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Happy Fourth of July 2013! amazing Fireworks video

Dear America,

Below my celebratory gabfest there’s a celebration-gone-wild video and a little Astrology for your birthday this Thursday, so watch your Jupiterian step!

The brief video embedded below shows an event that some may call ‘a blast from our past’ and which on one level is described in America’s July 4, 1776 natal chart (5:10 pm LMT) as the Mars-ruled Immum Coeli (IC), at the bottom of the chart, a place where roots run deep and which shows that our ancestors, forefathers, and founders fought in and aided the American Revolution (and in earlier conflicts, and certainly later ones.)

US natal IC @00Aries53 is ruled by Mars and has the Aries Point upon it (IC = the HOW? sector of the chart) denoting times when events that may affect the masses tend to occur upon the world stage. The Aries Point (00Aries00:00) is a degree in the Zodiac of recognition, fame, and prominence along with the three other Cardinal Points where activity has been observed over the centuries to have manifested when Cardinal Points are triggered, catalyzed, or simply visited by planets in their courses.

(Progressions have a say, too.)

So upon our US natal IC is the me-first sign of Aries which allows the ruler of impulse-conflict-action and aka the archetypal ‘god of war’–Mars–to tell us about what drains our nation–what siffons off our energy, manpower, monetary resources, natural bounty, and more–and how America shall end (IC/4th house of Partings and Separations.) Which is not to say the ruling class hasn’t almost throttled the Collective into oblivion already. Yet a sigh escapes and we know it won’t help our common cause directed at maintaining America as a sovereign nation to ignore the fact that as a nation we have a violent streak at our roots, in our core, our very being–and with natal Chiron in Aries/4th house as well.

But at this moment (reminds Chiron!), none of this has to be a fatal condition for America, just a telling one.

So, Happy 237th Birthday, America!

A sincere wish from one of your many Children of the Revolution, Jude Cowell



Now if you’re a history buff, this might be interesting if you’ve not seen it – or as a review, if you have:

A Chronological List of Dates for US historical events for use in rectification work on the several versions of natal charts for America.

For How a Thing Ends Is in Its Beginning

Which is the truest, most descriptive birth chart for our nation? Can all be of use on some level (ex: our Scorpio Rising chart as a natal chart for secret agencies, spies, secret or invisible government, and such other arachnids as those?)

Astro-Note: if my schedule works as planned during the upcoming days, a Report (PDF) concerning America’s Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013 will be available for electronic delivery by mid-July! As you know, in our Sag Rising chart, Jupiter is chart-ruler making the adventurous planet very prominent in all US affairs.

Watch for an announcement via my Twitter feed (@judecowell), here on the Threshold, or at Stars Over Washington if and as you may, and visit there to order your copy of my US Solar Return 2013 Report from the sidebar, top. jc

Thanks, and don’t burn the grilled corn on the cob!


Is your Sun sign really Ophiuchus?

Don’t miss Zoe Fox’s take on a “new zodiac” as the 13th sign Ophiuchus insinuates its serpentine self more fully into our mass consciousness!

Update 1.15.11: well, when I posted it, I didn’t feel up to discounting the above story even though I knew that astrologers have known of the constellation Ophiuchus all along. But NYC’s ‘astrologist’ Lawrence Grecco gives a good explanation of why the current Ophiuchus excitement is unwarranted because the Zodiac used in Astrology is based on Time, not Space!

So all you Sun Sagittarians and Capricorns who bethought yourselves Ophiucheans in disguise may now chillax!

Written by Jude Cowell

January 14, 2011 at 6:41 am

New Astrology Blog by Mary Plumb!

Now this is getting good: Mary Plumb, whom you’ve read in the most excellent American astrology magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, has a new blog called A New Day.

In her recent post, Mary has kindly mentioned one of my blogs (thanks, Mary!) but that’s not the reason I post this: it’s partially meant as a shout-out to Mary’s new blog and partially to give one blogger’s view on the state of Astrology blogging 2010.

George Bush had been crazily ‘re-elected’ when I began writing my first blog in October 2005 using Astrology as a microscope to squint upclose at squirmy Politics, and there were a lot fewer blogs available offering or using Astrology than there are now. In 2010, you can toss your browser (as if you still use one!) in any direction on the Internet and find a wide assortment of them at your disposal – and most with free content.

Some of the earlier blogs I once read have fallen away or been discontinued and that’s understandable: sometimes real world involvements interfere with my blogging time as well. Or perhaps an author’s interest wanes for this time-consuming task or their work schedules change.

