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A new Chiffonery Art image added!

Cosima’s Window, a new Chiffonery Art drawing, has been added to the Pages in this blog’s sidebar column for possible viewing by a lone reader happening by…a lone reader such as yourself.

(‘Chiffonery Art’, ‘Boudoir Blossoms’, and ‘Cosmic Persona Designs’ are Art imprints for the 17+ among us; please comply. Jude)

Written by Jude Cowell

January 31, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Tea Party Convention Feb 4 – 6, 2010: Astrology

A dual wheel display of the horoscopes of the beginning and ending of the Feb 4 – 6, 2010 Tea Party Convention, Nashville, TN, is now published if you’d care for a peek.

One thing I neglected to add to the post which will fit nicely here: the Sun/Moon combination through the three days. Whenever there’s an event that plays out over more than one day, it can be informative to take note of the various combinations of Sun and Moon.

Beginning at sunrise on Feb 4, 2010, Moon is in the late degrees of Libra (27:41) with Sun 15AQ36. No, it’s not quite Sarah Palin’s birthday – that’s February 11 (1964.)

Just before midnight on Feb 6, Moon reaches 3Sag06 precisely conjunct transiting Hidalgo 3:06! (Click above link to read my notes on Hidalgo and the Moon.)

Therefore, we have 3 Sun/Moon blends to consider for a ‘general atmosphere’ or background picture of Tea Party Convention 2010 by listing their ‘Images for Integration’ which are *word pictures in shorthand of the combined energies:

Sun AQ/Moon Libra (Air-Air = clearheaded, civilized, witty, and elegant) has a highly idealistic side and a humanitarian slant. But even if easy-going, this blend can suddenly get rebellious if its rights or its sympathies are abused or taken advanmtage of.

‘Groups vs Individuality’ is a theme; ideals and theories are plentiful yet practicality may be lacking; social awareness is strong; ideas and systems are presented to promote a brighter outlook.

‘Images for Integration: Anarchists form a committee to end the tyranny of committees…Good friends fall in love and get married.’

The Sun AQ/Moon Lib blend is shared natally by author Boris Pasternak who so famously informed us that:

“As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth.”


Sun AQ/Moon Scorpio (Air-Water = mist, ethereal and seemingly unsubstantial; very creative; thoughts and feelings can jumble together; a seemingly detached viewpoint may be tinged with personal bias; a tendency toward self-dramatization is possible.

Sun AQ/Moon Sco is a charismatic combo full of ambition, pride, and a strong will. A reformer who believes in self-reliance, this blend can be fiercely principled and dogmatic, and may have a hypnotic influence upon others; ruthlessness, manipulation, self-importance, and egotism may be prominent as well.

‘Images for Integration: A scientist dissects a scorpion with great tenderness and absolute precision…A researcher presents his findings to colleagues at a ‘Science for Humanity’ Conference (!)…Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” ‘

Natally, Sun AQ/Moon Sco belongs to Henry Brook Adams who long ago helpfully informed us that:

“Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds.”

Tea Party, y’all! Organise those biased hatreds! (I merely jest. Don’t.)

And now for the last of the 3 Sun/Moon blends…perhaps the atmosphere will clear a little?

Sun AQ/Moon Sag (Air-Fire = a ‘live wire’ – remind you of anyone on the speakers’ list? – a potential visionary that needs a more practical focus to succeed; mentally active, gregarious, loves new risks, but can turn moralistic and ‘preachy’ when on a ‘high horse’.)

The AQ/Sag blend indicates an adventurous and independent spirit with social concerns, an urge for expansion, verbosity, and a tactless confidence; this is a blend with natural leadership qualities, a teacher who is admired by timid folk everywhere; there’s a forthrightness here which attracts many admirers, and a genuine love for wide open spaces.

A caution with Sun AQ/Moon Sag is a tendency to rationalize and make sweeping generalizations; overdoing a preaching manner when advancing pet causes; impatience for life’s mundane details can cause an off-putting bluntness or edge to the personality, and this blend may be difficult emotionally to bring down to earth.

‘Images for Integration: “Alice in Wonderland”…Indiana Jones founds a new university in the heart of the jungle…A distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends.”

This blend is shared natally by poet Robert Burns who penned:

“Liberty in every blow!
Let us do or die!”

And yet, I shall not leave you without the next Sun AQ/Moon Cap blend’s ‘Images for Integration’ because I thought you might be curious about the immediate ‘mood’ or influence in the hours just after the Tea Party Convention un-convenes:

‘A revolutionary is elected president…An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.’

‘President’? Not going there, here. Can’t. Because it’s daft, impractical, and wacky.

So politically speaking, when it comes to man’s ‘imminent destruction’ I hold ALL Washington politicians at fault or collusive at the very least, no matter the patriotic stripe they wear when promoting pet causes of the moment in order to advance an ideology, vault their careers into the stratosphere, line their pockets, and improve their social standing.

