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Pitch Perfect: Redford’s ‘The Conspirator’

Historical Events of 1865 Come Alive Before Our Eyes!

by Jude Cowell

The official website of The Conpirator may just inspire you to see this period film directed by Robert Redford and perhaps this film review will, too.

As an American born with four planets in Capricorn, the Saturn-ruled sign of Government, Law, and Business, and considering my ongoing interest in studying historical and current events through the lens of Astrology, I highly recommend ‘The Conspirator’ if you’ve not yet seen it.

The film begins with a quick view of battlefield conditions of the Civil War, then quickly moves to the treasonous deeds, and the arrest and trial of boarding house owner Mary Surratt, mother of participant John Surratt. These characters become the focus of the film and to good effect for costumes, accents, and scenery down to the period’s smoke-filled rooms are on view along with some mighty good acting by James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, and others–all are pitch perfect in their roles.

And this is being said by a southerner who is seldom impressed by the alleged ‘southern’ accents with which we’ve been regaled for years in film and TV! Mr. McAvoy’s thick Scottish brogue is nowhere to be heard as he plays lawyer Frederick Aiken, though between scenes, Mr. Redford states in his director’s commentary that no one could understand a word he said. ;p

The trial’s philosophical highlights are in evidence as well as Secretary of War Stanton (Kline) demands a rush to ‘justice’ for Mary Surratt (she, in lieu of her son who has fled) while Aiken’s mentor Reverdy Johnson (played by the excellent Tom Wilkerson) idealistically prefers the upholding of the US Constitution even during times of war. (The war was not to officially end until about two months after the trial and hangings of the conspirators in July 1865.)

Of course, anyone paying attention to current events in the New Millennium cannot miss the fact that themes from the time of 1865 have repeated throughout US history and continue to bedevil our views on the US Constituion, the rule of law, and military tribunal v civilian trial by a jury of peers, something Confederate sympathizer and Marylander Mary Surratt was denied.

What you may not find in this telling of the story of Mary Surratt’s trial by military tribunal is the answer to how involved she actually was in the plot to first kidnap President Lincoln then, after that failed, to assassinate him. I have my opinions and assure you that after watching ‘The Conspirator’ you will have yours, or at least have gounds for pondering the ongoing historical mystery of Mary Surratt.

This film tells part of a well-known historical event by showing the conditions surrounding the heinous murder of Abraham Lincoln. It gives the viewer a feeling of walking back into 1865 and you may wish to take that journey and get a feel for the little understood character of Mary Surratt who, if she was nothing else, was a mother protecting a wayward son.


Astro-Note: these hangings by neck in 1865 took place under the auspices of powerful, sabotaging, murdering Pluto in Taurus, sign of The Neck. The lucrative ‘Reconstruction’ of the South could really get underway then with President Lincoln (who financed the war through printing of ‘greenbacks’, a maneuver which enraged the big bankers and their agents in America) gotten permanently out of their way.

For a little Astrology on the topic of the assassination and natal chart of Abraham Lincoln, click here and note that no edits have been made. If you study Astrology, also note that the assassination was perpetrated under a Jupiter Rx Station at a critical-crisis degree 29Sag+…’30Sag’ = “The Pope Blessing the Faithful. Yes, the Surratt family were of the Catholic persuasion but, as you know, Jupiter relates to bankers, generals, judges, and to philosophy and is posited in its own sign of Sagittarius, The Seeker.

For further reading on such topics, here’s a Timeline of The History of the House of Rothschild which necessarily includes The House of Rockefeller.

Read the Journal of John Wesley in Georgia

Now it’s always a sneaky thing to read other people’s journals or diaries yet these excerpts from the Journal of John Wesley concerning my home state of Georgia – what became the 13th Colony – are interesting to those who like early American history or are curious about the Native American tribes in the area, circa 1730s.

Methodist minister John Wesley’s Wiki bio gives a good bit of info on what became his unsuccessful mission in Georgia, his escape back to England after a breach-of-promise suit, and his turn toward a pietous group of believers, the Moravians, whom he encountered on the voyage.

A Little Astrology Perchance?

When we look at the horoscope of the landing of John and Charles Wesley in Savannah, Georgia on February 8, 1736, a mission taken on at the request of Governor James Oglethorpe (disclosure: my Dad’s Georgia ancestors came to Oglethorpe County in 1821, a few miles from where I sit typing at you), some interesting factors come to light using the lens of Astrology.

Moon was in ambitious Capricorn throughout the 24-hour period so we find a Sun AQ-Moon Cap combo of energies. And since Sun-Moon = ‘partnerships and marriage’, we may glean a little belated info concerning John Wesley’s broken-off relationship with fellow traveler Sophia Hopkey, and his proselytizing mission to the New World.

