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blogging on the natal chart of Jesus

At last I did it–an article on the birth chart of Jesus of Nazareth using the date of Jupiter as Morning Star when the giant planet was occulted by the Moon in Aries on April 17, 6 B.C.


No one knows, of course, His actual birthdate–and if He’d wanted us to know, He would’ve made sure we knew–so I use this chart symbolically. One thing I do know–lambs are born in the Spring, not in mid-winter.

So check out the post, if you wish, for more details on the Star of Bethlehem, the Magi, the choice of Dec 25, and other related topics. Writing it has been a welcome respite for me today from the usual politics on Stars Over Washington!


Jingling Bells of a Medieval Christmas

Jingle Jingle and a Merry Christmas to All!

by Jude Cowell

Today’s Winter Solstice got me curious about an article in the History Today archive concerning the blend that created what millions of people now celebrate in America and across the globe as “Christmas” though “Christ’s Mass” is closer to the truth.

Through the centuries, nearly all Protestant churches have fallen in line with the Vatican over this pagan-Christian mixture of ancient rites, symbols, and cults such as Rome’s Mithraism, and modern man has turned the holiday into Big Business today by commercial interests, as our bank accounts annually attest.

Writer Alexander Murray’s Medieval Christmas puts a modern bow on an old topic which is on almost everyone’s minds this week, and btw–my favorite color is purple, in case you’re already making your gift list for next year!

Related posts include Winter Solstice 2011 showing the horoscope set for Washington DC, my overview of the Nov-Dec 2011 Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and a speculative natal chart for Jesus of Nazareth, timed by a Moon/Jupiter occultation!

Read the Journal of John Wesley in Georgia

Now it’s always a sneaky thing to read other people’s journals or diaries yet these excerpts from the Journal of John Wesley concerning my home state of Georgia – what became the 13th Colony – are interesting to those who like early American history or are curious about the Native American tribes in the area, circa 1730s.

Methodist minister John Wesley’s Wiki bio gives a good bit of info on what became his unsuccessful mission in Georgia, his escape back to England after a breach-of-promise suit, and his turn toward a pietous group of believers, the Moravians, whom he encountered on the voyage.

A Little Astrology Perchance?

When we look at the horoscope of the landing of John and Charles Wesley in Savannah, Georgia on February 8, 1736, a mission taken on at the request of Governor James Oglethorpe (disclosure: my Dad’s Georgia ancestors came to Oglethorpe County in 1821, a few miles from where I sit typing at you), some interesting factors come to light using the lens of Astrology.

Moon was in ambitious Capricorn throughout the 24-hour period so we find a Sun AQ-Moon Cap combo of energies. And since Sun-Moon = ‘partnerships and marriage’, we may glean a little belated info concerning John Wesley’s broken-off relationship with fellow traveler Sophia Hopkey, and his proselytizing mission to the New World.

The Sun AQ-Moon Cap (Air-Earth) blend indicates steadfastness, resourcefulness, independence, honesty, and shrewdness with a broad-minded, deep-thinking approach to life. A dedicated search for the truth is notable along with firmness of purpose and an interest in society’s needs – traits laudable in a religious minister’s character and objectives.

There is an egalitarian quality within a natural sense of authority added to an ambition to perform one’s true vocation and hopefully to help others along the way. This blend presents an enormous appeal for all types of people whether superiors, inferiors, royals, strangers, or the down-and-outs, and is shared natally by some interesting people such as:

Abraham Lincoln, John Barrymore, Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Franco Zefferelli, Mia Farrow, and….often in the news of late…Ayn Rand, author of the distopian novel Atlas Shrugged and idol of Paul Ryan and Alan Greenspan, among other political figures.

Two quotes from Lincoln and Barrymore seem to apply to our topic – one primarily for Wesley’s mission in Georgia, the other for his relationship problems with Sophia (who married William Williamson):

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God give us to see the right…” – Abraham Lincoln, 2nd Inaugural Address March 4, 1865

“In Genesis it says that it is not good for a man to be alone, but sometimes it’s a great relief.” – John Barrymore

Yet Sun AQ-Moon Cap can exhibit an over-strict adherence to principles and a no-frills approach to social life which gives an uptight Spartan vibe and a tendency to remain aloof and self-contained. That, along with stubborn pride, may have been at the base of Wesley’s lack of follow-through with Miss Sophia who, upon reflection these 275 years later, may have been well-out of such a marriage. One hopes she soon came to the same conclusion and enjoyed wedded bliss with Mr. Williamson.

