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An astrological look at the Amanda Knox case

UPDATE April 30, 2013: Amanda Knox will be interviewed on TV this evening. The following post was written and published years ago. Read, if you wish, though no edits or updates to its text or conclusions have been made for after reading through it, I stand by what I’ve written based on the horoscopes.

Original post begins here:

Among thousands of news sources covering the tragedy and subsequent trial, Wikipedia has some of the tragic details of the murder of Meredith Kercher for which Seattle native Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted in Italy on Dec 5, 2009 “shortly after midnight,” say news reports this evening in the US (Dec 4.)

(“Shortly after midnight” in Italy, Dec 5, 2009, gives: Sun-to-natal Moon, Moon-to-natal Sun for Ms. Knox, indicating completions concerning past behaviors; Sun/Moon has a relationship flavor as well.)

One of the more time consuming branches of Astrology is Forensic Astrology and I seldom have a chance to spend the several hours required to get very far with a particular case – and I don’t today, but I will give some of the main astrological factors as I see them.

For having the police estimate that Ms. Kercher was brutally murdered between 8:30 and 11:00 pm (Nov 1, 2007, Perugia, Italy) makes a brief study of the related charts intriguing, to see which planet/s were rising, 8th house ruler/s and aspects, aspects to the chart-ruler/s, planets at chart angles (ASC/DESC and MC/IC), the last lunation (here a Full Moon 2Tau23 on Oct 26, 2007) and many other chart factors which cannot be covered here.

The Pre-Natal Eclipse of the crime is the Sept 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse @ 18Vir24 in the 9 New South Series with flavors of: ‘long-term worries surface having to do with loved ones, paperwork, communication, or health; responsibilities relating to paperwork come home to roost; news has a sense of destiny or fatedness about it’. (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.)

(Sun/Moon as mentioned above has a fated quality, too, and relates to male-female principles.)

Plus, you know that Sabian Symbols can give interesting facets of an event’s actors (planets), methods (signs), and places of action (houses) – but there’s no time for them all now. Still, here are some factors I discovered. “Real” forensic astrologers may feel free to correct my assumptions and comments – and I hope they will; or perhaps will add a link to a different analysis, if available.

Of course, having one precise time of an event is preferable, but here I’m looking at charts for the 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm CET time frame for Perugia, Italy, Nov 1, 2007.

Meredith Kercher was born in Feb, 1986, London, but I’ve not found her exact birthdate. Protecting her birth data may be a family priority and if so, I certainly don’t fault them.

However, I’ve calculated a Noon chart for Amanda Knox, born in Seattle, WA, on July 9, 1987: Sun 16Can05, Mercury 9Can05 Rx, Venus 3Can38, Mars 1Leo20 in 10th house; Moon 12Sag42, Saturn 15Sag50 Rx, Uranus 23Sag51 Rx, in 3rd house.

Her Chiron is in 9th house @ 24Gem20; Jupiter 26Ari58 in 8th h, Neptune 6Cap21 Rx in 4th h, Pluto 7Sco10 Rx in 2nd house. Of course, these house positions are based on a Noon natal chart; Noon’s ASC 29Vir10 with SN rising @ 6Lib05; Mc 28Gem58/Ic 28Sag58. Transiting transformer Pluto was conjunct this Ic on Nov 1, 2007.

The Chart for Nov 1, 2007:

At 8:30 pm, ASC 8Can28 brings up Ms. Knox’s natal Mercury 9Can05 Rx, along with transit Mars 11Can14. With Cancer being ruled by the Moon, Mars in Cancer can be touchy and temperamental – plus, Mars was out-of-bounds (OOBs) and doing as he pleased without interference.

This is Mars-to-Mercury transit for Ms. Knox indicates a period when mental energies are sizzling and thoughts are quickly turned into actions; lots of ideas and info are in the environment and life’s tempo increases to possibly a chaotic level; impatience, verbal combat and aggression are likely, and injuries to head, face, or hands are possible.

Nov 1, 2007’s Sun was a Sun-to-Pluto transit for her as well, a time when one has an urge to get to the bottom of motivations; if one is strong-willed, the trait is increased under this transit; use of power, self-control or its lack, and aggression become issues; circumstances can provoke resentment of manipulations by others who have more power or control.

Although I’m considering mainly the 8:30 pm chart (Hour of Mars) for Nov 1, 2007, Perugia, Italy, I must note that the chart for 11:00 pm (Hour of Venus; Venus 22Vir41) has the difficult, sometimes abusive, ‘destructive energy’ of the Mars/Saturn midpoint on ASC 9Leo21…as always with midpoints ‘any, all, or none’ may apply:

Mars/Saturn = ASC: obstacles caused by others; separation; discipline or restraint brought to activities; military people or athletes; struggling for every step of advancement; a health threat.

