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Canopus: the Star and the underwater discovery (video)

Have you heard that Canopus has been found under the sea? With planet Neptune now traversing its own watery sign of Pisces, I’m reading of several recent archaeological discoveries being revealed from underneath the oceans. Here’s one of them:


As for Canopus the Star, ancient cultures have various associations with what could be considered a ‘Royal’ star. In the Zodiac, Canopus is located in mid-Cancer (near Sirius–and US natal Sun) and is the Alpha star of constellation Argo the Boat (renamed Carina) from the ancient Jason and the Golden Fleece myth.

Said to be of a Jupiter-Saturn nature when affecting a horoscope (both planets link to royalty and fatherhood), Canopus denotes pathfinders, leaders, and those who take long journeys perhaps with a Golden Fleece as a goal. Yes, the Hero’s Journey is indicated–in particular when long sea voyages are taken, plus, film actors and writers often have creative Canopus linked to their natal planets.

Pablo Picasso was born with Venus (art) connected to Canopus for natal Venus was rising as Canopus culminated at Midheaven, the Career/Goal Point of a horoscope.

Yet there is a dark side to Canopus–the ‘dark father’ who eventually consumes his children, a Chronos-Saturn theme. In line with this is that in some cultures, Canopus was known as ‘Heavy-Weighing Canopus’, the weight at the end of the plumb line that defined the poles of the Earth.

Canopus, thought to be the Point of Stillness in the South, was noticed to move as the plumb line was knocked off-kilter and thus is associated with precession. Some North American tribes considered the northward movement of this southern pole star as a timer for the end of the world and called Canopus the ‘Spirit Star’ or ‘Death Star’.

As such, Canopus is closely linked to the concept of Time, a province in Astrology of Saturn, the Timekeeper (‘Father Time’), Grim Reaper, and, in Psychological Astrology, the senex, or, old man.

And in our horoscopes? The nemesis of Canopus, if linked to a planet or planets in your chart, is: “needing too much control” which, in the end, tends to damage what has been created or achieved.


Recommended reading on Canopus and other stars: Fixed Stars, Ebertin-Hoffmann, and Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady; also see Horary Astrology Plain & Simple by Anthony Louis who relates Canopus to a potential for: “voyages, piety, *scandal, violence, trouble with father, quick temper, depression, suicide, and stubborn” (ness.)

*Note that US natal Sun (July 4, 1776–the president) is located at 14 Cancer and “needing too much control” may be precisely the problem shown by the Justice Department’s tapping of AP communications, surveillance which allegedly was not ordered by the White House to find a Neptunian leak. It didn’t have to be ordered, it could have been a “whatever you have to do, find the leak” imperative–you know how presidents do.

Then there’s the IRS ‘scandal’ (which may have been purposefully set up by –?–) and Canopus ‘tends to damage what has been created or achieved’. Unfortunately for the American people, the damage seems at this point to be the very foundation of our country’s now-eroding values of freedom and the right to privacy.

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