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Effects of Jupiter/Neptune linger

Now I know you remember how Financial Collapse 2008 continued to affect the US and global economies all through 2009, the year of the Great Conjunction/s of the inflationary, undermining, fraudulent, and grandly scheming pair of Jupiter and Neptune especially since the duo’s influences are with us still.

So my hope (Jupiter) is that you’ll waft away (Neptune) by clicking for a review concerning the planetary pair of speculation, fraud, and froth along with a May 27, 2011 video of Bob Chapman discussing our global and US financial circumstances.

That is, if you don’t mind entertaining a few brief astro-details concerning finances in the 1930s and Adolf Hitler.


btw: not to fret if you’re unfamiliar with or mildly fluent in astrologese for SO’W is written in reasonably plain English! jc

Pope’s Pedophilia Scandals Adviser Arrested for guess what?

Winner of the Irony Award May 27, 2011

The Pope’s pedophilia scandals adviser has been arrested on pedophilia and drug charges.

Anyone not see this coming?

Written by Jude Cowell

May 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm

A Chief Justice on what government does for you

Chief Justice Earl Warren (March 19, 1891 – July 9, 1974) was appointed to the United States Supreme Court by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who had expected a moderate conservative but got in Justice Warren an “unabashed liberal”.

When ‘Ike’ tapped him for the SCOTUS, Earl Warren was serving as a very popular Republican governor of California (oh for the good ole days without litmus tests! ) One of my favorite political quotes of all time – now apt again during the Democratic presidency of Barack Obama and which relates to the separative politics now practiced in Washington DC – comes from Chief Justice Earl Warren:

“Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism.”

The recent practice of Corporate Welfare (for many who are little more than cheats, fraudsters, and criminals) comes quickly to mind especially since the American people’s social safety net grows more tattered and Swiss-cheesey with each passing day that the GOP holds forth with their austerity measures. What say you?

Written by Jude Cowell

May 23, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Crystal Pomeroy’s Scorpio Full Moon Meditation May 17, 2011

Today I am honored to publish here Crystal Pomeroy’s meditation column concerning the Scorpio Full Moon of May 17, 2011. Crystal’s lunar portal meditations are regularly published in the pages of the excellent Daykeeper Journal.

This meditation is a few days late but still operative and contains valuable information for dealing with the toxicity of our times which very much includes the realm of Politics:

Full Moon in Scorpio: Give Noxious Programming the Slip

Crystal Pomeroy

This portal helps free us from the effects of brainwashing and other influences that interrupt the connection with our essential selves. Scorpio has the power to go within in order to reveal and shed the automaticity of following or absorbing the behavior, perception or expectations of others.

An anonymous author has observed that it’s easier to improve as individuals than as a collective. Have you ever made progress with personal change, only to confront a tendency to get off track when interacting with others? Many of us are committed to finding peace within and sharing it, yet collectively we continue to support unsolicited military involvement in other countries. The Sabian symbol describes the social glamorization of obsolete institutions: “Scintillating with the flash of the instruments and the colors of the banners and uniforms, a military band is marching.” About this symbol, Terry Lamb asks: “Do those we adhere to share our deepest values, or is our allegiance based on habit and appearance, the enticement of a catchy phrase or flashy slogan?”

Such enticements are not limited to politics. The tendency to disown our perception and values in order to fit in or feel accepted permeates all kinds of relationships. In the 1960’s, psychologist Stanley Milgram set up what has since becomes an infamous test, designed to detect where people would draw the line when a authority figure asked them to carry out a destructive act. Volunteers were recruited from the public at large as “teachers”, whose task was to punish “students” by applying shock treatments of increasing intensity each time they made a mistake. The students were actually actors who would complain when the simulated shocks began, protest increasingly and ultimately scream out in anguish as the voltage became higher. To the amazement of the psychiatrists running the test, well over half of the volunteer “teachers” continued to give the shocks right up to the highest intensity (450 volts).

