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Sept 2008 crisis: did Bernanke blackmail Congress?

Here is an article arguing that during the financial crisis, the take-over gem that was debuted in 2008, Fedhead Ben Bernanke and his cronies blackmailed the US Congress into TARPing us…as if they needed a boost to cheat the citizenry!

Yet they all have their scripts on Capitol Hill, that’s for certain. ‘Capitol Hill Theater’ as I tend to call it – matinee tickets available; first come, last served, if you’re a mere taxpayer.

So to answer the question this post’s title asks: Yes. He did.

Although my suspicion is that many members of Congress were in on it from the start – Bush helmed the looting for 8 years, after all, and Pres. Obama is continuing the royal deception.

When Clinton was president, his colleagues legislated some of what made it all possible; Obama’s econo-team are much the same perpetrators, as you know.


Now this is only one factor, but off and on since last year, the transiting midpoint of Saturn-Pluto has been sitting atop Mr. Obama’s natal Neptune, the veiling planet of self-deception, deceit, and the masses.

When Saturn and Pluto combine their energies we have: violence, mass murder, making record efforts of the highest possible order (!! the NWO? jc); toughness, fanatical adherence to one’s principles; silent activity, renunciation, scientists, reactionaries, magicians, adepts, and more. (‘The Combination of Stellar Influences.’)

Reinhold Ebertin goes on to give the midpoint picture formed as:

Saturn/Pluto = Neptune: falsehood, lies, fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; shattered nerves; danger through water, poison, or gas.

Fraud and instability are abundant in the collective now, aren’t it? From Madoff to Washington and back to Wall Street which hasn’t, the president says, learned its lesson since 2008. Well, who’s making them?

If you dare, please read the article linked above for the disgusting details which now herald a late, great America.

Written by Jude Cowell

September 16, 2009 at 3:34 pm

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