My interest doesn’t wane as much as fluctuate for though having four planets in Capricorn (the sign of Politics, Government, Law, and Business) sometimes I’ve simply had all the politicians my craw can stand for a day or two and a mental health break is necessary. (The 24/7 cameras have only made them worse!)

So when I find that an astrologer the caliber of Mary Plumb will be blogging regularly, I take note – there are insights galore and learning afoot! No one astrologer can study all the charts desired by any audience or required by any topic so I am happy and encouraged that Mary is adding her measured voice to the online symphony of astro-information.

May the venerable art continue to bring its telescopic and microscopic abilities and talents – and the element of timing – to the Web!


Update Nov 9: the above post may have been published too eagerly since I followed the lead of a blog unknown to me which called Mary’s blog ‘new’ – mea culpa. Please pardon, if so! jc

Written by Jude Cowell

November 9, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Wedding Day Astrology: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Blog Alert: it has come to my attention bwo a discriminating reader (see her comment below) that the marriage certificate for the Bullock-James wedding has been located and that their nuptials took place, not on July 16, 2005 as many sources state, but on July 14, 2005, in Texas and not in California.

If so, quite a number of news articles now online contain lovely fairytale details of a wedding that wasn’t there…at the reported hour, at least.

Therefore, I’ve just gone through the several articles I read or skimmed through when preparing the following post and am finding no updated mention of July 14, 2005, as of yet. Rather than deleting this post I shall let it stand for now, unreliable though the time/place may be, and see what develops.

Yes, the 2-day difference in wedding dates would, of course, change the sign of the Moon but not the Sun. Therefore, I leave it to you to decide whether you wish to read my original (apparently incorrect) article or not. JC

Original post begions here:

In a sunset ceremony on a ranch north of Santa Barbara, CA, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were wed on July 16, 2005 under a circus-like tent full of family and friends.

The above paragraph begins my freshly published Page in the sidebar of ‘Wedding Day Astrology’ Reports. My Wedding Day Astrology list of couples has become semi-extensive (no such word, I guess, but there it is.)

So check out the sidebar to your left for info on the Bullock-James nuptials and marriage as seen through an astrological lens, or simply click directly, if you wish.

Astrology’s parallels and contra-parallels

Over the weekend I perused a few of the older Astrology books in my library many of which are now out of print. An interesting tidbit of information, suitable for my fellow novices, is Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam’s details on Astrology’s parallels and contra-parallels in Declination.

To paraphrase a master from the 1970s, Wilson-Ludlam defines them in Natal Astrology as two planets (or more) parallel in the same direction (both North and South) carrying a ‘togetherness force’ that ‘holds on’ for life. When two planets are on either side of the celestial equator (one North, the other South), a contra-parallel is formed. This acts as a separative force even though ‘the attraction is just as magnetic as between two planets in parallel’.

However, the result of the contra-parallel is opposite as far as effect is concerned, and there is a ‘lessening of interest, a choice that must be made, or a separation of some kind.’

If two planets are in aspect by longitude and are also parallel, they ‘leave an indelible mark in the character’; when two planets are conjunct and parallel they ‘describe an activity of an at-one-ment with nature forever’.

Having the same two planets conjunct in longitude (by aspect) and in contra-parallel indicates ‘an active interest which will lessen over one’s lifetime.’

Hope you find this Cool Astrology information from the 1970s interesting and useful in your studies!

Source: used copies of Wilson-Ludlam’s Power Trio: Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are available on Amazon along with her other Astrology books.

Astrology of AIG, BofA, Madoff, and Ponzi

Although this reluctant astrologer has dabbled with Financial Astrology – especially in the last two or three years – it is a very detailed and specialized branch of the Art so I wisely refer you to one of the best online sources for insights into the current climate:
Neptune Cafe.

If you’re an astrologer or a reasonably informed follower of it, you probably have found Michael O’Reilly’s site and writings before now.

The link above is noted here for its coverage of 2008’s econo-crisis and contains articles from Dec 2008 through March 2009, a key time frame in the meltdown.

Along with founding horoscopes for AIG, Bank of America, and others, you’ll find the natal charts of Bernard Madoff and Charles Ponzi (both charts set for noon since their birth times are unknown), two men who curiously were born with Mercury Rx square Pluto. Madoff’s Mercury/Pluto square is from Aries to Cancer, Ponzi’s from Aquarius to Taurus…one an originator of what we call the ”Ponzi scheme’, the other a notorious current-day disciple.

