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Inauguration 2009’s Solar Return chart 2010

After returning from my trip to Raleigh, NC for Christmas holidays, I wanted to post something useful concerning the presidency of Barack Obama, his first year as leader of the free world, and the upcoming year ahead. How’s that presidency gig going?, we have a right to ask.

What better than a Solar Return – his presidency’s first birthday – when the Sun (‘leader’) returns to its degreee in the Inauguration 2009 chart?

If you’ve landed on this blog before, you may know that my Stars Over Washington feed is found in the sidebar to your left so you can always check out my last post or two at SO’W.

Or if you wish to view Inauguration 2009’s Solar Return 2010 chart with details more directly, you may simply click here and you’ll be whisked away by technology’s magic to a different landscape where politics and politicians squirm under the lens of Astrology as written just for you by only me.

Now you don’t have to speak astrologese to read my Political Astrology articles (or anyone else’s), yet of course it helps. However, I do try to write them in English for those who don’t speak the language so try it, you might like it! And…

Happy New Year, Everyone! Jude

Sarah Palin’s correct birth time may be found

Political Astrology Blog says a correct birth time for Sarah Palin is now discovered.

The time being reported is ‘6:00 pm’ but as astrologers know, that’s most often a rounded-off time since very few babies ‘clock in’ at so precisely the top of an hour.

So have fun if you haven’t seen this new version of her natal chart before–and don’t be fooled if there’s any foolin’ to be done!

Written by Jude Cowell

December 24, 2009 at 12:32 am

Is America hell-bent on tryanny?

Well, Paul Craig Roberts says, yes, we are, and I agree especially with neo-con usurpers running the show. Did you think a President Obama would be very different? Then he would never have been installed in the White House by the power elite who have him in their corporate pockets and expect their NWO script to be followed!

Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts

Here in Great Moral America we only hold accountable celebrities and politicians for their sexual indiscretions. Tiger Woods is paying a bigger price for his girlfriends than Bush or Cheney will ever pay for the deaths and ruined lives of millions of people.


Blog Note: see you in a few days – off on a family holiday spree so don’t wait up! jc ;p

Disappointment in President Obama?

Update Dec 24, 2009: the Senate passed their version of a health insurance reform bill this morning with Venus in Sagittarius rising so here’s an article relating to the bill and to the post written below:

Obama Double-Crossed Progressives on Health Care

By Matthew Rothschild

If you’re a good progressive, and you wanted single-payer health care for all, or, second best, Medicare for All Who Want It, or third best, a robust public option, or fourth best, a paltry public option, now you’ve got nothing, nada, zippo.

Original post begins here:

Okay, now President Barack Obama has done it – gone and gotten David Michael Green royally po’d.

Everthing from Pres. Obama’s ohsoclose palships with the Goldman Sachs robots and Clintonites in his cabinet to his lackluster rhetoric at the summit in Copenhagen on Dec 18, Mr., Green makes some valuable points about the flaws and shortcomings of our rookie president.

Now one little spree into Astrology, then I’ll hush.

Remember late-2008/early 2009 when I mentioned the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint and how it kept hitting Pres. Obama’s natal Neptune off and on (due to retrogradation)? Well, I’m going to type out the midpoint picture one more time because of its influence on and surrounding him all through health insurance reform meetings and activities, corporate welfare instituted with TARP bailouts, and anything else the president has been involved in since Jan 20, 2009…on our behalf, as they say.

Using Ebertin’s midpoint directory, we have:

Tr Saturn/Pluto = n Neptune: falsehood, lies, frauds, the desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Any, all, or none may apply.)

Well, Mr. Obama’s nerves may not be shattered (being well prepared for performances by his masters and all) but I know many people whose nerves Are shattered domestically: by loss of job, home, auto, or all of the above.

No, these are not the most important things in life, but they do make life in the US possible and one depends on the other, right? Besides, children must be fed – babies’ diapers must be changed! But the Oil Can Harrys of Wall Street don’t care, they got theirs (and yours, too.)

Sigh! I remember the days not so long ago (2008 campaign) that I typed somewhere that no one can live up to such hype in the media and deserve all those sigh-filled swoons from the public – and that America’s natal Neptune 22Vir25 is exactly conjunct Mr. Obama’s natal Mars (to the degree) which would make his actions (Mars) difficult or impossible for the collective to see or understand clearly (clouding Neptune) – his true motives (Mars) tend to stay masked (Neptune) for the majority of people.

