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Progressed charts of the R and D Parties for 10.31.09

This is only a brief heads-up alert concerning a freshly written post on the Horoscopes of the Ds’ and Rs’ Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon in Washington DC – just to see how they’re progressing in an evolutionary sense.

A dual-wheel of the two progressed charts is displayed with my text which took hours to type for you so that I am now out of blogging time altogether for today!

So please check it out, if you wish, for both parties have their Secondary Progressed Suns in fiery Sagittarius, sign of The Archer, but their Secondary Moons oppose one another – one Moon fiery, one airy.

As a Fire sign, Sag gives them power to transform (whether we like it or not) yet it is unstable, unpredictable Mutable energy. Fire sign folks need to be in control and in the center of their lives – perfect for politicians.

The Harveys, in their excellent book ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, give the Fire-Fire Sun/Moon blend as having keenly felt beliefs and visions of what could be, and of what truth is to them. In fact, the double-Fire types can become so in tune with their inner realities that they become completely insensitive to others.

Brashness and arrogance may abound – but I’ll let you figure out which party you think it describes! Its shadow side is pessimism, despair, and angry rebellion against the confines of the mortal condition, and much self-dramatization occurs.

The other party has a Fire-Air blend which describes a ‘live wire’ personality full of exciting ideas which are expressed with great zeal, yet bombast and bluster are cautions. Long-windedness is prevalent as one gets carried away with one’s own rhetoric.

This combo is the visonary Utopian idealist who may be too impractical to get much done in the real world…yet again, I’ll let you decide which party is being described!

Give Me Spider Webs for Halloween!

Spiderweb bowl w leaf  Maya pic
If someone would invent a recipe for candy woven like spider webs I’d be all over it particularly at Halloween time. But until that occurs I’ll happily settle for short-lived real-world spider webs of gossamer threads especially when discovered in early morning fog on a beautiful autumnal day.

Jewel-like drops of dew decorate a spider’s home while Arachne, the mythological archetype of spinners everywhere, is warmly gratified by her spidery children of the arachnid persuasion – just look at this lovely bowl of delicacy!

Still, though I pine for spider webs for Halloween, I didn’t say anything about the spiders that come with them so here’s a site that seems to focus more on getting rid of the inconvenient ‘pests’ and yet it contains info on styles and purposes of their intricate webs – traps, really – such as Orbs, Triangles, Sheets, and Gum-footed (come on – you’re like me and didn’t know there were any such concoctions called ‘Gum-footed’ webs, right?) so check out more spider web details than anyone has a right to expect here.

Plus, Wikipedia has a pretty good spider web article just in time for Halloween 2009 – to kind of put you in the mood.

But don’t you just hate it when you walk into a web and its silk sticks to your face or gums up your hair?


Trick or Treat? Natal and Death horoscopes of Edgar Allan Poe await you – EAP: 1809 – 1849…talent gone too soon.

Hope it’s a treat – Happy Halloween, Everyone!

And please protect your outdoor kitty cats from the anti-social rogues among us who Could be doing something positive for society instead of sealing their own negative karmas with their meaness toward hapless creatures.

photo cred: Maya my yarn-spinning, photograph-taking daughter. You know I must look at her natal chart to see where the asteroid Arachne spins!

Saturn to US natal MC first conj Nov 6, 2009

Saturn’s tough medicine is on the way for our nation! And it’s the planetary ruler of Government, Law, and Business.

Today transiting Saturn has reached 00Libra00 near America’s
‘Sibly’ Midheaven (*00Lib53) of Public Status and Career. The opposite cusp, the IC 00Ari00 is also affected, of course, and relates to the Domestic Scene, Security, Real Estate, and our Psychological comfort.

These Cardinal Points – 00Ari/Lib and 00Can/Cap are World Points where big events tend to manifest – but that’s not my focus here.

Saturn to natal Midheaven should be a time when one receives what one deserves concerning recognition, success, and increased status in the world. Yet what is gained with Saturn-to-MC is most often accompanied by an increase or deepening of responsibilities but all works out well if one – or a nation – has taken its responsibilities seriously in the past. Mistakes of this nature may well come into view with this transit for the 10th house cusp (MC) is the most prominent and visible point in any horoscope.

