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Looking ahead to Summer Solstice 2010

It took a few hours but the first part of my post on the Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 is now published, if you’d care for a look.

The chart image is enlargeable and set for the White House, June 21, 2010, 7:28:10 am edt, Hour of Saturn 28Vir14 (yet within orb of opposition to Uranus in Aries – more ‘old vs new’ themes, ‘progress vs status quo’ on the way); 21Can34 rises, with chart-ruler Moon 29Lib34 in 4th house, reflecting the difficult and critical home situations, foreclosures, removals, and agricultural and security issues now prevalent in American society. (And in the world, but my version of the Solstice chart is set for DC.)

Transiting Mercury conjoins America’s natal Mars ’22 Gemini’, here in the secretive 12th house, so we have a time of ideas and plans being put into action either by choice or circumstance; someone is giving instructions on how to accomplish a specific goal or task, how to operate machinery, or perhaps they’re giving directions for how to find a certain location.

And the Mercury/Mars hook-up occurs in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house of Politics.

Some of us may notice a pressing need to travel during the summer, and maybe for long distances since the Jupiter/Uranus pair are conjunct Mc and in 9th house. Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions indicate travel opportunities and, of course, we expect a US President to have plenty of those.

Also, space travel and/or planetary discoveries may be very prominent during the summer months as well with Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions timing ‘scientific breakthroughs’ whenever they meet about every 14 years.

Their first-of-three Great Conjunctions occurs on June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18, and the Summer Solstice 2010 chart shows Uranus still conjunct the AP degree, with faster-moving Jupiter @ 1Ari47 – yet both planets will return to the deep waters of Pisces.

Mercury/Mars = debates, energized thinking, plans made real, demonstrations, bus drivers, telephones, and such:

Additionally, communications and tech equipment, vehicle sales and purchases, and sports paraphenalia are involved in some of the business transactions which may occur when Mercury transits natal Mars; plus, thoughts may be a little on the grumpy side causing heated discussions behind doors, and (possibly secret?) units may be shipped out for service abroad – or at home.

So what else is new, right? Yet to dissent is to be American! I only wish US political ‘debates’ were actually debates, don’t you?

And besides, grumpiness isn’t unusual these days with all that’s going wrong or fraudulent, especially if we’re talking Washington, DC, my old stomping ground of many moons ago.

Well, okay now, hold on to your footed PJs, for here come the ‘Images for Integration’ of Summer Solstice 2010’s Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend:

‘Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy-tale creatures…A family holds a lucrative sale of its artistic heirlooms to the neighborhood.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)


Dare I mention the name of a mere mortal man who happens to share the Sun Can-Moon Lib blend in his birth chart? It’s the infamous streetfighter, George W. Bush – reading ‘My Pet Goat’ into the pages of history.

And if W’s name should come up in the news for a particular reason during Summer 2010, you can think again, if you wish, about his role in Florida on the morning of 9/11/01, and about the ‘lucrative’ deals his crime family members have made and prospered by for hundreds of years.

Or not. So that you may better enjoy your summer!

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