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Super Congress’ 5-year Secret Farm Bill

To insert or not to insert: America’s ‘Super’ Committee (or, ‘Super Congress’, as I think of it) is said to have had its deliberations impregnated by a Secret Farm Bill full of a cornucopeia of agricultural subsidies for special interests as US food security and supplies are politicized once again.

Speaking astrologically, can we be surprised by such strong-arming of food supply legislation by powerful forces when the US natal horoscope reveals asteroid Ceres (nurturing; food; grains; milk; mother; family; security needs; the Ceres archetype is integrally associated with America’s founding through the stars of Virgo, sign of US natal Neptune, planet of visions and idealism) conjoined with one of the primary significators of Plutocracy and oppression: the oligrachic Pluto/Chiron midpoint of Corporatism, where their energies blend most perfectly.

Mama Mia?

If like me, you’ve walked into America’s grocery stores for years and thought, What food can I buy that won’t harm my family’s health? then you’ve unconsciously felt the powerful influence of our natal midpoint picture–Pluto/Chiron = Ceres–US food ‘safety’ and supplies at the mercy of global corporatists with a larger agenda than topping America’s Apple Pie with delicious ice cream.

The specter of food contamination, adulteration, and poisoning as policy is part of the strong-arming, DNA- manipulating picture as well with these global gangsters and their agents, some of whom lobby on Capitol Hill–and write bills. (See ALEC Exposed.)

And since Pluto is the higher octave (frequency) of Mars and both rule Scorpio, the spider archetype applies when answering the question: what can possibly be nurturing about the oppression, ruthlessness, brutality, and disenfranchisement of Plutocracy?

Maybe it’s the spider to the fly where, once entangled in a web of promises and lies–cushy perhaps, yet deadly–the fly struggles to break loose from the gossamer bonds that bind.

My suspicion is that more details will be revealed about the ‘Secret Farm Bill’, and of course, the Super Committee/Congress under the supernal rays of the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 which is ruled by Mercury and so relates to mercurial matters such as journalism, blogging, news, writers, speeches and orators, young people, trade, commerce, transport, thinking and planning, and the like.

Click to view the horoscope set for the White House and showing a Virgoan Mars, planet of conflict and war–and ruled by Mercury bwo Virgo, posited in the Lunar Eclipse’s 8th house of Shared Resoures, Big Business, Debt and Credit, and apex (focal) planet of a double T-Square pattern.

But even closer to the due date of the Super Committee’s recommendations (Nov 23) is the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 which has a ‘peculiar turn of events’ vibe and rather sinister energies and is ruled by Jupiter Rx bwo Sagittarius. Jupiter Rx may describe in part the withholding of funds and huge ‘cuts’ the 12 Committee members are meant to identify and perpetrate–unless the US Congress unbinds itself from the web of deficit recommendations.

So if you have a mo, please check out the horoscope and let me know what you think either here or at my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington.

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