When the thinking processes of *Mercury conflict with powerful, subversive, yet coping Pluto in square aspect (90 degrees = blockages, obstacles but gives dynamic tension toward action) a deep dynamic is set up indicating one who may communicate harshly thus arousing bitterness in others, and who rarely feels obligated to anyone. Extremes of behavior are common with a Merc/Plu square, and self-control must be developed with maturity.

Naturally fearless, this individual can demonstrate an astounding lack of common sense in dangerous situations while he takes unnecessary risks just to prove how courageous he really is. Professions that involve hazzards are desired such as: research and development, chemistry, medicine or pathology, or crime detection.

‘Crime detection’?!

Yes, for with Astrology’s AC-DC tendencies, we see that with Madoff and Ponzi, the energy can flow in either direction (with Bernie serving a 150-year sentence now.)

A person with a Merc/Plu square prefers to avoid reality, a trait that is perhaps ‘helpful’ when mounting massive frauds perpetrated upon society. The aspect shows one who may disregard such things as safety precautions and has a tendency to make more errors in judgment than the average person – especially when it comes to handling large sums of money!

Cunning schemes may be used in obsessive fashion so that other people’s lives are arrogantly re-shaped in some way (wiping out their finances, in this case) and use of violence is also a possibility as is the ridicule from society which may follow underhanded Merc/Plu activities that have brought notoriety upon both their heads.

As for AIG and Bank (Robbers) of America, I leave you to sip your coffee at the excellent Neptune Cafe!


*Fleet-footed Mercury also rules commerce and trade, and Pluto’s alias is Hades, god of the Underworld and crime.

Chiron and Sun/Venus

Master astrologer Zane Stein, an early watcher of and author on Chiron, has written an informative article which reveals the importance of the Sun/Venus cycle and Chiron which you will find intriguing for the Mars/Venus relationship is also involved.

Mr. Stein predicts that much more about Chiron will soon come to light…that what we think we know of the Wounded Healer archetype in an Astrology chart is only the mere tip of a vast iceberg.

You remember the Sabian Symbol of Chiron’s Nov 1, 1977 discovery degree, right?

From Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’…

‘4 Taurus’: “The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow”…Keynote: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly natures.

This refers to “the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals.”

Rudhyar goes on to note that the rainbow is symbol of universally valid wealth: “All wealth, in a very real sense, comes from “commerce”; i.e. from the commingling of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.”

Now if we can find some residual faith in commerce and the Fed – our faith now in tatters since today’s revelation of the Fed’s lying to us last Fall about banks being sound – we should be able to move on with new commercial pursuits and ‘bridge’ this economy back together for us mere mortals in spite of a deceptive upper class who imagine themselves to be ‘immortal beings’ deserving of all the world’s wealth because they know how to work the system they invented to enrich themselves while keeping the lower classes enslaved in debt and penury.

Our favorite Halloween trickster: Mercury

Halloween is on the way and the mercurial trickster archetype will be freely roaming and slinking about in the dark making trouble!

Meanwhile, it’s Sept 18, 2009, and Mercury Rx is busy causing car and computer breakdowns, re-negotiations galore, and the same old same old speeches and pronouncements out of the mouths, pens, and keyboards of government officials, journalists, and bloggers.

And yes, Mercury wears many hats, from a helmet with wings to a jester’s floppy jingle-belled chapeau. But we can’t call the planet a ‘he’ because it’s androgynously neutral, or as I like to think of it: acts like tofu when blended in aspect with other planets, for fleet-footed Mercury ‘picks up’ the flavor of any contact, and acts as mouthpiece of the moment…and often as a messenger from the Collective Unconscious.

For as you know, our thinking processes, communicating abilities, and any writing and orating tendencies we may have are all mercurial pursuits and talents which make politicians’ astrological Mercuries very important planets in their horoscopes.

And since Mercury’s lightening quickness is legendary, I hope you’ll let your mercurial leanings speed you to the crossroads of this blog and the blog of astrologer Anne Whitaker in Scotland from whence she sends us pertinent messages from the Twelfth House of the Unconscious, and where my article Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House has been kindly published.

So here’s a message from one Mercurian to another: thanks a bunch for allowing me to join in, Anne – that’s some sexy photo of Mercury you’ve got there!