In her book, The Manipulated Mind, Denise Winn describes similar dynamics in settings that range from concentration camps to abusive relationships. Even in city streets, a group mind syndrome can paralyze bystanders who fail to intervene when witnessing an assault or even a murder.

On a lighter note, I have a humorous memory from my teens.

An illustrious friend had invited my sister Susan and me to an event with a guru who was visiting from the Far East. We arrived at a beautiful home in the Larkspur hills a bit late, and obediently sought a place in the back of the large, crowded room so as not to interrupt. Just we were bending to sit on the wooden floor, a master of ceremonies introduced the guru, and the entire group in front of us began to kowtow. My sister and began to follow suit, but since the situation and positions were for us a surprise, we stumbled and fell over ourselves. We were caught off guard while trying to honor the foreign customs of our host, but this Robbin Williamnesque scene evokes the fine line between positive cooperation and automatic compliance. How often do we go with the flow of the social environment before heeding our doubts?

Scorpio knows all about mind control, and in its most dexterous mode, has the power to shake it off. Jupiter helps free this potential, as it makes an exact semisextile and quinqunx to the Sun-Moon opposition in Luna’s chart. The ceremony below is synchronized with the cosmic gate now opening to release our minds.

Light blue and/or white candle
Wild flowers
Sage smudge or incense
A picture or symbol of an eagle to represent the overcoming Scorpio
A picture or object that reflects or represents the real you
Bach flower essences: Agrimony and Clematis
Page and pen or journal for each participant

1) Light your incense or smudge as you say something like, This is an offering for the Angels of Freedom, whose help I request to discern and release influences and information that does not resonate with my essence. Esta es una ofrenda para los ángeles de la libertad, a los que pido que me ay

2) Walk clock-wise in a circle around the area as you say, I am (we are) surrounded by liberating grace, which now removes me (us) from influences and situations of destructive programming.

3) Light the candle/s as you say, Spirit’s radiance fills, illuminates and shields my mind so that I may by true my highest self.

4) Make a Brainwashing Release List, specifying the tendencies you would like to eliminate. The following examples from my prayer group may trigger your own independent discernment:

Taking mainstream news at face value
The tendency to console or comfort someone by joining in negative criticism of others, especially (name of person or group I do this with)
Continually wondering how others perceive me rather than what I feel, like or desire
Eating what others want
Allowing my partner’s strong personality to make me doubt my own worth or capabilities
Subliminal messages in ads, songs or media broadcasting
Toxic shame
Relationships that make me doubt my worth
Self-rejection due to body image (age, size and so on)
Wearing nylons and other synthetic clothing
Staying in bed later than I want not to elicit criticism from my partner
The idea that another’s striking qualities or achievements make me less worthy or capable
Tendency to criticize before understanding people or situations
Ignoring or belittling my intelligence in order to be humble
Decipher your own!

Write above or next to this list:

I have been given free will to choose what I wish to experience or reject, and I choose not to live with conscious or unconscious susceptibility to influences or suggestions, open or subliminal, that don’t go with the highest and the best for me. This intent opens the channels to the Grace that now sweeps through my mind and life, taking with it situations, behaviors and habits that don’t resonate with my values. I ask my guardian angel (or name preferred guide) to help me honor myself and the divine voice within at all times. Thank You, Higher Power, thank you, angel.

Repeat words like these for at least 6 minutes. Follow up by looking at your list and affirming during at least 6 minutes each morning. Reinforce by taking brief breaks throughout the day to check within and affirm ideas like:

I am free from concern with the opinions of others; I am true to my highest values. I enjoy honoring and respecting myself…

A little bit of daily practice goes a long way to reclaim our centers and shake off destructive programing, especially if we start at or around this lunation in the sign of Power Itself and continue for at least 2 weeks. Scorpio likes to question, and so we conclude by stimulating the reader’s –and the writer’s– imagination as we wonder:

Could it be that the critical mass for a new paradigm of collective freedom is nearer than it seems?