Astrological Neptune relates to dreams, visions, ideals, disappointments, loss, deceptions (including the self-delusional kind), lies, frauds, thefts, film-art-music, mass media, and liquids; so with our national Neptune in Virgo, the sign of ‘jobs’ and ‘health,’ the president’s attempts to shine us on about health insurance reform these months – rather than repair the US job market however he can – seem to be shrouded (Neptune) in confusion (Neptune.)

As many folks have written and spoken, the recent “jobs summit’ at the White House does seem to have been primarily political theater meant for improving ‘looks’ and style more than anything practical…PR masquerading as action-taking…or, a sort of thinking-about-taking-action exercise, photos on the evening news.

(Now I know that Mars likes exercise however he can get it, yet it’s funny that Mr. Obama jetted to Copenhagen to say it’s time for Actions, not Words. And so we see the goose and gander smothered in the exact same sauce with goose-stepping NWO types following the summit’s script if they want to continue “leading” their countries.)

Of course, glamorous Neptune adores ‘looks’ and style, while initiating Mars prefers to work on a physical level, getting things done and manifested in the real world. (Mars is a bit on the frustrated side in fussy Virgo, however; George Bush has a Virgoan Mars, too.)

So with Neptune’s glamorous ‘rockstar’ veils thrown collectively over the actions, motivations, and desire principle (Mars) of Pres. Barack Obama, what are the chances we’ll know what he’s up to even if – and when – we see it before our very eyes?

Astrology of the Blue Moon Eclipse 12.31.09

Here is my fresh post on the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse if you wish to view it.

One thing I intended to include in the post was inadvertently left out so I mention it here: the degree symbol for Saturn @ ‘5 Libra’ because Saturn and Venus are in Mutual Reception (posited in one another’s natural signs – here, Libra/Capricorn) and especially because of a Cardinal T-Square with Saturn as the apex planet, and Saturn appears in 3 midpoint pictures with Sun/Moon, Moon/Venus, and Moon/Pluto.

Details for apex Saturn (planet of authority, control, restrictions) in a Cardinal T-Square are given in the post but here I’m adding a few details from Adriano Carelli’s symbol for ‘5Lib’ found in his book, ‘The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ (publisher AFA, 1982, if you can find one); not all of Carelli’s symbols have word pictures but ‘5 Lib’ does:

“An albatross with glaring red beak and claws”…

“A winged, impulsive, enthusiastic nature full of lofty aspirations but impatient to see its dreams realized and chaffing at obstacles.”

This tallies perfectly with the apex Saturn in Cardinal T-Square details, as you’ll find if you click the above link – as does the rest:

“Hence a tendency to impose one’s will violently without an adequate psychological approach, overlooking and skipping the logical proofs of one’s conviction and neglecting the cogent force of one’s arguments. This exuberance may give rise to physical dangers; the native (Saturn) will have to check his gestures as well as his actions if he is to avoid harm from iron and fire…”

This is “an essentially fiery and martial being, born to fly and bound to reach his goal with one great heave of his wings. () He is born to wage a titanic struggle with himself – whom he constantly sees reflected in the oceanic mirror of conscience – and against opponents of his ideals…The small skirmishes of every day life do not concern him at all. ()…this influence may induce stoutness or other bodily ailments hampering walk.”

So if you notice a NWO promoter limping about as he fulfills his regulatory role on some level (more details in post linked above), you can say, there’s Mr. Saturn, the albatross with the glaring red beak and claws. Wonder what high-handedness he’s ready to force upon the populace now?

It won’t make you feel any better about the direction America is being forced to take as helmed by the global power elite, but you can say it all the same…and thereby recognize our demons when you spy them.

Wedding Day Astrology of Tiger Woods

‘Under an Arch of Flowers @ Sunset’ and The Round-About Husband:

Well, I’m awfully late boarding the online Tiger train of comments, suppositions, and gossip but it occurred to me that if any couple in the news ever warranted one of my Wedding Day Astrology Reports (which publicly I do not offer any longer, please don’t ask!) it would be our wayward Woodses.

Yes, in America, we like ‘build ’em up heros’ that we can then watch fall, usually with much undermining from the press who often started the big idol build-up in the first place while we-the-public colludes.