Sun AQ-Moon Cap’s ‘Images for Integration: A revolutionary is elected president…An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.” (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The ‘rescue’ must refer to Wesley’s desire to ‘rescue’ Native Americans from their religious errors, something he wasn’t able to do – perhaps because many tribes had their own relationship with our Creator before he arrived on the New World scene – he was the alien!

(Read the excerpts from Wesley’s Journal linked above for more details on the Native American conditions in Georgia and Wesley’s opinions on them.)

Interestingly, religious propagator Jupiter was posited at 00AQ33 upon Wesley’s arrival in the New World 1736 which is the zodiacal position of the Sun each January 20th when we hold presidential inaugurations with the Sun being the significator of The Leader (president.) And the Sabian Symbol for ‘1AQ’ = “An Old Adobe Mission”, a reference to the Utopian corporatists whose vision of the New World included, as they now assert, a ‘New World Order.’

The influence of Moravian pietists upon Wesley’s religious principles (which famously began during the voyage to Savannah) may have had a hand in his fleeing back to England and opting out of the grand scheme of which James Oglethorpe was a part. (We’re currently dealing with long term effects of such a mission of Manifest Destiny as the America as we’ve known it is being collapsed and dismantled before our very eyes.)

Another general factor which affected Wesley’s 1736 mission in Savannah is the Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which his arrival fell, the 8 North @22Lib14. To me, its influence describes details of Wesley’s religious mission and his relationship troubles! See what you think in this paraphrase from Brady’s Predictive Astrology:

‘Flashes of genius, inventiveness, intuitive leaps, good ideas, vivid dreams, visions, and new-found inspirations (new-found – the Moravian influence which began aboard ship?) which pull us away from social life and relationships and cause strain in personal lives – freedom is needed’ (!)

The 8N Series began with an eclipse on May 17, 1501 with Sun/Moon @4Gem51. Two midpoint pictures from the initial eclipse may apply to Wesley’s situation in Savannah with manipulative, transformative Pluto at apex of both:

Venus/Saturn = Pluto (26Sco12 Rx): unusually strong tension in love relationships; passing states of chaos.

Moon/NN = Pluto: separation through a higher power or providence; fateful associations. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

(Astro-Note: if you’re familar with your own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, perhaps you’ve looked at the horoscope of the initial eclipse of that Series for further clues concerning its effects upon your life! My own is quite telling.)

Well, there’s an astro-snapshot of John Wesley’s experiences in America and hopefully some insights have been gained on the Methodist-movemnt-founding minister known for his preaching of personal salvation through Jesus Christ and justification through faith.

Astrology of the Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene of Baby Jesus has been detailed with the usual expertise by Bernadette Brady if you wish to view a speculative horoscope of Jesus’ birth, dated May 1, 0007 BCE, Bethlehem, along with excellent insights into the star lore of the chart.

A 6th house Sun @ 8Tau04 and a 7th house Moon 2Gem16 (closely conjunct Venus 3:31) gives an Earth-Air blend of energies which have this ‘Image for Integration’ which, centuries later, seems apt to me:

‘A scientist brilliantly discourses on the mysteries of nature.’

Now if you’re like me, you appreciate Christ’s role as the Great Mathematician and premiere Scientist of the Universe – the archetypes on which all others are based. And we know that the Universe is founded upon numbers, right? One branch of Astrology that I love working with is Harmonics which may be used as a microscope into the depths of a chart and is based on numbers and their intrinsic meanings.

Ex: ‘4’ is the number of manifestation on the physical plane, and on a deep level symbolizes the Cross upon which Christ was crucified.

But no, the above Image doesn’t ‘seal the deal’ as far as this horoscope being accurate as Jesus’ birth chart, of course, and there are other speculative natal charts around if you wish to search for them.

After reviewing my own post from Dec 24, 2007 of Jesus of Nazareth’s birth, I’ve decided to stick by it because of the Moon’s occultation of royal Jupiter rising on that date, and the YOD (‘Finger of God’ pattern) formed by sextiled Neptune and Pluto pointing to the Moon/Jupiter occultation and the Ascendant. (Yet this is only a symbolic chart for His birth as are all other charts.)

