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Cosmic Weather of the July 16 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Today a fresh post is published to my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington in which an attempt is made to illuminate some basic information embedded within the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Capricorn04 via its Illumination Point degree and symbol. The karmic confrontation degrees are also included in order to present a fuller view of this uncovering-of-secrets lunation which is, of course, a Full Moon of awareness, fulfillment, and/or culmination of some kind which was ‘seeded’ at the last New Moon–lo and behold, the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse @10Can37! No doubt about it that July 2019 is a highly karmic month of ‘wild card’ eclipses for America and for the world.

So let’s put away the tribalism-nationalism of Cancer and the austerity-severity vibes of Capricorn for a few minutes and consider the Sun-Moon blend of the July 16 Lunar Eclipse, Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn, which enables us to nab ourselves a peek at the cosmic weather on that particular day as spotlighted by the Capricorn Moon opposing a Cancerian Sun.

Right away we know that the Water-Earth Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn combination of conscious-unconscious energies falls under a Moon-Saturn vibe which includes potentials for depression, suppression, and/or isolation but can also trigger ambition, strategy, and a sense of determined direction. Plus, a Water-Earth combination is pragmatic and practical and prefers dealing with the real world and the ‘bottom line’ in the realms of Home, Family, Nurturance, and Security (Cancer) and in the worlds of Business, Career, Law, Finance and Investment, and/or Government. And as you know, all Full Moons time or reveal something about relationships, whether they’re straining, ending, strengthening, or otherwise. Positive motives and honest commitment are the operables words there.

Now individuals and entities influenced by this blend tend toward introspection, shrewdness, taking responsibility, and can “drive a hard bargain” when necessary. Intuition (Cancer) is strong and leadership talents (Capricorn) are typical and there is often an interest in genealogical research for family ties are enduring. Loyalty is valued, recognition and a level of authority are needed, plus, a diplomatic streak may be in evidence with Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn.

So let’s close with the Image for Integration for Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey in their classic astrology book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign:
“An ancient water mill works away in rhythmic fashion, meting out just the required amount of fluid force to grind the corn that nourishes and sustains the village.”

Well, water is the strongest element, is it not?

Written by Jude Cowell

July 6, 2019 at 3:43 pm

Crystal Pomeroy’s Scorpio Full Moon Meditation May 17, 2011

Today I am honored to publish here Crystal Pomeroy’s meditation column concerning the Scorpio Full Moon of May 17, 2011. Crystal’s lunar portal meditations are regularly published in the pages of the excellent Daykeeper Journal.

This meditation is a few days late but still operative and contains valuable information for dealing with the toxicity of our times which very much includes the realm of Politics:

Full Moon in Scorpio: Give Noxious Programming the Slip

Crystal Pomeroy

This portal helps free us from the effects of brainwashing and other influences that interrupt the connection with our essential selves. Scorpio has the power to go within in order to reveal and shed the automaticity of following or absorbing the behavior, perception or expectations of others.

An anonymous author has observed that it’s easier to improve as individuals than as a collective. Have you ever made progress with personal change, only to confront a tendency to get off track when interacting with others? Many of us are committed to finding peace within and sharing it, yet collectively we continue to support unsolicited military involvement in other countries. The Sabian symbol describes the social glamorization of obsolete institutions: “Scintillating with the flash of the instruments and the colors of the banners and uniforms, a military band is marching.” About this symbol, Terry Lamb asks: “Do those we adhere to share our deepest values, or is our allegiance based on habit and appearance, the enticement of a catchy phrase or flashy slogan?”

Such enticements are not limited to politics. The tendency to disown our perception and values in order to fit in or feel accepted permeates all kinds of relationships. In the 1960’s, psychologist Stanley Milgram set up what has since becomes an infamous test, designed to detect where people would draw the line when a authority figure asked them to carry out a destructive act. Volunteers were recruited from the public at large as “teachers”, whose task was to punish “students” by applying shock treatments of increasing intensity each time they made a mistake. The students were actually actors who would complain when the simulated shocks began, protest increasingly and ultimately scream out in anguish as the voltage became higher. To the amazement of the psychiatrists running the test, well over half of the volunteer “teachers” continued to give the shocks right up to the highest intensity (450 volts).