But with Mr. Tiger Woods, talent is the architect along with Dad, Earl, who arrived at his son’s wedding in a silver Rolls Royce – a perfect ‘vehicle’ for a Svengali figure.

Yet it looks to be Mr. Woods the Younger who bears the lion’s share of the debit for the mess he’s in…we can’t blame dear old Dad (or Mum) for our mistakes forever, can we?

Therefore, since you know that Astrology teaches us that how something (or some person) begins is how it will end – the end is in the beginning but not necessarily in specifics, yet ends have elements of their starts within them which describe something intrinsic about their characters – then you won’t fuss overmuch if I say that ‘as fireworks over the water put the pretty bow on the wedding’ (a nuptial ceremony being the beginning of the official, legal, and spiritual partnership of Tiger and Elin) the dust-up Tiger’s philandering has caused can well be termed ‘fireworks.’

For ‘the water’ we have only to look at the horoscope chart with a wa-a-ay out-of-bounds (OOBs) Moon – +28:00 – in Cancer, sign of Home, Nurturing, Mother and Children. She is at the base (Ic/4th house cusp, not necessarily the same measurement) so blending the female Cancer with male Libra, I’ve titled the chart, “Children and Social Events.”

When Moon is the only OOBs planet we see deep emotional security; on another level this Moon OOBs may also represent Elin Nordegren being from another part of the world than Tiger.

She wanted family (which she now has for certain – lovely little children!) and he wanted a pleasureable, social, charming and calm relationship full of Aphrodite-Lilith and Bacchus-Eros-Cupido (see: marked in red are the main asteroids and points I work with when it comes to Romance, Sex, and Intimacy.)

He may have married a Mother archetype (Cancer Moon), not very good for future romantic propects within the marriage unless both partners are okay with it.

But diplomatic Libra can be a cool character quite detached even while desiring partnership, or the ease of partnership, for life’s balance.

‘Fairness’ is a constant concern for Libra whose favorite mantra may be, “That’s not fair!”

Well, here’s a CNN write-up of the Woods-Nordegren nuptials of Oct 5, 2004 on Barbados, West Indies. The article helpfully includes the time the pair said, “I Do” @ 5:40 pm (21:45 GMT) so I’ve set up a Wedding Day Astrology chart for Tiger and Elin Woods who are being represented astrologically by the Sun (male principle) and Moon (female principle.)

Also I shall include a few notes on their Wedding Day’s Solar Return chart of Oct 5, 2009 as transits in aspect to the Oct 5, 2004 chart.

Please pardon, but not knowing the ceremony’s exact location I couldn’t resist using ‘Holetown’ (golfing reference – naughty you!) as the wedding’s location – Queen Elizabeth of GB is head-of-state of Barbados and it’s quite a small island anyway.

Of course, the physical oomph level is represented by Mars in Libra (desire nature wanting union) and Venus (attraction principle, here in picky Virgo, sign of the pure, fertile virgin and dedicated server of the flame, or hearthstone.)

Sun Libra/Moon Cancer (Air-Water = ethereal mist; mind + emotions):

Sun Lib/Moon Can can tend towards pouting, self pity, and carping when others don’t ‘look after them’ in ‘the right way.’ And Cancerian energy is very self-protective, in fact, it can be emotionally (Water sign) touchy (Mars in Cancer is the touchiest – Saturn is also in Cancer, a difficult placement for the Father archetype – plus, their Wedding Day’s Solar Return for Oct 5, 2009 has Mars 24Can30 conjunct SR 2009 2nd cusp – $$ – near SR 2009’s South Node 26Can55. Past actions and behaviors (SN) are haunting the marriage, for SR 2009’s Sun/Moon midpoint is @ 24Can15 and being triggered by contentious, phallic-glyphed Mars.

Hot-to-Trot, My Honey

The testosterone-filled fellow (Mars) is troubling the waters of his marriage (Sun/Moon) in a veil-over-wife sort of way (Neptune’s deceptions.) A wife’s honor is seen to be at stake, her love cuckholded. No veil is large enough to cover such a round-a-about husband’s actions and behaviors now and I sincerely hope he gets professional aid for his addictions…a change of direction from their present direction on the public course would be if she is uncovered as duplicitous as well. Then all bets are off.

