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Astrocytes Communicating, the video!

While Uranus is conjunct the Aries Point I’ve taken an opportunity to catch up on NPR’s excellent feature concerning Albert Einstein’s brain: in what tissues might his genius be found, his cognitive functions and imaginative faculties? Can they be found?

Actually, in neuroscience some headway (sorry) in the study of neurons has been made since the 1980s when the tissue sampling really began, thanks in a smashing way to the great man whose brain was stolen by the guy doing the autopsy; the Professor died on April 18, 1955.

Ostensibly, his imagination, creativity, and genius have been under the microscopes of various neuroscientists through the years and naturally advances in knowledge have been forthcoming.

Yet Einstein’s brain did not ‘test positive’ for having extra neurons, but his gray matter did show an abundance of two glial cells: astrocytes (“astro”!!) and oligodendrocytes – who knew, right?

‘Glial’ means ‘glue’ and until this scientific discovery, which is being brought again into the mainstream of collective awareness while Uranus (‘creative spark of genius’; The Awakener) conjuncts the Aries Point (where the Sun is on or about March 20 each year; AP = a World Point of Manifestation), no one knew that astrocytes were ‘communicators’ in the brain, passing messages from one neuron to the next – and in a Uranian ‘flash’, too!

They were assumed to be the glue holding cells together. Suckas!

Now there are Medical Astrologers who could give the Science Boys a heads-up on the where-to-look department if they have any more questions of that nature, and for all I know, Astrology is secretly used in a lab or two, here and there.

Albert Einstein was born with his planet of thinking, communication, and the senses, Mercury, in Aries. In his school days, Albert, born with Sun in fuzzy Pisces, was considered a daydreamer in class and had a rough time for it gazing out windows and all and being inherently and imaginatively receptive to anything and everything.

So if anyone should want to ‘spot’ Einstein’s childlike, highly creative imagination, his sense of fun, and his all-embracing connection to the eternal All and All of the Universe, then you might begin with his Mercury in Aries, sign of the pioneer, who, like the brash and bright young fellow on The Fool card in the Tarot deck (-0-) steps whistling off a precipice into the mysterious unknown.

During Einstein’s lifetime, the thrilling adventure of seeking the unknown provided emotional support for his Moon in mutable Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker. Fairy dust acrues to the sandals of those with the Moon, The Divine Child, in the magical sign of The Quest.

Whether such tendencies can be identified in brain tissue is beyond me.

Oh, and Einstein had a close conjunction of Mercury and stabilizing Saturn; his Mars and Saturn are aiding one another bwo mutual reception (in one another’s signs – Mars in Cap – efficient actions that waste no energy – and Saturn in Aries, which has a Mars-Saturn vibe of its own.)

In other words, Albert could work and concentrate deeply for long periods of time (Mercury-Mars-Saturn; and early schooling only got in his way!) yet his Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Taurus (the builder, architect, gardener, preserver of values) shows a deep and inspirational creative capacity and visualization talent which really manifested in the world once his Saturn Return was completed and its effects ingested internally.

Still, even an Einstein must have a container (Saturn) for his genius (Uranus) so it’s best to have an aspect or contact between them if you want your genius to form successfully on the worldly, physical plane….in the ‘real world.’

In AE’s natal chart there is an inconjunct (150 degr, but here with about a 4-degr orb between Aries and Virgo) between Saturn and Uranus. The inconj is an aspect indicating a universal imperative for adjustments of the square-peg-in-round-hole variety of brain teasers. The aspect gives a need for flexibility which Einstein seemed to learn more easily in work environments than in his relationships. Working on one’s own is a good way to express such quirky aspects from within one’s psyche.

Having only one’s Moon out-of-bounds in the natal chart indicates a deep insecurity formed in infancy due to a faulty maternal connection, and mutable Sag energy can ‘rare up’ upon occasion – for Albert in the realm of touchy emotions.

Well, this is an on-the-spot thing I’m composing here but I shall leave you with an important and pertinent midpoint picture found in the nativity of Albert Einstein between the ‘grand spirit-speculation’ pair of Jupiter and Neptune, both planets creative as can be, and with their midpoint sitting directly upon Einstein’s planet of thinking and communication, the planet which on the physical level rules the body’s motor nerves:

Jupiter/Neptune = Mercury: an active, intense imagination (you don’t say! ;p); rich powers of perception and visualization (tell me more…); the gift of inspiration.

And his Mercury is in a creative Fire sign (Aries) with another inspirational pair in contact: an out-of-sign or dissociate opposition between expansive Jupiter (again) and, you guessed it – creative genius and brilliant scientist, Uranus, the revolutionary of ivory tower fame.

As you know, Jupiter and Uranus will meet in Great Conjunction in a few days (June 8, 2010; #2 of 3) at Aries Point (00Ari18) and NPR’s current feature on Einstein’s brain is a part of that global, collective scenario with a scientific background that’s being brought to your attention!

Now Presenting: NPR’s story with an all-too-brief, intriguing video of astrocytes communicating when they’re set off by a drop of neurotransmittor added to the dish.

Don’t turn away for a moment for the effect is sudden, electrifying, colorful, and magnificent so snag yourself a surreptitious viewing if you haven’t!

For I suspect that Einstein himself would dearly love to have seen (Mercury: the senses) this video now available decades into the future! And futuristic sky god Uranus (Ouronos) would be quite pleased as well as it electrically darts between those brain neurons messaging its mercurial information.


Check out the man: born March 14, 1879 (NS); 11:30 am; Ulm, Germany (rated AA in the old astrodatabank program.) I neglected to mention that for intellectual prowess and universal interests, having natal Jupiter in Aquarius doesn’t hurt in the least. jc

UPDATE Feb 11, 2012: it seems curious to me now that Mercury was a main focus in this post written in 2010 because of Einstein’s sudden realization that Isaac Newton’s work on Mercury’s deviated orbit (which made a flower petal pattern) would aid him in proving his General Theory of Relativity–that Space curves after all! jc


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