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US Mars Return Aug 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12 is more than the day the Perseid meteor shower peaks, it’s also America’s Mars Return for 2009.

In Astrology, Mars represents energy, action, initiative, motivations, and desires, and ‘his’ cycle or orbit is approximately 2 years in length. The god of war is naturally of import in any nation’s chart so making note of America’s Mars Returns every couple of years can yield information on our direction and goals for the period the Return chart is in effect – until the next Return to natal degree.

Blocks and obstacles to our national desires are shown through squares (90 degr), oppositions (180 degr), or other difficult aspects such as semi-squares (45), sesqui-sqs (135), inconjuncts (150), or quindeciles (165.)

Of course, with America we have several natal charts to choose from, thanks to astrologer Ben Franklin and the other Founders who didn’t see fit to make plain the exact moment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence which would have aided future generations of astrologers. (The last signatures, if memory serves, were not snagged until August 1776, so there’s that little complication, too.)

One clue, however, is Ben’s portrait on our money which shows the clock on Independence Hall in Philadelphia marking ‘2:21’ or ‘2:22’ behind Ben and his enigmatic smile – but is it A.M. or P.M.?

Apparently it’s A.M. since a chart set for this time (LMT, Philadelphia; July 4, 1776) shows Uranus, revolutionary planet of freedom and independence, rising with a Gemini Ascendant. This ‘Franklin’ chart definitely serves as a symbolic chart, imo, and restless, fad-oriented America’s well-known fascination with youth is described by Gemini rising, sign of the Eternal Youth.

(So pass the botox, Y’all! Just kidding. I’m a kidder.)

Plus, as I have previously stated here and elswhere, Uranus conjunct ASC gives excellent coping ability with whatever comes up ‘unexpectedly’…one of Uranus’ favorite words, along with ‘revolution’ and ‘individualism.’

And yet…the US ‘Sibly’ chart (5:10 pm lmt) seems to resonate well with subsequent events such as the attacks of 9/11/01 – tr Pluto to ASC, tr Saturn to DESC.

What to do since a Return chart needs an accurate birth time to be accurate itself?

Looking at the Franklin and the Sibly Mars Returns, there is no difference in the date of the 2009 Mars Return: August 12, Wednesday. Hours/minutes vary, of course (because the times of the charts on which they’re based vary), which gives different cusps and house placements; additional midpoint picures may apply.

So for the sake of brevity, I shall make an executive decision here and use the Franklin chart with Mars 21Gem22:31 (2:21 am lmt) returning to natal degree and minute on August 12, 2009 at 2:15:39 am edt in Philadelphia; ASC 13Can57/Venus; Mc 24Pis09/Uranus.

(Venus with Uranus can indicate extravagant spending and Venus conj ASC does like her indulgences.)

Here’s the chart image (if you can’t click-to-enlarge for better viewing, I shall have to post the chart on SO’W and will add its link to this post asap) – and here is the link, if your browser need it – turns out, mine does:

US Mars Return 2009  fr Frankl

8.12.09; 3:15:40 am edt, Philadelphia, PA: US natal Sun rising with Mars Return (MR) Venus rising, too.

This is a Venus-to-natal-Sun transit so we may expect Venusian things to be emphasized: charm, beauty, luxury, music, values, smaller amounts of money, and relationships, including partnerships. As you know, Sun = ‘the leader’ in a national chart, but also signifies our nation’s purpose, goals, and self-will.

Venus to n Sun: Offering cooperation in joint efforts will be of positive benefit and allies are apt to be supportive. Negative potentials include overweening pride, self-indulgence, and selfishness.

Integrity and upright principles are the character traits that will be noticed – I only hope we have some left, and that our president isn’t just zoomin’ us on these issues.

Occurring during a Jupiter Hour (as do the other versions of the 2009 Mars Return), we see Jupiter still in conference with Chiron and Neptune in 8th house, one of the Money houses (the monied 2nd h has MR Sun 19Leo43 shining upon it. Our 2/8 axis concerns of Money, Insurance, Credit, Debt, Transformation, etc, will be ongoing.)

Now let’s skip ahead a bit for the main course – the fact that in this Mars Return, Mars is apex (focal) planet in a Mutable T-Square pattern between the soon-to-perfect Saturn-Uranus opposition (#3 of 3) which falls upon the Mc/Ic axis of the MR 2009 chart.

The midpoint pictures formed are not very attractive or comforting, but what do we expect from the ‘god of war’ and quarrels anyway?

