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How Do We End ‘Free Trade’ Deals? – video


Written by Jude Cowell

May 4, 2016 at 8:11 pm

Krugman on the abyss

On The Edge

By Paul Krugman

Somehow, Washington has lost any sense of what’s at stake – of the reality that we may well be falling into an economic abyss, and that if we do, it will be very hard to get out again.



If you’ve read this blog at all you may know that Paul Krugman makes a lot of sense to me as far as I’ve heard his espousals: he thinks the economic stimulus bill should be passed asap.

And this little blogging gnat has been saying they should get the lead out in Washington – stop stalling, grandstanding, and looking for your party’s main chance – create jobs, Senator Doofus!

Yet the above beginning of Mr. Krugman’s article isn’t quite how I would put Congress’ equivocations and obstructionism…I’d say they do have some idea of what inaction means to American workers and guess what? they don’t care. They expected  job losses, the destruction of our social fabric, and the spiralling de-civilizing of our nation.

Social tinkering has to break some eggs to make egg salad, you know, and radical reformers don’t mind the chaos as long as it’s not within their environments.

Perhaps failures of FEMA, the 911 emergency call system, banking, various government agencies, hospitals, and the rest – are a preview of the July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse which says:

‘the need to make sudden reforms due to failure of old systems and methods; new ideas and systems are required to deal with events brought by this eclipse; any obstacles could be violently or tragically removed’ (paraphrased from Brady’s “Predictive Astrology.’)

(The 11 South Series of Solar Eclipses last manifested July 11, 1991  at 19 Cancer when Bush Sr was calling out – in public speeches – for a “new economic order” which is one reason why I say we’re in the throes of it for real now. Bill Clinton, ‘Mr. NAFTA’ took over the reins on Jan 20, 1993 and the script continued big time with George Bush – who lorded over the ‘Bailout Bill’ of 2008 – the Big Heist.)

Well, out here and  far away from DC and NY, the “economic abyss” appears suspiciously like  part of a well-rehearsed plan to make societal changes which the American people would not otherwise countenance without the oft-repeated ’emergency’ keeping things on-the-boil and desperate.

So when politicians sell you something with a robotic ‘must take drastic measures or all will be lost’ ploy, watch out, they’re up to something stinky. Covering their own tracks and fingerprints is always part of the reason for the Hard Sell, but definitely not its gist.

Does Nobel-Prize-winning Mr. Krugman, who actually knows and rubs elbows with the Washington politicians and Wall Street gentry whom I constantly grouse about (here and at Stars Over Washington) – does Krugman actually have no idea that the meltdown was staged and is part of a larger agenda? Really?

Is it possible to be awarded a Nobel Prize for being totally unaware of such a large and ugly anti-American beast loose in the House?

Probably not.

You know sometimes political actors are given devil’s advocate roles in which many of them excel – drama keeps things complex and motives obscured. But it’s all political thespianism taken out of bounds since Jan 20  as thousands of US jobs hemorrhage, and I hope the calvary arrives soon for the American worker – perhaps when Inaugural 2009’s Mercury leaves his own *shadow around Feb 15 or 16 and can then perfom his signing-of-documents function with a smaller chance of regret!


*shadow period: the period of time and area of the zodiac that a planet traverses during its retrograde phase, turns direct, then moves beyond its original retrograde degree – when more forward progress can then be made.

Mercurial things include bills, legislation, documents, announcements, speeches, contracts…and Commerce. It would behoove Pres. Obama to wait on making another Commerce nomination announcement until Mercury is beyond his/her shadow period and moves on. What do you think?  jc

Obama, McCain, Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed

Quite a group of players in my title, huh?

It’s been something of a week what with doctor appointments, a car stranding in one-hundred degree weather, and other such events, so it may behoove me to give you a small heads-up on two posts at Stars Over Washington – one recent, one from a while ago.


has financial tidbits along with a mention of Barack Obama’s then-fresh meeting in New York with global elites who ‘vetted’ him as a candidate (and the important question he had to answer correctly to gain the Oval Office); plus, an explanation of our Washington pocket-liners’ business-as-usual culpabilities from a NY mayor of the 1930s which has come to fruition in 2008 – as pertinent as if he stated it yesterday, in fact…”cat’s paw” and all.

Well, our national Venus (values, money, relationships) is at ‘4Cancer’…”A Cat Arguing with a Mouse”!