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Ponder, Catherine, The Dynamic Laws of Healing,

Winn, Denise, The Manipulated Mind
Scheffer, Mechthild, Flores que curan el alma, Ediciones Urano Barcelona, 1993.
Lamb, Terry, May Daily Success Guide,

Daykeeper Journal


Published with author’s permission

Cosmic Art: the weird, the masked, the slideshow

Here is one of the weird sort of drawings I perpetrate from time to time: Cosmic Persona in Flux which was originally published at Cosmic Persona Designs (for 17+ only due to mild adult content.)

This one has a masked theme (for we all wear them) and is drawn with Prismacolor oil along with Derwent watercolour pencils on black paper…pour vous!

Now I use the watercolour pencils dry only but naturally they work well with water if you prefer. And do try them on black paper if you haven’t for I think you’ll like the brilliant colors, depth, and special effects which may be achieved.


For 24/7 art browsing you’re cordially invited to mosey by my Zazzle Art Shop.

Or how about taking a moment to view my ‘Cosmic Flowers Art’ Slideshow? You’ll discover that one of my more popular drawings on this blog, ‘Flowers of India’, is included in the floral display!

Indiana judge overturns spirit of the Magna Carta

As you know, the Magna Carta of 1215 has a long and glorious past and has gone through some changes and improvements during its history.

So one might think that since it had worked so well for so long, perhaps a US judge would retain a little respect for its protections against high-handed strong-arming of citizens.

But you would be wrong.

Written by Jude Cowell

May 14, 2011 at 4:43 am

New and Full Moons of May 2011

Well, the month of May has begun surprisingly with the alleged raid and kill of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan by US Special Forces undercover of the dark of the Moon phase. It’s all over the news since late last evening – you can’t miss it and aren’t meant to. (If this is a political scam, wonder who came up with the ‘buried at sea’ excuse which should be good for many scoffings d’amusement from late-night comedians!)

Meanwhile, there’s a New Moon 12Tau30 on May 3rd and a Full Moon on May 17th @ 26Sco13. Let’s consider the Earth-Earth Sun Tau-Moon Tau of the New Moon and the Full Moon’s Earth-Water Sun Tau-Moon Sco blends for May 2011.

Sun Tau-Moon Tau tends toward sensuality v self-control issues yet is practical and unflappable with a miscievous sense of humor and an explosive temper. It seeks certainties (which reminds me of bin Laden’s DNA evidence which was suppsedly ‘taken’ yet could have been taken years ago when he was being trained by our CIA); security is also a deep concern for this pragmatic combo of energies.

Passionate hatreds, stubborn rigidity, and possessiveness are the negative traits. Sun Tau-Moon Tau is shared natally by Karl Marx who is well-known for saying, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” (This conveniently leaves out who’s at the top and decides these things for everyone else.)

The Sun Tau-Moon Sco blend of the May 17th Full Moon adds Scorpio intensity to the mix. It retains the famous Taurean stubbornness, passion, and posessiveness while adding intense creativity, independence, and egotism. This blend does not have an inferiority complex! Instincts for self-preservation are high, and a powerful fighting spirit lies within.

The combo describes something of a bon viveur with big appetites and people intuit that it’s best to have those with this energy as an ally rather than an enemy. Scorpio brings in the primeval life force and this combo can be generous one minute, very demanding the next.

Sun Tau-Moon Sco is the natal blend of President Harry Truman who instructively remarked, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Whether you choose to remain in the kitchen or not, you’ll find more info concerning the May 3 New Moon and May 17 Full Moon of 2011 by accepting my cordial invitation to view both Horoscopes set for Washington DC along with details such as Sabian Symbols, aspects, and more at Stars Over Washington where I regularly peek at squirmy Politics through the useful lens of Astrology.


ps: BBC News is now reporting that the US does have photos of bin Laden. How releasing them will play across the globe is anyone’s guess.

Most info above from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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