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Archive for February 20th, 2011

US gov to create ‘fake people’ on social networking sites

It’s reported that US government contracts are being offered to private intelligence firms to create ‘fake people’ on social networking sites for the purpose of propaganda which will promote fake consensuses and views concerning controversial issues…beware of ‘fake people’ with ‘fake views’.

What sorry and deceptive behavior from a political class already held in very low esteem by the public!

Is this part of what the president discussed with FB, Twitter, and other tech titans the other evening? Is this social suckiness considered ‘jobs creation’ by win-at-any-cost Washington operatives on behalf of the global totalitarian regime of the power eilte?

Then on a similar societal topic, you may be interested in viewing the Horoscope of the ‘Fascism Rising’ Solar Eclipse of February 1933 and its relationship to current events. Note: I added the above article link to my eclipse post after finding it in Elsa’s Twitter feed a while ago. (Thanks, Elsa, for the heads-up!)

This eclipse falls into the 7 North Saros Series: ‘deep passions that have been hidden for years surface with lust, birth, and procreative drives which can catch people off-guard’ (Brady’s Predictive Astrology.)

Crises, Turning Points, and Crossroads

In my post, you’ll soon spy two interlaced YODs in the Feb 1933 Solar Eclipse chart, along with my meager attempt to give pertinent details of the social and political conditions in force, then and now. The eclipse occurred @ 5Pis29 (which actually links to President Obama’s natal Chiron Rx in 1st house); the double Water Sun Pisces-Moon Pisces combination of energies may be of interest as well since an eclipse marks a zodiacal spot of intense, stored-up energies which are set off:

Unworldliness; idealism; phantacism; generosity; self-sacrifice; compassion (or a need for compassion); romanticism and a sensitive impressionability. This blend may be hard to pin down and is usually quite misunderstood; silent communing with one’s inner muse is prevalent, thus piercing insights may abound; befriending (but not on FB, for I absconded weeks ago!) and aiding those in need are typical activities of this withdrawn combination; its rich imagination is a talent, its difficulty with grounding may cause dreams never to materialize, then deep self-pity may set in.

When the (conscious) Sun in Pisces blends with the (unconscious) Moon in Pisces, three ‘Images for Integration’ are created:

“Adrift at sea…the stars and ocean together create one world, no horizon…the sunset beckons.”

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey; my bold, but to see why ‘one world’ is emboldened, here please read the 1933 Solar Eclipse post relating to Hitler’s attempt to establish a ‘new world order’ by use of military might and a fascist propaganda campaign. ‘Fake people’ expressing fake views created by the US government to mix in socially and set the tone of our public discourse has a decidedly fascist tone underneath it, yes?)

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