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All Things Must Pass benefit concert Raleigh NC 2.26.11

What a fabulous Spring-like Friday evening in Raleigh, North Carolina as something like 45 local musicians gathered their talents together last night for a cancer benefit concert celebrating George’s Harrison’s All Things Must Pass in aid of local area cancer patients who have bills to pay.

The music fest, held at a Carrboro club called the Cat’s Cradle (which reminded me muchly of The 40 Watt club in Athens GA) was performed in association with The Caring Community Foundation, an area non-profit charitable organization which provides financial assistance to cancer patients in and around the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Basic needs such as rent, utilities, food, prescription meds, nutritional supplements, and other expenses are supported by this excellent charity organization. And with cancer sufferer George Harrison’s tunes as the fare, the blend made for a touching and magical evening full of familiar melodies for this former Beatle fan (who saw them in Atlanta 1965 with a Mystic Rectangle planetary pattern above our heads!)

Organizers Toby Roan and Jeff Hart did a fantastic job herding (by which I mean, managing) a group of musical cats onstage with cello, horns, upright bass, drums and more along with the usual complement of guitars and tambourines. So the Cat’s Cradle was quite an appropriate venue!

There are few people whose lives haven’t been affected by cancer whether it’s self, family members, or friends and my family and I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful musical project in aid of those with significant financial burdens during a stressful time of life. CCF also runs Caring Community Kids to comfort little ones affected by the disease, and a Pay-It-Forward philosophy drives their mission.

The Caring Community Foundation (CCF) was begun ten years ago by local cancer survivor Jill Wolford and has raised over $1 million and served over 1,000 patients so that they can focus on their treatment and recovery. Click for more info on the organization (donations and volunteers are always welcome!); plus, you may also wish to visit If Not For You.org.

By attending last evening’s benefit concert, I discovered that I had forgotten George Harrison’s last words, by which the world would be a much happier, less crisis-ridden place if only everyone remembered them regularly. Perhaps you already know them:

“Love one another.”

To which this blogger adds a heartfelt, Amen!


Tom Tomorrow: The Republican War On Women

Tom Tomorrow’s The Republican War on Women comic strip makes some very good points, in case you missed this one.

US gov to create ‘fake people’ on social networking sites

It’s reported that US government contracts are being offered to private intelligence firms to create ‘fake people’ on social networking sites for the purpose of propaganda which will promote fake consensuses and views concerning controversial issues…beware of ‘fake people’ with ‘fake views’.

What sorry and deceptive behavior from a political class already held in very low esteem by the public!

Is this part of what the president discussed with FB, Twitter, and other tech titans the other evening? Is this social suckiness considered ‘jobs creation’ by win-at-any-cost Washington operatives on behalf of the global totalitarian regime of the power eilte?

Then on a similar societal topic, you may be interested in viewing the Horoscope of the ‘Fascism Rising’ Solar Eclipse of February 1933 and its relationship to current events. Note: I added the above article link to my eclipse post after finding it in Elsa’s Twitter feed a while ago. (Thanks, Elsa, for the heads-up!)

This eclipse falls into the 7 North Saros Series: ‘deep passions that have been hidden for years surface with lust, birth, and procreative drives which can catch people off-guard’ (Brady’s Predictive Astrology.)

Crises, Turning Points, and Crossroads

In my post, you’ll soon spy two interlaced YODs in the Feb 1933 Solar Eclipse chart, along with my meager attempt to give pertinent details of the social and political conditions in force, then and now. The eclipse occurred @ 5Pis29 (which actually links to President Obama’s natal Chiron Rx in 1st house); the double Water Sun Pisces-Moon Pisces combination of energies may be of interest as well since an eclipse marks a zodiacal spot of intense, stored-up energies which are set off:

Unworldliness; idealism; phantacism; generosity; self-sacrifice; compassion (or a need for compassion); romanticism and a sensitive impressionability. This blend may be hard to pin down and is usually quite misunderstood; silent communing with one’s inner muse is prevalent, thus piercing insights may abound; befriending (but not on FB, for I absconded weeks ago!) and aiding those in need are typical activities of this withdrawn combination; its rich imagination is a talent, its difficulty with grounding may cause dreams never to materialize, then deep self-pity may set in.

When the (conscious) Sun in Pisces blends with the (unconscious) Moon in Pisces, three ‘Images for Integration’ are created:

“Adrift at sea…the stars and ocean together create one world, no horizon…the sunset beckons.”

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey; my bold, but to see why ‘one world’ is emboldened, here please read the 1933 Solar Eclipse post relating to Hitler’s attempt to establish a ‘new world order’ by use of military might and a fascist propaganda campaign. ‘Fake people’ expressing fake views created by the US government to mix in socially and set the tone of our public discourse has a decidedly fascist tone underneath it, yes?)

Moon Bush Attracts Fairy! (new Cosmic Art)

Moon Bush Attracts Fairy

Friday is good for viewing artwork, don’t you agree? Chilaxing, I think. Here’s Moon Bush Attracts Fairy!even though I know that you already know that they do. Who can forget?