*(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

SOTU Address 2010 horoscope and Sun AQ-Moon Cancer

Yes, an image of the horoscope-with-details of tonight’s State of the Union Address, President Obama’s first-ever, has been published at my other blog if you’re interested in viewing it.

I’ve set the chart for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, DC and if Mr. Obama begins speaking a little after 9:00 pm (and he probably will – TV considerations, you know, plus on-camera hand-shakings, applause, etc) the chart’s angular factors – and links to the US natal chart – make ‘9 pm’ my choice as a symbolic representation of the President’s progress report for our nation; plus, it marks the end of his first year in office.

If you’ve seen the 2010 SOTU chart, you know that America’s natal Neptune in Virgo (sign of Work – jobs jobs jobs, Health, Service, and Police/Military, etc) is rising in the chart and bringing up the President’s natal Mars in Virgo. That ‘rock star’ connection/illusion the American public (Neptune) has with Mr. Obama (Mars) makes seeing his motivations and actions in a realistic light quite difficult, for Neptune loves the veils, and idolizes glamorous reflections upon the silver screen.

The most positive facet of our shared Mars/Neptune contact would be on a higher, spiritual level, but I find politicians dependable in that department even less than they are dependable in the political realm. It would take a miracle, and yet miracles do happen. Occasionally.

Well, let’s sniff tonight’s atmosphere to detect a little perfumery of the moment by considering the Sun AQ/Moon Cancer blend of energies in effect this evening. AQ/Can is an Air-Water combo and you know what an ethereal ”mist can waft forth when the two elements synergize. A ‘magic trick out of sleeve’ this may not be, but the mists of Neptune may be all that’s left to offer with so many large forces aligned against us. (I’m thinking here of Pluto’s transit in opposition to America’s natal Cancer line-up which has been within orb for a while now – Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and later on, Mercury. Personally, America’s eventual Pluto Return is one transit I expect to miss and the propagandistic Mercury/Pluto opposition in the US natal chart will be in fine fettle as it’s triggered a few years earlier.)

The ‘Sun AQ/Moon Can’ blend has a vivid imagination, a compassionate social conscience, and is full of idealism. Popularity accompanies lofty emotions, and a democratic spirit is evident – probably sincerely on the public’s side and hopefully with a sincere tinge on the side of good-hearted, beneficent politicians everywhere.

Since most of the ones on Capitol Hill were there as the 2008 collapse formed – and were active in its progress all along – I have much more confidence in the American people meaning well in our dire situation that I can trust a politician who says, “Trust me” – always a telling indictment against anyone’s honesty if they have to say or imply it.

On the unconscious side, we see the AQ/Can blend’s tendency toward rationalizing irrational acts (staying in the Middle East as if to justify invading and occupying an entire region – beyond our breaking point? jc), unrecognized prejudices, getting absorbed in abstract causes (PNAC? Global domination? jc) which helps avoid dealing with a nagging conscience and the haunting emotions that come from shafting one’s fellow man. This sort of high-minded detachment serves to ignore, if not diffuse, the raw emotions of others which are ‘messy’ to confront.

With the Sun/Moon combo tonight, traditional values will inform everything while a visionary quality determines the future. Its friendly veneer describes the urbane Mr. Obama, and the Cancerian Moon (Luna exalted in Cancer, sign of Home, Domestic Scene, Real Estate, Business, the Public, Physical Body, Nurturing and Security Needs, and the Past) showing the deep well of emotional pain and practical concerns which we-the-people are dealing with now, with many of us losing the thread into the grasps of politicians and usury creditors who lurk on all sides.

Yes, these days Oil Can Harry reigns over Pearl Pureheart, but can President Mighty Mouse Obama save the day? Or at the least, talk as if he will? Jobs, jobs, jobs are the answer – but what to do with our naughty multi-national corporations who employ everywhere but here?

Perhaps the Sun AQ/Moon Cancer blend’s ‘Images for Integration’ will provide us with a clue as to what’s going on under the surface of the slick TV performance we’ll be enjoying from Washington tonight.

*’A social worker bypasses bureaucracy to save a mother and child…(sounds good so far with many people now in need of assistance -jc)…A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order.’

Arghhh! ‘NWO’ is NOT what I want to hear tonight! But I will be listening closely to the President’s words and code words. Won’t you?

*’Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

mysterious death at Davos

A security officer at Davos has been found dead in his hotel room and the Swiss police say that it looks like suicide to them.

Well, isn’t that the obvious conclusion? And the fellow chose that particular time, place, and event to make a point that ____ __ _______ ___ ______. Perhaps he wished his inconvenient and violent passing to send a message to all _______ _______ _____ __ ______ to _____ down their ________.

Or maybe he’s one of the ‘blocks’ or ‘obstacles’ that are now ‘violently or tragically removed’ – energy left over from the ‘systems fail’ July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ ’30 Cancer’: “A Daughter of the American Revolution.”

Hmm…I’m feeling especially suspicious this Wednesday morning. And if I were breakfasting after sunrise on a cozy terrace in a lovely Davos, Switzerland hotel, I might order a slice of buttered toast with a dab of I-don’t-believe-you jam on the side.