In her book, The Manipulated Mind, Denise Winn describes similar dynamics in settings that range from concentration camps to abusive relationships. Even in city streets, a group mind syndrome can paralyze bystanders who fail to intervene when witnessing an assault or even a murder.

On a lighter note, I have a humorous memory from my teens.

An illustrious friend had invited my sister Susan and me to an event with a guru who was visiting from the Far East. We arrived at a beautiful home in the Larkspur hills a bit late, and obediently sought a place in the back of the large, crowded room so as not to interrupt. Just we were bending to sit on the wooden floor, a master of ceremonies introduced the guru, and the entire group in front of us began to kowtow. My sister and began to follow suit, but since the situation and positions were for us a surprise, we stumbled and fell over ourselves. We were caught off guard while trying to honor the foreign customs of our host, but this Robbin Williamnesque scene evokes the fine line between positive cooperation and automatic compliance. How often do we go with the flow of the social environment before heeding our doubts?

Scorpio knows all about mind control, and in its most dexterous mode, has the power to shake it off. Jupiter helps free this potential, as it makes an exact semisextile and quinqunx to the Sun-Moon opposition in Luna’s chart. The ceremony below is synchronized with the cosmic gate now opening to release our minds.

Light blue and/or white candle
Wild flowers
Sage smudge or incense
A picture or symbol of an eagle to represent the overcoming Scorpio
A picture or object that reflects or represents the real you
Bach flower essences: Agrimony and Clematis
Page and pen or journal for each participant

1) Light your incense or smudge as you say something like, This is an offering for the Angels of Freedom, whose help I request to discern and release influences and information that does not resonate with my essence. Esta es una ofrenda para los ángeles de la libertad, a los que pido que me ay

2) Walk clock-wise in a circle around the area as you say, I am (we are) surrounded by liberating grace, which now removes me (us) from influences and situations of destructive programming.

3) Light the candle/s as you say, Spirit’s radiance fills, illuminates and shields my mind so that I may by true my highest self.

4) Make a Brainwashing Release List, specifying the tendencies you would like to eliminate. The following examples from my prayer group may trigger your own independent discernment:

Taking mainstream news at face value
The tendency to console or comfort someone by joining in negative criticism of others, especially (name of person or group I do this with)
Continually wondering how others perceive me rather than what I feel, like or desire
Eating what others want
Allowing my partner’s strong personality to make me doubt my own worth or capabilities
Subliminal messages in ads, songs or media broadcasting
Toxic shame
Relationships that make me doubt my worth
Self-rejection due to body image (age, size and so on)
Wearing nylons and other synthetic clothing
Staying in bed later than I want not to elicit criticism from my partner
The idea that another’s striking qualities or achievements make me less worthy or capable
Tendency to criticize before understanding people or situations
Ignoring or belittling my intelligence in order to be humble
Decipher your own!

Write above or next to this list:

I have been given free will to choose what I wish to experience or reject, and I choose not to live with conscious or unconscious susceptibility to influences or suggestions, open or subliminal, that don’t go with the highest and the best for me. This intent opens the channels to the Grace that now sweeps through my mind and life, taking with it situations, behaviors and habits that don’t resonate with my values. I ask my guardian angel (or name preferred guide) to help me honor myself and the divine voice within at all times. Thank You, Higher Power, thank you, angel.

Repeat words like these for at least 6 minutes. Follow up by looking at your list and affirming during at least 6 minutes each morning. Reinforce by taking brief breaks throughout the day to check within and affirm ideas like:

I am free from concern with the opinions of others; I am true to my highest values. I enjoy honoring and respecting myself…

A little bit of daily practice goes a long way to reclaim our centers and shake off destructive programing, especially if we start at or around this lunation in the sign of Power Itself and continue for at least 2 weeks. Scorpio likes to question, and so we conclude by stimulating the reader’s –and the writer’s– imagination as we wonder:

Could it be that the critical mass for a new paradigm of collective freedom is nearer than it seems?

Bills, Rex, The Rulership Book,
Ponder, Catherine, The Dynamic Laws of Healing,

Winn, Denise, The Manipulated Mind
Scheffer, Mechthild, Flores que curan el alma, Ediciones Urano Barcelona, 1993.
Lamb, Terry, May Daily Success Guide,

Daykeeper Journal


Published with author’s permission

Two reactors in Georgia, Full Moon 3-19-11

From the Gross to the Sub-Rhyme

by Jude Cowell

Just in from my hometown newspaper The Banner-Herald comes an update on the two nuclear reactors still on track for construction in the southeastern state of Georgia in spite of the horrid Meltdown in Japan.

