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Astrology’s parallels and contra-parallels

Over the weekend I perused a few of the older Astrology books in my library many of which are now out of print. An interesting tidbit of information, suitable for my fellow novices, is Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam’s details on Astrology’s parallels and contra-parallels in Declination.

To paraphrase a master from the 1970s, Wilson-Ludlam defines them in Natal Astrology as two planets (or more) parallel in the same direction (both North and South) carrying a ‘togetherness force’ that ‘holds on’ for life. When two planets are on either side of the celestial equator (one North, the other South), a contra-parallel is formed. This acts as a separative force even though ‘the attraction is just as magnetic as between two planets in parallel’.

However, the result of the contra-parallel is opposite as far as effect is concerned, and there is a ‘lessening of interest, a choice that must be made, or a separation of some kind.’

If two planets are in aspect by longitude and are also parallel, they ‘leave an indelible mark in the character’; when two planets are conjunct and parallel they ‘describe an activity of an at-one-ment with nature forever’.

Having the same two planets conjunct in longitude (by aspect) and in contra-parallel indicates ‘an active interest which will lessen over one’s lifetime.’

Hope you find this Cool Astrology information from the 1970s interesting and useful in your studies!

Source: used copies of Wilson-Ludlam’s Power Trio: Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are available on Amazon along with her other Astrology books.


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