See my preferred version here.

Historically we know that a Great Conjunction of the societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn, occurred in 7 BC and this conjunction indicates the birth of a Great King, as the astrologers which the Bible calls The Magi well knew.

Was this the Star of Bethlehem which they followed to Bethlehem? Camels can move very fast, yet it would have taken time to travel to the site of His nativity, and from childhood I’ve always had the idea – probably mistaken – that the Three Wise Men arrived at the manger to see a just-born Babe.

Or did they as masterful astrologers ‘see’ the Great Conjunction way ahead of time? I very much suspect so and they would have well prepared themselves for the important journey to honor Him.

Hmm. So long ago, so hard to ‘know’!

Then there’s Dave Mastry’s book ‘A Template For The Time: The Astrological Birth Chart of Jesus’ (TGS Publishing) which uses April 2, 003 AD (NS), Bethlehem.

Well, if I’ve totally confused you on which natal chart is most descriptive to use, join the club! Hopefully more astrologers will study the speculative charts of Jesus of Nazareth…so if this post inspires, I’ve done my intended job.

Oh, and if you figure it out, do please let me know! Jude


‘Image for Integration’: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Uncle Michael vs Grandpa Rush

Robert Ellman has written that there are three core constituencies to the Republican Party:

1. Predatory corporatists who steal from wage earners and destroy the planet;

2. Religious lunatics…who proselytize  that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior is condemned to eternal damnation and don’t support civil liberties for homosexuals;

3. Angry racists.

That Rush Limbaugh has served as the face and voice of all three constituencies makes him a busy, if high-as-a-kite, broadcaster.

He has that Mars-Pluto zeal thing going on and Mars-Pluto square his Midheaven (Mc), the Career/Aspiration Point..

Mars-Pluto = Mc: confidence; ambition; dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver.

So with the Mc the most public point of any chart, you hear Limbaugh’s testosterone-driven Mars-Pluto when you hear him pontificating on the radio…Mr. Zealot.

And when RNC chairman Michael Steele (a ‘shameless apologist for the GOP’s predatory corporatists,’ says Ellman) recently dissed Rush as ‘party leader’  then had to apologize like a little puppy kicked up under the porch, the ‘Limbaugh brand’ was reinforced, the bristling ego of the man left haughtily intact.

That Mr. Steele imagined himself in charge makes me blush for him – someone should have explained things more fully.

Yet of late there have been frustrations in Mr. Limbaugh’s life because no one completely escapes the negative effects of Neptune conjunct natal Mars along with the positive ones.

In Limbaugh’s case, Mars 22AQ09 in 1st house of Self and Physical Body,  indicates quite a personalized wallop from the gaseous giant (the planet, not the man.)

(Mars represents our energy, initiative, and desire nature.)

That negative escapism is involved is an obvious caution due to his drug history including doctor-shopping and the involving of a household employee in his big drug scheme.

Yet through the aid of friends in high places, he paid very little for his illegal drug dealings and abuse – has anything of merit been learned by Mr. Law-Unto-Himself?

Here’s a post I scribbled at the time of Limbaugh’s arrest and subsequent getting off lightly:


Physical endeavors and vitality are diffused or even undermined at such times as Neptune-to-Mars; deceptions, confusions, and illusions  are on the menu in one way or another. Male relationships may unravel or compromising photos may be taken and distributed.

Inflated (Neptune) actions (Mars) may become more evident in Limbaugh’s behavior – hard to believe that he could become even more expansive and bombastic than before, isn’t it? Well actually, transit Neptune has been affecting Limbaugh’s Mars for a while now.

Anything that does succeed under a Neptune-to-Mars transit will be due to inspired actions and insights. And with Neptune’s connection to the masses and to media, I’m certain that if Limbaugh feels the least bit inspired, we’ll be hearing all about it with his usual bombastic style.

Check out Robert Ellman’s article on ‘Uncle Michael’  here:



Rush Limbaugh: Jan 12, 1951, 7:50 am CST, Cape Girardeau, MO; ASC 00AQ57 (conj US Inaugural Sun on Jan 20); Sun 21Cap33 (in 12th house, a political placement of ‘unconscious ego’); Moon 23Pis25 conj North Node 20Pis48 – Moon = publicity, the public, NN or the Moon = contact with the public.