Blaming others for one’s failures is not allowed by Old Man Saturn, however, and accountability may come to roost upon our government’s head (s) as the lesson-bringer hits our US natal MC three times:

1. Nov 6, 2009 – first minute that Saturn reaches 00Lib53 is @ 8:13 pm est in Washington, DC; ASC 7Can13 which is Fixed Star Mirzam’s position: ‘carrying a message; to have ones say’ = Beta Canis Major, aka Murzims; ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.’)

2. March 27, 2010 Rx;
3. July 31, 2010.

The chart for Nov 6, 2009 @ 8:13 pm est in Washington shows some interesting midpoint pictures (in transit) which may aid us in snagging a flavor of the evening – all given here are from Tyl and Ebertin:

Saturn/Pluto = Mercury: depression; stark realism.

Sun/Jupiter = Pluto: pursuit of fortune/acquiring wealth; success; fulfillment in a big way.

Mercury/Jupiter = Pluto: dramatic persuasion; the big proposal.

Still in effect (as today) is the Uranus/North Node (political reformist groups) with Neptune (veils, delusions, deceptions, underminings; ideals):

Uranus/NN = Neptune: being deceived by others; meeting with people off the beaten path; the undermining of associations; retirement of a partner from a joint venture; one who is easily impressed or influenced.

Perhaps more to the point of what’s occurring in the nation these days is a big honkin’ T-Square pointing to Saturn and thus to US n MC:

Pluto/ASC = Saturn: oppressive dealings with others; difficulties and losses; forcible suppression; using coercive measures with others.

Pluto/ASC = n MC: attainment of power and authority; career success; ego ascendancy.

In Mundane (Political) Astrology, as you know, Saturn on one level represents the Democratic Party and Pluto signifies many things: secret controllers, extremely wealthy people, the Dragon guarding the riches, spies, assassins, coping ability…the list goes on.

And since Mirzam is rising here (see the Star’s keywords above) we may say that Pluto’s ‘say’ is suppressing the Dems forcibly – on one level.

Of course, Saturn also generally represents authorities of all stripes including President Obama in his role of manager – here as manager of our nation’s place in the world (MC.)

If the ancient Exaltation factor in Astrology has anything to do with it, perhaps Saturn’s Exaltation in Libra will see us through what promises to be a difficult transit for America who has not always honored Saturn’s lessons. This transit may be fraught with learning (Saturn) to do just that – ‘the hard way’ which is Saturn’s way of doing things.

The fact that’s it’s drawn out into the second half of 2010 indicates our difficulties – and our government’s difficulties – in learning from our past mistakes and accepting the blame where it belongs – in Washington, Wall Street – and Main Street. Hopefully on or soon after conjunction #3, things will find resolution concerning these issues.

One thing an astrologer usually does with any transit is to look back to the last time it occurred for clues of its nature which in the case of Saturn-to-US-n-MC was only once, on Sept 28, 1980, the year of the campaign that installed Ronald Reagan in the White House.

And the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Saturn/MC transit was the 19 North, a Solar Eclipse on August 10, 1980 @ ’18Leo’ (opposite Reagan’s natal Sun and conj the Nostradamus Eclipse degree of August 11, 1999.)

From Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ we see that 19N = ‘realism; coming down to earth and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is; a constructive time for tackling the truth.’

All these words are Saturnian! Let’s hope with the repeated transit for 2009/10 that President Obama heeds well Saturn’s call and honors our Exalted national Saturn in Libra, sign of balance.

US Moon Return tonight 10.27.09

Tonight at 10:05:47 pm edt over the White House, the US natal Moon returns to her natal degree: 27AQ10 in the Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.)

Our freedom-loving Aquarian Moon will be posited in the transiting 9th house where we may gain new understanding in religious, philosophical, educational, or foreign fields. Some of us may realize a need – or a renewed need – for moral and spiritual values during the month as this Lunar Return chart is in effect. A caution is to not let emotions (Moon) limit the depth of our spiritual understanding or cause prejudices from past emotional biases to interfere with our evolutionary progress.

(Return charts are good until the planet or luminary in question ‘returns’ to its position once again – a Moon cycle is approximately 28 1/2 days, as you know. Our next Moon Return is Nov 24 with Moon in 4th house in DC; Sibly.)

Ascending tonight is the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer indicating domestic and security matters on the front-burner, along with nurturance issues such as diet and health care (the astrological Moon links to the physical body, the unconscious and the mind-body connection, and to childhood and the past.)

Neptune @ 23AQ42 Rx is in 9th house as well, indicating that someone will be traveling over water. Is this you? Not me!

