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Erotic Art? Try ‘Lola’

Lola Lazing

To hopefully dispel some of the bad taste of my last post of a few minutes ago relating to the Bush administration, here’s another sexay layday for you…I couldn’t leave Jude’s Threshold like that!

This view of Lola isn’t in bad taste, is it?!?

Lola and other figure studies, including the erotic variety (but not TOO naughty!), may be found at:

http://cosmicpersonadesigns.blogspot.com if you like. I’m trusting you to be 17+ and I know you wouldn’t let me down…would you?

And http://stores.lulu.com/judecowell/  is my Lulu Storefront with modestly priced Downloadable Art, if you’d like to visit a spell and find yourself a new Desktop image or perhaps a printable poster for your wall.


The Owl of Minerva Lands on Thanksgiving Day

Not the Hegel Society journal, Minerva…more the owl coming in for a landing on a rainy day in Georgia: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/456572/minervas_glen.html

and a poem of thanks to go with my best botanical rendering of an owl which I borrowed from one of my art gallery blogs: http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com

Astrologically, the asteroid Minerva’s keyphrase is this: ‘the desire to be accomplished.’

And we all like to be accomplished at something, don’t we? 

Panacea’s Pink Fringe

Panacea’s Pink Fringe 

Here’s Panacea as icon, but earlier this evening I published the full view of Panacea’s Pink Fringe, here:


where you’ll also find a few notes on this Greek goddess and her kin.

Panacea was known for cures and remedies–things that are sadly in short supply in this old world. Do ever get the feeling as I do that world ‘leaders’ don’t WANT things to go any better? That chaos is the point? Me, too.

And drop by http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com

if you will, for today I splashed up John Quincey Adams’ natal chart with a few details, including a timely quote from our 6th president concerning America and war.

Oh! and you are invited to mosey over to my Gather Pages at:


for a variety of stuff to read and view. And join Gather, if you haven’t, so we can schmooze!

Mars turns Rx in Cancer; Cheney’s 2008 Solar Return

Yesterday I posted on the Nov 15 Rx of Mars at 12Can27, conjunct MC (Aspirations; the Goal; Public Status; Career Point) over Washington here: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/11/nov-15-mars-rx-on-usbush-natal-suns.html  if you’d care to take a look.

The current Mars Rx period is emphasized for George Bush and for the US since it falls so closely to US/Bush natal Suns.

Jan 30, 2008 brings the direct turn and station of Mars at 24Gem05, while the Sun 10AQ25 conjuncts Dick Cheney’s natal Sun–it’s his birthday. 

Cheney’s 2008 Solar Return–a chart calculated for the moment the Sun returns to natal degree, minute, and second (dependent upon a correct birth time which Cheney’s seems to be) is effective for one year and for Cheney actually occurs on Jan 31 at 2:43:19 am est when set for the White House. 

The Solar Return (SR) Moon shows what personal and domestic fluctuations and stimuli to expect for the year and is also a health indicator, if applicable. Adverse aspects to the SR Moon show a lack of positive response from others–a lack of popularity–and Mars direct will be inconjunct (150 degr) his SR Moon:

For Cheney, 2008 brings a 12th house Moon in Scorpio, and as you know, a SR Moon in Scorpio indicates a new element in the domestic scene brought on by major modifications or transformational processes. There may be a removal of some unwanted element after last year’s stresses (2007) so relief may be felt concerning revisions which have been implemented.

There may be renovations in the home (or ‘lair’? thought he already did that! But perhaps this refers to the White House) and shared resources issues may surface during the year. Scorpio may indicate a need for surgery as well. “Removal” and “revisions” sound like surgery to me–perhaps before the end of 2007 or in Jan ’08.

A SR Moon in the behind-the-scenes 12th house brings more self-reflection and obscurity to the already reclusive VP. He’ll be getting emotionally recharged for a new cycle of activity–which again underscores the surgery mentioned above because the 12th house is a place of hospitals (and prisons!).

A 12th house SR Moon also indicates erroneous judgement which has serious consequences, something he mastered long ago, in my opinion.  (Identifying Planetary Triggers, Celeste Teal) and Scorpio is the sign of spies and intelligence agencies, too.

Back to Mars’ Rx cycle:

So when will cantankerous Mars leave his shadow phase–when the feisty, warring fellow re-covers ground he’s travelled and goes forth into ‘new’ territory…?

Here’s his schedule with degrees and Sun/Moon positions concerning this particular Rx/direct period (times are for Washington, DC, est):

1. Rx 12Can27: Nov 15, 2007, 3:24:28 am; Sun 22Sco35, Moon 22Cap09;

2. direct 24Gem05: Jan 30, 2008, 5:33:19 pm; Sun 10AQ25, Moon 18Sco20;

3. leaves shadow phase, turns direct 12Can27: Apr 4, 2008, 2:57:20 pm; Sun 15Aries, Moon 27Pis18.

