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The Saturn-Uranus opposition of July 26 2010

If you wish to view the horoscope and read its details concerning the next opposition between status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus, perhaps you’ll try today’s post at Stars Over Washington.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact on July 26, 2010 – just after the Full Moon of July 25 and both days have flavors of Sun Leo-Moon AQ as detailed below. This is a Fire-Air ‘live wire’ combo of energies indicating abundant ideas and a zeal for persuasion yet may be long-winded and bombastic.

Living at a fast pace and shunning boredom marks Fire-Air so don’t be surprised if people – even you – are on-the-go even more than usual over these two days!

The Sun Leo-Moon AQ blend is one of vivid imagination, idealism, and truthfulness. Extreme individualism is indicated along with friendly, broad-minded, and theatrical vibes.

This can also be a romantic, flamboyant, and chivalrous combination that seeks to see the best in everyone; outrageous plans may surface under this blend, plans which have little practicality to them yet an autocratic ‘rightness’ may be in play.

Beware of inflexibility, intolerance of or from others, and arrogance within your environment.

Images for Integration: The chairman of the board raises his glass to his able colleagues…The king of a large, prosperous empire invites everyone to his wedding.

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

Or, a daughter’s wedding? Now that last Image in particular sounds much like former President Bill Clinton at his daughter Chelsea’s wedding which is said to be set for this very time frame at the fabulous Astor Mansion in upstate New York!

Even limelight-hogging father-of-the-bride Bill has said that Chelsea’s wedding is all about her, not him…well, duh!


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  1. Hi Eileen, yes! July 31, 2010 is the day Moon in Aries passes through the Jup-Uran conj and testy Mars races through Venus in late (critical, analytical) Virgo and conjoins (delaying) Saturn @ 00Lib+ which adds a Moon/Mars flavor to the Cardinal Cross & points to a manipulating apex Pluto in Cap. Whew!

    That morning, the balance point of Sun/Moon (relationships) is at @ 8Gem (part of the nuclear axis) which conjoins tr Mida$ and Pan, a trickster element that can indicate ‘panic’.

    And as you know, Moon/Mars contacts have an emotional eruption vibe esp w/ this Moon ruled by Mars (yet others aren’t allowed their venting!) so altogether it can make for a testy, emotionally angry day against the backdrop of the difficult Cardinal Cross energies intent on shoving through an agenda controlled by secretive Pluto.

    Apex Pluto has no intention of sharing resources, power, all the info, or control & there may be such a figure in the background of your event whether you’re aware of it or not. (Is a publisher involved?)

    On the ‘regular’ level of everyday life, the Mars/Saturn ‘stop-go/hot-cold’ energies must be dealt with as best we can w/ Moon/Jupiter and Moon/Uranus adding feelings of happiness & sudden excitement/restlessness to the day’s mix of hard work (Mars/Saturn.)

    For whomever may be acting as the Pluto figure, the ‘herding cats’ feeling may be somewhat lessened by reminding all involved that they have responsibilities (Mars/Sat) which include controlling their emotions & egos for the good of the project. Of course, it may be the Saturn figure (the manager) who has to deliver the message!

    So w/ Moon & Mars involved (our most-often utilized ‘timers’ in the solar system) your event is on schedule for a tremendous amount of paradoxical energies but if all do their parts, your event should be memorable & hopefully successful – outside bolts from the blue notwithstanding!

    Hope that helps prepare you a bit and i know you’ll keep your chin up, Jude


    Jude Cowell

    July 16, 2010 at 2:25 pm

  2. Jude: can you say something about this Cardinal Cross on July 31? I have been involved in planning for an event that day and everybody is acting crazy. I know we have had the eclipses, but I begin to think it is something about that date also….



    July 15, 2010 at 5:32 pm

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