Sat/Uran = Mars: the occasionally wrong use of extraordinary energy; violence; calamity; upheavals; great efforts and toil; anxiety about how things will get on; a forced release from tensions and strains; challenging others to a decisive contest or fight; injury; accident; deprivation of freedom.

Saturn/Mc = Mars: a lack of enterprise or initiative; being docile and giving in; feeling defenseless; suffering under oppression; accepting one’s destiny obediently; enforced separation; mourning.

I warned you they weren’t pretty!

Mutable T-Square with apex Mars:

Astrologer Bil Tierney, in his excellent book ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ says this about Mutable T-Squares:

The Mutable quality diffuses the dynamic energy of the T-Square; nervousness, disorganization, a lack of consistent efforts accomplish little; there is overstimulation and a high-strung nature which makes concentrated work difficult to stick to because of distractions; may be half-hearted about goals.

If Mars is in Gemini (or Virgo), and the tension is resolved and the energy well-directed, well-planned actions may be initiated with effective results. New starts (Mars Returns ARE new starts!) can then be pioneering and refreshing; straightforwardness invigorates others to be productive and helpful.

(That last statement echoes Venus to US natal Sun and Venus rising in the MR chart. You’ll notice that US natal planets are highlighted around the outside of the chart in dark green; US Inaugural Jupiter conjuncts MR 8th cusp, highlighted in pink. And tr NN still points toward the Jan 20, 2009 Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx.)

Well-managed, this apex Mars’ impulse to act is balanced with an awareness of the consequences of action.

Now that would be a pleasant change from the Bush-Cheney years, wouldn’t it? If only!

My problem is, I think that seeing ahead to the consequences of their actions either didn’t matter to them – being so high above the masses and all and part of the NWO agenda – or they accomplished much of the mayhem and chaos they intended.

It remains to be seen how in the pocket of the NWO crowd President Obama really is, but I suspect he’s right in the thick of things, don’t you?

Yet Mars is never ‘happy’ when posited in 12th house of the Unconscious; Karma; and Self-Undoing, is he? Equipment breakdowns may occur, secret plots and enemies cause mischief, and one’s actions have mysterious or misunderstood purposes…all the things I dislike about governments, US or otherwise.

Mars in 12th house indicates secret enemies we of the public don’t even know we have! And imprisonments for political reasons are possible – those we’ve already seen; they will continue.

Also, Mars in the Watery 12th house prefers to act in secret to avoid opposition from others; unconscious anger is behind much of his indirectness and negative motivations which undermine (12th house = dissolving, secretive, deceptive, if inspired, Neptune.) The prison riots over the weekend in California may be seen as an early manifestation of Mars in 12th house (of prisons, hospitals, and zoos.)

And now here is the piece-de-resistence I wish the world could resist entirely – a midpoint picture already in effect, but ongoing for the duration of this 2-year Mars Return for America:

Mars/Pluto = Uranus: brutality; violence; calamities; a chip on one’s shoulder; fight first, talk later; a dangerous sense of attack.

(Now as usual, midpoint picture potentials operate on an ‘any-all-none’ basis, and on various levels. Ex: “attack” may be physical or www-related. Triggers by way of transits (real time) or progressions (inner manifesting in the outer world) may be necessary for a picture to activate, even with an apex Mars, the planet of ‘activation.’ All midpt pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

Let’s close with the applying aspects of Mars to see how things will progess through the two years the 2009 MR is in effect – most are helpful with the exception of the Saturn/Uranus/Mc squares – which can give much dynamic energy for overcoming obstacles, too, if one perseveres:

1. trine Jupiter (1A08)
2. sextile Sun (1A34)
3. trine Chiron (2A36)
4. square Mc (2A51)
5. trine Neptune (3A56)
6. square Uranus (4A40)

The square with Saturn is separating here but will perfect as Saturn moves ahead in the zodiac to square US natal Mars….actions blocked, delayed, or frustrated.

Since the Sun’s purpose needs the energy of Mars to accomplish anything, the Sun/Jupiter opposition across the 2/8 axis indicates over-optimism in money matters, and promising more than can be delivered.

Grandiose schemes of Jupiter and Neptune (with Sun opposing expansive Jupiter and Neptune, ‘the speculator’ pair) should be made more practical or even curtailed, and arrogant attitudes should be avoided if the cooperation mentioned above is to be appreciated and used effectively.

Well, if you’ve read this far, you must be as almost as wumped out as I am, so it’s time to say, Jude out!

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