Cancer, sign of home and security issues has seen gracious plenty of Mars already with fires and such. Mars to natal Sun (of Bush and the US) gives a surge of vitality and a push to get ahead. Direct confrontations and physical challenges appear, and courage and determination are easy to call upon.

Principles may be demonstrated in some form during this period, yet ego gratification may be a primary motivating factor. Strains to heart and spine, and head injuries are typical of this period, especially with Mars’ connection to sharp instruments (surgery.)

(Will Bush receive a brain transplant? Just kidding. Anyway, conscience transplants haven’t been invented yet.)

Mars in Gemini, sign of communications, messages, and young people may indicate web-based concerns, as well as declarations of war, and air travel problems. Mars likes to disrupt, so the ‘net may be disrupted, perhaps concerning Congress’ actions on the Net Neutrality issue. It even occurred to me that the draft will be in the news–and on the war table–once again.

Well, after Apr 4, 2008, Mars moves ahead yet still has over half of Cancer to negotiate. On or about Mar 5, ’08, Mars reaches World Point 00Can00, the point of the pre-9/11 Solar Eclipse degree. 

Mar’s cycle or orbit is appr 2 years in length so he’s been there before–late May 2002, and appr May 8, 2004. In fact, for the attacks of 9/11, Mars triggered this Eclipse degree by opposing it from Capricorn.

The Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of 9/11/01 to which I refer is in the 3 North Series, at “00Can” which Brady’s Predictive Astrology tells began Oct 10, 991 (OS) at 22Gem06–near the upcoming Mars direct station.

3N: an over-excessive Series; main theme of news involving young people and/or that transforms a situation; information causes worry and obsession; there’s a desire to undertake large plans or activities which turn out positively as long as one doesn’t overdo things.#

Well, my mama always said: never go where you’re not invited, never stay where you’re merely tolerated…and some say the US ‘overdid things’ with her invasions of the Middle East and her continued occupation, a sentiment I share, for one reason because withholding power demonstrates it and impresses others much better than misdirecting it can ever do.

Yet the chickenhawk neocons seem quite happy with the chaos they’s created–they certainly scrambled the oil markets to what I assume is to their own advantage.

Yes, war profiteering is old as the hills but still shows a lack of conscience which is tragic for the collaterally-damaged populations of the world. My flower power generation used to say: what would happen if ‘rulers’ threw a war and no one showed up?

Isn’t it beyond time to find out the answer? Toss all dictators in a ring and let them have at it…which would serve them ‘righter’ than they’ve served us.


sassafras of Oct 20 2007

Across the road from our dwelling place grows an old sassafras tree which is now turning red in spite of Georgia’s current record-setting drought. In a direct-to-scanner move, I have made it possible for you to virtually reach out and touch a sprig!

My Mom used to like to make sassafras tea and I tried to like it, really I did. But it kinda made me feel a smidge barfy, like gumbo-type flavorings still do. I’ve tried to like those sorts of flavors, too, but they’re apparently not my cuppa tea.

The drought continues in spite of recent rains…

Today Gov. Sonny Purdue announced that he’s applying to compassionate Bush for disaster relief status for north Georgia.  Assuming there are funds left in US coffers which haven’t been defrauded right out from under taxpayers’ snoots, we’ll see how that turns out.

Does this mean that the US Cavalry is on its way to Georgia, bugles blowing?

Not martial law–I mean jugs of H2O. So is water flowing in Iraq yet? Just wonderin’. How about electricity for more than an hour?

Purdue made a  threat to sue the Army Corps of Engineers the other day for draining Lake Lanier on behalf of Alabama, but I haven’t heard how the case is proceeding, if it is. Now my old Dad used to say that the Army Corps of Engineers had caused the country more harm than good for decades. And that was way before Hurricane Katrina.

Building in flood plains does seem counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Especially if ‘counter-intuitive’ is the politically correct way of saying too stupid for words.

Written by Jude Cowell

October 21, 2007 at 3:27 am

Awards, noms, gaggles, bully pulpits, and Venus-Astraea

Today’s Stars Over Washington post turned out to be a hodge-podge: just as I was prepared to post on Michael Mukasey’s confirmation hearings beginning today for US Attorney General, Bush cropped up on my tv screen with a press gaggle, aka a press ‘conference’:


Today’s Venus-ruled Sun in Libra (sign of the Scales of Justice) and Moon in Capricorn (sign of law, government, and business) combine to give us a couple of Images for Integration, taken from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey:

“At the annual Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationery…The Statue of Liberty.”