As for campaign 2008, you may find this entry of some interest with its link to an article from The August Review which is a must-read for Americans of all political stripes including the outsourced, the downsized, and the just plain out-of-work and uninsured among us:


And try to catch radio’s Fresh Air interview with author Ron Suskind tomorrow – Thursday – on his new book, The Way of the World, and he’s guesting on Tavis Smiley tonight in this time zone, with yet another skewering of the Bush administration’s ruination of our nation. Quite a plethora of Bad Bush Books coming out all in a wump – now that the miserable 8 years are almost over…or ARE they?

‘Free Market’ legacy of Milton Friedman

If you follow this link to my Stars Over Washington blog, you’ll discover a few things relating to economist Milton Friedman: a link to an article by Stephen Lendman, “Capitalism and Freedom” Unmasked – just in time for the closing days of Feb 2008’s Unmasking Eclipse, plus, some details on Friedman’s natal chart.

Nobel Prize winner Friedman’s legacy is said to be ‘free-market’-economy-think and since he passed away on Nov 16, 2006, the Wall Street Journal’s glowing eulogy of him continues to rankle my knickers.

Born in Brooklyn on July 31, 1912, Friedman’s Sun falls in Leo with Moon in late Aquarius or early Pisces. My post gives his Sun-Moon personality blend details using both Moon positions in case you’d like to take a peek at this brief post.

I do recommend highly Lendman’s article for it includes the attacks of 9/11 among other things, and is worth your perusal.

My link: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/10/milton-friedmans-free-market-legacy.html

Or skip the Astrology and go directly to Stephen Lendman’s informative article here:


Now am I wrong, or is “Lendman” a good name for writing on economic subjects?!

Barack in July

As the Rev Wright conflagle has progressed I’ve been put in mind of the Unmasking Eclipse of early Feb 2008 as a man’s deeper motives are revealed…doesn’t say by whom, but someone’s true character was-is-will be uncovered during this time.

Generally, Eclipse seasons with their more direct influences, if any, are in effect until the next Eclipse (appr 6 months later), but degrees may be sensitized for centuries whether current occupants of the globe are aware of it or not. And when ‘critical’ or crisis degrees are sensitized, well you can have quite a kettle of fish on your menu.

Saturn is back for Barack:

‘Barack in July’ refers to the time period that transiting Saturn, that lesson-and-task-bringer–aka Old Man Time–catches up to our power principle signified by Pluto (but Mars’ energy/desire nature have a lot to do with it as well), so that if there’s anything in our pasts that we now have reason to regret, Saturn’s visit to natal Pluto is the perfect time to do so. The regret will be forced upon us by stony Saturn bringing it to our doorsteps. 

The conquered bird’s head is offered by your housecat to impress upon you the reality of the situation.

Only a very focused direction of energy is likely to raise us up from such difficulties…and even then, the outcome is uncertain. Now I don’t imply that he can’t or won’t get through the hailstorm, but it will have its difficulties and the possibility of enemies making hay out of it long after the attention the issues deserve.

Are Obama’s tootsies being held to the fire of secret biases? Or is the reverend enjoying the national spotlight a little too much? Both men are only human yet are acting for the Collective, what Dane Rudhyar calls the Transpersonal Life in his book on the Sabian Symbols, The Astrological Mandala.

Now I shall pre-apologize for the about-to-follow rhymery–I’m thinkin’ of Orating Obama tonight…:


Barack Obama is your name

run for prez? you’re quite insane

if you get there I’ll come after

quicker than you’ll pass a CAFTA

Diss me and I’ll diss you too

church or state it’s up to you

politicians have their ways

pastors pray for healing grace.


jc 4.30.08  12:00 am edt (at least, we may hope they do)

Bush faults Congress for US fuel and food woes

Two things–one is Bush’s second press conference of the year from a White House garden this morning in which he performed his usual “it’s Congress, not me” routine in a very–may I say it–testy way as fighting Mars (now in bounds of the earthly plane and giving back under provocation) was rising 24Can36. 

Stung by criticism, Leo the Lion did roar from the White House this morning but with a pesky Lame Duck quacking from behind the podium.

You may wish to read my Stars Over Washington entry published as he spoke:


Today’s Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius blend is worth considering for its tencious and proud qualities, and for two quotes from men who share this blend natally:

“When you’re down and out, something always turns up–and it’s usually the noses of your friends.” –Orson Wells

“May the Force be with you,”  –George Lucas, of ‘Stars Wars’ fame

Well, it’s true that the Force of secret government and the syndicate are with Bush, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to infest the Oval Office lo these many years (so for their purposes, he must be doing something right), and it’s apparent that America’s friends are getting fewer by the minute since Dubya took over.