Yes, there are differences between power plant designs and the chance of a tsunami claiming one of the nuclear reactors in Georgia is slim to none. But there’s more to consider, if you care to read. The article includes a brief overview of how things stand in the US which may interest a wider audience.

Personally, I don’t like being reminded of the myth of Atlantis which (in one version of the tale) sank due to abuse/misuse of power. The asteroid Atlantis in Mundane Astrology has keywords: ‘abuse/misuse of power; where we feel doomed.’

If this turns out to be the case, I’ll blame the usual cast of wormy characters along with nuclear and other scientists and their institutions, laboratories, and related universities. The IAEA is also suspect in my book – can’t help it.

Uranus = AP an Astro-Factor in Current Troubles

Uranus to Aries Point, the current Solar Eclipse degree 13Cap38 (January 4, 2011) conjoining fixed star Manubrium (a flaring heat), midpoint picture Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: harm through force majeure, Jupiter opposite Saturn, Saturn quindecile Uranus, and other difficult planetary energies and patterns now active in Earth’s atmosphere and the historical timeline are proving too hot for would-be rescuers to handle and too debilitating to Life on Earth for me to keep out of prayer for very long and I must move on mentally and emotionally to a different topic for a while, y’know?

So here are 3 previous posts which concern timely Spring 2011 topics w none of them updated for this linking:

Spring Equinox 2011 (aka, Aries Ingress, or Spring Ingress – basically when Tropical Sun reaches 00Aries00:00, the Aries Point of World Manifestation. 00Lib00:00 and 00Can00:00/Cap are the other three points on the Physical Plane – Grand Cross of earthly existence, and signified by the number 4.

Now I don’t know about you, but I could do with less world manifestation at the moment, agreed? If only the world could have a few moments to catch up. Perhaps a return of Uranian electricity to the power plants will bring solutions for Japan.)

This Weekend’s Full Moon 3.19.11 (Purim begins @ sundown)

Pegasus and the Virgo Full Moon of March 19, 2011

On a rhymier note, if you’ve ever wondered to yourself if ancient foxes were prehistoric man’s best friend, you might on a whim check out Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, compliments of yours truly.

Be Aware that a certain whimsical video may be involved. jc


Update 3.18.11: a fresh post in now up concerning the March 19, 2011 Full Moon and its weather-affecting status as a SuperMoon.

Full Moon Jan 19, 2011 welcomes Hu Jintao to the US

After publishing the horoscope with details of Wednesday January 19, 2011’s Full Moon 29Can27 on Stars Over Washington, I thought you might be interested in having a peek.

As you know, a 29th degree is considered to be a crisis or critical degree and certainly no one discounts the many problems existing between America and China such as trade imbalance and yuan-dollar currency rifts.

This Wednesday’s Full Moon is important as well for it occurs after January 4, 2011’s Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap38 which opposes US natal Sun (the leader in a mundane chart) and represents the culmination/fulfillment stage of the prior Eclipse (New Moon.)

Yes, it’s a big week in Washington DC with President Hu Jintao’s historic visit so I hope you’ll take a minute to check out the horoscope of the Full Moon of January 19, 2011…click the chart image to enlarge, and add your comments and opinions as you see fit.

WikiLeaks’ “Afghan War Diary” minimized by BBC News

Someone on the BBC News World Service just attempted to minimize the effects of the release of over 91,000 reports on events in Afghanistan by saying the massive document leak is a “treaure trove for historians” but that the picture shown by the reports is not “very different” from what is already known.

If you’ve managed to miss the online disclosures so far, here’s an explanatory page from WikiLeaks to get you started on a topic that’s going to be around for a long time.

July 25’s Full Moon has brought the release by WikiLeak’s Julian Assange (on July 25) of revelations of a lot of formerly hidden information on what the US occupation is really like, and something tells me that at least some of the intell in these documents may be quite okay for ‘leaking’ as far as the White House (and perhaps the Pentagon brass?) is concerned for it lets a very expensive cat out of a limpingly bankrupt bag.

And you know that if you want info to go public in the biggest way possible, debut it a few hours before the light of a Full Moon!

