire GOP plan especially considering the anti-government infiltrators of Washington though naturally you may choose to disagree.

So are you, dear reader, one of those “good people” Republicans favor who are in perfect health and (preferably) have boo koodles of money? Of course, Washington politicians don’t have to worry a moment about their own medical coverage but we must wonder how pleasant their breaks to go home will turn out once the wider public realizes what Republicans have done to millions of Americans while giving the wealthy classes huge tax breaks!

How will they manage to cover their wrasses?

False senator wrasse of Western Australia; a pencil portrait by Jude Cowell.

Written by Jude Cowell

May 5, 2017 at 1:24 am

All Things Must Pass benefit concert Raleigh NC 2.26.11

What a fabulous Spring-like Friday evening in Raleigh, North Carolina as something like 45 local musicians gathered their talents together last night for a cancer benefit concert celebrating George’s Harrison’s All Things Must Pass in aid of local area cancer patients who have bills to pay.

The music fest, held at a Carrboro club called the Cat’s Cradle (which reminded me muchly of The 40 Watt club in Athens GA) was performed in association with The Caring Community Foundation, an area non-profit charitable organization which provides financial assistance to cancer patients in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Basic needs such as rent, utilities, food, prescription meds, nutritional supplements, and other expenses are supported by this excellent charity organization. And with cancer sufferer George Harrison’s tunes as the fare, the blend made for a touching and magical evening full of familiar melodies for this former Beatle fan (who saw them in Atlanta 1965 with a Mystic Rectangle planetary pattern above our heads!)

Organizers Toby Roan and Jeff Hart did a fantastic job herding (by which I mean, managing) a group of musical cats onstage with cello, horns, upright bass, drums and more along with the usual complement of guitars and tambourines. So the Cat’s Cradle was quite an appropriate venue!

There are few people whose lives haven’t been affected by cancer whether it’s self, family members, or friends and my family and I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful musical project in aid of those with significant financial burdens during a stressful time of life. CCF also runs Caring Community Kids to comfort little ones affected by the disease, and a Pay-It-Forward philosophy drives their mission.

The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) was begun ten years ago by local cancer survivor Jill Wolford and has raised over $1 million and served over 1,000 patients so that they can focus on their treatment and recovery. Click for more info on the organization (donations and volunteers are always welcome!); plus, you may also wish to visit If Not For You.org.

By attending last evening’s benefit concert, I discovered that I had forgotten George Harrison’s last words, by which the world would be a much happier, less crisis-ridden place if only everyone remembered them regularly. Perhaps you already know them:

“Love one another.”

To which this blogger adds a heartfelt, Amen!

Americans bombarded with carcinogens

For years I’ve complained to the few people who would listen that cases of cancer in the US cannot be reduced or the illness avoided until we face the fact that cancer is very often caused, or at least triggered, by carcinogens and toxins placed in our foods, water, and environments by an out-of-control chemical industry, and winked at by a toothless, complicit FDA.

Now a miracle seems to have occurred: the Obama adminsitration is taking on this very same issue…hurrah!

Is it too hopeful to think that Americans will soon begin to be protected from these hidden factors rather than being guinea pigs for every frakensteinian experiment in chemical mood changers and health underminers that Big Chem decides to stealthily employ to destroy our health?

With the costs of treating cancer skyrocketing over the years, this would be an opportune time to ‘get real’ about the true causes of the disease, wouldn’t it?

Yes, I’m probably being too hopeful here, but perhaps some truth will come out in the process and make possible an honest debate so that we-the-people will realize what’s being done to us which furthers the for-profit agenda of a so-called ‘healthcare’ system which has much to thank Big Chem for – millions of cancer patients needing expensive treatment (with a bonus of population control for those who engineer such dire solutions to the world’s problems.)

Written by Jude Cowell

May 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Bill Moyers on Obama’s Health Bill

You may notice from this post’s title that I still cannot make myself refer to the bill as Health “Care” Reform. Perhaps I’ll get there at some point as the insurance legislation’s effects become more known in reality rather than in theory only.

Be that as it may, journalists Bill Moyers and Michael Winship have a few things to say so this blogging gnat shall now turn you over to the well-informed professionals:

Bill Moyers: The Health Bill Is a Bonanza for the Insurance Industry

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

It seems like most efforts to reform a system that’s gone awry — to clean house and make a fresh start — end up benefiting the very people who wrecjed it in the first place.