Coffee? Make mine black. As black as the hearts of internationalists who have blackened everything decent they can get their shriveled claws into in this whole wide world.

Then they marked it up and passed it on.

But you know, that’s one thing about these top notch, high level, conclaves: you just can’t count on all the scoundrels to make it through till the end.

John Locke on Aggressors, Robbers, and Pirates

“That the aggressor, who puts himself into the state of war with another, and unjustly invades another man’s right, can, by such an unjust war, never come to have a right over the conquered, will be easily agreed by all men, who will not think that robbers and pirates have a right of empire over whomsoever they have force enough to master, or that men are bound by promises which unlawful force extorts from them. Should a robber break into my house, and, with a dagger at my throat, make me seal deeds to convey my estate to him, would this give him any title? Just such a title by his sword has an unjust conqueror who forces me into submission. The injury and the crime is equal, whether committed by the wearer of a crown or some petty villain. The title of the offender and the number of his followers make no difference in the offence, unless it be to aggravate it. The only difference is, great robbers punish little ones to keep them in their obedience; but the great ones are rewarded with laurels and triumphs, because they are too big for the weak hands of justice in this world, and have the power in their own possession which should punish offenders.”

John Locke (1632-1704)
The Second Treatise of Civil Government (1690)


Thanks to Information Clearing House

Written by Jude Cowell

January 26, 2010 at 3:59 pm

Have we a treasonous SCOTUS?

Wealthy foreign backers meddling even more deeply in US election processes? Foreign nations deciding or swaying our election results?

International corporate monsters have lurked there all along with US politicians tucked in their back pockets, a condition made possible by the Orwellian illusion – and Supreme Court decision – that ‘corporations are people, too’.

So the following post on the recent draconian decision by the US Supreme Court to roll back any controls on mega-money donations to US politicians from ‘strange’ entities expresses what I want to say myself but am still sputtering in indignation and I’m too angry to compose it.

“Free speech”? Well, here’s a little…

‘Impeach’ may be too good a word for what a certain five SC Justices deserve though I tend to think their 5 – 4 vote is more for public consumption and is not to be taken seriously. Makes a good show, however – as if the American people and the US Constitution have a few defenders on the Big Bench in this grievous attack on our nation.

Making a mummery of voting – SC, Congress, and otherwise – doesn’t matter when you know the dice are loaded from the start and that the outcome will be what you secretly want because you agreed to performing a mystery play beforehand.

Besides, I was all for SCOTUS impeachment in December 2000!

Written by Jude Cowell

January 25, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Venus rises in a Cosmic Bubbles Art Show

You know, there’s a lot more to astrological Venus than Art, Relationships, Romance, and pretty baubles. The planet figures prominently in the Mayan Calendar end date and in other ancient prophecies as well.

As I type, Venus is @ 5AQ08 (Tropical) which conjoins America’s natal South Node, a separative point, aka the Dragon’s Tail. Venus/SN contacts may not be good for keeping relationships together unless other factors provide strength and both partners are strongly motivated to keep things going – plus, there may be some ‘bad timing’ going on.

Well, I hope it isn’t bad timing today to announce that my drawing ‘Venus Rising’ is part of a new ‘Cosmic Bubbles Art Show’, a slide presentation on display now at the Two Hours blog so relax and have a peek, if you wish!

It is Friday after all.

Oh, and you’ll see the rest of the Jude’s Threshold banner, too…Aquaria is from ‘Answer Glow’!

Comet death spiral today Jan 21, 2010

If you’ve had it with looking down, try looking up!

Space Weather News for Jan 21, 2010

SUNGRAZING COMET: NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft has discovered another bright sungrazing comet. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has a good view of the comet’s death plunge, which is happening today.

Check SpaceWeather.com for movies and updates.

NORTHERN LIGHTS: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Jan 20 sparking the first geomagnetic storm of the year and an intense display of polar auroras.

Images from around the Arctic Circle may be found here in the SpaceWeather Gallery.

Britain covered with snow – satellite pic

This must be seen to be appreciated: a NASA photo of a completely snow-covered Britain.


Unless both of you reading this are tucked underneath…this major snow event might not be so Wow then…

Written by Jude Cowell

January 21, 2010 at 3:21 am

ICC files against Bush-Cheney and crew

The International Criminal Court at the Hague has filed complaints against “the Accused” – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Rice, and Gonzales for their practice of ‘extraordinary rendition’ which led to the torture of about 100 people.

Is this a move to undermine the authority and sovereignty of the US government? Or is it a legal exercise honestly meant to hold accountable our homegrown war criminals?

Or perhaps a ‘fix’ is in to tamp down constant calls for something to be done about practices of the Bush-Cheney administration – can you imagine them “acquitted’?

Would a majority of Americans like to see the lot of them in the dock? This particular one certainly would.

This post is being filed under the Politics and Crime categories even though most of Politics IS a Crime.

Written by Jude Cowell

January 20, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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