The Sun AQ-Moon Cap (Air-Earth) blend indicates steadfastness, resourcefulness, independence, honesty, and shrewdness with a broad-minded, deep-thinking approach to life. A dedicated search for the truth is notable along with firmness of purpose and an interest in society’s needs – traits laudable in a religious minister’s character and objectives.

There is an egalitarian quality within a natural sense of authority added to an ambition to perform one’s true vocation and hopefully to help others along the way. This blend presents an enormous appeal for all types of people whether superiors, inferiors, royals, strangers, or the down-and-outs, and is shared natally by some interesting people such as:

Abraham Lincoln, John Barrymore, Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Franco Zefferelli, Mia Farrow, and….often in the news of late…Ayn Rand, author of the distopian novel Atlas Shrugged and idol of Paul Ryan and Alan Greenspan, among other political figures.

Two quotes from Lincoln and Barrymore seem to apply to our topic – one primarily for Wesley’s mission in Georgia, the other for his relationship problems with Sophia (who married William Williamson):

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God give us to see the right…” – Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address March 4, 1865

“In Genesis it says that it is not good for a man to be alone, but sometimes it’s a great relief.” – John Barrymore

Yet Sun AQ-Moon Cap can exhibit an over-strict adherence to principles and a no-frills approach to social life which gives an uptight Spartan vibe and a tendency to remain aloof and self-contained. That, along with stubborn pride, may have been at the base of Wesley’s lack of follow-through with Miss Sophia who, upon reflection these 275 years later, may have been well-out of such a marriage. One hopes she soon came to the same conclusion and enjoyed wedded bliss with Mr. Williamson.

Sun AQ-Moon Cap’s ‘Images for Integration: A revolutionary is elected president…An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.” (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The ‘rescue’ must refer to Wesley’s desire to ‘rescue’ Native Americans from their religious errors, something he wasn’t able to do – perhaps because many tribes had their own relationship with our Creator before he arrived on the New World scene – he was the alien!

(Read the excerpts from Wesley’s Journal linked above for more details on the Native American conditions in Georgia and Wesley’s opinions on them.)

Interestingly, religious propagator Jupiter was posited at 00AQ33 upon Wesley’s arrival in the New World 1736 which is the zodiacal position of the Sun each January 20th when we hold presidential inaugurations with the Sun being the significator of The Leader (president.) And the Sabian Symbol for ‘1AQ’ = “An Old Adobe Mission”, a reference to the Utopian corporatists whose vision of the New World included, as they now assert, a ‘New World Order.’

The influence of Moravian pietists upon Wesley’s religious principles (which famously began during the voyage to Savannah) may have had a hand in his fleeing back to England and opting out of the grand scheme of which James Oglethorpe was a part. (We’re currently dealing with long term effects of such a mission of Manifest Destiny as the America as we’ve known it is being collapsed and dismantled before our very eyes.)

Another general factor which affected Wesley’s 1736 mission in Savannah is the Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which his arrival fell, the 8 North @22Lib14. To me, its influence describes details of Wesley’s religious mission and his relationship troubles! See what you think in this paraphrase from Brady’s Predictive Astrology:

‘Flashes of genius, inventiveness, intuitive leaps, good ideas, vivid dreams, visions, and new-found inspirations (new-found – the Moravian influence which began aboard ship?) which pull us away from social life and relationships and cause strain in personal lives – freedom is needed’ (!)

The 8N Series began with an eclipse on May 17, 1501 with Sun/Moon @4Gem51. Two midpoint pictures from the initial eclipse may apply to Wesley’s situation in Savannah with manipulative, transformative Pluto at apex of both:

Venus/Saturn = Pluto (26Sco12 Rx): unusually strong tension in love relationships; passing states of chaos.

Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a higher power or providence; fateful associations. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

(Astro-Note: if you’re familar with your own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, perhaps you’ve looked at the horoscope of the initial eclipse of that Series for further clues concerning its effects upon your life! My own is quite telling.)

Well, there’s an astro-snapshot of John Wesley’s experiences in America and hopefully some insights have been gained on the Methodist-movemnt-founding minister known for his preaching of personal salvation through Jesus Christ and justification through faith.

George Bush has ‘self-awareness of a bison’

With former cheerleader and bullhorn handler George W. Bush appearing everywhere these days to promote his rewrite-history book, there are some folk who feel sorry for his dim-wittedness and lack of self-awareness.

Matthew Norman’s How Did This Wastrel Ever Find His Way to the White House? has an interesting point of view.

