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Sibel Edmonds: US used Bin Laden up to 9.11.01

Having just found that whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is speaking out on the Bin Laden-US relationship and 9/11, I’m still clicking links, reading, and investigating it myself.

But I thought that you should have a chance to do the same, in case you haven’t heard of the recent revelations from Ms. Edmonds whose gag order must be treated gingerly.

Well, a cozy US-Bin Laden relationship would explain why Bush called off the hounds at Tora Bora in Dec 2001 when our trackers were ~thisclose~ to nabbing the tall, gaunt so-in-so.

Even at the time, I felt as if Bush never wanted to catch him. It seemed quite clear actually.

And do you remember my confession that at 1:00 pm edt on 9/11/01 I took a break from Astrology charts long enough to ask the Tarot: Who did this?

And the answer? “Ask the Sphinx.”

Which is, in itself, a very sphinx-like answer, is it not? But you know which Middle Eastern country came to mind, don’t you now?

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  1. Sibel Edmonds can keep singing her song but a detailed evaluation of the 9/11 evidence, or lack there of, is compelling enough to substantiate that there were no hijackers. So how does Sibel fit into this anomaly when she claims to have inside knowledge of flesh and blood hijackers when obviously the only hijackers were the cardboard cutout ones that the Federal government wrote into their 9/11 conspiracy script?

    “And if you read James Bamford’s latest book, what the NSA obtained from Yemen before September 11, because we were following two of these hijackers in Yemen… Well, if you put all those things, all this information that has come from various agencies, in one place, and you look at it, and you say Wow!”


    Thomas Potter

    August 2, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    • Well, i’m not sure how Ms. Edmonds fits in since there’s a book which must be purchased to find out the full scoop, unless i’m much maligned and mistaken. It may be downloaded, if memory serves. (i’ve caught up with a lot of online reading this weekend – some of it is starting to run together.)

      Mr. Bamford’s book was supposedly on my To Read list but it hasn’t happened yet. Funny, but there’s an asteroid, BAM, with its heliocentric NN around 19/20 Virgo where Saturn tarries now.

      One of my theories about 9/11 is that someone wanted the crime to Look As If the Aug 11, 1999 Solar Ecl of Nostradamus was being fulfilled. Of course, changing history’s course is the delight of certain people who’ll stop at nothing to impose their wills upon the world.

      But you know it always annoys me when statements (written or spoken) have a circuitousness to their sentence structure which makes it hard to ascertain from them the author’s or speaker’s more precise meanings. So i must withhold my opinion on Ms. Edmonds’ ‘witness’ until i have more details of her actual meaning, if it can be understood by this particular gnat of a blogger!

      When whole systems have been infiltrated and coup’d by those who Will Do Anything to achieve their self-interested goals, it’s esp difficult to root them out from the rotten core. When they’ve planned for years their biggest false flag op with massive fraud in mind, you know that confusions of all sorts act as their allies.

      What they can’t totally change is that Truth has its own ring!

      Well, thanks for commenting and causing me to think about it more, Jude



      August 3, 2009 at 5:23 am

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