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Astrology of Reagan’s 1981 Inauguration

Have you ever looked at the Astrology chart of Ronald Reagan’s 1st Inauguration in January 1981?

Click link to read my notes and view the chart, if you wish.

Naturally, the Sun on Jan 20, 1981 is where US Inaugural Suns are positioned still; 00AQ34 in 1981.

But you may be interested in the Air-Fire Sun AQ-Moon Leo blend of that joyful day as Hollywood took over the White House…Moon 5Leo25 in 4th house, North Node 10Leo51 which indicates a US Nodal Return soon after Reagan’s Inauguration.

Nodal Returns are times when new associations are formed, a Jupiterian influence. And Moon (‘the people’) in Leo shows a happy lot of folks with great hopes for America with Reagan’s fatherly hand on the helm of state…Reagan was an idealistic Jupiterian par excellence, and as you know, the Republican Party is signified in Mundane Astrology by Jupiter (Dems = Saturn.)

That Mr. Reagan’s hand was also in the till can be demonstrated by an article link therein which leads to my “I knew it was You, Reagan’ post from June 30 which concerns Reagan signing the Garn-St Germain Act of 1982, the Deregulation Portal from which the American people – and the world – are now grievously suffering.

Financially speaking, the pertinent planetary configurations in Reagan’s natal chart – Moon/NN opposite Jupiter/SN are impossible to miss in the 1981 Inauguration chart, so check it out.

Traits of the 1981 presidential Sun AQ-Moon Leo combo: gentleness outside, strength within; fearless defender of principle; democrat and despot; exudes a strong sense of personal ideals to the world; a proud, regal demeanor; gregariousness; enthusiasm for new ideas; a social reformer.

This blend tends to glamorize other people so that their true colors are not seen; arrogant and stubborn; gets carried away by romance and adventure.

‘Image for Integration’:

“A modern actress takes a bow, then leads the audience to a political demonstration.”

Sounds like Reagan’s career path!

Natally this blend is shared by Frederick the Great who asserted quite ‘illuminatingly’ that, “My people and I have come to an agreement…they are to say what they please, and I am to do what I please.”

(‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Now this is 1981’s Inaugural blend, not Reagan’s natal combo! His birth time has been disputed and rectified through the years, yet it’s safe to mention his natal Sun AQ-Moon Taurus, because the Moon remained in Taurus for the 24-hour period (assuming his birth date is correct – Feb 6, 1911, ‘4:16 am’ cst; Tampico, IL.)

Here are a few details on Reagan’s natal blend…

Air-Earth Sun AQ-Moon Taurus: eccentric entrepreneur; security vs independence; friendly humanitarian; peace-loving but strong-willed; idealistic; spectator of all time and existence; logical; tenacious.

‘Images for Integration’:

“The resident caretaker of a ‘New Age’ community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year’s accounts…A country girl seeks a conventional life with an unconventional young man in the big city.”

Lots of comments to make on that one (‘New Age’ = ‘NWO’?, etc), but I’ll semi-resist the urge for now unless you want to discuss the Astrology of Ronald Reagan sometime – let me know on one of my blogs or the other.

Yet I will add quotes from two people who share the AQ-Tau blend natally…

“A hungry man is not a free man.”
Adlai E. Stevenson

“Only by transcending the everyday, by seeing human life in larger terms, can the individual escape the slow strangulation of ‘permanent errors’.”
E. G. Price

And that’s what a national leader must do: see human life in larger terms, whether 4 years or 8!

Plus, he did like to ponder and reflect, they say.


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