Also at 11:00 pm, the Leo Moon (a woman; physical body; Leo = romance; affairs; need for approval) is rising which creates another midpoint picture…

Mars/Sat = Moon: separation or death of a female; weakness of will; feelings about losing something; fit of depression; anger over restrictions imposed by home or family.

This indicator doesn’t give an exact time of death, however, for forensic officials have said that Ms. Kercher did not die immediately from her wounds. One wishes she had suffered less.

Besides rising Mars being angular at 8:30 pm, there’s Uranus 14Pis59 Rx at Mc. This puts Uranus/Mc within orb of an often difficult Fixed Star, Achernar, keywords: ‘crisis; risk of rapid endings’; Achernar relates to the ‘end of the river’ which may be viewed in some cases as an end-of-life signature.

So there’s malefic Mars, OOBs and testy in Cancer, on an angle, with sudden upsets/crises-bringing Uranus angular, too:

Mars square Uranus indicates someone with a strong sex drive who prefers to be free to exploit themselves without hesitation or restraint; there’s an impatient temper that doesn’t like postponing activities or having desires challenged by others.

Uranus/Mc SQ Mars: becoming violent quickly; a lack of self-control; attaining authority through a display of unusual energy; quarrel; accident; injury.

A window was broken in the Kercher’s room which the police say was done to ‘suggest’ a break-in and robbery. With Uranus angular in murky Pisces square Mars rising, I can’t feel absolutely certain that a Mars-Uranus person didn’t suddenly appear, can you? Or, the culprit was in the apartment already from being allowed in the front door (Mars/ASC.)

Uranus in Pisces has a ‘deception toward friends’ quality and a mystical signature and may relate to the police report that violent comic books were found in Sollecito’s apartment. And they say that Meredith Kercher attended Oct 31 Halloween festivities dressed as a vampire. Some connections between the crime and scenarios found in said comic books have been implied by police. I’ve always thought that Dressing as a vampire is one thing – harming others As If you’re a vampire is illusory madness.

(And I doubt that the huge success of the Twilight films encourages impressionable young folk to separate real from fantasy. I call it, making one’s fortune bwo of the lowest common denominator. It’s the ones watching such entertainments over and over who aren’t emotionally or mentally stable that concern me most. Still, the films weren’t in theaters in Oct/Nov 2007 but I suppose the books were available.)

Now the position of Nov 1’s Mercury 23Lib22s Rx relates to Mercury’s ongoing retrograde period in progress during the prior lunation, the Full Moon of Oct 26, 2007 @ 2Tau23, 6:51:30 am CEDT; Sun Hour; Mars was OOBs then, too. Mercury 27Lib32 Rx is rising in the Full Moon chart with Sun 2Sco23. And Mars 9Can50 is even closer in orb to the Nov 1 ASC 8Can28, as noted for 8:30 pm.

In fact, backing up a little, vigorous Mars (a male) and the Moon (a female) met up @ 10Can51 at 9:10 CEDT on Oct 30, 2007 with ’11Can’ being the “A Clown Making Grimaces” degree; 5th cusp of Romance and Risk-Taking = 6Sco59 conjunct asteroid Hidalgo, one of the ‘power’ asteroids who ‘expects to be in control’; spidery Arachne is conjunct Venus, and Amanda Knox’s natal Venus 3Can38 is conjunct the ASC of the Moon/Mars hook-up. Somehow I feel the Moon/Mars conj relates to the Halloween festivities of the next evening and on to the events of Nov 1; perhaps I’m wrong, but there it is.

Another note on the Nov 1 8:30 pm chart: Jupiter, often active at times of death, is in a wide conj with manipulator Pluto 27Sag05, Jupiter 19Sag46. Between them at 8:30 pm is the Part of Death 27Sag42, another possible indicator of a money involvement since Jupiter/Pluto signifies wealth, bankers, the underworld, or even a wealthy father. And Jupiter is in his own sign of Sagittarius, a strong signature of long-distance travel.

An interesting factor on Nov 1, 2007 is the position of the Mars/Neptune midpoint @ 00Tau15. This is considered by some to be a degree of violence (aka, ‘Hitler’s trigger’ degree, position of his natal Sun, yet I don’t mean to suggest Hitler is involved – violence is. The degree of the 2Tau23 Full Moon is nearby, too.)

Mars (male; sex; attacks; sharp objects) with Neptune (deceit; drugs; theft) in Taurus, the sign ruling the Throat; Ms. Kercher’s windpipe was crushed and her throat slit so I feel Mars/Neptune in Taurus is a significant signature of the culprit/s. And Mars/Neptune can also relate to sexual games and fantasies.

“Someone Else Was in the Apartment” – Was It Rudy?

Another participant who’s already in prison for this crime is Rudy Guede, who’s been described as a ‘street hustler’ and I read last evening that his attorney described him as a “fighter” – feisty Mars is often termed a ‘fighter’ or ‘street fighter’ so did OOBs Mars in Cancer make his home in the streets?