My own p.o.v. on Dubya is not as generous since Bush, a cog in the Bush Dynastry syndicate, was installed in the White House by a complicit Supreme Court and served at the behest and enabling of the global power elite who used him for 8 years as a “propaganda catapulter”, as Bush described himself while in office.

If he hadn’t pleased them by making ‘decisions’ with few, if any, known facts and by his actions, he would have somehow been de-presidented with a newer, more accomodating model put in place.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, I did hear Bush admit to remembering that the financial crash and TARP both occurred under his watch. I see Financial Collapse 2008 as a crescendo at the end of the Bush Years of Wastrelhood, don’t you?

International bankers enabling Nazis

As I flitted around Twitter just now I ran across a blog that is new to me called American’s Journey.

One recent post stands out for its analysis of the circuitous subject of international bankers and their Nazi enablings which you may wish to check out especially if you have history interests or simply want our current crop of warmongering thieves to melt into the Hades from which they came.

Dots are connected between WWI, WWII, and the current mess they’ve engineered for the planet using their bogus, cruel anti-society ‘destroy in order to save’ mentality.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2010 at 2:36 am

Walter Cronkite and the New World Order

Well, if the US media has to go over and over the passing of “the most trusted man in America’, his bio and reporting chops, let’s remember Mr. Cronkite’s revealing statement on the United Nations, less American sovereignty, and the New World Order, just to keep things within a more balanced perspective on the man.

Yes, Mr. Cronkite was a one-world-government promoter just like the rest of the corporate media types. To my way of thinking, this puts him in the category of ‘Terror Promoters’ as well.

Are you surprised?


Heads-up on a post now in this blog’s sidebar in the Stars Over Washington feed: it’s a little Astrology on the birth chart of ‘Corporations Are People’ of May 10, 1886, if you’re interested.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 18, 2009 at 10:08 pm

Vince Foster

A new Category ‘Assassinations and Crimes’ has been added in the sidebar with its first and only listing on the Vince Foster murder and subsequent cover-up.

And the current Mercury (news; reporters; bloggers; announcements, etc) retrograde period is covering and recovering the ‘1 Gemini’ degree – the degree of Mr. Foster’s murder’s Solar Eclipse Series, the 13 South, which occurred on May 21, 1993. In other words, his murder occurred under the auspices of the 13S Eclipse Series.

Vince Foster was murdered (perhaps inside the White House) on July 20, 1993 after giving Linda Tripp the rest of his M&Ms and assuring his secretary that he would return soon.

The legend is that he had a meeting scheduled with Pres. Clinton for the next day – to resign. Bill was on TV with Larry King, but Hillary, from Arkansas, spoke with a White House denizen just prior to Foster’s office being cleared out of incriminating evidence.

There is no White House Security record of Foster’s leaving the White House under his own steam (it would have been on record) and his remains were found later in Fort Marcy Park in an ‘arranged’ position. Firearms appear and disappear with this case, so you may want your notepad handy.

Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ gives the 13S Series as expansive energy but with a sinister flavor underneath; striving for group endeavors either positively or negatively; possible constitutional crisis.

13S next manifests at ’11Gem’ on June 1, 2011. Will new evidence come to light on the Vince Foster case around that time? Will Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm days be exposed as her heyday palling around with Rosicrucians?

Will Venus, whose totem flower is the rose, have her fatal flaw – her jealous vengeance – exposed so the whole world can see it in its full and ugly measure like a Medusa Head of Politics, snakes and all?

At the least, we may expect similar issues to come to the fore as mentioned above for 13S…with a sinister flavor undergirding.

And now a quote from President Harry Truman on secret power brokers:

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

– ‘The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People.’

Some of those ‘powers’, our contemporaries, are meeting May 14 – 17, 2009 near Athens, Greece. And in this form they call themselves…the Bilderberg Group.

Godfrey Hodgson on the Hundred Days myth

After reading an article by Godfrey Hodgson concerning Pres. Obama’s ‘hundred days’, which puts them into historical perspective from FDR to George W. Bush, I thought you might wish to read the article, too.

You may have heard or read Mr. Hodgson’s latest book ‘The Myth of American Exceptionalism’ and his article linked above is worth a few minutes of your reading time. You’ll discover where Mr. Obama’s ‘hundred days’ efforts, successes, and failures fall within FDR’s hundred days and the hundred days of…

…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. And you may be surprised at a certain historical person’s name!

Of course, the mere title of Hodgson’s book might provide a subtle undermining of our nation in the vein of one-world-governmentism and the undermining of our national sovereignty, mightn’t it?


Pres. Obama’s ‘hundred days’ in office: Jan 20, 2009 — April 29, 2009.

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