Now the White House has condemned the leak and predictably cites ‘national security’…but what stands out to me is the assertion that soldiers’ lives are put at risk by the leak of documents.

AS IF sending our troops into an insurgent war based on trumped up intell hasn’t done precisely that already thousands of times over – and lied about it!!!

Plus, this leak of US military documents may lend new meaning to today’s (July 26, 2010) Saturn/Uranus opposition with governmental Saturn’s status quo needs vs Uranus’ urge for progress, independence, and freedom of information.

Astrology of the Blue Moon Eclipse 12.31.09

Here is my fresh post on the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse if you wish to view it.

One thing I intended to include in the post was inadvertently left out so I mention it here: the degree symbol for Saturn @ ‘5 Libra’ because Saturn and Venus are in Mutual Reception (posited in one another’s natural signs – here, Libra/Capricorn) and especially because of a Cardinal T-Square with Saturn as the apex planet, and Saturn appears in 3 midpoint pictures with Sun/Moon, Moon/Venus, and Moon/Pluto.

Details for apex Saturn (planet of authority, control, restrictions) in a Cardinal T-Square are given in the post but here I’m adding a few details from Adriano Carelli’s symbol for ‘5Lib’ found in his book, ‘The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ (publisher AFA, 1982, if you can find one); not all of Carelli’s symbols have word pictures but ‘5 Lib’ does:

“An albatross with glaring red beak and claws”…

“A winged, impulsive, enthusiastic nature full of lofty aspirations but impatient to see its dreams realized and chaffing at obstacles.”

This tallies perfectly with the apex Saturn in Cardinal T-Square details, as you’ll find if you click the above link – as does the rest:

“Hence a tendency to impose one’s will violently without an adequate psychological approach, overlooking and skipping the logical proofs of one’s conviction and neglecting the cogent force of one’s arguments. This exuberance may give rise to physical dangers; the native (Saturn) will have to check his gestures as well as his actions if he is to avoid harm from iron and fire…”

This is “an essentially fiery and martial being, born to fly and bound to reach his goal with one great heave of his wings. () He is born to wage a titanic struggle with himself – whom he constantly sees reflected in the oceanic mirror of conscience – and against opponents of his ideals…The small skirmishes of every day life do not concern him at all. ()…this influence may induce stoutness or other bodily ailments hampering walk.”

So if you notice a NWO promoter limping about as he fulfills his regulatory role on some level (more details in post linked above), you can say, there’s Mr. Saturn, the albatross with the glaring red beak and claws. Wonder what high-handedness he’s ready to force upon the populace now?

It won’t make you feel any better about the direction America is being forced to take as helmed by the global power elite, but you can say it all the same…and thereby recognize our demons when you spy them.

More on June 7 2009’s Full Moon in Sag

More stuff has been added to the picture of June 7, 2009’s Full Moon at ’18Sag’ if you’d like a peek!

You remember the father of Cynicism, old Diogenes, right? Well, every once in a while he gathers his bones together, sits up, climbs out of his resting spot, and takes his lantern for a stroll through city streets…and you know what he’s searching for!

Hmm…wonder if Pres. Obama on his current trip abroad may be likened on some level to Diogenes? If so, I hope he finds what he’s looking for and makes it back safely to the US.

Full Moon in Sag: June 7, 2009

In Washington, DC, at a Moon Hour 2:11:39 pm edt, June 7, 2009, there will manifest a Full Moon at ’18Sag’ with Moon out-of-bounds of the earthly plane.

A Fist of God pattern between a Moon/Saturn square points accusingly at Venus 1Tau20 in 8th house of Credit, Debt, Insurance, and other Shared Resources (plus, Transformation and the Occult.)

Thus we have a *midpoint picture we may read if we wish…any, all, or none may apply:

Moon/Saturn = Venus: resignation; renunciation; changes of mood; lack of self-confidence; illegitimate associations; standing alone or being disappointed in a partnership or marriage.

‘Resignation’ sounds political or business oriented, doesn’t it? Given GM’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing today, perhaps it’s both simultaneously as the days roll on toward the culminating Full Moon in Sagittarius, a sign ruled by expansive Jupiter who loves to broaden his horizons with travel – in an automobile, perhaps?

Will a woman (Venus) resign from a post?