Yet as their Wedding Day chart shows, Romance was wafting through the air along with desires for stability and status in the world (Capricorn @ Mc), both factors indicating that the current embroilment may not have to be make-or-break as long as both partners can bend. But the SR 2009 chart (and more recent transit charts), when compared to the Wedding Day chart, show an uphill battle if reconciliation is wanted.

The beautiful ‘ethereal mist’ of this relationship has heated to ear steam temperature as domestic scene vows were discovered to be taken for granted, broken. With the SR 2009 chart at Full Moon (202 degr 33 mins) phase, Elin had probably moved on from Tiger by then so she must have been dissatisfied for some time before the scandal/s broke in the press and flooded our collective awareness.

SR 2009’s Sun/Moon 24Can15 = SR 2009 Mars 25:30 = marriage; urge for children; a sexual union; the need to impose one’s will on others; becoming more self-reliant; pushing others for quicker progress; anger; a focus on strength. (‘Any-all-or-none’ may apply; today using Ebertin and Munkasey.)

In tandem is the Wedding Day’s Sun/Moon midpoint at 25Leo08 which was triggered by the SR 2009’s Mars/Saturn midpoint, a harsh blend of frustrated stop-go energies, diffcult work, and possible loss for the relationship (Sun/Moon.)

Sun Lib/Moon Can is a blend in need of tremendous amounts of love; close relationships are important here (but as we know, too many ‘close relationships’ haunting the marriage can merit the Knell of a Closing Ding Dong.)

Lib/Can’s over-romantizing prevents clear assessments by either or both partners (pre- and during the time there is a union), and I suspect that this has occurred with Tiger and Elin who were so very romantically wed on a dreamy island. Having one’s rose-colored romantic glasses ripped off by Saturn’s realism is a common factor in many break-ups, isn’t it? And few partnerships can live forever upon such a romantic pedestal especially with extreme wealth and fame causing their own problems, delusions, and ravenous appetites.

Of course, a tendency to see oneself dimly rather than clearly may be the beginning of the problem for this couple for if we don’t know ourselves, how can others know us honestly? And having a dim view of oneself makes self-destructive sneakiness more possible to rationalize away as retaliation takes over while fluffing silken pillows so enticingly.

So it’s the disconnect between the two (mind + emotions = consciousness and unconsciousnesss) where a fizzle can end all communications – astrological Mercury’s many mental functions affect this (and everything else to boot.) And as noted, the Lib/Can combo describes a ‘mind + emotions’ blend of energies and the Wedding Day’s luminaries square (90 degr) one another indicating blockages and obstacles to overcome….hard work ahead, yet do-able.

He, remote. She, emotional. The more out of touch Tiger has been all along with his true feelings, the more hurt ensues for his home-loving wife.

If you can view the chart closely enough, you see that Jupiter, Mars, and Sun are snugged around Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix, keywords: loss of partner, widow/widower; sorrow in relationship; depression…and also: mysticism and the occult.

Now transit Saturn in Dec 2009 has come along to square Wedding Day Moon and oppose Wedding Day Sun, bringing loss, restrictions, and delay for both partners. This is a very depressing influence on the marriage particularly because a husband doesn’t seem to have taken his responsibilities as seriously as fathering small children – or a marriage vow – call for.

As I type (Dec 18, 2009) tr Saturn is between Wedding Day’s fortunate Mars/Jupiter conjunction…Mars/Jupiter = Saturn: difficult decisions; a termination of relationship. (Ebertin.) And when Saturn conjoins Jupiter, some part of what’s been gained through the auspices of generous Jupiter must be given back (Saturn.)

Tr Pluto affecting the Wedding Day chart shows violent tendencies and accidents, possibly injuries – Pluto opposing Moon, squaring 2004’s Mars/Jupiter conj (see chart above); plus, tr Pluto trining Venus (big money on the chopping block), and sextiling (60 degr = opportunity) Uranus, showing generational changes in society and a chance to morph one’s social and financial circumstances into totally new conditions. (Bye bye, Tiger?)

Sun Lib/Moon Can indicates a partnership that tends to play out childhood emotional scripts – never a good idea unless both partners are aware of it and into sussing it out; this relates to the Mars/SN behaviors already mentioned; the phrase ‘past sexual partners or unions’ comes to mind so perhaps a romantic straw has broken the sexy camel’s back; and the ‘old flames’ sparking the ‘straw’ has lighted the fireworks of an explosive break-up.