Wary of the Ides of March?

Everone has heard the admonition to Beware the Ides of March from ancient Roman days.

And perhaps apt comparisons between the Roman Empire and the current imperialistic American Empire make the Ides of March a date to be cautious of, I suppose. President Obama is on my TV now (C-SPAN) speaking in Cleveland, Ohio about health insurance reform and he’s getting loud applause and cheers from the audience. There’s no assassin in the wings, one assumes, to further tie the American Empire to that of ancient Rome!

Yet character assassination is a typical and constant political tactic gleefully used in America, isn’t it? Tiresome, especially because the American people need focused attention on real issues as never before.

Well, in 44 AD the March 15 assassination of Julius Caesar, who had moved to make himself ’emperor for life’ (kind of like the deal our SCOTUS Justices enjoy) went forward successfully in spite of the warning which was, apparently, arrogantly disregarded.

Whether President Obama will seek a second term remains to be seen especially considering his remarks on the subject but that’s for future consideration. We do know there are people who hope he won’t even though he’s barely gotten started with term #1.

Even so, do chillax and check out the info on the Ides of March (based on the Roman calendar!) during the current ‘dark of the Moon’ in preparation for the New Moon, exact at 4:00 pm edt this afternoon @ ’26 Pisces’…”A New Moon Divides That Its Influences.”

Here’s Marc Edmund Jones’ interpretation for ’26Pisces’: “FINESSE…

positive manifestation: a thoroughgoing capitalization on life’s transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a completely disruptive vacillation.”

Hmmm…sounds to my ear like the President may be successful with his health insurance reform initiative after all in spite of the Republican Party’s disruptive vacillation.

As to Senator Chris Dodd’s reputed unveiling today of the financial reform bill that he and Senator Bob Corker have been slogging over for months, I’d say that the dark of a New Moon is not a good time to reveal something new. In fact, it’s often a time when sneaky things are afoot yet I hope something is finally done to police the financial industry’s ‘creative’ bookkeeping and bring the greedy titans of Wall Street down to earth with the rest of us.

Sign letter to the president on health insurance reform

Astrologer Alex D’Atria sent this along:

Dear President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid:

We need to finish health reform right. Health care must be affordable for everyone, not tax benefits, and hold insurance companies accountable with the choice of a public health insurance option.


your name here…?

Written by Jude Cowell

January 5, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Kucinich on the health insurance reform

Well, I’ve been wondering what Rep. Dennis Kucinich thinks about the health reform bill and was glad to find an article on why he voted no.

Included are his insights into some of the financial shenanigans being perpetrated, too. Wonder why statements from Kucinich and Ron Paul always make more sense to me than their colleagues’ arguments and talking points?

Written by Jude Cowell

November 22, 2009 at 8:32 am

Astrology: House passage of Health Reform Bill 11.7.09

When the House passed Health Care legislation last evening officially at 11:15 pm est (at 11:07 pm the vote count reached the required 218 votes), the Sun Sco/Moon Cancer blend was indicating these ‘Images for Integration’…

‘A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage…A surgeon develops life-saving methods…A mother passionately defends her delinquent child and pleads for a compassionate verdict.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

This Water-Water combo is the ‘mailed fist in a velvet glove’ blend of energies – and Sun @ ’15Sco’? That’s the Eagle Point degree as noted in the Images above. There are resilience, intuition, and emotional tenacity along with an ability to “feel where things are at” within this combo.

And while this may describe the Democratic leadership or certain members of the party concerning this legislation, I believe it describes even more closely President Obama whose phone call – ‘feeling where things are at’ – may have ‘turned’ the one Republican who voted ‘yea’ after hearing Mr. Obama’s dulcet tones (or after receiving a back-scratching promise of some kind?)

If you wish to read more of my astrologically based comments on last evening’s chart and bill passage, try House Passes Health Bill with Hygeia Rising for details. Hint: the key is which Fixed Star arose with the Sun at Eagle Point on Nov 7, 2009, one day after transiting Saturn, planet of the Democratic Party in Mundane Astrology, precisely hit the US natal Midheaven (00Lib53 in the nation’s ‘Sibly’ natal chart.)

Saturnian Democrats are on top!

