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Wonder what’s for dinner? Beef cloned from dead cows

Update August 24, 2010: just heard last evening I heard that someone is remaking Soylent Green the 1973 film that no one who ever saw it has forgotten yet. Considering what’s going on in the world now with population control methods such as genocides and letting people die without aid after natural disasters, etc, cascading environmental issues, genetically modified and cloned foods, and remote controlled wars of the NWO, I doubt I can stand to watch a new version of Soylent Green for its horror may be too close to the truth.

For then, forget the dead cows: What’s for dinner? may just be your Aunt Mabel.

Original post begins here:

Uranus to Aries Point = scientific breakthroughs, but this is awful:

Yum! The food industry just gets more innovative by the minute without the foggiest idea whether their Frankensteinian experiments adversely affect the health and lives of the world’s population.

Actually, I’m being generous. They know food additives and other toxins are making us ill but they don’t care, they intend it. And I don’t believe it’s only about profits or about stretching one cow further than any cow should go – beyond the natural laws of life and death.

Arrogance in the scientific realm is part of it, of course.

But mainly it’s about weakening people and exploiting their vulnerabilities because we’re easier to boss around that way. Bossy the Cow knows it but when her time came, she was powerless to keep from being slaughtered and cloned…and now we have to decide what we’re having for dinner.

Glad I gave up beef years ago. In fact, just make mine veggie!


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  1. OMG. I love meat but I am moving ever closer to vegetarianism. I knew Uranus in Aries would be a problem!
    Thanks for this–



    August 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    • It’s a good idea! And it takes so much energy and use of resources to produce one anti-biotic-laden serving of meat.

      Reminds me of how much oil, gas, and water it takes to keep 2 wars going 24/7, year after year, with a new one on the menu if warhawks have their way.

      Julie, i hope your cold is better! Is it? jc

      ps: NPR right now is reporting on a study results that teens are having an epidemic (my word) of hearing loss. Makes me sad because this Cap cautioned every young person i could when personal listening devices got trendy years ago.

      Oh well. i wouldn’t have listened to such advice either in my salad days of rock music!


      Jude Cowell

      August 17, 2010 at 9:25 pm

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