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DOD’s alternate reality: a copy of you

Orwell is fluffing his pillow over this one:

Change with a capital ‘C’: is this what Obama really means?

Tonight I’m back from a happy family celebration in time to dog Barack Obama like you knew I would…well, if this election is as important as everyone says it is, I may be forgiven. If it’s only an obscenely expensive beagle’n’pony show, we may as well face it–we’re being duped yet again…



Only one of  We the People

Press under fire: NYT James Risen subpoenaed for sources

Guess this one’s been coming a while which makes the timing interesting astrologically as well because the subpoenaed grand jury testimony of NYT reporter, James Risen, is set for the day of the Unmasking Eclipse–Feb 7, it was announced today.

In a clear Bush-Cheney attempt to force disclosure of Risen’s sources for his book, “State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration,” Mr. Risen will apparently be reporting to the court room in Alexandria, VA. to answer for himself–and will testify as an archetypal figure for all reporters who uncover governmental misdeeds, crimes, and ineptitudes.

You will remember from Dec 2005 that Risen and fellow NYT reporter, Eric Lichtblau, broke the story of the Bush administration’s overreaching, off-the-books domestic spying caper which Risen terms, “the Program.”

Imho, any true–and thus dissenting–American owes them a debt of gratitude for performing the tasks which Thomas Jefferson agreed was the job of a free press lest the Washington power elite get too big for their britches.

Now with the big-but*ed infestation in Washington, we see yet another institution under fire–and more to save their sorry fascist hides than from any honest regard for America.

Cut them some slack? At best I could say the current and former administrations have tied up their own secret high-handed manipulations with legitimate national security concerns of our nation–always an unsavory blend with the high-mindedness of one unhealthily diluted by what turns out to be underhanded criminal activities.

But these varmints have raised the ante beyond imagination, and since I dwelled in DC during the Nixon regime and witnessed (on tv) his well-deserved and humiliating skedaddling outta town, I am perhaps tres sensitized to rotten politicians who cynically lampoon the American People while making a mockery of our ideals and fondest hopes.

If they had true regard for America and the common good, they wouldn’t be undermining every social net, dissolving the Constitution and Bill of Rights, radicalizing and neutering our judicial system, and fermenting unrest and incompetence in all departments of government.

Oh and let me not forget The People’s delusion of actually being part of the electoral process of voting a politician into office–and our One-Party two-party system of crooks with their happy, pocket-lining enablers oinking at the trough. 

Wouldn’t it be el perfecto if Risen had more Bush-Cheney-Tenet secrets to reveal–secrets which his grand jury testimony would inadvertantly uncover?

(See ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ info in Sidebar under ‘2008’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses–‘, if you wish.)

Perhaps we should get a copy of Risen’s book while we can!


So much of what has gone on and goes on now mimicks the rise of the Third Reich 75 years ago…want examples?

Start with WWI and rampant inflation in the postwar years leading to the world economic collapse of 1929–Germany had a massive unemployment rate (sound like the just-released jobs-creation numbers this week for the US?), there was a general fear of social and economic decline which was menacingly stirred from both left and right (ditto), and they all tried to consolidate their positions (selfish interests) with violence which opened the door for Hitler’s seizing of power. Shades of 9/11?

There was much more going on, of course, but that’s it in a nutshell and it sounds eerily familiar to present day America–again imho.

My source: Hans Ottomeyer, director of Berlin’s German Historical Museum, and I think he should know…no subpoenas, please!

Mercuries of the candidates: Mike Huckabee

Orating Mercury in a natal chart is very important when considering a political candidate–we’ll be having to listen to their speeches for years after all–so you may wish to check out my latest Stars Over Washington entry on the Virgoan Mercury of Mike Huckabee here:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/12/spotlight-om-mercury-mike-huckabee.html where you’ll find a link to another article on a few of my concerns on a Huckabee presidency based on his Chiron placements and other chart factors. Chiron represents the Christ archetype and in the case of Huckabee may be of some import in our deliberations on the next inhabitant of the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, here on Word Press, there’s a post on the Geminian Mercury of John Edwards which contains a link to more info on the placement of Edwards’ Mercury, plus you’ll find a trail leading to a similarly themed article on Barack Obama’s Mercury in Leo:


Whose Mercury to x-ray next? Hillary’s? Or perhaps Ron Paul’s? ;p

up next: the ‘Unmasking’ Eclipse Feb 6, 2008

While slogging through IE crashes all the day long, I’ve managed to post on our upcoming ‘Unmasking’ Eclipse of Feb 6, 2008, set for the White House, of course:


Sun-Moon 17AQ44, with “17AQ” aka the ‘end-of-progress’ degree, but I’m using the rounding-up method for the Eclipse’s Sabian Symbol esp since the minutes are beyond the halfway mark (30) to the next degree…60 minutes = 1 degree.

