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Disappointment in President Obama?

Update Dec 24, 2009: the Senate passed their version of a health insurance reform bill this morning with Venus in Sagittarius rising so here’s an article relating to the bill and to the post written below:

Obama Double-Crossed Progressives on Health Care

By Matthew Rothschild

If you’re a good progressive, and you wanted single-payer health care for all, or, second best, Medicare for All Who Want It, or third best, a robust public option, or fourth best, a paltry public option, now you’ve got nothing, nada, zippo.

Original post begins here:

Okay, now President Barack Obama has done it – gone and gotten David Michael Green royally po’d.

Everthing from Pres. Obama’s ohsoclose palships with the Goldman Sachs robots and Clintonites in his cabinet to his lackluster rhetoric at the summit in Copenhagen on Dec 18, Mr., Green makes some valuable points about the flaws and shortcomings of our rookie president.

Now one little spree into Astrology, then I’ll hush.

Remember late-2008/early 2009 when I mentioned the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint and how it kept hitting Pres. Obama’s natal Neptune off and on (due to retrogradation)? Well, I’m going to type out the midpoint picture one more time because of its influence on and surrounding him all through health insurance reform meetings and activities, corporate welfare instituted with TARP bailouts, and anything else the president has been involved in since Jan 20, 2009…on our behalf, as they say.

Using Ebertin’s midpoint directory, we have:

Tr Saturn/Pluto = n Neptune: falsehood, lies, frauds, the desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Any, all, or none may apply.)

Well, Mr. Obama’s nerves may not be shattered (being well prepared for performances by his masters and all) but I know many people whose nerves Are shattered domestically: by loss of job, home, auto, or all of the above.

No, these are not the most important things in life, but they do make life in the US possible and one depends on the other, right? Besides, children must be fed – babies’ diapers must be changed! But the Oil Can Harrys of Wall Street don’t care, they got theirs (and yours, too.)

Sigh! I remember the days not so long ago (2008 campaign) that I typed somewhere that no one can live up to such hype in the media and deserve all those sigh-filled swoons from the public – and that America’s natal Neptune 22Vir25 is exactly conjunct Mr. Obama’s natal Mars (to the degree) which would make his actions (Mars) difficult or impossible for the collective to see or understand clearly (clouding Neptune) – his true motives (Mars) tend to stay masked (Neptune) for the majority of people.

Astrological Neptune relates to dreams, visions, ideals, disappointments, loss, deceptions (including the self-delusional kind), lies, frauds, thefts, film-art-music, mass media, and liquids; so with our national Neptune in Virgo, the sign of ‘jobs’ and ‘health,’ the president’s attempts to shine us on about health insurance reform these months – rather than repair the US job market however he can – seem to be shrouded (Neptune) in confusion (Neptune.)

As many folks have written and spoken, the recent “jobs summit’ at the White House does seem to have been primarily political theater meant for improving ‘looks’ and style more than anything practical…PR masquerading as action-taking…or, a sort of thinking-about-taking-action exercise, photos on the evening news.

(Now I know that Mars likes exercise however he can get it, yet it’s funny that Mr. Obama jetted to Copenhagen to say it’s time for Actions, not Words. And so we see the goose and gander smothered in the exact same sauce with goose-stepping NWO types following the summit’s script if they want to continue “leading” their countries.)

Of course, glamorous Neptune adores ‘looks’ and style, while initiating Mars prefers to work on a physical level, getting things done and manifested in the real world. (Mars is a bit on the frustrated side in fussy Virgo, however; George Bush has a Virgoan Mars, too.)

So with Neptune’s glamorous ‘rockstar’ veils thrown collectively over the actions, motivations, and desire principle (Mars) of Pres. Barack Obama, what are the chances we’ll know what he’s up to even if – and when – we see it before our very eyes?


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