US Moon Return tonight 10.27.09

Tonight at 10:05:47 pm edt over the White House, the US natal Moon returns to her natal degree: 27AQ10 in the Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.)

Our freedom-loving Aquarian Moon will be posited in the transiting 9th house where we may gain new understanding in religious, philosophical, educational, or foreign fields. Some of us may realize a need – or a renewed need – for moral and spiritual values during the month as this Lunar Return chart is in effect. A caution is to not let emotions (Moon) limit the depth of our spiritual understanding or cause prejudices from past emotional biases to interfere with our evolutionary progress.

(Return charts are good until the planet or luminary in question ‘returns’ to its position once again – a Moon cycle is approximately 28 1/2 days, as you know. Our next Moon Return is Nov 24 with Moon in 4th house in DC; Sibly.)

Ascending tonight is the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer indicating domestic and security matters on the front-burner, along with nurturance issues such as diet and health care (the astrological Moon links to the physical body, the unconscious and the mind-body connection, and to childhood and the past.)

Neptune @ 23AQ42 Rx is in 9th house as well, indicating that someone will be traveling over water. Is this you? Not me!

The Neptune-to-natal-Moon transit is giving the populace a sense of rootlessness, though if you prefer the Sibly chart I use here, it won’t be exact until Neptune’s 3 conjunctions to US Moon in 2010 into 2011, on or about:

1. March 13, 2010
2. August 25, 2010
3. Jan 14, 2011 — that’s if you use the Sibly Moon. Other versions of America’s natal chart have Moons in earlier degrees so we could say we’re feeling the rootlessness already – especially with housing foreclosures, homelessness including living under bridges, etc.

This use of events for timing a chart may be a reasonable justification for using other natal charts for the US such as the Franklin chart (2:21 am LMT) with Moon @ 18AQ14, a degree currently being triggered by transiting Jupiter 17AQ30/32, a contact that may be somewhat responsible for the recent and current uptick in prices in the real estate market. Yet Jupiter conjuncts Neptune again in December so the bubbly speculative feelings are still there – or forming anew considering the news reports on the housing market that I’m hearing lately.

Tonight the chart-ruler Moon makes two lovely applying aspects in the Sibly Moon Return chart but with one clunker in the midst:

1. trine Mercury 29Libra26 (2A16), 5th house; 29 is a critical or crisis degree as is Saturn 29Vir49 in 4th house (domestic scene; real estate.)
2. inconjunct Saturn (2A39)
3. trine Sun 4Sco48 in 5th house (7A38.)

If we divide the ‘month’ of this Return chart according to the Moon’s applying aspects – to see how things proceed – we get a week+ of continued meetings and speeches concerning health reform and its money issues, both at critical points.

Then coming to the fore is a sense of being exploited by authorities (Saturn inconj Moon) bwo of intimidation and guilt, when those in charge (Saturn) will put their needs (Moon) first. Typical, I agree.

Yet obviously adjustments (inconj) must be made as limits in obligations are defined and Saturn’s delaying tactics are more fully revealed to the people (Moon.) The inconj between these two may indicate a worsening of H1N1 cases as well, possibly peaking during the first half of November, but hopefully their occurrence will lessen soon after unless another factor enters the picture.

Then, about one week or so prior to Nov 24, we begin to enjoy the Sun/Moon trine (symbolically speaking based on this Moon Return chart for the month.)

Sun trine Moon is lovely! If you have this aspect in your natal chart, fortunate you, for there is balance between the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) which gives ease in relationships and harmony with authority. A caution would be a tendency toward apathy which the American people should avoid on these fatiguing yet critical issues.

For we remember that sometimes Capitol Hillers drag things out on purpose because they know it doesn’t take much to distract us and they can legislate what and how they want – and our needs and pocketbooks be da*med!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

Reid announces public option in health reform w/Neptune rising 10/26/09

It’s 3:23 pm edt in Washington DC and Senate Majoirty Leader Harry Reid has just announced a public option with states being able to opt out of the option.

At 3:15 pm when Reid was to begin his announcement, mass-media connected Neptune was rising in Washington DC which is not the most stable portent for Democrats’ plan to include this option for the neediest among us.

Yet time will tell if this is only another shine-on scam to snooker the American people, even if fraudulent, deceptive, yet often idealistic Neptune doesn’t.


Blog Note: if you are a visitor to my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington please update to its new http://www.com domain. Thanks!

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