At 18AQ (“A man unmasked”), the influences of this Solar Eclipse seem pertinent to the 2008 campaign and its candidates, among other things…like one or more candidates dropping out of the race due to deceptions or fraud being revealed, that sort of thing…but see what you think.

I would post the chart here, but charts seem to show up better at Stars Over Washington so have a peek and click-to-enlarge the image. You’ll see that transiting NN will be conjunct US natal Moon (the public) by then–another reason I’m relating this Eclipse to the 2008 campaign.

mosey South to Deerlick Astronomy Village

Moss Cave Observatory

Too much light pollution in your neighborhood to view Saturn’s rings or storms of Jupiter?

Now hosting stargazers from as far off as Michigan, the new 96-acre star observatory site has become a smash hit in eastern Georgia.

Situated in rural Taliaferro County (that’s: Tol’ i ver), the total darkness and wide open spaces of Deerlick Astronomy Village are worth checking out for the telescope-prone star lovers among us: 

http://my.earthlink.net/article/top guid=20071027/4722b7c0_3ca6_1552620071027120181641

Plus there’s: http://www.deerlickgroup.com

Taliaferro County is named for early Georgia settler, Benjamin Taliaferro, who came on down with a bunch of other families, mainly of the Virginia tobacco-growing clans, after tobacco crops wore out the soil ‘up yonder.’

Some families came to Oglethorpe County prior to the American Revolution, notably the Barnetts and Crawfords, a pioneering crowd who served their nation proudly as soldiers, scouts, and spies.

After the Revolution, Gen George Matthews, also one of the intermarried Virginia bunch, moved down and became governor of Georgia–and the rest, as they say, is history. Actually, it’s all history–the Barnetts and Crawfords arrived here in the 1760s (if I remember my notes correctly…thereabouts, if I don’t.)

The only known Caucasian here when they arrived was a trapper named Kennedy (first name lost in the mists of time), and of course, many native tribes lived around what came to be known as Goose Pond; later for voting purposes: Goose Pond District.

This was a 150–200 acre lake (not far from where I type) where all the migrating ducks and geese would light each year to hatch their fuzzy chicks. Then when it was time to be moving on, it was a wonder of nature as they all flew up from Goose Pond and continued on their way. With Georgia’s current epic drought, we could use some of that water now.

But years ago the lake or ‘pond’ filled in and the area became known as the Garden District of Oglethorpe County…the richest cotton-growing soil around with its duck and goose poo fertilizer extraordinaire. In fact, a boll was kept in New York by which other cotton bolls were judged for quality. This special cotton was actually grown by a Meriwether grower–the Meriwethers were another family of the Virginia settlers of Georgia.

And in the 1800s, a Crawford scion ran for US president but passed away suddenly before the election could take place. No definitive word on the cause of death, last I heard. Makes ya wonder.

Another point of historical interest about 5 miles down the road from here, where an old Baptist Church sits upon a hill, is the place where the path from Virginia and the trail to the Mississippi River converge–Cherokee Corners. Olden ways do linger!

As a native Georgian who is proud to note having Native American heritage as well, these Virginians are some of my ancestors and forebearers–yet I hope this fact won’t dissuade you from packing up your telescope and moseying down to Deerlick Astronomy Village some dark night where you may purchase a cabin or camp out gratis–and where the twinkly stars, as of yet, shine for free.

As we sometimes still say around here: Y’all Come! Just be sure to BYOW.

image: Moss Cave Observatory  by jude cowell (c) 2007  from the Gallery of http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com

Written by Jude Cowell

October 27, 2007 at 7:35 pm

real time blogging: pickled beets secrets and Capitol Hill

At the moment (3:22 pm edt) I’m typing in between bites of a salad I concocted to which glorious pickled beets have been added. Not sure why I began craving them recently but a salad had to be made and consumed and it had to have beets and cottage cheese involved. Plus cilantro, of course. And a drizzling of Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing. Yum.

Well, now you know my happy secret.

Another secret is that I’ve finally written an entry over at http://judecowell.blog.com

which is my ‘Art & Then Some’ blog so woefully neglected of late. Don’t know why…well, yes I do: images are published separately into ‘Albums’ (if there’s a way to post them within articles, I haven’t found it yet), and the images are only partially viewable which irks me a little. When there’s cropping to be done of my artwork I prefer to select the area myself, thanks.

But that’s just me being bossy, I suspect.

And here’s an answer to this morning’s email from a Stars Over Washington reader, T.C.:

no, I’ll not be posting today on Eric Prince’s testimony on Capitol Hill concerning his Blackwater company of mercenaries. It’s only Blackwater Theater to me, Dahling, and it’s not as if Congress hasn’t known about Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld’s privatization of the war all along.

When it comes to Capitol Hill and Congress, my test is always this: what will be the results of “testimony”/”investigations”/”committees”/”reports”/”elections” and such?

