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Verses of the Six Degrees replayed

Usually I reblog here the posts and articles of others in order to spread them around. Tonight I ‘reblog’ (re-post, actually) one of my own efforts which occurred to me in 2015 via the creative inspiration of Mr. A. Cat…but posted here only for those who don’t mind a little bad poetry:

Mr. A. Cat’s Verses of the Six Degrees

In Kevin Bacon’s Six Degrees

there nestles Tudor’s tale

a royal son exalted high

was then tossed into gaol

A Bard and poet prophet he

renowned both far and near

fate’s new Atlantis his ideal

bequeaths a haunting fear

Such hallowed halls of Science trod

old Francis and his staff

genetics our cruel master now

enjoys his mocking laugh

As followers expand the dream

with solitary eye

in pagan hearts a beast to roar

all decency defy

That hidden plan becomes more clear

as plainly can be seen

from chaos order is employed

by head of state and Queen

In modern times the game descends

to liars crooks and knaves

who conscience-free purport to be

footloose to dance on graves.

Jude Cowell (c)2015+ all rights reserved

Originally posted to Lim’s Limericks.


Written by Jude Cowell

June 20, 2017 at 3:26 am

A Kitten Named Blago now posted

Just a brief but fuzzy heads-up: a fresh political limerick from Mr.A.Cat has been posted here:


Written by Jude Cowell

December 13, 2008 at 1:20 am

Are Politicians snarly cats?

 Wiley on deck!

Well, of course I know that politicians are not in actuality, cats of the feline persuasion.

But don’t you think that when their hackles rise up on the House floor or dramatically in front of cameras and microphones – don’t they kind of remind you of old tomcats hissing and growling at one another trying to defend their territory? 

Maybe it’s just me. Or somebody needs a good catnap on his/her office sofa, cellphone OFF.

Anyway, Mr.A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation but now retired to an undisclosed location, has phoned in a new political limerick to his contact, my boss, Lim over at Lim’s Limericks where I do the typing…because cats don’t have hands. Also my spelling is a bit better, but not by much.

Yes, it’s an unpaid position but it’s the least I can do for the mysteriously elusive Mr.A. who put himself at risk so many times on our nation’s behalf while foregoing the soft cushion in the corner by the fireplace as most kittycats would do being the creatures of comfort they are.

How often have I asked this burning question: who knew that cats could be so political? and not yet have I received a satisfactory answer from man or feline on this issue.

So the feed for Lim’s Limericks is now added at the end of the feeds list in my sidebar hereupon if you should wish to check out Mr.A.’s latest limericky growl…seems he’s concerned over our November 4th elections – and who wouldn’t be?  Can I get a Meow Meow?

Besides, everyone knows that cats have opinions of their own and obviously hold membership in the Independent Party, yes? There’s an unsubstantiated rumor going round that some political cats may even be affiliated with the Libertarian Party.

So at worst I’m guilty of allowing the political cat limericks of Lim and Mr.A.Cat to help me get through the merde of the Washington litterbox by laughing at these jokers whose mamas must’ve taught them better than they’re doing against us. Rrraorrrww-w-w!

~:~ photo cred: Wiley Earl of Ashen Coat by Maya

A Wolf Carrying Away a Goose

And that may be the Golden Goose represented in this symbol by Adriano Carelli from his ‘360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ for 25 Scorpio:


There’s a difference between Palin and Dan Quayle

Well, it’s been hours now, and McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sara Palin on Friday is apparently no joke after all.

Robert J. Elisberg has written an insightful article on Sara Palin’s qualifications for national office and on John McCain’s choice of ‘The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History’:


As Elisberg notes, Dan Quayle was a sitting senator when tapped. And Gov. Palin voted against polar bears and supports oil drilling in ANWR.

But fascinating as Sara Palin as VP may seem, there’s one thing I’ve always noted to myself (since nothing in politics happens by accident):

when they divert all eyes toward one direction, we should pay more attention to where they’re NOT pointing. For that may just be where the real shell game is being played.


Here’s a limerick scratched in the litter box of Mr.A.Cat from July 2006, ‘Alaska’:


Mr.A. doesn’t think well of corrupt political thespians so it’s a wonder he follows Politics at all!

Cat limericks Obama’s overseas tour

At last! Mr. A. Cat has gotten through to us at Lim’s Limericks with a freshly scratched limerick which seems to apply to Barack Obama’s recent overseas tour of presidentiness:


~~Cat photo of Princess Grace included~cred to Maya H.~~

Cat from Iran: a limerick

There once was a cat from Iran

who got hot and turned on a fan

it wasn’t enough

to cool off his fluff

so atoms were split in Tehran.

He worked long and hard on the splits

while George threw incompetent fits

by acting so proud

no weapons allowed

or sanctions will come in a blitz.

So who gave the arms race it’s start?

who played the gargantuan part?

America’s clout

could take the world out

but that wouldn’t be very smart.

jc 5.16.07


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Here’s The Guardian on the EU’s new banking freeze of Iran’s assets:


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