With today’s presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor to the Dalai Lama, and with our coppery Lady of Liberty (Venus) being under seige with Constitutional crises galore, and a politicized Justice Department, these Images seem quite applicable, don’t you think?

Venus and asteroid Astraea (goddess of law and justice) are currently conjunct authoritative Saturn, a planet also associated with law and government as ruler of Capricorn (and everyone knows a Cap Moon gives high ambitions!) so check out the above-linked post, if you wish.

Plus, transiting South Node (SN) is a point of separation, and this gaggle of Venus-Astraea-Saturn-SN crossed the MC Point over Washington just before Bush’s tv performance began (10:45 am edt)…MC (Midheaven), the highest point in any chart, represents Aspirations, Goals, Career, and Public Status.

With Saturn’s signifying Democrats in a national chart, the D-Party and Congress are in the mix somewhere as well…separation from or of a Democrat? Separating from the issues? Bush being separated from his authority? Dubya began his statement today with his usual scolding of Congress which was to be expected.

Thing is, our illusory two-party is just that–an illusion. I call it, Capitol Hill Theater, dahling.

Well, things aren’t looking so grand for America and her apparent fall from power (so says Putin, Bush’s former eye-gazing buddy)…click the above link for more details.

And add this nugget: Saturn and Neptune now dance in a Quindecile relationship–165 degrees, an aspect of obsession-compulsion. (The Quindecile, by Ricki Reeves, available at http://www.amazon.com)

Saturn’s authority QD Neptune’s idealism/illusions indicates that deception is present within societal leadership; dreams may become reality, compassion may merge with authority; rigid structures disappear, idealism dissolves old systems.#

This Saturn-Neptune aspect reminds me of the soon-upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition which will be evident in the 2008 election and operative for the Jan 20, 2008 Inauguration…Uranus = the Ideal; progress; Saturn = form; the traditional. Uranus is also: revolution and upheavals; Saturn: the establishment; the system.

Do you think Mukasey will reform (Uranus) the bedraggled Justice Department (Saturn) so we can recognize it again? That’s be good. We’ll see if he favors an independent (Uranus) DOJ (Saturn) as he purports to believe. The proof will be in the outcome.

Yes, New vs Old themes are already predominating the period and, of course, the Saturn-Uranus combo is linked with the Middle East and its outbreaks of violence and war. You can determine the worst times for violent outbreaks by Saturn-Uranus squares, oppositions, etc., with the opposition being the Culmination Phase issuing from their last conjunction–actually three exact line-ups from Feb–Oct, 1988, 27 to 30 Sagittarius, where Pluto sojourns now. This gives a midpoint picture of Saturn/Uranus being stimulated or triggerd by powerful, subversive Pluto…

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto:  upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss; rebellion at one’s lot in life; acts of violence and brutality; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts.

The earth groans under this load, doesn’t she? This is a worldwide influence.

Then there’s the information overload. Guess my habit of taking everything with a grain of salt needs updating to a salt mine of disbelief when it comes to political propaganda-catapultin’ and Campaign 2008!  

But it’ll be upon us before we know it, illusions in tow, to be sorted out as best we can. Don’t know about you, but I’m trying–I’m really trying.

Hillary Clinton’s natal chart: is Scorpio rising? Or Cancer?

Just found an excellent Astrology blog with a post by Chris Brennan concerning Senator Hillary Clinton’s natal chart with its disputed time/s of birth:


The current Venus-Saturn conjunction (5Vir+) has taken place on the Midheaven of this Scorpio rising chart which would give her this midpoint picture:

Venus/Saturn = MC: reserve; irritability; being unsatisfied in love; separation; inhibited desires; the urge for solitude; feeling unimportant, or never successful enough.

Transit Saturn will be returning to this degree into July 2008. Saturn to MC (Aspirations; Career and Public Status Point) is for most people when their career is going swimmingly and busily, and more responsibilities may be taken on. Hmmm.

That’s IF Saturn’s lessons in the past have been well-heeded…otherwise, it’s restrictions, suppressions, and being held accountable for past mistakes. She’s been that of late on her congressional voting record, hasn’t she?

Clinton’s proposed Scorpio rising chart (Oct 26, 1947, 8:02 am, Chicago, IL) makes more sense to me than some others that are out there, so let Chris show and tell you about it if you wish!

>Update Jan 1, 2013: finally adding here that I’ve settled on an 8:01 or 8:02 PM natal horoscope for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton primarily because of its 00Cancer Ascendant and 10th house Moon @29Pis+…near the Aries Point of prominence, fame, and recognition. jc

Written by Jude Cowell

October 16, 2007 at 6:40 pm

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