Now as you know, Sun Lib/Moon Can can be a moody blend and given their 24 vs 28 years’ of age at marriage – he at his ‘be more responsible’ Saturn Return (28 – 30), and she at or near a Jupiter Return cycle (12 yrs x 2 = 24), we have a Jup/Sat influence, a moody blend of planets in themselves relating to the liver, and thus to purification. An upset liver can bring unpredictable, upsetting moods, and of course, alcohol and other drugs can soon reach toxic proportions for the liver, sometimes sooner than we realize.

Purification is needed (a constant need for us all; thus, ‘the liver’ which relates in mythology to Uranus and ‘stealing fire’ which here may serve as a euphemism for stolen kisses.)

Sun Lib/Moon Can in relationships can show a proneness toward being overly accomodating which then purports to justify possessiveness and manipulation; feelings are vulnerable, so their ongoing public fiasco cannot be easy for the couple’s 10th house Chiron at a critical degree (’20Cap’), a place of blindspots and wounds – and posited right there in the most visible house of any chart, the 10th of Public Standing and Status.

Transiting NN (the path; destiny; fate; future; a joining quality) is now pointing toward their 10th house Chiron (‘impulsive pursuit of authority and status’ on the ‘road to fame and fortune’ – Nolle) which in Capricorn indicates the Father/Mother polarity of the 4/10 axis of Home vs Career and Fame and Tiger Woods’ ‘authority in his career’ which is suffering mightily because he’d climbed so high and had so far to fall. A Cap Chiron deeply values power and status and tends to measure self-esteem through the eyes of others; this Chiron’s aim is to prevail no matter the challenge yet there’s a fear of losing individuality and identity through the status quo – conquering time is the goal with Chiron in Capricorn, the sign ruled by timekeeper Saturn.

Well, since I’ve just paraphrased Richard Nolle from his excellent book, ‘Chiron’, I shall quote an excerpt from him now on a Cap Chiron because of one little word he includes – I know you can spot it:

“Somber of thought and disposition, (Chiron in Cap is) like the man who was chased by a tiger until he lost his foothold and fell off a cliff.”

Uh oh.

Mr. Nolle goes on to conclude that this man’s “tenacity stems from a full awareness that time and chance happen to us all even in this, the best of all possible worlds.” From which I tentatively conclude in Tiger’s case, So many lovelies, so little time…?

Still, Chiron in Cap is the ultimate survivor, so let’s hope the Woodses’ relationship benefits somehow from this stabilizing factor, painful as it is just now.

As you see in the chart shown, there’s Moon in Cancer near the home-loving Ic, making me believe that Elin Woods is the partner who doesn’t care much for the fame part of the deal being something of a homebody; Tiger loves to shine in the outer world, of course, or at least he did, in a more positive way than this blow-up may allow for at present.

(If either of you reading this post has a link to an analysis of Tiger’s natal chart, please supply in a comment – let’s discuss!)

Sentamentality is one of the tendencies of this particular Sun/Moon blend; positively there can be much concern for others, intellectual curiosity and abilities, and adaptability in the face of obstacles. But has Tiger used up all of Elin’s emotional adaptability? And perhaps it’s the other way round as well?

FYI, let’s consider a list of famed folk who share natally the Sun Lib/Moon Can blend and crescendo this post into an apt and tuneful quote written by one of them:

John Kenneth Galbraith, Graham Greene, Olivia Newton-John, Rona Barrett, Annie Besant, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the excellent Paul Simon, who wrote:

“Losing love is like a window in your heart, everybody sees you’re blown apart, everybody sees the wind blow.”

Well, there’s a lot more to the chart/s but this is gracious plenty peeking into a partnership that has met, after all, deep and private sorrows. And so my hopes are for the best to come about for the entire Woods and Nordegren families – but most especially for the loving children of this Sun Lib/Moon Can marriage gone astray.


Most of the Sun/Moon details here are from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey; most of my Wedding Day Astrology articles are in the blog sidebar Pages and are alphabetically listed under ‘Wedding…’

Copenhopin’ only Copenhagen after all

With three days left for the Copenhagen Summit on climate change, it’s rich vs poor and predictable if stubborn unbudging from America and China. Some folks are wondering whether President Obama should make his cameo appearance there at all, and it does seem like it could be a huge waste of jet fuel.

Here’s a view from abroad from Der Spiegel concering the Summit’s dwindling chances for success…whatever ‘success’ is supposed to mean.

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