If you wish, please check out a few Full Moon details now posted with particular attention paid to apex Saturn in Virgo, focal (apex) planet of June 7’s Sag Full Moon, an opposition of luminaries which forms a T-Square pattern with authoritative, studious Saturn.

But what you won’t find there is here under your nose – the intellectual **Sun Gem-Moon Sag blend’s ‘Images for Integration’ which may perhaps be applied in part to presidential and cabinet member trips abroad which are now in the news as May 24’s New Moon 3Gem28 (conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Moon so a Lunar Return for him) cycle culminates on June 7, 2009…

‘The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings, and baseball…A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent.’

*midpoint pic: ‘The Combination of Stellar Influences’ by Reinhold Ebertin.
** ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & suzi Harvey.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 9, 2009

In Washington, DC at 1 minute 22 seconds after Midnight edt, May 9, 2009 will perfect a Scorpio Full Moon 18Sco41 in 10th house.

Since images of charts display more clearly at my Stars Over Washington blog, I’ve placed it and quite a few notes there if you wish to peruse.

May 9’s Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend details have been plopped sassily upon my new blog Two Hours You’ll Never Get Back if you’d like to check it out (sassiness appreciated but not required.)

And what of the Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol? I hear you say rather crossly.

Let’s consider ’19Sco’ and the Sun’s position opposite ’19Tau’ which is the Illumination Point.

Usually I check out the opposite degree, the Illumination Point, to gather unconscious information, but since the Sun is considered conscious and the Moon unconscious, we’ll simply check them both as illuminators of one another, if it’s okay by you.

It’s part of the highlighting a Full Moon is famous for when hidden things, often begun at the previous New Moon and the dark (Balsamic) phase for the 3 days prior, may come to full light.

The following will be a blend of Sabian Symbol interpretations from Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar.

Moon ’19Sco’ (MEJ): “A Parrot Listening and Then Talking.’ CONVENTIONALITY.

positive expression: exceptional skill in bring the whole tenor of transient circumstances to the service of a personal aspiration;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: idle mimicry and self-gratifying pretense.

’19Sco’ (DR): ‘A Parrot Repeats the Conversation He Has Overheard.’


Keynote: The capacity to transmit transcendental knowledge.

Sun ’19Tau’ (MEJ): ‘A Newly Formed Continent.’ ORIGINALITY.

pos: a revolutionary potentiality by which each individual is enabled to remodel the entire face of the universe;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

’19Tau’ (DR): ‘A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean.’

Keynote: The surge of new potentiality after a crisis. SPONTANEITY. #

The DR version above for ’19Tau’ describes reaching ‘a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor’ but for me it conjures the power elite’s striving for world domination. Ex: America as Francis Bacon’s ‘New Atlantis’ and Thomas More’s ‘Utopia.’

(Perhaps it’s simply a case of too much Political Astrology on my brain. Tiresome? Yes, I KNOW.)

Considering that the unconscous mind is always stronger than the conscious mind, it sounds to me as if the Scorpio Full Moon is in control here especially since Rudhyar explains the Moon’s ’19Sco’ degree as ‘a hint as to man’s capacity to attune himself to sources of higher wisdom if he can be sufficiently attentive and careful in channeling a “Higher Voice.”

The Symbol’s stress on unintelligent repetition in its word picture ‘is to use only one’s intellect. All birds in symbolism suggest spiritual faculties or forces. What is evoked is the possibility of learning from higher Intelligences.”

Well, to me it seems that higher thoughts and information from On High would improve this troubled world, yet I doubt Mr. Rudhar was speaking of going to see the new Star Trek film for “higher Intelligences.”

Or was he? ;p

Update May 19: just got a much-needed heads-up from Crystal Pomeroy at Daykeeper Journal concerning the lunation of May 9 and its esoteric clues to the current flu pandemic so you may wish to check out Crystal’s clear writing and her thoughts on the subject!

Full Moon ’20 Libra’ Apr 9, 2009

In the US natal chart’s 10th house of Public Status and Career fall the rays of a Full Moon on April 9, 2009, ’20 Libra.’

Occurring at 10:55:44 am edt, Washington, DC, Hour of Venus, there is but one pattern, a T-square which I may as well mention now as later…

Pluto-ASC = Venus Rx (00Ari34 conj Aries Point of Prominence): propaganda; emotionalism used to excite others; wielding a strong  influence on others by way of an extremely attractive personality; a love relationship.