Jupiter Direct Station in AQ 10.13.09

Update Oct 13 2009: a post on this morning’s Senate Finance Committee’s vote on Health Insurance legislation has been published where I’ve linked today’s <a href="http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2009/10/senate-finance-votes-on-health-reform.html
Jupiter Direct Station and its implications for today’s vote @10:00 am edt.

You may not be surprised to see which of America’s natal planets arose at 10 am in Washington DC!

Original post begins here:

With Jupiter’s Direct Station becoming exact on Oct 13, 2009 @ 17AQ10, I thought a peek might be of interest, a peek at the first minute/second that the Jolly Giant, that Guru of All Good Things, clocks in as ‘direct’ – in Washington DC @ 12:34:18 am edt, Hour of Mars 28Can15; chart-ruler Moon 13Leo54 (conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Sun) is in 1st house of the Direct Station of Jupiter chart, and thus rising.

In the chart you can see Jupiter 17AQ10 has just left 8th house and lumbered into 7th house of Partnerships, with US natal Pluto setting (conj Desc.)

Mars opposing natal Pluto isn’t a comforting time (especially when meeting upon the Nodal Axis) yet it occurs approximately every two years or so (sans Nodes most often), thanks to Mars’ orbit in relation to a fixed position – US Pluto of July 4, 1776, 27Cap33 Rx in the ‘Sibly’ chart (5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.)

Click the above link to view the Direct Station chart where you’ll see Mars/South Node ascending, opposite US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx conjunct transiting NN 26Cap26 – and conjunct US Inaugural Mc 2009 26Cap.

The Pluto/Chiron midpoint appeared at Mc on Inauguration Day (Jan 20, 2009; noon in DC), along with other transiting midpoints of power: Jupiter/Pluto, and Neptune/Pluto, a circumstance ongoing.

This late Capricorn pile-up I have groused about previously – several times here and elsewhere – so I won’t re-bore you repeating myself except to say that government and its backers are very busy consolidating power now. The presidency is where the energy manifests in the larger world.

And Mars in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is always touchy and busy instigating on the home front.

Jupiter Direct Station degree:

Rounding up to ’18AQ’ we have the ‘End of Progress’ degree, Sabian Symbol: “A Man Unmasked”, yet I’m optimistically using ’17AQ’ because 10 minutes in less than half a degree (30 mins) – I’ll ’round down’…

’17AQ’: “A Watchdog Standing Guard”…PROBITY…

pos: unswerving faithfulness to ideals and a real determination to achieve them;

neg: unfriendly instincts and groundless suspicion.

(From “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology’ by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

This word picture reminds me of Sirius, the Dog Star, who barks/announces that the mundane has become sacred as small actions symbolize the collective and the common yet uplifting rituals in our daily lives.

Tremendous success is possible when Sirius contacts planets in our charts, yet this success may ‘burn’ us. One of Sirius’ nicknames is The Scorcher; ex: US natal Sun ’14Cancer’ conjuncts the zodiacal position of Sirius. Ouch. “I’ve got blistas on ma fingas.”

Is it possible that for America, it’s always been a question of: scorch, or be scorched…?

Be that as it may, be sure to read the comments under the post from a reader, Jed, who gives us a pertinent analysis of the Jupiter Direct Station chart, okay?

Apr 15 2009: Moon conjunct Pluto

Group energy is raging today as the feeling Moon and intense Pluto meet at 4 Capricorn triggering the degree of Dec 25, 2000’s Solar Eclipse in the 2 South Series.

Even today’s Venus position mimics 2 South’s Initial Eclipse (April 17, 991 *OS) when Venus was at 00Ari19.

The flavor of 2S is all about unusual
groups and one’s involvement with them (ex: Tax Day Tea Parties today) when sudden notice is taken resulting in a desire to join in. One feels (Moon) that one may gain a great deal (Pluto) through this involvement.

(Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

And Moon-Pluto as a pair relate to mass media, propaganda, zeal, upheavals, and emotional outbursts, even hysteria.

And guess what? The Sabian Symbol for ‘4 Cap’ is:

‘A Group of People Outfitting a Large Canoe at the Start of a Journey by Water’…GROUP ACTIVITY…

Keynote: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group purpose. (Rudhyar.)

2S is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Noam Chomsky, Pres. Woodrow Wilson, and Bush’s first term in the Oval Office.

Well, all this group activity today is making me crave a cup of my old favorite, a tea I first discovered many Moons ago when I lived in Washington, DC – Constant Comment, a term which now reminds me of blogging!

*OS = Old Style, the Julian Calendar.

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