This drawing is a sample of the sort of illustrations I perpetrate quite often and upload freely to Secret Moon Art in the Botanical, Children’s, Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and other categories, and which are suitable for all ages. Also, I design merchandise for my Art Shop @ Zazzle as well, so mosey by 24/7 for a peek as you wish.

All Art (when not Paper Collage or Pen): Prismacolor Oil and Rexel Derwent Watercolour pencils on black paper by Jude Cowell 2011; Atlanta, Georgia area, and too close for comfort to the Georgia Guidestones.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 19, 2011 at 1:06 am

Mubarak steps down under rays of Jan 2011 Solar Eclipse!

Mubarak Steps Down: World’s Grandest Party Erupts in Egypt!

by Jude Cowell

Much of my posting these days has been on my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, yet I want to mention here the predictive eclipse work of expert astrologer Celeste Teal (Moon Valley Astrologer) within the context of the amazing 18-Day Revolution in Egypt which has, a few hours ago, forced the step down of dictator and President Hosni Mubarak.

First my happy congratulations to the good people of Egypt! May the processes now set in motion result in your independence from despotic rulership and may well-deserved social justice finally be yours.

Celeste Teal’s predictions are found in her book Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation and I must say, the book lives up to its title.

January 4, 2011 brought the world a Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap39 (in 2nd house when set for Washington DC at a crisiscritical degree; 13 North Series); she titles the eclipse: “The Balance of Power”!

(For doubters of Astrology I add that her book was published in 2006.)

Quoting in part from Ms. Teal’s analysis of the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, sign of government (authority), law, and business:

“…potential for a central event having wide-range impact; eclipse in degree of Fixed Star Manubrium = flaring heat. A turbulent spirit against those in high places. For USA, eclipse falls over the Sun: US adminstration and government crucially linked to larger world affairs. There is potentially powerful opposition to overcome. For the US, eclipse in 2nd H of earning power and expenditures: obstacles, legislative delays; trade (Suez Canal? jc) and labor restricted. Emphasis for NYC, NYSE, the UN, Phoenix, Japan, Russia, and the US.”


History is occurring before our very eyes as Egypt throws off her oppressive shackles and the Egyptian military takes over the reigns of power at least until elections in September 2011. Jubilance and celebration have overtaken this ancient land!

Now here are a few links to previous posts (including this morning as I heard the glad tidings on LINK TV bwo al Jazeera News, and later, the excellent reporting of Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman.

Joy in Egypt as Mubarak Steps Down Feb 11, 2011 (contains image of Hosni Mubarak’s natal horoscope with last evening’s transits: Saturn Rx 17Lib01 conjunct Mc);

Egypt’s progressed chart Jan 2011 with a YOD pattern of crisis and a turning point which points toward the Moon (the people); contains images of Egypt’s 1922 and 1953 natal charts;

New and Full Moons of February 2011 (contains image of New Moon chart of Feb 2 ’14AQ” and brief details on the upcoming Full Moon of February 18th @ 29Leo20, conjoining a Fixed Star which links to Egypt and the Middle East: Regulus);

2011 brings 4 Solar and 2 Lunar Eclipses (shows horsocope of the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse set for DC with details on other 2011 eclipses, and lots of other details as well.)

So will the success of Egypt’s 18-Day Revolution affect positively the dire conditions in the region due to the siege of Gaza? Is America’s use of the Suez Canal now in danger of blockage along with other strategic and political problems?

The implications are mulitple and unknown at this early juncture yet setting aside the corporate interests of the West for a moment, the interests of the people of Egypt must be lifted above all other considerations today in honor of a grand and astounding accomplishment.

Power to the People!

Now if we can just get back some of that People Power in plutocrat-ruled America.

Will Mubarak run to Germany for better treatment?

Der Spiegel reports that Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak may soon retreat to a clinic in Germany’s Black Forest for “medical treatment”.

He must be fairly wumped out by now.

Yes, Mubarak has visited Germany before but considering his people’s call for his ouster NOW, this particular trip may plunk the German government into something of a political dilemma, ya?


Updated today: for Political Astrology content including articles on the uprising in Egypt (showing Egypt’s natal charts of 1922 and 1953 and its progressions for late January 2011 which reveal a YOD pattern of crisis); plus, Ronald Reagan’s legacy now affecting America (including links to Robert Parry’s excellent articles on the Reagan era), you may wish to visit Stars Over Washington. Or not.

NASA photos of a snowed-in America Feb 2011

It’s Snow Across America!

If you haven’t yet viewed NASA’s satellite photos of a snowed-in America click to marvel!

Apparently here in Georgia we may be getting a few more snowflakes mixed with the rain we’re experiencing today but so far, no flake has fallen to my knowledge. But there is this…

Image: drawing, Snowy Path (here, in color) from my Secret Moon Art collection of Botanical, Children’s, Fairy, Cosmic, and Moon illustrations.

Many of my drawings may be found decorating merchandise in the Jude Cowell Art Shop for your 24/7 art browsing pleasure!

Written by Jude Cowell

February 4, 2011 at 5:09 pm

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