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Charles Dickens: natal Sun AQ/Moon Sag

With today being the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens, I wish my tech equipment failure was already resolved so that I could show you his natal and death horoscopes. *It is not.

However, you may view Mr. Dickens’ chart and natal planetary positions at astrodatabank where his data has a Rodden Rating of A since Dickens apparently gave an astrologer his birth details.

Charles Dickens February 7, 1812 7:50 pm LMT Portsmouth, England; died of a massive stroke suffered during dinner the evening prior to June 9, 1870 6:10 pm UT (Rodden) at his home at Gad’s Hill, UK.

Transiting Chiron (the wound) @ 7Ari18 conjoined natal Mars 7:33 (energy, action, initiative) near 8th cusp of Death 11Ari25, tr Uranus and NN in Cancer were in opposition to his natal Mercury 22Cap10 (SN conj Mercury, Uranus opposing Mercury = mental or brain disturbances), and tr Sun 19Gem38 and Mercury 11:15 snugged around his natal MC, a chart Angle, with tr Jupiter 7Gem18 approaching MC. Jupiter didn’t actually conjoin MC to the degree (15Gem27) until mid-July 1870 which may describe the broadcasting (Jupiter) of the news of his passing, and a re-appreciation of his achievements and worldwide fame.

One of the prevalent factors in Death Charts is an Angular Moon and/or Jupiter though other planetary factors and actors are at play as well such as inflammtory Mars and restrictive, calcium-ruling planet of bones, teeth, and deposits, Saturn.

Of course, Pluto may play a destructive role in such critical matters of life and death, and here Pluto had squared (blocked) Dickens’ natal Sun 17AQ58–today conjoined by today’s Leo Full Moon of Publicity!–a few days before on May 31, 1870, then a second time on November 9, 1870, months after his demise.

Pluto SQ Sun periods are difficult and indicate blockages (Sun = the heart, spine), and ego pursuits so 9 days prior to his stroke, explosive Pluto had caused problems which may have led to heightened blood pressure, toxic conditions, or other health problems.

For Mr. Dickens we must credit Jupiter Angular and Pluto SQ natal Sun (‘stroke’), his vitality impaired, and his hyper-sensitive Moon/Neptune conjunction (‘paralysed blood circulation; over-accumulation of water in tissues; osmotic function deficiency’–Ebertin) at IC (End of Life) in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius denoting his potential for physical debilitation and weakening through the over-consumption of addictive substances such as alcohol and/or other drugs, and overly rich food.

Plus, Uranus disrupting natal Mercury added Uranian suddenness to the attack (stroke.)

And in the Death Chart itself, another planet of ‘attack’, Mars 28Tau54, is Angular (setting); his Solar Arc Jupiter 24Leo43 conjoins natal 12th cusp so a liver condition may have been part of the picture with natal IC ruled by Jupiter.

Okay, here are the “Images for Integration” for Charles Dickens’ natal Sun AQ/Moon Sag, and for his death combination of luminaries (Sun Gem/Moon Lib) as well, just for a sort of book-end comparison of his life and career.

Natal Sun AQ/Moon Sag (Air-Fire = a ‘live wire’ full of exciting ideas and plans) gave the socially concerned author a philosophical mind, a broadened view, an independent streak, and verbosity. A wide ‘conjunction’ of Mercury and Saturn 4Cap22 is the signature of the professional writer (Tyl.)

“Images for Integration: Alice in Wonderland…Indiana Jones founds a university in the heart of the jungle…A distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy dress party for her best friends.”

On June 9, 1870: Sun Gem/Moon Lib (Air-Air = never at a loss for words; civilized, elegant) gave Dickens’ day of death the aura of a ‘wandering spirit’ which comes in handy for that last journey!

“Image for Integration: Elgar’s Enigma Variations: ‘to my friends depicted within.”

Sounds rather like Mr. Dickens’ use of friends, family, and acquaintances as characters in his novels full of villainy and redemption!

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

*Blog Note: if you subscribe here or there please be advised that a major relocation is now underway, my end, and tech upgrades and more will be revving up my blogging once March 2012 gets underway–stay tuned for more Political Astrology with my compliments, if you may!

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