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Rand Paul and the bombing of Iran

Here’s an interesting article containing a round-up of quotes from and about Rand Paul concerning his neo-connic propensity towards nuking Iran.

Don’t know about you, but the more I hear from this particular Dr. Paul the more I worry for American expansionism which should be winding down not increasing. After all, it’s been since December 24, 2008 that our nation’s Secondary Progressed Full Moon timed the limit of US expansion into the world!

(You’ll notice our Sec Full Moon marked the timing of Financial Collapse 2008.)

Yet our fabled willpower – in this case, irrational and stubborn will – pretends to be having its way as ultimate control of the NWO helm is apparently up for grabs (‘apparently’ because I suspect the identity of Big Boss #1 has already been decided upon, don’t you?)

As you know, a Sec Full Moon is part of a 30-year cycle, a natural process of ‘lessening of light’ which even mighty America cannot continue to ignore, irrational will notwithstanding.

Yet politicians now spend us into oblivion in a fruitless attempt to ignore reality and expand in the world. A majority of Americans know that we must now focus on this country’s problems and the needs of our people so why does the US government continue sending fat checks to other nations whose populaces aren’t doing any better than we are?

US taxpayer money sent to foreign governments stays at the top giving lie to Reagan’s old plutocratic ‘trickle down’ theory of class warfare economics which has surely been fully discredited by now…you’d think. Especially when crooks and despots are in control and the people get little if any benefit from US ‘generosity.’

Yes, Politics will drive you crazy if you let it.

And I think that’s part of what the political ‘class’ is purposely up to: it isn’t enough for we-the-people to be driven into bankruptcy, it seems. We have to be driven bonkers in the process as the US government continues to act against all common sense while financially and militarily supporting violent, repressive regimes styled in the image of…the US government.

Those poor little New World Order promoters!

For So long they’ve worked So hard to knit the world community together financially, commercially, militarily, and culturally just so that the collapse and chaos they seek will be global and final, and their favored totalitarian rule will be longed for and gratefully accepted by their victims.

Well, considering how things are going these days, I’m more than ready for NWOers to relax on the front porch, put up their hoofed feet, tuck their forked tails underneath them, and take a permanent break from ruling the world. Because they really really suck at it.

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  1. Well Ron Paul has lost his mask, even if personally I had many doubts on him from much much time… Al these **apparent** false “enemies” of Nwo will continue to lose their mask, and we will see who is and who is not **really** “against” the Nwo…

    American expansionism, being continued in an age of economical **weakness**, is really really dangerous, for America **first**, that is not understood, it is dangerous for America first…
    And then for the rest of the world…
    When you have power and you spend it in foolish way it will end soon, and you will swoon…

    Yes it is, the promoters of Nwo are poor people, no doubt on it…
    But they firmly maintain the power, that is the control, driving the world in some kind of Big Disaster from which the False Saviour will “save” us…



    June 3, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    • Interesting comments, thanks for posting them! Not sure but you refer to ‘Ron’ Paul as being falsely against the NWO – my post concerns his son, Rand Paul, who has been too open about his opinions for the GOP to accept! Jude


      Jude Cowell

      June 4, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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