Bush said that “it’s the isms that bother me–isolationism and protectism” yet he gave ‘corporatism,’ ‘fascism’ and ‘totalitarianism’ free passes on his botheration list.  He always does, of course, even with his natal Ascendant at the “A Bolshevik Propagandist” degree (8Leo)–and with the definition of fascism being a blending of state + corporate power. 

Goes to prove the old adage that what someone says they are is probably exactly what they aren’t, esp in Politics. Trustworthy men don’t have to resort to “trust me” assurances.

Besides, we wouldn’t want America to gain protection for the few jobs we have left, now would we? Not after so much has been done by our “representatives” to undermine our economy and to tear our social fabric into shreds.

Yes, the Amercian people can rightfully blame Congress and corporations for it all–in part. But the buck stops, Mr. Bush–it stops with your name on it. You ignored America’s growing problems for so long, methinks you revel in them now, you NWO promoter, you!

There’s only one Image for Integration for today’s Sun/Moon blend…see what you think:

“A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden; all monies raised are divided equally between three charities in the village–the Friendly Farmer’s Trust, the Local Artists’ Guild, and the Quakers’ Orphanage.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

! ! !

The second thing is that today is the next-to-the-last day of National Poetry Month, and I have absolutely no plans to do anything appropriate about it, do you?

Well, if you’re planless like me, you could spontaneously mosey over to Lim’s Limericks and read a few groanworthy political rhymes if you wish: http://limslimericks.blogspot.com

No, I haven’t allowed the Political Poetry muse to land much of late, but you may also view kittycat photos there, so what are you waiting for? For George Bush to get a clue?




How the Bush administration helped engineer current market tumble

Funny that Joe Wilson’s newspaper editorial got him in mega trouble with Bush-Cheney, and now it seems Eliot Spitzer’s February 14 WaPo article did the same for him:


Subtitled, ‘How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers’ Spitzer’s words remind me of the Attorneys General being fired to stop the cases they were working on…and the states’ attempts to stop predatory lending and subprime loans being given to people who obviously couldn’t afford them stems from 2003.

2003!  As I’ve groused before, the so-called experts saw this coming–and set up America’s and the world’s economies to fail. Now US taxpayers are bailing out a fatcat bank who was in on the whole scam, with other banks soon to be on the gimme-list, too with their bald-faced hubris.

Seems world domination doesn’t come cheap, does it?

Off and on, the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint has been triggering the NWO’s natal Sun 1Sco19 so we have this picture:

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: sparing no pains in one’s work; renunciation (Ebertin.)

Transiting Pluto/Chiron’s midpoint–the plutocracy; corporatism; oppression; racism duo–will be on the Midheaven (the Goal; Aspiration Point) of the Jan 20, 2009 inauguration chart set for Washington DC. Joy.

This says to me that whoever pretends to be the “leader of the free world” (aka globalist mouthpiece and propaganda catapulter) come 2009 is having the baton passed to him or her–and the political masquerade continues with pluocrats pulling all strings.

Plus, the Neptune/Pluto degree of conjunction which marks the Robber Baron chart (Generation of Materialism, 1892) has had an interesting visitor the last few years as well…asteroid, Midas, now at 7Gem17 (in the range of nuclear degrees.) We suffer with a plethora of Robber Baron spawn infesting the nooks and crannies of civilization.

Yes, gold-loving King Midas has his and is grasping more each day. And I’m ashamed of the part the late great America has played in the charade–not just bwo George Bush, but by the last several Oval Office denizens who’ve all played their parts so well…from “free trade” agreements, to the dollar’s meltdown, to the bogus “ownership society” of George Bush…well he didn’t say just who would do the owning.

In my little gnat’s book, They are the ones who should be ashamed, but what do you think the chances are of that?

You surely know that everyone ever born has what’s called a true condition before God. It takes a lot of self-deception and convincing to act on the assumption that you can cheat, lie, and commit fraud on the whole world and do just fine in the sweet bye’n’bye.

Yes, the World Bank and Wall Street gentry muckedy-mucks (and their cousins, the royal bloods of Europe) may have all this world’s terms slanted toward them for now, but the deal they’ll be pleading one day is one I’m glad to say I’ll be passing up.

Talk about subprime. 


Update Sep 3 2008: here’s interesting article by Tom Sales relating the current subprime mortgage meltdown to S&L failures of the late 80s-early 90s (thanks, Bush 41 and Reagan), 1990’s junk bond fiasco and the Asian market meltdown, Congress’ culpability, and more:


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