The Lady on Trial:

Amanda Knox’s natal square between Mars and Pluto may be an apt if disagreeable place to end my surmises. As I said, please feel free to add your thoughtful views, if you wish. (Be civil please, or your comment won’t be published!)

Now the following Mars/Pluto info may not seem to describe the angel-faced young lady, as some have called her. But astrological Pluto, by his very nature, indicates deeply unconscious or underground facets of our personalities, as Psychological Astrology informs us. And natal Pluto resonates very strongly with the sign of Scorpio in anyone’s personality. Some extreme possibilities are:

Mars SQ Pluto: an overly forceful nature; aggressive in pursuing desires; a do-or-die attitude; using force to gain one’s ends; courage; a violent temper; egotism; criminal tendencies; brutality; can be aggressive in sexual relationships or abusive; may become dictatorial with a ‘might makes right’ attitude; reckless and foolish; attracted to violet circumstances.

Add to her natal square of these two powerful planets, the transiting Mars-quindecile-Pluto which was in effect on Nov 1, 2007, along with sex and drugs, and we may have a picture of a romantic young girl on her own in a foreign country, whose Mars/Pluto SQ was negatively influenced by the tr Mars/Pluto quindecile (165 degr), an unconsciously operating aspect of obsession and compulsion:

Mars QD Pluto: may be driven toward power, domination, greed, and possessiveness; may demonstrate sexual dominance and aggressiveness; may be ruthless and manipulative to gain power and control; benefit comes through the power of taking physical action. (paraphrasing from ‘Quindecile’ by Ricki Reeves.)

Well, as you can tell, this is a complex situation of two years’ duration so the Astrology describing it must be complex as well.

Yet I don’t mean to suggest that I agree with the verdict reached by the Italian jury and judges who were, I believe, swayed unfairly (and perhaps politically?) by the Italian press when it came to Amanda Knox, whose activities of Nov 1, 2007 may never be fully revealed or understood. Trial by press has been a problem in the US, too, and should not be allowed to tip the scales of any court yet they so often do. And it wasn’t 12 jurors of their peers who convicted Knox and Sollecito – I believe the vote was 5 to 4…a pretty shabby way of doing things in a court of law, imo.

And so with a sense of grief for their loss, I send my heartfelt condolences to the Kercher, Knox, and other families involved in this sad case. For if a travesty of justice was made with the Knox or Solliceto guilty verdicts, I pray they will find the strength to fight for the freedom of their loved ones.


Midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey. Mars/Pluto info: ‘Planets in Aspect’ by Rob Pelletier.

Note: please pardon any typos; I’ve tried to catch them all myself since WordPress’ spellchecker no longer functions here.

Some saved drafts of this post were lost in cyberspace as well, so if any of my text seems disconnected, let me know because paragraphs were lost with WordPress’ auto-save feature but I may be able to explain better if you’ll alert me. I did attempt to reconstruct them but you know how that goes.

BTW: Tags don’t function here either, so if you found this post, good job. I’m impressed. jc


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  1. hi. i really like this post a lot. i’ve looked at other natal charts of this nature and they all seem to point to the same things. this is great. i’m very interested in astrological circumstances because i do believe they can tell us a lot and they play into our personalities. i’m a pisces/aquarius (birthday February 19) and have been very interested and felt a connection with this case since the first i read about it. at first i thought knox would be a pisces because they tend to be envious and it seemed that she may have acted in this crime out of jealousy for the beautiful girl meredith. i like that you don’t have biased ideas too.

    Why thank you, Kelley! appreciate your reading and taking time to leave your thoughtful remarks. Keep studying for best results!

    The global atmosphere has been of a quirky sort of Piscean nature since Uranus entered the sign, hasn’t it? Sneaky subversions may lurk…the mutual reception of Uran in Pisc/Nept in AQ is in its third and final decan of the respective signs. Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune are all involved with Jup/Sat (the societal planets) relating in part to financial cycles, w/ Uran and Nept from the Transpersonal (longer cycles), and this relates to the current Nep/Pluto septile (51 degr 26 mins when precise = H7, or 7th Harmonic charts) which is moving again into closer orb to 51:26.

    Whew! You probably know this stuff already – didn’t mean to harp, just passin’ on some info in case someone may need it…you see, the transiting Jup/Uran midpoint is once again upon my natal Piscean Moon, a pleasant occurrence. Jup/Uran together can indicate a light bulb suddenly turning on over our noggins.

    Even now I’ve succumbed to the entertainment industry’s promo and indulgently posted the interesting trailer for ‘Nine’, Rob Marshall’s new film in my Cosmic Persona Designs gallery…somehow my pencil figure studies of backstage and onstage ladies seem at home hosting the trailer of the ‘Nine’ ensemble of lovely dancing and singing actresses of such great beauty…quelle magnifique!