Take out the hubba hubba and we’ve got a whole lot of manipulation goin’ on as this Full Moon ends a cycle begun at the New Moon 6Ari08 on March 26.

One of the interesting things to me about this Full Moon is that it falls across America’s current Secondary Progressed Venus-Mars opposition (18Ari30/18Ari40 Rx respectively at the end of Sec 8th house – in fact, Sec Venus is conj Sec 9th cusp 18Ari58. This means that the Venus-Mars opposition has recently progressed into the 2/8 house polarity of Money.)

Venus opposite Mars in a Secondary chart indicates that the Venusian desire for pleasure, comfort, stability, and ease are at odds (opposition) with the desire for independence, courageous acts, and the pioneering spirit of Mars.

From ‘Unveiling Your Future: Progressions Made Easy’, Maritha Pottenger and Zip Dobyns say that a Sec opposition between Venus and Mars shows an inner ‘male vs female’ conflict that may manifest as tensions in relationships with the opposite sex.

Both sides are needed for integration so if we identify with and express only one side of the opposition, we risk meeting others who express the other side. Desire vs attraction = Mars vs Venus.

And of course, the Full Moon of April 9 and US Sec Mars (18Lib40 Rx) are conjunct, reflecting the Moon’s light upon the US military branch of our government, our police forces, and on young men between 25 to 35 years of age, give or take a year or so.

Meanwhile, the Sun’s position in April 9’s Full Moon tango – for any opposition of planets or luminaries implicates relationships –  is at the Sun’s Exaltation Degree ’19 Aries’ – although ’20Ari’ is in plain sight.

Asteroid Nemesis (‘the unbeatable foe; divine retribution’) is conj the Sun which no sane person wnats to see but issues must be dealt with, in this case by the Sun (‘the leader’ in a national chart.)

In 11th house  (Associations, Hopes, and Wishes) is Mercury 00Tau03, the so-called ‘Hitler’s trigger’ degree (his natal Sun. This degree may be prominent in charts of violent events.)

Closest planet to an angle is Pluto 3Cap18 Rx, setting in the chart into 6th house, a cadent or preparatory position for the ultimate string-puller to assume. Saturn 16Vir04 Rx is angular as well in 4th house and when I see this placement I always think of miners and their problems.

Real Estate (4th house) is also a restricted area now, as we know, and Saturn here is bringing much sobriety to the subject.

Mars 19Pis56 near Midheaven, the Aspiration/Goal Point of any chart, and he’s revving up for his bi-annual meeting with Uranus on April 15 (IRS Day) at 24Pis27, 6:10 am edt, in DC.

The Full Moon’s Ascendant is 4Can50 which brings up America’s natal Cancerian trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun for further consideration.

MC 13Pis35 has three midpoints upon it, one of which is the money combo of Venus-Chiron. And as always with midpoint pictures, it’s an ‘all, any, or none’ proposition. The other two pictures are:

Sun-NN = MC: tending to fight other people’s battles; becoming prominent through associations.

Venus-Neptune = MC: losing oneself in illusion; profiting from creativity; a dreamy nature; a peculiar and strange disposition; disappointment in love (all midpt pics Tyl and Ebertin.)

In the house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Shared Resources, etc, the 8th house (cusp 25Cap03) is the North Node (NN) of the Moon which gives clues to the path or future direction. 6AQ23 points directly to the Solar Eclipse of Jan 26, 2009 (6AQ30) which I have termed the ‘New President’ Eclipse.

Yes, the NN 6AQ23 marks America’s Nodal Half-Return (True Node) , exact on April 7, 2009. But since I’ve blabbed on this before, I shall not repeat it boringly here.

Chart-ruler Moon forms three applying aspects with other planets after she leaves her exact opposition with the Sun so that we may investigate how this Full Moon will ‘proceed’…

1. Moon inconjuncts (adjustment) Mars (0A02 – very closely and as you see, they are both on ’19’ degrees which has  fated or karmic implications; Sun 19Ari53) = feeling powerless to oppose oppressive demands of others; bitterness and disappointment over being exploited; being a victim of collusion; versatility in handling a variety of vocations.