Will anything change for the better? Even if TRUTH happens to come out, will they DO anything decent about it? Will anyone actually be held accountable in a significant way?

It’s the same test I applied to them in November 2006 when the Dems “took over”…and what has improved in a pragmatic sense since then? Not s’much. Politicians are all in the canoe together and we’re left on the shore!

And that’s no secret at all.

 Bush’s ’surge’ speech

image: a moment in time captured: Bush’s “surge” (escalation of war) speech, 1.10.07

Congress to reconvene Sep 4: why worry?

It’s happening again! Tomorrow, Sep 4, the 110th Congress is back in session on Capitol Hill…the bees return to the hive. The missing and lost honey bees would be preferable, but we must settle for these political thespians with their vaunted self-regard.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: oh sheesh, not them again.

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/09/congress-reconvenes-9407.html gives details on Tuesday’s reconvening, including a nifty little astrological method of Composite charts where two charts are averaged or blended together for a look at the relationship between the two entities.

With two people, it results in a relationship chart. In this case, it’s the R-Party and the D-Party plus Tuesday’s reconvening–each Party’s relationship with this session, you might say, which tells us something about how things may go and the influences which may be in evidence.

You can actually watch triggers to a relationship chart bwo transits, progressions, etc. It’s pretty cool.

But what isn’t cool in the least is the Composite chart for Tuesday (which represents the entire week on Capitol Hill and really, the entire session until their next break) averaged with the natal chart of the Democratic Party which has the Robber Baron team from 1892–Neptune-Pluto at the IC or Base/Foundation of the chart.

Raping and pilaging natural resources, this duo still has its greedy claws and hooves in any pie which looks promising. Much of the world’s suffering and the fraying of our social fabric issue from the spawns of the 1892 wheeler-dealer crowd–the Generation of Materialism, as it’s descriptively called.

And guess what else is at the IC of the Dem +Tuesday Composite chart (the IC is the Foundation or HOW Point of the chart)?

It’s the degree of the rare June 2004 Venus Transit from the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA, USA. Remember the photo op when the illustrious ‘world leaders’ strolled upon the Georgia beach with–gasp!–NO TIES and their shirts artfully unbuttoned? 


Yes, it was meant to be a tantalizing peek at Relaxing the Elitist Dictator Way…with a few manly chest hairs thrown in for swooning purposes, if you will. (Please say you didn’t. Did you?)

So as you know, Venus Transits indicate a time when unusual and unexpected alliances are formed. The Sabian Symbol for 2004’s Venus Transit degree is “18Gem”…

“Two Chinese men speaking Chinese in a western crowd.” Interesting, no?

Well, if you have more appetite for this sort of under-the-hood political info, please follow the link above to ‘Stars Over Washington’ where I’ll be very pleased to see you! Plus your comments and queries are always welcome–yet moderated for spam-avoidance purposes. You understand.

Gen David Petraeus, Iraq, and Sep 15

So okay, I’ve been at it again…posting on my political astrology blog, this time on the so-called “report” on America’s “progress” in Iraq to be delivered by Gen David Petraeus.

It’s a Neptunian day, Sep 15, coming four days after the partial Solar Eclipse of Sep 11…a critical time for America and for Washington which obviously affects the rest of the globe as well due to our world-policing status.  I’m assuming the report will be given on Sep 15 as advertised.

So will Petraeus merely be carrying the Bush administration’s political water?

Neptune = water, illusions, self-deception, and veiling, among other things. Oil, gas, and other liquids are also Neptunian things along with oceans, ideals, and propaganda which veils the truth. And as you know, oil is primarily found in the Middle East.

Does this sound like it bodes well for the supposed revelations of this “report”?  It’s been said that the White House actually wants the report given to the select few in Congress rather than to the public. Such a busy day for gaseous Neptune!

If you follow this link: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/08/petraeus-report-sep-15-2007.html

you will find a link there to Gen Petraeus’ natal chart (sunrise)  which I posted earlier this year. 

So surf the ‘net on over, if you wish–watery Neptune loves the surfing and the nets!

The Stars of George W. Bush

Here’s a Political Astrology heads-up for you on George Bush:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/07/bush-is-sirius-guy.html  takes you to my latest post on the stars which are connected to Bush’s natal chart–stars which you may find to be tres descriptive of our propagandist-in-chief. 

Highlights include: Sirius, Fomalhaut, Alhena, and Mirzam…and you may be surprised at how familiar the information sounds concerning the cuss infesting the White House.

And in a few minutes I’ll be adding new art to the Cosmic Persona Designs Gallery at http://cosmicpersonadesigns.blogspot.com  for your viewing pleasure…stop by when ya can for I promise you it’ll be a prettier sight than the grizzled snoot of George W. Bush!

Written by Jude Cowell

July 15, 2007 at 3:53 am

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