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12.18.11 Collage: ‘Behind the Zebra’

'Behind the Zebra' collage by Jude Cowell

On this day marking the US withdrawal from pillaged Iraq, here is one of my paper collages which was created some years ago. As always with such visual combinations, it’s a Collage Mirage!

For some reason, every time I run across this particular collage I think of popcorn. Or kefir!


In case you’re interested, Stars Over Washington has been updated today with a brief Political Astrology post regarding the end of our misbegotten Iraq War. Check out Iraq War Ends w US Saturn Uppermost if you wish.

And pass the lowfat blueberry kefir while you’re at it…

Written by Jude Cowell

December 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Liberty Cries (collage)

Liberty Cries  7 18 09  3 dancers

‘Liberty Cries’…a collage by Jude Cowell 2009+

For a full view of this collage, click to expand your sights into my Secret Moon Art collection.

And if you’re fond of Collaging you may wish to check out Gather’s Collage Mirage group. Come join us!

Written by Jude Cowell

July 19, 2009 at 3:58 am

Collage: His American Majesty

His American Majesty

Guess who? it’s a paper collage of our lame quacker with a meercat upon his snoot.

His American Majesty by jude cowell (c) 2008

Art 2008: Arachne’s Thread

Arachne’s Thread

Arachne’s Thread, paper collage by jude cowell (c) 2008 (with images from the 90s)

Usually Ariadne is the one following a thread in mythology, but here it’s Arachne. After all, Arachne’s type of spinning needs thread, too!

The asteroid Arachne’s heliocentric North Node is located at 25 Capricorn, yet this very night her transiting position is 10Libra18.

Traveling nearby (13Lib06) is the starry asteroid, Astraea, keywords: ‘justice’ and ‘law.’

As you may know, this is the same neighborhood of the zodiac as US natal Saturn from July 4, 1776–a planet which also is associated with law and with authority and control as ruler of Capricorn. (Wait a minute–is this a thread I see before me?) 

Along with Uranus, Saturn, Urania, Chiron, and Mercury, Arachne may be used in charts as a very specific significator for the internet and the http://www. Her main keywords are: ‘web; network; entanglement’ and of course there is very much the spidery flavor to this lady.

Kind of like spiders crawling all over your blog and website, yes?

And if you’re fond of collages, paper or otherwise, mosey by http://collagemirage.gather.com and join the Group, whenever you darn well please!

Bush on airwaves tonight at 9 pm

His American Majesty

Tonight as George Bush speaks for appr 15 minutes, he is said to be planning to regale us concerning a “return on success” if thus-and-so magically works our, the tooth fairy lans, or some such corporate hogwashery. It may tend to seem way off-wall for our secluded-with-his-regrets leader. Any troop reduction will not be “a reduction come what may” he is said to be assuring us. He told us it would take a long while–after he told us it would be a 6-week cakewalk with glorious and grateful flowers.

Just so you know.

But as is often the case, he’ll be framing his own questions and then answering them without giving too much away. Not wishing to admit the adverse, he may try, within his limited thespian skills,  to sway someone–anyone–to his side of the case as if his own demise were not his first consideration. No retreat on his watch!

Perhaps human nature dictates that this political consideration is paramount while the memory of the horrors of retreating from the Middle East is always a scalded-dog kinda event. No scalded dogs on his watch–no siree, only Sirius, the Dog Star.

And Sirius will be paralleled by powerful Pluto tonight.

Earlier today the speech’s chart (9:00 pm edt, White House) was inadvertently published with details ( instead of being posted upon http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com    it ended up) at:

http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com/2007/09/bush-on-tv-9-pm.html  if you’d care to see. The chart, if you should click-to-enlarge, has some of my notes thereupon which may be readable…dunno. It’s in English and displays best with an updated IE.

Email if you have a serious–or amusing–question to judecowell@gmail.com  or comment here or there–and stay tuned to tv or radio this evening, 9:00 pm edt,  for the critical performance of his entire sidewindin’ career for that lion-eyed George Bush…Deadwood Goes to Washington, I reckon.

And he’s only scheduled to jabber for 15 minutes so you could call your Aunt Granny Fanny with the rest of the half hour and make her day. Tell her Jude says Hello.

Image: ‘His American Majesty’  by jude cowell (c) Collage Mirage  2007

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