Rush was born to broadcast!

Birth data: Rodden Rating AA


Cadbury Bunny hops past + blogging for jingos and johns

Don’t let the Cadbury Bunny get ya, Y’all!

Just kidding…Cadbury is my favorite brand of chocolates and I can definitely get into a box of their shortbread sticks if no one stops me, but fortunately I don’t have any to get in trouble with so I’m well out there! I only wish I could like dark chocolate, but it’s never to be.

Portrait of Spring 2008 in the southeastern US…

Yesterday afternoon, I spied a small brown cottontail twitching his cute little whiskers just down a sun-dappled path as I returned from a stroll…he was using a well-hopped bunny crossing, I’m guessing. But there were no Cadbury eggs in his basket–not with my name inscribed upon them.

So in lieu of Easter treats, I have moseyed over to SO’W today to post a couple of article links sent me from LegitGov–one concerning Eliot Spitzer’s nemesis, Roger Stone, who had a little sumpin-sumpin to do with how the Florida prez election turned out in 2000. Quite the GOP operative is Mr. Stone…it’s time consuming werk being a nemesis, one imagines.

The second article discusses the blackmailing bwo trade reprisals that went on against US ‘allies’ in the Bush-Cheney rush to war in Iraq. Now who didn’t realize that “necessity” as it was happening? Well, it’s taken awhile, but Heraldo Munoz has a book coming out detailing the subject.

Other than that, it’s a lovely if slightly chilly Spring day here and our usual Easter rain has yet to fall, unlike our nation’s sodden Midwesterners who hopefully will be back on a drier track very soon.

Articles here: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/03/spitzers-nemesis-blackmailing-for-war.html

And if you missed it, here’s an article I wrote in Dec ’07 on the natal chart of Jesus of Nazareth: http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/12/birth-chart-for-jesus-apr-17-6-bc.html  …He is risen!

Nov 9: Scorpio New Moon and the Lost Peonies

Abandoned Garden with Peonies

UPDATE Oct 28, 2008: the following post is from a Scorpio New Moon in Nov, 2007. You’ll find a few details on the Scorpio New Moon of Oct 28, 2008 at my other blog, Stars Over Washington:


~Original 2007 post begins here:

This Friday’s New Moon, the beginning of a new cycle, falls at 17Sco10 so I’d like use both the ’rounding up’ and the exact degree for Sabian Symbol details.

Paraphrasing from Lynda Hill’s “360 Degrees of Wisdom” (Lynda’s link is found in the Sidebar under ‘Astrology’) we find that…

“17Sco” = “A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.”

This symbol relates to a sense of capability and self-sufficiency and the feeling of being able to accomplish almost anything; coping with being on one’s own, and with looking after the details of life without anyone’s help.

There may be a sense of being “left with the baby”; single parenthood, or the loss of males in one’s life; creative projects being birthed (New Moon) more fully with an infinite and total connection to what one wants to produce; in vitro fertilization; the complications of adoption; facing the world feeling whole; having the right to determine one’s future; the story of Jesus’ conception.

Lynda always includes a Caution for each degree:

Uncompromising feminism or chauvinism; unrealistic dependence; feeling one must be responsible for everything; being abandoned; having no one to turn to for support; being an adult before one’s time.

“18Sco” = “A quiet path through the woods brilliant in autumn coloring.”

The path one must take in order to finish something or accomplish a mission; ‘autumn leaves’ are syymbols of change–the energy of recent growth is returned to the earth in preparation for the next growing season; transition; quiet walks reconnect us with nature.

Fruitful success is now behind; harvest time; all is changing; winter comes with its need for recuperation; let the past go and make new plans; the opportunity and need to take time to quietly appreciate this shift of energy; rewards; overcoming disappointments; gardens, sometimes off the beaten path; memories; reverence and respect; rich colors; overcoming through positive attitudes; warm responses; having a “been there done that” attitude.

Caution: being too late for the harvest; being oblivious to nature’s beauty; dwelling on the past; feeling that winter is upon you with no way out; issues of growing old; being alone in one’s ‘autumn years.’ 

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”  –John Muir

image: Abandoned Garden with Peonies, drawing by jude cowell (c)2007 

from http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com

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