The Neptune-to-natal-Moon transit is giving the populace a sense of rootlessness, though if you prefer the Sibly chart I use here, it won’t be exact until Neptune’s 3 conjunctions to US Moon in 2010 into 2011, on or about:

1. March 13, 2010
2. August 25, 2010
3. Jan 14, 2011 — that’s if you use the Sibly Moon. Other versions of America’s natal chart have Moons in earlier degrees so we could say we’re feeling the rootlessness already – especially with housing foreclosures, homelessness including living under bridges, etc.

This use of events for timing a chart may be a reasonable justification for using other natal charts for the US such as the Franklin chart (2:21 am LMT) with Moon @ 18AQ14, a degree currently being triggered by transiting Jupiter 17AQ30/32, a contact that may be somewhat responsible for the recent and current uptick in prices in the real estate market. Yet Jupiter conjuncts Neptune again in December so the bubbly speculative feelings are still there – or forming anew considering the news reports on the housing market that I’m hearing lately.

Tonight the chart-ruler Moon makes two lovely applying aspects in the Sibly Moon Return chart but with one clunker in the midst:

1. trine Mercury 29Libra26 (2A16), 5th house; 29 is a critical or crisis degree as is Saturn 29Vir49 in 4th house (domestic scene; real estate.)
2. inconjunct Saturn (2A39)
3. trine Sun 4Sco48 in 5th house (7A38.)

If we divide the ‘month’ of this Return chart according to the Moon’s applying aspects – to see how things proceed – we get a week+ of continued meetings and speeches concerning health reform and its money issues, both at critical points.

Then coming to the fore is a sense of being exploited by authorities (Saturn inconj Moon) bwo of intimidation and guilt, when those in charge (Saturn) will put their needs (Moon) first. Typical, I agree.

Yet obviously adjustments (inconj) must be made as limits in obligations are defined and Saturn’s delaying tactics are more fully revealed to the people (Moon.) The inconj between these two may indicate a worsening of H1N1 cases as well, possibly peaking during the first half of November, but hopefully their occurrence will lessen soon after unless another factor enters the picture.

Then, about one week or so prior to Nov 24, we begin to enjoy the Sun/Moon trine (symbolically speaking based on this Moon Return chart for the month.)

Sun trine Moon is lovely! If you have this aspect in your natal chart, fortunate you, for there is balance between the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) which gives ease in relationships and harmony with authority. A caution would be a tendency toward apathy which the American people should avoid on these fatiguing yet critical issues.

For we remember that sometimes Capitol Hillers drag things out on purpose because they know it doesn’t take much to distract us and they can legislate what and how they want – and our needs and pocketbooks be da*med!

Written by Jude Cowell

October 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

Reid announces public option in health reform w/Neptune rising 10/26/09

It’s 3:23 pm edt in Washington DC and Senate Majoirty Leader Harry Reid has just announced a public option with states being able to opt out of the option.

At 3:15 pm when Reid was to begin his announcement, mass-media connected Neptune was rising in Washington DC which is not the most stable portent for Democrats’ plan to include this option for the neediest among us.

Yet time will tell if this is only another shine-on scam to snooker the American people, even if fraudulent, deceptive, yet often idealistic Neptune doesn’t.


Blog Note: if you are a visitor to my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington please update to its new http://www.com domain. Thanks!

Noam Chomsky interview Oct 14, 2009

Noam Chomsky was interviewed on US foreign policy on Oct 14, 2009 by Jon Snow and several subjects were mentioned such as: progress in Latin America, the state of human rights, America’s response to 9/11, Israel’s security problems, the US approach to Iran, the US ‘democratic deficit’ where Mr. Chomsky comments on the “irrelevance of popular opinion in the US” (amen!), and Barack Obama’s ‘burden of expectation’ which Chomsky relates to JFK’s presidency, among other subjects.

It’s actually quite a brief interview and includes a 2-minute video of Chomsky speaking just after the attacks of 9/11. Check it out!


The excellent Information Clearing House Newsletter provided me with the interview’s link.

Frisky Friday Art returns with Bistro Theater!

Bistro Theatre
‘Bistro Theater’ brings Frisky Friday back to Jude’s Threshold!

Drawing perpetrated with Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils on paper for both of this blog’s readers to view.

This weekend our family has a big birthday to celebrate – our Violet turns four years old.

Little Violet turning four
three has wafted out the door
cupcake breakfast gifts galore
everyone that’s five was four!

Happy Birthday, sweet Violet!

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