2. Moon trines Jupiter 20AQ39 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, and Foreign Lands. Chiron is still traveling between Jupiter and Neptune, the ‘grand plans’ and ‘speculator’ pair – the trio is in 9th house of April 9’s Full Moon chart.

Moon trine Jupiter may make someone’s fondest wishes come true; thus the Sun sextiles Jupiter which makes the jovial giant here operate as the Thales Point – the planet that gives special and particular aid toward the integration of the (Sun-Moon) opposition (sextile one, trine the other.)

3. Moon trine Chiron (5A03) is great energy for artists and musicians to ‘get busy’ by;

4. Moon trine Neptune (5A56) = heightened intuition; extreme sensitivity; domestic ideals and fantasies take wing – along with speculation dreams (Moon conj 5th cusp of Risk-Taking and Gambling which has US Sec Mars Rx upon it.)

So with the chart-ruling Moon in her fullest regalia, we may expect bright light to be spilled over certain matters that could use the transparency promised by our ‘new president.’

And even though I know the following energy is ‘in the air’ at the Full Moon, my hope is that one little midpoint picture involving  ‘Hitler-degree-triggered’ Mercury doesn’t run away with the Full Moon chart and the bright Moon’s ability to uncover truth whose time it is to be revealed…

Neptune-ASC = Mercury: the misfortune to deceive oneself regarding other people’s character; exploiting other people’s weaknesses; guided by wrong impressions and perceptions; taking the wrong pathin life; malicious scheming; open to deception; special perceptions; awareness of special levels of interaction with others.

Now That sounds more like the corrupt,  power-mad Washington political and military establishments we’ve come to know, distrust,  and fear, doesn’t it?


Also of note in April 2009: US Minor Progressions (the mental plane) show a New Moon 11Sag49, conj Minor Jupiter 12Sag37 (which conj US natal ASC and the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, the oppressive plutocratic pair of disenfranchising everyone you can get your hooks into – of Dec 30, 1999…’12Sag.’

And in the US Tertiary Progressions (the intuitional/spiritual plane)  there is a New Moon 21Cap20, near Tert Saturn 25Cap42 conj Tert Desc 25Cap07 – the 8th cusp in April 9’s Full Moon chart is 25Cap03; transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint 29Cap07 which conjuncts tr Neptune-Pluto (‘Robber Barons’) and US natal Pluto.

The reason I mention these two New Moons in US Progressions is because they both occur on April 23, 2009…Terts first, then Minors. So we feel emotions, then think about our feelings.

Plus, the US Minor chart has Uranus conj NN at IC (Uranus-NN = ‘radical political reformers’ at the base of things; IC is also “The Drain”) and SN-with-Pluto at MC…the disruption of war and violence.

Yet Uranus-NN conjuncts a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, whose caution must be successfully overcome for success to last or benefit: ‘success if revenge is avoided.’ (‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Oops, the world isn’t mature or compassionate enough for that massive trade-off!

One stand-out feature in the Tert chart is Mercury 10AQ02 conj Pluto 10:35 in 7th house of Partnerships, Open Enemies, and Legal Affairs…feeling emotional and intuitive about harsh words, deep thoughts, propaganda – and about being swayed by it.


You’ll find that the Full Moon’s Sun Ari-Moon Libra information has been placed here along with a note on Terpsichore conjunct Venus and Aries Point:


Astrological Psychology and Asklepios Connection

Huber method of Astrological Psychology and Dreams

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BlackPast is dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African America and of people of African ancestry around the world. We aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society.

Genealogy With Valerie

Genealogy..a journey to the past, present, and future.

Applegate Genealogy

Helping others discover their roots

Jude's Threshold

A Tapestry Blog of Astrology, Politics, Art, and Social Concerns


An eclectic mix of technology, poetry, stuff I find, and my ramblings

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

An Artist's Eyes Never Rest


The official blog of NationalEclipse.com

The Coyle Clan

The History & Memories of Coyle Clan-folk & Kin

Princes, Paupers, Pilgrims & Pioneers

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.” Teaching children values and giving them the opportunity to excel is essential to good parenting. However, I feel I must also provide my children (and myself) insight into the ones who came before us: our ancestors whose lives and stories have shaped us into who we are. This is my journey; these are their stories…


Historical novels, films and TV programmes

Shaking the tree

musings on the journey towards knowing and sharing my family's stories

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