    ~Link leads to ‘Elsa Backstage’ a portrait for the 17+ers among us. She’s in costume. No photographs are involved.~




    December 7, 2009 at 3:03 am

  2. “Trial by press has been a problem in the US, too, and should not be allowed to tip the scales of any court yet they so often do. And it wasn’t 12 jurors of their peers who convicted Knox and Sollecito – I believe the vote was 5 to 4…a pretty shabby way of doing things in a court of law, imo.”

    It’s interesting how this point is raised again and again in the US press, without taking in account that Italy -as most of the Continental Europe – actually has a completely different judicial system than the US or Great Britain. Continental Europeans apply Civil Law, and the whole concept of the Jury is different than in the Common Law countries. It isn’t even necessarely used. In case it is, it may be an “Expert Jury” composed of judges only, or mixed, as the case in Italy, where the jury is composed by 6 common jurors and 2 expert jurors. In my country even the “common jurors” are elected rather than called randomly, and will become Lay Judges. And in most coutries, they are only used in the 1st degree of the legal system.



    December 6, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    • Thank you Candela for the clarification. Yes, i know the legal system is different from here in the US and can’t comment on the merits as compared to the US system.

      The ‘trial by press’ seems a factor to me primarily because the Knox-Sollecito jury was not sequestered (which would be difficult or impossible for the judges involved, of course, and for expert jurors) so that they were constantly exposed to the press’ conclusions and unsubstantiated claims – which sold many newspapers certainly.

      Wonder if any restraints are put on the press in Italy while a trial is going on? It’s that shaky line between free speech rights and trying someone in the press before all the facts of a case are known – which makes for sensational reading.




      December 6, 2009 at 4:34 pm

      • I really don’t see where’s the problem with the jury not being isolated during the trial. In this particular case, the hearings have been going on since January. They’ve mostly been public, but in certain matters jury has more information than the press.

        If anything, “trial by press” is an issue prior to the real trial. I don’t think there’s a so-called developed country today, where certain, upsetting crimes won’t make headlines. However, since in Italy they are really taking their time hearing witnesses and going through the evidence, it may be much less of a problem there it’s in many other coutries (including mine).



        December 8, 2009 at 1:23 pm

      • hope so!



        December 8, 2009 at 5:16 pm

  3. Hi,
    I, too, enjoyed the Knox post. Since day one of the death story it seemed some dark, sexual, jealous, manipulation was at play. Her boyfriend seemed at the helm of it.

    Re wordpress, jd could be right.
    Especially given the odd message you got recently.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.



    December 6, 2009 at 8:41 am

    • Hi DD, thanks for commenting! Guess i hadn’t followed the case too closely all the way through because i never have enough time to fully study crime charts. Would if i could yet when i heard the verdict i had to look, then felt moved to post something on the tragedy.

      Yes, with Sun in Scorpio Nov 1, 2007 i failed to mention my conclusion that Rafaelle seemed to be repped by the Sun that night. It was in one of the ‘disappeared’ paragraphs.

      More study needed though! Thanks for reading, Jude

      ps: am about to reply to Julie’s comment – WPress was offline at 2 am when i first tried. Y’all are probably correct about the template refresh. The odd message clued me to a viral infection which i (with the aid of MS OneCare) removed – thankfully! jc



      December 6, 2009 at 2:52 pm

  4. Hi Jude! I went on a Bing search for Knox’s birth data and your piece came up second–was thrilled to see that you’ve given the whole thing a good look. Thought it especially skilled the way you drew the transit pictures to Amanda’s natal placements–terrific explanations there, and the midpoint pictures (which I too often neglect) bring special clarity.

    As to many of the features not working at WordPress: mine work fine, so I’m wondering if you’ve been using the same template for an extended time–you may need to refresh it so that the features can be updated.

    Thanks for a very interesting read!



    December 6, 2009 at 5:46 am

    • Wow, thanks, Julie – my post was 2nd and so quickly, too – the marvels of modern technology hardly ever cease to amaze!

      As i said to DD just now, i tried to reply to you when i found your comment at 2 am but WPress was busy tinkering with itself…wakeful me, busy WP.

      Perhaps it’s unfair to write only what stands out imo and there’s So Much More to Say about the charts but an article would be endless if i did. Plus, i hope to scoot around later today and see what others are saying about their studies of the tragedy’s chart/s.

      Didn’t like emphasizing the Mars/Pluto stuff for Amanda Knox but it seemed integral considering that violence was involved.

      Not sure what sort of drugs they had that night but i hope they aren’t widely distributed.

      Will try the refresh template thing and see if it helps – i much appreciate the clue!

      Thanks for reading, Julie, and guess you got my email by now! Jude



      December 6, 2009 at 3:04 pm

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